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August 14, 2013 1:40 pm

Star of David Crop Circle Appears in British Wheat Field (VIDEO)

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Crop circle in the shape of the Star of David spotted in England. Photo: Lucy Pringle/crop circle connector.

Here’s one for all the conspiracy theorists out there: a crop circle in what appears to be the shape of the Star of David was spotted this week in Hackpen Hill, near Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.

Discovered on August 11th, photos were posted to the website crop circle connector, and speculation as to what the sign could mean was rampant on social media sites. On one Facebook page focusing on crop circles, one commented pointed to “The Sun, Star and 6 Spirals.”

The symbol — taken from the Seal of Solomon — has been used for centuries as a symbol for Jews and currently adorns the Israeli flag.

A crop circle is a sizable pattern created by the flattening of a crop. The scientific consensus is that most or all crop circles are man-made. Star of David like crop circles have been discovered a number of times in the past.

Watch a video taken of the crop circle below.

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  • My wife often tells me I am an alien. I am, in fact, a Martian (or so she says), and this is now proof that, since I am a Zionist, my fellow Martians must be Zionists as well. This is bad news for all Israel’s enemies, since we have the massively destructive war machines in stilts that earthlings do not have. If necessary, we can levitate the whole of Israel up to our planet, terraform it, and permit Israel to expand as it sees fit.

    • Noevil9

      That sounds like a grand idea. solving the Israeli dilemma, and the Palestinian tragedy at the same time. You Zionist Martians are incredible, and by the way,did a good job on that star of David, it looks nice. I think, by levitating Israel,you will bring a great peace of mind to all Jews, as you, who view the world of none Jews( Goys) as your eternal enemies and haters, will achieve a great comfort in getting rid of Anti Semitism-which you have been trying for thousands of years- in one instant. Not only that, but Denis, I think the Palestinians, might erect a monument on your honor, in solving their problem too. Brilliant..Brilliant !

  • EthanP

    Wrong Vivienne. The ET’s are finally revealing their Jewish heratige. Didn’t you know they speak Yiddish?

  • Dallas Al

    Anti-Semites take notice! The Day of Judgment is at hand!

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    This is terrific fun, this has to be a good Yiddish Farmer in Wiltshire, used to live near here. Wonderful, it’s dead easy to do nothing to do with beings from outer space. Ten points for Israel in Wiltshire of all the places one would least expect to see this. Great.

    • Yitzchak Strauss

      It could any farmer who did not realize that he’s Jewish!