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September 17, 2021 11:37 am

Initial Taliban Moves Don’t Convince Afghanistan’s Neighbors of a New Regime

The Taliban’s record in recent weeks on making good on promises to respect human and women’s rights as well as uphold freedom of the press...

September 10, 2021 11:32 am

Taliban Victory Threatens to Be a Double-Edged Sword for Pakistan

The notion that religious ultra-conservatism may not remain contained to Afghanistan may be one reason why US President Joe Biden decided to effectively abandon Central...

September 10, 2021 11:30 am

The Real Lesson of the Afghanistan Debacle for Israel

The seeds of the humiliating American withdrawal from Afghanistan were laid shortly after the post-9/11 US invasion of the country, when it refrained from confronting...

September 3, 2021 12:20 pm

Afghanistan May Be a Bellwether for Saudi-Iranian Rivalry

Had the US withdrawn from Afghanistan several years earlier than it did, chances are that Saudi Arabia would have sought to exploit military advances by the...

August 30, 2021 8:26 am

EU to Seek to Stop Mass Afghanistan Migration Flows, Draft Statement Says

European Union states are determined to prevent uncontrolled migration from Afghanistan following the takeover of the country by the Taliban, a draft statement prepared for...

August 27, 2021 10:03 am

Half a Million Afghans Could Flee Across Borders: UNHCR

Up to half a million Afghans could flee their homeland by year-end, the UN refugee agency UNHCR said on Friday, appealing to all neighboring countries...

August 24, 2021 11:35 am

The Taliban Victory as a Victory of Faith

To understand the last 40 years of the Islamic struggle in Afghanistan, it is worth looking at the legacy of Abdullah Azzam. Born in a...

August 23, 2021 11:24 am

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda: What Next?

The Taliban proved that they value loyalty when they rejected US and Saudi pressure to hand over Osama bin Laden no matter the cost. The...

August 20, 2021 11:24 am

Little Enthusiasm in the Middle East for the Taliban Victory

Though the Hamas leadership is certainly happy over the sweeping Taliban victory in Afghanistan, the response in its media sites only faintly registered it. Felesteen,...

August 18, 2021 12:26 pm

Who Are the New Taliban? No One Really Knows

To be fair, the Taliban -- despite controlling all of Afghanistan since Sunday, including the capital Kabul -- have yet to announce a government and...

August 18, 2021 12:05 pm

We Must Hasten the Rescue of Afghan Refugees

The United States of America has long served as a beacon of hope for those "huddled masses yearning to breathe free." Since the 1800s, millions of...


Romania Makes 20 States Skipping 20th Anniversary of ‘Antisemitic Hat...

Romania became the most recent country boycotting the Durban IV conference taking place on Wednesday, joining a list of a...


Commander From Elite Israeli Border Police Unit Describes Capture of Last T...

A commander from an elite Israel Border Police unit described to Israeli media on Sunday the capture of the last...

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TankerTrackers Says Third Tanker Carrying Fuel to Lebanon Underway

A third tanker has sailed from Iran carrying Iranian fuel for distribution in Lebanon, reported on Twitter on Sunday. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said on Friday that the Iranian...

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