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August 11, 2022 10:11 am

Freud, Psychoanalysis and Judaism

What does it mean that psychoanalysis was founded by a Jew? Why stop there? What does it mean that special relativity (Einstein); sociology (Durkheim); cultural anthropology...


Nobel Peace Prize Winner Says Iranian People Will Prevail Against Rulers

The Iranian people will ultimately overcome authoritarianism imposed by a government that has lost legitimacy and public support, Nobel Peace Prize winner Narges Mohammadi said from prison in a speech...


Netanyahu Speaks to Putin, Voices Disapproval of Iran Ties

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday and voiced displeasure with "anti-Israel positions" taken by Moscow's envoys at the United Nations, an Israeli statement...

Middle East

Israel ‘Expanding’ Ground Operations in Gaza, Military Says

Israeli air and ground forces are stepping up operations in the Gaza Strip, Israel's chief military spokesperson said on Friday, amid reports of heavy bombing of the besieged enclave. Internet and...

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