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February 17, 2013 3:16 pm

Israel’s Codename for Obama Visit: “Unbreakable Alliance”

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Barack Obama in Israel in 2008.

Israeli officials have chosen the codename for U.S. President Barack Obama’s March visit to the country: “Unbreakable Alliance.” The Hebrew name is “Brit Amim,” which means, literally, “an alliance between nations.”

According to the Israeli daily Maariv, the names were chosen carefully by the National Public Information Staff, which is wary of upsetting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was reportedly unhappy with the English translation of the name given to Israel’s operation in Gaza last year, “Pillar of Defense.”

Officials are using the democratic process to pick the official logo to accompany President Obama’s visit to Israel, taking to Facebook to gauge the public’s interest in the three proposals.

Proposal 1:

Proposal 2:

Proposal 3:

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  • I feel obama is the anti christ, beause God called satan the fater of lies, so i ask anyone does this sound like obam?well does it? The pope is the false prophet. He’s fixing to be the head of the one world religion, which is chrislam, but just is only to convert the christians to islam. I will tell you this, when we die we exit to the left and right the left is hell. The right is God. See left is libral which is what obama is right which is what God is. All politicans are the same, if you put both in a boat it would sink. This is just all drama to get the masses riled up. Don’t you see it plain as the nose on your face. I have seen this all for a very long time. Now the bible has to play it’s self out. Or should i say the bible has been written.

  • sonnyskies

    I would not think that Obama will be the anti christ directly but he will be one of the unholy three once the great matraiya [ sp? ] arrives and will point to the dragon as one bringing peace to the world and then mandate that ALL should worship the beast. The hardships on this planet and death and wars will have most people accepting the ” peace” terms of the beast and many will think that he is the messiah; but, his healings will not be from sacraficial love but rather manipulation for more power from followers.Beware. There are prophets who have expounded on this over the last few years and it makes sense.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    I’d call it “Massive Joke”. Of course Obama will cancel so don’t call it anything.