USA Today Publishes BDS Press Release Almost Word for Word, Accuses Israel of ‘Large-Scale Abuses of Palestinian Rights’

June 14, 2013 11:58 am 34 comments

Screen shot of USA Today article that dupes BDS movement's press release.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel found itself a friend in major American newspaper USA Today recently, when a press release about its efforts to have Alicia Keys cancel her upcoming show in Israel appeared almost verbatim in an article on the newspaper’s website.

The American Journalist Jeffrey Goldberg first tweeted about the disturbing similarities Thursday, a day after the article appeared. “@USATODAY ran a BDS press release as a story. Here’s the newspaper piece Here’s the release” he wrote.

The article accuses Israel of “large-scale abuses of Palestinian rights” and also takes a quote from the press release from Andrew Kadi of the “U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation,” who accuses Israel of denying Palestinians health care and of torturing children.

A paragraph from the USA Today article reads, “The delegation met with staff at the organization, who explained that they were aware of the ongoing efforts to encourage Keys’ cancellation. Delegates passed along materials that included details of the global boycott campaign and reports from rights organizations documenting Israel’s violation of Palestinian children rights, which they confirmed was received by Peter Twyman, executive officer of Keep a Child Alive.”

And an almost identical paragraph from the BDS press release reads, ”The delegation met with staff at the organization, who explained that they were aware of the ongoing efforts to encourage Keys’ cancellation. Delegates passed along materials that included details of the global boycott campaign and reports from rights organizations documenting Israel’s violation of Palestinian children rights, which they confirmed Keep a Child Alive’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Twyman, received.”

Another paragraph from USA Today: “In response to Israel’s large-scale abuses of Palestinian rights, Palestinian Civil Society launched a call for a global campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel in 2005, modeled on the call by black South Africans for a boycott of apartheid South Africa that helped bring an end to the racist system. In response, numerous musicians, including Elvis Costello, Santana, The Pixies and others have canceled concerts or refrained from playing in Israel. In May, physicist Stephen Hawking canceled his planned participation in a conference in Israel, responding to Palestinian requests.”

And here is the same paragraph from the BDS press release almost verbatim: “In response to Israel’s large-scale abuses of Palestinian rights, Palestinian civil society launched a call for a global campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel in 2005, modeled on the call by black South Africans for a boycott of apartheid South Africa that helped bring an end to the racist system. In response, numerous musicians, including Elvis Costello, Santana, The Pixies, and others have cancelled concerts or refrained from playing in Israel. In May, physicist Stephen Hawking cancelled his planned participation in a conference in Israel, responding to Palestinian requests.”

The Algemeiner could not immediately reach the editor of the article for comment.

The BDS press release published as a news report by USA Today. Photo: Screenshot.


  • Years ago, a pro life group asked USA Today to run a advertisement in their paper but the paper rejected the request because of the papers pro choice stance.

  • This is the beginning of the world coming against the Jews. As prophesized in the old and new testament. Israel is surrounded by countries who want there total destruction. And now the rest of the world is turning against them. As predicted. God will gather them all back to Israel and punish those who would attack her. Pretty soon no Jew will be able to live any where but Israel.

  • Esther Sterental

    As a teacher who uses newspapers in the classroom, I will use this as an example of biased reporting and will make sure my district knows that USA Today is not a reliable newspaper source. If more of us complain…maybe the district will re-evaluate their decision to use USA Today in the classrooms.

  • Old Rockin' Dave

    “USA Today” or “Germany 1938″?

  • Talk about throwing stones while living in a glass house. The US is blameless about imagined “rights” of illegal aliens? And…. what “rights” do Palestinians have? Who sanctioned these rights? It’s just lies and more lies.

  • It’s time to boycott the boycotters and hurt them economically as far as possible.
    I do not understand how people who demand Arab children rights in Gaza do not care about hurting the Israeli children rights by the Gazans. Its only clear hatred of Israeli Jews.

  • SStuart E. Hersh

    It appears that USA Today should be renamed Germany Yesterday, and that their editorial staff may have received their “journalism” education at The Joseph Gobbels/Julius Streicher School of Journalism.

  • maria linde

    Support Alicia Key and protest BDS. US Today is a biased anti Israel and Jewish newspaper. Don´t advertise in that newspaper and boykott it.

  • Joanna Leigh

    USA TODAY is guilty of Shoddy ‘journalism’ at best. Have any of the ‘writers’ from this rag even been to Israel so they can see, first hand, if the allegations are true??? That is what any good reporter does!

    I will be posting a banner on my page telling people to BOYCOTT USA TODAY until this magazine starts proving its stories, with face to face evidence of said allegations!

  • BDS again against Israel. Lets the harmonious situation in the middle east vis a vis Israel. Sectarian slaughter in Syria, Iraq , Pakistan. Oppression of Christians in Egypt and other middle eastern countries. Oh, the children, the children, child brides a must. Other minorities outcast on a grand scale. Oppressive demonic religious regimes popping up. In Islamic countries without exception Apartheid is practiced on a grand scale
    against any minority. What comparison.

  • E.S.Lombard

    There is an old saying that “truth is stranger than fiction”. In the public mind, world over, the Arab fictions are more easily accepted than the complexities of Israeli truths.

  • E.S.Lombard

    For a People who could create a Freud and his nephew, Edward Bernays, the creative genius behind modern public relations, and fail to use those tools that Goebbels employed enthusiastically, judging from the Bernays’ marked volumes in Goebbels’ library…..!!!

  • Where do the BDS get their money?

  • Who paid for the matter?
    What about boycotting Purina?

  • Alan Schwarz

    This is the letter I sent to Nestle Purina. I hope you will all consider doing the same. Head Office has to be made aware of the feelings of their consumers. If they support BDS the public deserves to know, if they don’t than USA TODAY owes them and their consumers an apology. It was a very biased and unfair Media Release/Article. Here’s the letter I sent Purina. My name is Alan Schwarz. My family has been in the cattle business since the 1500′s and we have always had dogs. I have always bought Purina products but that will end today. I couldn’t believe you would place an ad in USA Today beside the most heinous and vitriolic article about Boycotting and Divesting from Israel. Your support for an article taken from a Media Release is disturbing and troubling. Your tacit approval of the Boycotting and divestment from Israel is an indication you don’t care about your customers feelings. That’s fine. I have asked my family and friends to stop buying Purina products. If you can endorse Boycott and Divestment, so can consumers. I am sorry to end my relationship with Purina, but I can’t support a company that supports hatred. I thought Purina was much better than that.

    • The media is going along with Barry Obamas plan to destroy the U.S. and to destroy Israel. We are the only nation who stands by Israel. The powers to be want to destroy our bond.
      People criticize Israel but they forget how America treats the blacks and the Indians. America tried to wipe the Native Americans off the map by genocide.
      America kept the Africans in chains in the south.
      Also the Americans let SS Nazis, 140 of them into our country to work on our missile system. They also studied the records kept by the Nazis on how different tortures done to the Jews in the name of scientific research had an effect on their bodies.

  • USA Today, Is that a newspaper? I do not think any knowledgable person interested in honest reporting would ever read USA Today.

  • About 90% of the Lamestream Media are Leftists. That they view some competitors as rightists reflects degree of socialism. U.S. media attacking Israel for bias, turning a blind eye to the practices of its neighbors, reveals ‘Useful Idiot’ has advanced from art form to science.

    • Richard Salcer

      Using childish expressions injected into the public discourse by such as Sarah Palin, Fox Noise and the tea party will not reflect well on you. “Lamestream media”, indeed. The extreme right’s attempt to curry favor with America’s Jews with paranoid political smears is what is lame. The vast majority of America’s Jews remain staunchly liberal and progressive and the vast majority of them denounce Arab propaganda in all it’s insidious and crude forms. The BDS movement is, oddly enough, in the same boat as the wingnuts. They are both noisy minorities who mistake loud noise for substance. Where we agree is on the subject of Islamist intolerance, intimidation and brutality. Hezbollah and Hamas have shot themselves in their respective feet: Hezbollah in Syria and Hamas in Egypt. Hezbollah, in particular, has garnered the rage of million of Sunnis by its adventurism in Syria. This, in turn, will erode its support in Lebanon.

  • Right on Shane. This is pure anti semitism because it involves the distribution of propagander that is false and full of lies with theintetn of damaging israel and jews world wide. If this is how usa today reports the news then it is time to start pushing back and calling for boycotting product advertisers in usa today.

    lets start with purina … jews hold alot of economic clout and its time to use it.

  • Roberta E. Dzubow

    Despite on-going Arab propaganda against Israel and its “Apartheid” policies, here are a few verifiable facts:

    Israeli Arabs serve in the Knesset (Congress),
    the Supreme Court – and other Courts,
    are doctors, lawyers, businessmen, full citizens,
    employed throughout Israel.

    Almost 25,000 Israeli Arab students attend Israeli Universities/Colleges (including Omar Barghouti – BDS founder) AND 50,000 AFRICANS live in Tel Aviv – refugees from Muslim violence.

  • gregg solomon

    We read this news and news like it in the Algemeiner and other similar press. If we read Algemeiner and the like we are already the choir. We get outraged and talk to each other about it. That doesn’t impact much. Impact is reaching out to people who are going about their lives and most likely read and watch general press. What I get from Algemeiner is how successful Arab and Persian Muslims have been at reversing the Arab –Israel story, how successful they have getting buy-in, and how far behind we are falling. How strong the narrative will be in a few years, not only is Israel at fault, but they must make peace, allow the West Bank and Gaza to be militarized, surrender at a minimum the Temple Mount. Likely rejecting that, Israel will then be boycotted en masse.

    We need a high profile, direct to consumer campaign. Anyone interested in helping to raise money for this please connect with me at The creative and marketing teams are already in place.

    Gregg Solomon
    New York

  • Follow the money.. The same Vatican/CIA mafia which controls the MSM propaganda outlets and their propaganda also controls and programs the Pallywood theater “NGO” propaganda. People need to learn this and expose these lying thieving murderous blood vultures for who and what they are.

  • Shame on USA Today for being sucked into the drivel that the boycotters spew. The BDS has no idea what’s really going on in Israel and they don’t care. They are so caught up in their hatred of Israel that no matter what is done, the Palestinians are always angels and victims. The BDS forgot to mention the kidney transplant that took place a few weeks ago from a young Israeli child to a young Palestinian child. That’s apparently denying health care to the Palestinians.
    I’m sure if they were to check their facts they’d find out how wrong they are in all they’ve been saying. They are too scared and embarrassed to admit they were wrong, so they continue with their ridiculous boycott.
    Shame on them and shame on USA Today – I will never read that newspaper again. I should be removed from the news stands in Israel.

  • I have been feeding my cat with Purina – I shall not buy their products anymore.

  • USA Today was always a left/liberal paper. But now they make no attempt to appear fair.

  • I can tell you one thing…. Ill won’t be reading USA Today again, nor will I be purchasing from their advertisers either.

  • Barry Meridian

    Learning from Sadism.
    A thirst for violence is being drilled into Palestinian children. How should Jewish parents respond?

  • Barry Meridian

    What sickens the Israel haters like Man is that Jews now can fight back
    So killing Jews for sport and slitting the throats of sleeping Jewish babies is no longer consequence free.

    Why does Hamas fire rockets from a school praying that Israel returns fire and kills Arab children. Thats Gaza today. The Arabs are the only people in the world that go out day by day figuring ways to get their children to die in front of the world press.

    Hamas using children as human shields.

    SERIOUS CHILD ABUSE. Little ‘Palestinian’ Girl: Jews R Apes & Pigs

    Toys for Terror Tots – Palestinian child abuse

  • Pontz, what up, thanks for reporting on these issues. I enjoy reading your articles

  • Barry Meridian

    We have Palestinian liars trying to show humane Israel how bad they are, when its the Palestinians who are the child abusers.
    What do you expect from these Palestinian people who proudly strap bomb belts on their own brainwashed children to murder Jewish children.

    Virtually all of the Palestinians killed during these past 12 years were suicide bombers, terrorists killed in gun battles, dissidents lynched by fellow Arabs for their beliefs, women and children used as human shields or foils by their “brave fighters” – and yes, dozens of people who were caught in the line of fire. Few recall that when Israel began using aircraft to destroy terrorist facilities (following the massacre of Jewish shoppers at a Netanya mall) the Jews actually publicized the targets in advance, in order to minimize Arab civilian casualties.

    Every morning, at least one Palestinian wakes up with a smile and the thought, “I’m going to murder some Jews today.” They strap on explosive belts and guns, and search out any soft target they can find – a city bus, a baby, a student, a jogger. Israelis do not wake up in the morning and set out to murder Arabs. In rare instances when a Jew actually injures or kills a Palestinian, he is arrested and prosecuted. Contrast this with the Arab hero who shoots a Jewish baby. This “martyr of the Pals” will be eulogized by Hamas and Fatah, his family made rich and his picture proudly displayed throughout the Arab world.

  • How does Purina feel about having their ad associated with the BDS movement and USA Today’s lazy and/or biased and/or wilfully ignorant reporting? Perhaps more of the newspaper’s advertisers will now want to conscientiously review their ad purchases. I, for one, will bypass their news boxes. That is my kind of BDS: the Blue Dot Sanction.

    • The Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories are being mistreated. Period. End of mystery.

      • Largely by Hamas and Fatah, the leaders of which promote terrorism in pursuit of the destruction of Israel while they build themselves luxurious villas and tool around in Mercedes Benzes.

        Yes there is racism in Israeli society, but all minorities enjoy greater rights in Israeli society despite the ongoing asymetric war carried out against its citizens. The same cannot be said about life in any of the surrounding countries in the MENA and that is why, as unhappy as the Palestinians may be with the partitioning and the occupation, few of those who hold Israeli citizenship would give it up for citizenship in the PA, Hamastan or the surrounding countries, including Jordan, which in fact constitutes most of Mandatory Palestine.

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