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The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2019


Arthur Fried

Board member, The AVI CHAI Foundation

The AVI CHAI Foundation, which completes its grantmaking December 31, 2019, has benefited for many years from the dedication of Arthur Fried, current board member and founding trustee, and former chairman. Fried helped the foundation realize its stated mission of “strengthening Judaism, Jewish literacy, and Jewish tradition; promoting mutual understanding among Jews of differing religious orientations; and sustaining, enlarging, and enriching Jewish commitment to the State of Israel.”. Specifically, Fried developed AVI CHAI’s philanthropic portfolio in the former Soviet Union and oversaw the start of its spend-down planning, according to the foundation. He served as chairman of the organization from 1990 to 2012. (Photo: Courtesy)


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