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The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2017


Joshua Foer

Co-founder, Sefaria

With its endless references, commentaries, and texts buried within texts, traditional Jewish literature is often compared to the Internet. Today, the massive corpus of Jewish texts is merging with the Internet itself through the website Sefaria, the brainchild of bestselling author Joshua Foer.

Author of “Moonwalking With Einstein” and “Atlas Obscura,” Foer co-founded Sefaria with Brett Lockspeiser, with the intention of making everything from the Talmud to the Guide to the Perplexed to Chasidic commentaries available in both the original and translation on a single website.

“We came to this process out of deep frustration that it hasn’t happened yet,” says Foer. “This should have happened 10 years ago.” (Photo credit: Joshua Foer)


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