Saturday, September 18th | 13 Tishri 5782

The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2017


Ziv Aviram and Amnon Shashua

Founders, Mobileye

In the biggest such deal in Israel’s history, the vehicle technology company Mobileye was bought by Intel for $15.3 billion in March 2017. The primary beneficiaries were CEO Ziv Aviram and founder and chairman Amnon Shashua, two prime exemplars of Israel’s global reputation as a “start-up nation.”

Mobileye uses almost impossibly sophisticated imaging and sensor technology to create what are essentially driverless vehicles, able to stay on course, avoid collisions, and warn passengers of potential problems. Intel considers the technology essential to its future growth as vehicles “progress from assisted driving to fully autonomous.”

According to Shashua, however, his and Aviram’s motives are loftier. “What we want to is to change the world,” he said. “And the tie-up with Intel ensures this.” (Photo credit: Twitter).


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