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August 7, 2018 8:54 am

Israeli Hospitals Drill the Transition from ‘Routine to War’

JNS.org - Under the expert guidance of IDF Home Front Command, Israeli hospitals across the country are shoring up their ability to shift into war...

August 2, 2018 12:51 pm

The New State Solution in a Region Where Seconds Count

In recent months, several senior security experts have expressed support for an alternative to Israel’s status quo with the Palestinians. The plan, known as the New State Solution, proposes joining a coastal section of the northern Sinai Peninsula to the...


NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins Donate Nearly $350K to Shooting Victims

The Pittsburgh Penguins donated nearly $350,000 Thursday to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh to benefit victims...


Antisemites to the Left of Me, Nazis to the Right: Stuck in the Middle With Jews

We enjoyed a wonderful 60-year run, we American Jews. The postwar boom of...

In Teaching English to Hebrew-Speaking Kids, Educators Learn Their Own Lessons

JNS.org - A teaching program dedicated to tackling the achievement gap in Israel...


US Designates Son of Hezbollah Leader a Terrorist

The US State Department on Tuesday designated Jawad Nasrallah, son of Lebanon's Iran-backed Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, a terrorist and accused him of carrying out attacks against Israel in the West Bank. The...


Franklin Templeton Taps Into Israel’s $67 billion Retail Market

Franklin Templeton Investments entered the $67 billion Israeli retail market on Tuesday after the government allowed foreign firms to offer offshore products directly to investors. Previously, such investments had to be distributed...

Middle East

Jordanian Court Sentences Nine Militants in Karak Shooting

A court in Jordan on Tuesday sentenced nine militants to prison terms ranging from three years to life for a shooting rampage two years ago in an ancient castle in...