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April 29, 2021 4:27 pm

Reports of Kerry Disclosure to Zarif on Israeli Strikes ‘Disturbing,’ Says Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief

Reports that former secretary of state John Kerry disclosed information about covert Israeli airstrikes to his Iranian counterpart in 2015 could harm Israel's ability to...

March 18, 2021 5:16 pm

Diaspora Jews Closely Watching Security Issues as Israeli Elections Near, Says Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief

With Israel looking ahead to elections on Tuesday, many Jewish voters in the diaspora are focused on security issues, with relatively more support for Prime...

October 19, 2015 11:10 am

Algemeiner’s Dovid Efune on Fox News: Palestinian Incitement Similar to Nazi Dehumanization of Jews (VIDEO)

Palestinian incitement against Israelis is similar to the Nazi dehumanization of Jews before and during the Holocaust, Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune said in an interview on Fox...

August 17, 2014 8:05 pm

The Anti-Jewish Riots Have Exposed Hamas

The editors at British newspaper The Guardian are beside themselves. Somebody forgot to pass on the 'Anti-Israel Rioting Etiquette Handbook' to the largely vicious and thoroughly bigoted...

July 17, 2014 8:16 pm

Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune on Gaza Ground Invasion: Israel Literally ‘Had No Choice’ (VIDEO)

Israel literally had no choice other than to launch its invasion of Gaza on Thursday night, Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune said in an interview on...

May 10, 2013 1:58 pm

Israel and the Second Superpower

On September 26th 2012 as he was on his way over to the United States to address the United Nations General Assembly, a picture was...

March 6, 2013 5:55 pm

Algemeiner Editor Dovid Efune on Real News TV: Obama Will Face “Two Major Obstructions” if He Pushes Peace Process (VIDEO)

A day following talks delivered by Vice President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Israel supporters at the annual AIPAC policy conference...

June 28, 2012 8:05 am

Israel Going Up in Flames

Among the important Israeli news items that went largely underreported this week, was one highlighted in a statement by Fire and Rescue Services spokesman Asaf...

June 21, 2012 2:04 pm

The Qassam Umbrella: Israel’s Worst Nightmare

Rockets are still raining down on Israeli cities and towns. From Gaza the attacks have been sporadic and at other times accelerated, presenting a continuous...


Palestinian Terrorists Murder Israeli Man, 66, in West Bank Town

i24 News - Tensions have escalated in Qalqilya, a Palestinian Authority territory, following the fatal shooting of an Israeli man in his car on Saturday morning. Later in the day...


Israeli Actress Shira Haas Wins Award for Role in Upcoming TV Series...

Israeli actress Shira Haas was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Monte Carlo Television Festival on Tuesday night for...

Middle East

UN Committee Says Not Enough Evidence to Declare a Famine in Gaza

The United Nations Famine Review Committee (FRC), a panel of experts in international food security and nutrition, has cast doubt on the notion that the northern Gaza Strip is suffering...

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