Saturday, September 18th | 13 Tishri 5782

The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2017


Sheldon Adelson


Owner of the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Sheldon Adelson is famous for his philanthropy and political involvement.

Growing up in poverty in Massachusetts, Adelson’s business acumen made him a billionaire, and he has become one of the biggest donors to Jewish causes in the world. Among the programs he has sponsored is one of the most successful, Birthright Israel, which takes young Jews from across the globe on free trips to Israel. Adelson’s donations to the program have amounted to $160 million over the years. His latest initiative, the Maccabee Task Force, seeks to combat anti-Israel and antisemitic activity on college campuses.

Adelson’s involvement in Jewish and pro-Israel causes is also political, with donations to pro-Israel candidates that have made him a major power broker in the Republican party. (Photo credit: Courtesy.)


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