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September 13, 2021 11:05 am

Time for Both Parties to Repent for Their Nazi Analogies - After a generation in which Holocaust education has proliferated in the United States, it’s fair to ask whether all that lip service paid...

April 6, 2021 12:01 pm

Ohio Republicans Under Fire for Comparing US Government COVID-19 Policy With Nazi Germany

Two senior Republican politicians in Ohio have doubled down on comparisons they drew between the US government's COVID-19 vaccination drive and Nazi Germany's repressive actions,...


Holocaust Survivors Meet With British Cricketer After Row Over Antisemitic Comments

Two Holocaust survivors met with a British former cricket player on Thursday to...

New Exhibit on History of Jewish Communities in Arab World Opens in France

An exhibition opened to the public on Wednesday at France's Institut Du Monde...

National Library of Israel Series Unearths Rare Hanukkah Artifacts in Eight Languages

To mark the eight days of Hanukkah, the National Library of Israel has...


Turkey, UAE Sign Investment Accords Worth Billions of Dollars

Turkey and the United Arab Emirates signed accords for billions of dollars of investments on Wednesday, including in technology and energy, after talks between President Tayyip Erdogan and Abu Dhabi...


Israel’s HomeBiogas Is Powering Homes With Recycled Natural Gas

CTech - The climate crisis has become a first-rate concern as of late, and companies are looking to find innovative solutions in several areas, especially in alternative energy. HomeBiogas does...

Middle East

Jordanians Protest Against Water-for-Energy Deal with Israel

Several thousand Jordanians protested on Friday against a water-for-energy deal with Israel and the United Arab Emirates, calling on their government to scrap its peace agreement with Israel and saying...

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