British Girl in Tel Aviv Diary Part 3: Have You Noticed Rachel Lost Weight? (PHOTOS)

November 20, 2012 4:18 pm 0 comments

Returning to my computer after hearing the explosion. Photo: Kara Bieber.

As we continue to update readers on life in Israel currently under rocket fire, part three of The Algemeiner’s “British girl in Tel Aviv” diary is posted below. Part one can be read here, part 2 is here.

You know that moment, when the whole room falls into a sudden silence, just as someone says something really loud and really silly? (I’m all for self deprecating, but luckily in this instance it’s not normally me!)

“Have you noticed Rachel lost weight?” exclaimed at full volume, in the American accent, (you know the one I’m talking about!) A blonde skinny girl seemed concerned for what we presumed was a new threat on her radar.

Reassured that life does go on and everyday trivia still does occur, my friend and I exploded into giggles. And gosh-it-felt-good. Relieved and released of built up tension and anxiety, for we had just been plotting, over a glass of wine, which direction we would turn to, should the siren sound. (I dream of never using that alliteration ever again.)

We had two sirens yesterday, two explosions. Thankfully for the second, I was clothed; actually I’m not sure I shall ever take them off now! I was quite the ‘butt’ of every joke last night! No one could believe I’d left my apartment in just a towel. Everyone, in such disbelief, I found myself searching for signs that perhaps they’d not seen their showers since the war began. (..Or maybe they have a very special shower curtain I just don’t know about.)

“You really went…” “But you reaaally went…” “OUTSIDE, IN YOUR TOWEL??!” “your neighbors..??” Oh we had fun! Even more so, on concluding, that my neighbor, who’s been asking me out for a drink ever since I arrived, has probably now been satisfied. I no longer need to tip toe past his part of the landing!

Whatever the case, the ‘hug party’ I proposed was a tremendous success. Since posting on my facebook ‘I need a hug’, it turns out so does everyone else! We in Tel Aviv have ninety seconds to run for safety, so why not put aside twenty when we can, the time it takes to release endorphins, for a hug?

The author is a photographer from London, her website is:

I was working on my computer in a cafe when the second siren sounded. I followed these people into the nearest apartment building. Photo: Kara Bieber.

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