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The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2019


Anne ‘Chani’ Neuberger

Director, NSA Cybersecurity Directorate

In July, the US National Security Agency created a new Cybersecurity Directorate, headed by Anne “Chani” Neuberger. Not only is Neuberger the highest-ranking woman in the NSA, she is also an Orthodox Jew. Neuberger grew up in Brooklyn in a family that included grandparents who survived the Holocaust. Her parents were passengers on the 1976 hijacked Air France flight rescued by Israeli commandos at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. These experiences, together with her religious faith, inform her work in the present. “I try to lead an examined life,” Neuberger reflected in a recent interview. “I try to lead a life where I’m asking myself that question: Have I earned the gift of existence, in some way?” (Photo: National Security Agency)


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