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The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2019


Mike Pompeo

United States secretary of state

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to champion support for Israel and opposition to Iranian aggression in the Middle East as cornerstones of American foreign policy. “We came in when an administration had cozied up to Iran, had given them a pathway to a nuclear-weapons system,” Pompeo said in an interview in August 2019. “We’ve fundamentally flipped that.” In terms of the Trump administration’s proposals for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, Pompeo stressed that Israel’s security needs remain the paramount concern. The administration has a plan “that protects Israel, that protects the security interests of Israel, and we would never step in or recommend an outcome that presented risk to them,” Pompeo said. Referring to Israeli efforts to push the Iranian military and its terrorist allies out of Syria and Lebanon, Pompeo declared that the US would support Israel, saying, “Each time Israel has been forced to take actions to defend itself, the United States has made it very clear that that country has not only the right, but the duty to protect its own people. And we are always supportive of their efforts to do that.” (Photo: Mandel Ngan / Pool via Reuters)


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