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July 21, 2021 12:52 pm

Equestrian Heading to Olympics With Team Israel Ready to ‘Represent Jewish Culture on a World Stage’

An equestrian who is making history by representing Israel in the 2021 Olympic Games talked about his trusting relationship with his horse ahead of their...


Portugal Opens Inquiry Into Roman Abramovich’s Citizenship

The Portuguese authority responsible for nationality matters has opened an internal inquiry into the granting of citizenship to billionaire Chelsea...


German Submarine Maker Hikes Up Cost of Three Crafts Israel Set to Purchase - German submarine maker ThyssenKrupp significantly raised the price tag on three new submarines that Israel plans to purchase for the Israeli Navy, The Marker said in a report on...


Jerusalem Police Evict Palestinian Family, Arrest 18

i24 News - Israeli police on Wednesday evicted a Palestinian family and demolished their home in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, arresting 18 Palestinians and Israeli activists. The eviction...

Middle East

US Imposes Sanctions on Hezbollah-Linked Businessmen in Lebanon

The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on three businessmen with ties to Hezbollah, saying their activity as financial facilitators for the Iran-backed group was exploiting Lebanon's economic resources at...

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