Friday, January 22nd | 10 Shevat 5781

The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2020


Maryam Al-Zaabi

Writer and activist

“For too long, anti-Zionism was pursued as an essential element of the correct Arab and Muslim identity,” wrote the Muslim commentator and interfaith advocate Maryam Al-Zaabi in an opinion piece jointly authored with a fellow Muslim and an Israeli Jew. “This has not brought the Arab and Islamic world greatness. Quite the contrary,” the piece continued. Self-confessed “Muslim Zionist” Al-Zaabi’s rejection of anti-Zionist dogma reflects her greater desire for peace and cooperation between Jews and Arabs. A former UN youth delegate from the United Arab Emirates, Al-Zaabi is currently working as an International Relations Specialist at the General Secretariat of the Federal National Council (FNC), the UAE Parliament. (Photo: Wilson Center)


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