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October 27, 2019 10:21 am

One Turkish Soldier Killed, Five Wounded in Northeast Syria: Ministry

One Turkish military personnel was killed and five were wounded in Syria's Ras Al-Ayn region after a rocket and mortar attack by the Kurdish YPG...

October 26, 2019 2:32 pm

Turkey Will Clear Syria Border Area of Kurdish Fighters If Russia Fails to Act: Erdogan

Turkey will clear northeast Syria of Kurdish YPG militia if Russia does not fulfill its obligations under an accord that helped end a Turkish offensive...

October 20, 2019 7:26 am

Turkey and Russia to Discuss Removal of Kurdish Militia From Syrian Towns

Turkey and Russia will discuss the removal of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia from the northern Syrian towns of Manbij and Kobani during talks in...

October 14, 2019 12:24 pm

As Options Narrow on Syria, Trump Prepares to Drop Sanctions Hammer on Turkey

President Donald Trump's administration is set to impose economic sanctions on Ankara, potentially as early as this week, for its incursion into northern Syria, one...

October 12, 2019 1:08 pm

Turkish-Led Forces Advance Into Syrian Border Town, Fighting Rages

Turkish-backed Syrian rebels advanced into Ras al Ain in northeast Syria on Saturday, but it was unclear how far, with Turkey saying the town center...

September 8, 2019 11:16 am

Turkish Military Enters Syria to Begin Joint US ‘Safe Zone’ Patrol

Armed Turkish military vehicles crossed into Syria on Sunday and headed southwest with US counterparts to begin planned joint patrols to establish a "safe zone"...

February 17, 2019 1:19 pm

Syria’s Assad: United States Will Sell Out Those Relying on It

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned on Sunday the United States would not protect those depending on it, in reference to Kurdish fighters who control much...

February 16, 2019 1:46 pm

Islamic State’s ‘Caliphate’ on Brink of Defeat in Syria

US-backed fighters in Syria are poised to capture Islamic State's last, tiny enclave on the Euphrates, the battle commander said on Saturday, bringing its self-declared...

January 19, 2019 1:05 pm

Senator Lindsey Graham: A Rash US Pullout From Syria Will Create ‘Iraq on Steroids’

US Senator Lindsey Graham said on Saturday he hoped President Donald Trump would slow the US withdrawal from Syria until Islamic State is destroyed, warning...

January 12, 2019 12:39 pm

Pompeo Says Good Outcome Possible for Both Turkey and Syrian Kurds

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Saturday he was optimistic that a "good outcome" could be reached between Turkey and Syrian Kurdish groups,...

December 30, 2018 9:30 am

With US Departure, Syria’s Manbij Braces for Upheaval

The city of Manbij has switched control more than most places in Syria's civil war. With US troops set to leave after President Donald Trump's decision...

November 18, 2018 10:16 am

Turkey Says US Support for Syrian Kurdish YPG a ‘Big Mistake’

The United States' support for the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia is a "big mistake," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said late on Saturday, adding that...

August 14, 2018 11:01 am

Syrian Kurdish-Led Council Visits Damascus for New Talks

The political wing of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) went to Damascus last week for a second round of talks with the government, its...


‘Fauda’ Season 4 Announced by Show Co-Creator in Tel Aviv

The hit Israeli show "Fauda" will get a fourth season, its co-creator Avi...

Leadership of ‘French Oscars’ Resigns Amid Polanski Controversy

The management of the "French Oscars" resigned en masse on Thursday after weeks...


From Harlem to Tel Aviv: Aulcie Perry’s Basketball Journey

Legendary basketball player Aulcie Perry’s life has been remarkable on and off the court.  This African-American athlete’s life changed dramatically after...

Kids in the Kitchen Light Up Hanukkah - Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is one of those holidays that takes over everything. The pantry overflows with...

Give It Up for the (Israeli) Kids: Hanukkah and Charity Drives - The staff and volunteers at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s children’s center in Jerusalem began noticing that one little girl...


New Security Head Aims to Protect New York Jewish Institutions and Help Red... - Mitchell D. Silber, former director of intelligence analysis at the New York City Police Department, started as the...


Netanyahu: Accumulation of Power Creates a New Approach for Israel in Midea... - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a delegation of American Jewish leaders that the “accumulation of power is...

Middle East

Syrian Forces Consolidate Control of Aleppo, Airstrikes Under Way

The Syrian army said on Monday it had taken full control of dozens of towns in Aleppo's northwestern countryside and it would press on with its campaign to wipe out...

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