Friday, October 22nd | 16 Heshvan 5782

The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2021


Norah Alawadhi

UAE social media influencer

Last October, Norah Alawadhi was one half of a photograph that went viral. The image showed Emirati social media influencer Alawadhi holding hands with Israeli Ronny Gonen, both women draped in their country’s flags. The location of the photo was the 80th floor of a skyscraper in Dubai with fragile railings that left both women “scared because we were standing on something that was moving,” Alawadhi recalled a few months later. The photograph was taken after she had spent a day showing Gonen around Dubai: she said she had never had an encounter with Israelis or a Jewish person before. A program manager in risk management in the banking sector, Alawadhi is passionate about peace with Israel, declaring, “We want to make this peace between the people.” (Photo: Viral Image, courtesy)


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