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The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2019


Mark Golub

CEO and executive producer, Jewish Broadcasting Service

Rabbi Mark Golub and his Fort Lee-based Jewish Broadcasting Service (JBS) continue to attract viewers who hold diverse opinions, as it advances discussion about issues of importance to the Jewish people and Israel. “I have a unique perspective among American rabbis,” said Golub, a Reform rabbi, adding, “I grew up with Orthodoxy on one side, and Reconstructionism on the other. And when my parents married, they created a Conservative household.” It is therefore no surprise that a range of Jewish leaders – from Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street to Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America – have appeared on JBS. The non-profit Jewish educational network is now in more than 40 million homes. “We have created a sense of Jewish community for Jews who don’t have access to it in any other way,” Golub said. (Photo: JBS / Screenshot)


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