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The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2017


Bob Kraft


In Israel, “football” means soccer; that is, until now. The popularity of “American football” is growing in the Jewish state, largely through the efforts of Bob Kraft, owner of the five-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

To encourage the growth of the sport, Kraft recently donated $6 million toward building Israel’s first regulation-sized football stadium in Jerusalem.

Kraft’s dedication to Israel is deep and profound. As he said on one visit, “This isn’t a business trip. It’s something about spirituality.”

He and his family have sponsored numerous philanthropical projects in Israel, many related to sports, as well as trips that bring prominent football players to visit the Jewish state.

“I love America, and I’m so lucky to have been born there and be a US citizen, but when I came here I also learned that this place was so special,” Kraft said during a September 2017 visit. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.)


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