Friday, September 24th | 18 Tishri 5782

The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2017


Noa Regev

CEO, Jerusalem Film Festival

When Noa Regev took over as CEO of the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2013, the annual event was in deep disarray following the departure of its founder Lia Van Leer.

“This festival had glorious days where everyone who was important in cinema attended, and it was a symbol of free culture and coexistence in a city that should stand for that,” Regev said at the time. “I look at what Lia did, and I want to do the same.”

She succeeded. The festival is now once again a must for the Israeli film industry and fans around the country.

In particular, Regev has concentrated on restoring the over 30,000 movies in Israel’s film archive, which she calls a “national treasure.” In 2017, a major restoration was done on “Seige,” a classic drama about a woman’s recovery from her husband’s death in the Six Day War.

“It’s proof,” Regev commented, “of how many unbelievable treasures will be found.” (Photo credit: Facebook.)


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