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The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2019


Bill Maher

Television host

The American comedian, political commentator, and television host is known for the HBO political talk show Real Time with Bill Maher and the late-night show called Politically Incorrect, originally on Comedy Central and later on ABC. In 2019, Maher aimed his abrasive satirical style against the controversial boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign targeting Israel. To the warm applause of his studio audience, Maher denounced the campaign to isolate the Jewish state as "a b***s*** purity test by people who want to appear woke but actually slept through history class.” Not quite done, he also criticized the antisemitic comments of Democratic lawmaker Ilhan Omar, saying her words meant that “it’s out there: Jews control the world, control the money.” (Photo: Angela George / CC BY 3.0)


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