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October 26, 2023 5:41 am

Bahrain Finance Minister Says Gaza War Should Not Hold Back Regional Integration

i24 News — How will the Abraham Accords hold up in light of the Israel-Hamas war? Bahraini Finance Minister Sheikh Salman bin Khalifa al-Khalifa addressed concerns...

October 15, 2023 12:47 pm

Blinken Says Arab States Don’t Want Spillover from Israel-Hamas Conflict

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will return to Israel on Monday to talk "about the way forward" after several days of shuttle diplomacy between...

September 13, 2023 5:50 am

Israeli Foreign Minister to Make First Official Visit to the UAE

i24 News — Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen will make his first-ever official visit to the United Arab Emirates in October, i24NEWS can exclusively report. The...

September 4, 2023 10:01 am

Another ‘Arab Spring’? Is the Mideast Headed for More Unrest?

Protesters in Syria, Bahrain, Libya, Iran, and Israel are dashing autocratic and authoritarian hopes of a prolonged Winter. In response, Arab autocrats are scrambling to squash...

September 4, 2023 7:51 am

Israel’s Cohen Discusses Expansion of Abraham Accords With Bahraini Crown Prince

i24 News — Israel's Foreign Minister Eli Cohen on Monday met with the Crown Prince of Bahrain Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa at Gudaibiya Palace,...

August 27, 2023 12:28 pm

Qatari Prime Minister Says his Country Is Not at War with Israel

i24 News - Qatar’s Prime Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said Friday that his country doesn’t have a “war with Israel,” but pointed out that...

July 30, 2023 12:28 pm

Israeli Deputy Says Normalization with Saudis Does Not Appear Imminent

A top Israeli lawmaker said on Sunday that any forging of relations with Saudi Arabia did not appear imminent, citing what he described as sticking...

June 10, 2023 10:27 am

Bahrain: Economy Surges 4.9% in 2022, the Highest Rate Since 2013

i24 News - Bahrain's economy grew by 4.9% in 2022, the highest rate since 2013. The Gulf nation's growth was driven by a 6.2% jump...

February 5, 2023 11:34 am

UAE, France, India to Cooperate on Energy, Climate, Defense

i24 News - The United Arab Emirates (UAE), India and France announced a trilateral initiative to launch clean energy projects, with a particular focus on...

December 16, 2022 1:28 pm

Israel’s Netanyahu Urges US to Reaffirm Commitment to Saudi Arabia: Al Arabiya

Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu urged key ally the United States to reaffirm its commitment to Saudi Arabia and pledged to pursue formal Israeli ties...

December 4, 2022 5:08 pm

Israeli President Touts Business Ties on First Bahrain Visit

Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa met President Isaac Herzog on Sunday in the first visit by an Israeli head of state to the...

December 4, 2022 11:19 am

Israel’s Herzog Makes Historic Visit to Bahrain

i24 News – President Isaac Herzog arrived in Bahrain on Sunday for the first official visit to the Gulf country by an Israeli head of...

November 10, 2022 1:05 pm

In First Official Visit to Bahrain, Israel Air Force Chief Attends Regional Aviation Conference

For the first time in history, a high-ranking Israeli Air Force commander has entered the Kingdom of Bahrain to take part in a conference of...

November 6, 2022 11:52 am

Bahrain to Continue Building Ties with Israel

i24 News - Bahrain will continue to build its partnership with Israel after the victory of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his bloc in...


Israeli Army Recovers Bodies of Three Hostages in Gaza

The Israeli military said on Friday it had recovered the bodies of three hostages taken into the Gaza Strip after they were killed during the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas-led Palestinian terrorists. It said the bodies of Hanan Yablonka, Michel Nisenbaum, and...

Middle East

Iran-Backed Houthi Terrorists Vow to Target All Ships Heading to Israel

Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi militia will target all ships heading to Israeli ports, even if they do not pass through the Red Sea, the head of the US-designated terrorist organization said...

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