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February 25, 2022 12:03 pm

Shabbat Vayakhel: Oral Law

There are many ways of looking at the Bible -- as history, theology, literature, and archeology. The most significant for Judaism is the interaction between...


Toronto Man Arrested After ‘Disturbing’ Threats to Kill Jewish...

A delivery driver is facing possible hate crimes charges after making violent threats to Jewish students at a yeshiva in...


GOP House Candidate Walks Back Antisemitic Diatribe

A Republican congressional candidate has apologized for accusing Jews of "controlling" US politics, The Orange County Register reported on Thursday. On Wednesday, footage emerged of Greg Raths, who is running to represent...

Middle East

Iran Seizes Two Greek Tankers Amid Row Over US Oil Grab

Iranian forces seized two Greek tankers in the Gulf on Friday, shortly after Tehran warned it would take "punitive action" against Athens over the confiscation of Iranian oil by the...

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