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The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2017


Michel Boujenah

Actor and comedian

“I feel Jewish, French, Tunisian, Zionist and very close to Israel, as well as a supporter of a Palestinian state. In short, one big balagan (mess),” says French-Jewish-Tunisian-Zionist comedian Michel Boujenah, and sadly, that “big balagan” has gotten him in trouble.

In June, the Carthage Festival of Music in Tunisia rescinded its invitation to Boujenah after protests by a BDS group. The decision was promptly denounced by the Tunisian Association for Support of Minorities, which called it an “anti-Jewish action.”

Boujenah is outspoken about his Zionism and strong support for Israel in a country that is often hostile to both. “We Diaspora Jews have no qualms about declaring our admiration for Israel,” he says.

He has also been among those who have brought attention to the antisemitic motive behind the April killing of French Jewish pensioner Sarah Halimi in Paris. Referring to her Islamist murderer, Kobili Trarore, Boujenah said on French TV, “He was crazy. But he was a crazy antisemite. There is no doubt about this question.” (Photo credit: Screenshot.)


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