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October 6, 2023 1:07 pm

Hezbollah Leader Threatens Europe With Wave of Syrian Refugees

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, this week threatened Europe with a new wave of Syrian refugees in an apparent bid...

May 10, 2023 7:50 am

Tunisia Synagogue Attack Toll Up To 6, Local Media Says

A Tunisian security officer who was wounded in Tuesday's shooting attack outside a synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba has died, hospital sources said, bringing the death toll to six including the...

May 9, 2023 7:56 am

Russia Says it Launched Concentrated Missile Strike on Ukraine Overnight

Russia's defense ministry said on Tuesday its forces had launched missile strikes at targets across Ukraine overnight, disrupting Kyiv's supplies of ammunition to the frontline and troop movements. Ukrainian officials said...

May 5, 2023 10:15 am

Ukraine Hopes to Protect Kyiv with Israeli Alert System by Summer

An Israeli-designed missile detection system that would give Ukrainians more time to take shelter from Russian missile attacks is being tested in Kyiv and may be activated within two months, Ukraine's...

May 3, 2023 7:45 am

Study: Holocaust Education Reduces Hate Crimes Against Minority Communities - Mandated Holocaust education in US schools reduces hate crimes both against Jews, as well as across a wide swath of minority communities, according...

April 21, 2023 10:39 am

Germany to Review 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre of Israeli Athletes

i24 News - The German government said Friday it set up an international commission of experts to review the events surrounding the 1972 massacre at...

April 18, 2023 8:39 am

UK Sanctions Suspected Hezbollah Financier

Britain has sanctioned an individual suspected of financing Lebanon's Iran-backed Hezbollah movement, as part of an effort to "disrupt an international terrorist-financing operation", the British government said on Tuesday. The...

October 3, 2022 2:08 pm

Growing European Antisemitism Forcing French Jews To Hide Religion, New Report Says

Growing antisemitism in Europe is forcing French Jews to caution their children against revealing their faith, according to a new report by the Jewish People...

September 4, 2022 9:18 am

Italy’s Meloni Warns of Broader Risks Posed by Ukraine conflict

Giorgia Meloni, set to lead a new Italian government with two parties once close to Moscow, warned on Sunday of the risk posed to Western...

June 15, 2022 4:58 pm

In ‘Historic’ First, Israel to Export Natural Gas to Europe

Israel on Wednesday signed a preliminary agreement with Egypt and the European Union that will enable it to export natural gas to the 27-member bloc...

June 11, 2022 1:12 pm

Biden Says He Has ‘Not Yet’ Decided on Saudi Trip

US President Joe Biden said he had "not yet" decided if he will travel to Saudi Arabia, a week after he opened the door to...

March 10, 2022 1:33 pm

Israeli Energy CEO Says Europe Can’t Avoid Russian Gas in Short Term, Floats Israeli Exports

The head of one of Israel's biggest energy companies said Thursday that Europe will be unable to forgo Russian natural gas supplies in the short...

December 18, 2021 11:26 am

Europe Reimposes Tougher measures as Omicron Sweeps Continent

i24 News – Nations across Europe are moving to reimpose tougher measures to stem a new wave of coronavirus infections driven by the highly transmissible...

November 27, 2021 11:31 am

WHO Names New Strand ‘Omicron,’ Labeling it as ‘Variant of Concern’

i24 News – The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday named the new Covid variant detected in South Africa “Omicron” and designated it as a...


UC Berkeley Lecturer Calls Oct. 7 Massacre a ‘Fabricated Narrative...

A lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley has come under fire for claiming that accounts of Hamas' massacre across...


Jerusalem Tech Community Gathers to Develop Tools to Boost Israel’s P...

Leaders of industry, government, and academia in Israel's capital gathered at the headquarters of Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), a top...

Middle East

Israel ‘Expanding’ Ground Operations in Gaza, Military Says

Israeli air and ground forces are stepping up operations in the Gaza Strip, Israel's chief military spokesperson said on Friday, amid reports of heavy bombing of the besieged enclave. Internet and...

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