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Lieberman Warns South African Jews to Immigrate to Israel Before ‘It’s Too Late’

November 3, 2013 1:27 pm 53 comments

Avigdor Lieberman. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Former Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman urged South African Jews to immigrate to Israel on Sunday, following incendiary comments by that country’s international relations minister.

Writing on his Facebook page, Lieberman said the South African government is creating an anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic atmosphere, which means that a pogrom against the country’s Jews is now all-but inevitable.

“I call on all the Jews still living there to immigrate to Israel without delay, before it’s too late,” he stated emphatically.

On Friday South Africa’s Interior Minister, Maite Nkaona-Mashabane, turned heads with comments critical of Israel, saying “The struggle of the people of Palestine is [the South African’s] struggle.”

“Our Palestinian friends have never asked us to disengage with Israel [through cutting diplomatic relations]. They had asked us in formal meetings to not engage with the regime,” she said at a trade union meeting.

“Ministers of South Africa do not visit Israel currently. Even the Jewish Board of Deputies that we engage with here, they know why our ministers are not going to Israel,” she added.

Nkoana-Mashabane also said that South Africa has “agreed to slow down and curtail senior leadership contact with that regime until things begin to look better.”

Going one step further, Nkoana-Mashabane said the issue has become troubling to her personally.

“The last time I looked at the map of Palestine, I could not go to sleep. It is just dots, smaller than those of the homelands, and that broke my heart,” she said, referring to the bantustans that existed in South Africa during the apartheid era.

In the course of her comments, Nkaona-Mashabane’s also termed Palestinian Authority terrorists in Israeli jails “political prisoners” and  praised Iran for its “respect for human rights.”

Lieberman accused her of hypocrisy, writing: “The same government that just one year ago, its police indiscriminately shot and killed 34 miners because they ‘dared’ to strike, and afterward the government even wanted to bring the miners who survived to trial using a law from the days of Apartheid, the same government that does not get involved, and is not concerned by, what happens with its neighbors – not the murder of journalists in Mali, or the terrorist attacks in Kenya – is concerned by what is happening to the Palestinians thousands of kilometers away.”


  • Kevin Moses Goldstein

    Most of the commentators are wrong:

    It is not possible for Arabs to be anti-Semitic as they are also semetic people from the Abraham blood line (via Ishmal etc).

    The Jewish people state that they claim modern Palestine due to God,s wishes for the tribe of Israel to take over the holy land; however that claim is weak because:

    The tribe of Judah is only one of twelve Israel tribes; they lay claim to all the land allocated to Israel; God only gave the tribe of Judah the southern areas.

    The tribe of Judah sinned and was scattered as foretold by God; it is not the destiny of Judah to lay claim to all of Israel only a united twelve tribes is entitled to the land.

    Palestinians are excluded and placed into areas without food or education; Judah is commanded by God to welcome the alien as they were strangers too in the land of Egypt. Many Jews justify this treatment by pointing out the Palestinians are the Canaanites who god commanded to destroy but modern Palestine is also made up by the other tribes of Israel in which Judah is only one of twelve.

    Please understand Gods word before making wrong comments.

  • Not all feel the same way.She certainly do not speak on our behalf.It is always about racism.She obviously do not know what she is talking about.She should start studying the word of God.

  • I am absolutely shocked! In Fact the more I witness in this country the more shocked I get! But even worst than the uttermost stupidity of our rulers is the lack of international attention on the horrifying threat hovering over all residents of SA – yes ignorance and and pure stupidity is affecting every living person In this country. What a great man built the idiotic, greedy and envious will destroy!

  • I am ashamed to be living in this disgusting place, she does not represent the view of the people and we do not support terrorists.
    What a joke, so our ANC government will rather be friends with Iran?

  • she say that she doesn’t sleep at night.,amanyoka, do not sleep at night, they just spread their venom.

  • Clearly none of you commentors actually live here. I do and I have since I was born in 1953. Lieberman’s remarks fly in the face of the brocha of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that he gave to this country (the only country to receive a brocha like this apart from Eretz Yisroel) not once or twice but many times. The brocha was that it will be safe for Jews in South Africa until Moshiach comes and after that even better. Yes we have problems, doesn’t anybody. Yes we see some antisemitism in government circles but we don’t see it in the street. Not like France, not like many places in Europe, not like Australia. Wake up and educate yourselves before regergitating cliched hyperbolic retoric that you pick up from the media. We WILL all come to Eretz Yisroel with Moshiach Tzidkeinu and many of us before but we are here to look after EVERY Jew.

  • Dear Avigdor,
    You comments bring nothing else to mind than to draw a conclusion to the fact that Israel will need more troops to defend the Holy Land of Israel than ever before, and therefore you need propose that the Jewish community here in South Africa should return. The Portugese community in South Africa have been through greater dangers, being robbed, raped and murdered. I don’t see them returning, but are in fact staying, to help ride out this surge of evil upon their community and others, and help win the war against crime. The Jewish community here in South Africa are not fools, nor are they cowards.What you are suggesting to them is to return to Israel which will be nothing more than going from the frying pan, into the fire.

  • withhold all Israeli scientific breakthroughs from another country that turns gold into crap!!!

  • I have South African relations (my father was South African) and they migrated to the U.S., Israel and Australia. To get an idea of how things are going in S.A., their currency, the Rand in 1980 was worth between $1.20 and $1.40. Today, you can buy Rands for 12 cents.
    Great governance.

    • You mean 10c US for a Rand surely?

    • The exchange rate has nothing to do with the strength of that economy.
      Ensure that you have sufficient knowledge of the matters being discussed before resorting to condescension. Yes, our government has its flaws, but it’s certainly not reflective of the rand/dollar exchange rate. This is merely political banter; Jews in South Africa are not in danger and if there’s a reason to leave, this most definitely is not it.

    • Some sort of misguided overly-empathetic international sentiment pushed the legitimate SA government – i.e. the government who represented the people that actually built the area into a country – out of power and put the lives of 50 million people into the hands of people who used violence against civilians as the primary means to propagate their “struggle”.

      Anyone still surprised that those uneducated terrorists then continued to screw everything up? Please. They can’t think past their flat noses.

  • American Jews have far more to fear from the Tea Party and other religious right-wing radicals than they ever will from the mythical left-wing socialists. The American Taliban of the Right simply refuse to accept the fact that the Founders worked very hard to create a SECULAR state that keeps the pollution of religion at a distance from the workings of the government.

    • Good Lord! Please tell me you don’t have children.
      What am I saying? Of course you don’t.

    • What a bizarre comment.

    • Yeah right.
      This is the character assassination I’ve come to expect from the so called progressives.
      Hows all that Hope and Change from the progressive left going right now, millions about to lose their health care because the left always know better.
      Companies being forced to curtail their benefits for their existing employees.
      Yeah the Tea parties are anti family, anti American etc etc.
      The tea parties are both democratic and republican and libertarian and all sorts.
      They want an honest truthful family supporting government that won’t intrude or step out of it’s place in society.
      Not gonna happen with either the GOP or Democrats.
      Why Americans haven’t woken up to this is beyond me, I guess the pain hasn’t got painful enough.

    • Mark A. post is a perfect example of the rantings of a far Leftie.

    • Your comments are irresponsible and historically false… The republic was founded on a the idea that no particular Christian polity would take precedence and govern as in Eurpoe. They never dreamed such insolent haters of God would one day threaten the nation, changing their views, misrepresenting their history and times…

      Your religion is a powerful deception.. secular, political and dictatorial, it is far more intolerant than religious Jews or Christians. Your kind couldn’t exist except in the great nations created by dedicated, faithful Christians and Jews. We have had our tragic faults to be sure, but it is most surely this great faith that is responsible for the nation in which you live. So please don’t display your ignorance by writing… join J street or some or pathetic group.

    • What nonsense. One of the things that unites all Tea Party activists is their support for the state and people of Israel. There is not all that much admiration for liberal, assimilated American Jews, that is true, but it’s based upon politics, rather than race.

    • Are you kidding? I dare you to go to a Tea Party meeting somewhere. You’ll come out realizing that you are buying the demonizing crap progressives keep selling. I’ll bet you’re not strong enough to handle the cognitive dissonance.

    • Step away from the crackpipe, you mind-numbed Communist moron.

    • Mark A,

      The threat to Jews and other sectors of American society is from the left wing and not the Tea Party.

      Look at Obamacare, Acorn and the George Soros funded organisations

      The “mythical” left wing socialists together with Islamic radicals are the majority of today’s anti-semites.

      I am South African.

      A “mythical” left wing BDS group recently called for “death to the Jews” at a recent Johannesburg concert to the dismay of the lefty self-hating Jews whose world view was trashed is through rose coloured glasses.

    • I can’t imagine where you learned your ideology but you surely didn’t learn it from American History.
      America has brought this on herself from allowing Universities to employ Communist, Marxist, Socialist Professors to complete the indoctrination begun in the failed public education system after the Feds took it over. When one allows vipers inside their home they will be bitten.

    • Are the rest of you commenters insane? You stupidly align yourselves with Conservatives in the US because they “support” Israel? They don’t give a shit about us Jews, they have their own Christian reasons for supporting Israel.
      No one with a brain believes the Tea Partiers to be anything other than bigoted lunatics. I am a LIBERAL who is a Zionist and an uber-supporter of Israel. Two of my children live there. You play into their hands when you act as though a liberal can’t support Israel. I do because I do not support oppression or apartheid or anything like that; and Israel is NOT GUILTY of any of those behaviors.
      My God, calling Mark A. a Communist moron?? Do you have any idea how ignorant you sound? Even Jews now can’t take an intellectual approach to an issue? So sad.

      • Andrea

        Thank you for being a sane voice of reason amongst these bizarre respondents on this website. It seems that every time a religious view is questioned, the person who dares to ask is called a “self-hater, a “communist” or worse. What happened to critical thought? To learning? To tolerance? The right wing demand tolerance of their views from those who advocate tolerance, yet cynically refuse to provide the same courtesy to anyone whose views are different, and who dares to express them. Hypocrisy rules, unfortunately. But then what can one expect from people who censor books?

    • ObamaPropaganda

    • Thomas Agee

      The Jews are disliked, by both blacks and whites. Jews have always been against anybody who is not Jewish, they are the most racist people in the world. Most likely South Africa is sick of the Jews, and like the 109 countries that have kicked the jews out of I would not be surprised if non jewish South Africans would be celebrating the Jews leaving. It is not about left or right, conservative or liberal, that just confusion that the Jews throw at people, the real problem is Jews continuing to cause trouble in every country they have lived in. It is not a good historical pattern since Jews continuously are dispised.

  • Even Nelson Mandela has acknowledged the important role South African Jews played in eliminating apartheid. But irrational anti-Semitism is a strong, resistant force and that is especially so i8n Marxist-leaning South Africa, despite that. Whites, particularly on farms, are being murdered there in large numbers. The Jewish population should heed Lieberman’s warning and come home to our Israel.

    • All of the non-blacks who were imprisoned with Mandela were Jews.

      To Israel’s shame they traded with South Africa, swapping yellow-cake for tritium and giving technical guidance to help Africa to produce an atomic bomb. Israel even refused to heed AIPAC’s warning, that the US congress will vote for S.A. sanctions, thinking if so, that President Reagan would surely veto it.

      It is all in Sasha Polakow-Suransky’s book,”The Unspoken Alliance, Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa.” Polakow-Suransky, has a doctorate from Oxford University,and is a director of Foreign Affairs. He was given access by the South African government to all the South African-Israel once secret atomic weapon correspondences.

    • steve in johannesburg

      There is no future for Jews in South Africa. The anc government has moved far away from the iconic teachings of nelson mandela.

  • Hardly surprising given South Africa’s warm, flourishing relationship with Turkey.
    South Africa, in fact, is now home to the the largest Mosque in the Southern Hemisphere built north of Johannsberg by Turkish construction tycoon known as “Uncle Ali.”

    Seems the South African leadership, in addition to oppressing its workers, and remaining indifferent to the plight of its neighbors, is little concerned with the brutal repression of the Turkish people, the Kurds, and the ancient Christian communities by the Erdogan regime.

    Here’s more on the Turkish mosque in South Africa:

    “The mosque, which is at the centre of a 52ha complex, is a scaled-down replica of the Ottoman Selimiye mosque in Edirne, Turkey. The massive dome atop the building has the same pale-blue hue and is adorned with four identical minarets on each corner. […]

    The mosque is surrounded by a community complex, which is still under construction. Originally, Katircioglu had planned only to build a shopping centre and a primary school at which children could live and study, but those ambitions have since been greatly expanded.

    After meeting former president Nelson Mandela, who suggested that he add a clinic, Katircioglu worked on creating a low-cost clinic. He also decided to extend the plot to build a Muslim university.

    The shopping centre, clinic and primary school are scheduled to be completed and officially opened by mid-September at a ceremony expected to be attended by President Jacob Zuma.

    The university will take a bit longer to complete.”

    you can see the immensity of this structure here:

    • Following the government’s lead, South Africa’s students have been currying Egyptian support, lobbying to name the new university after a beloved 20th century leader. Heard increasingly at street protests are shouts of “Farouk U.!”

  • spktruth – Non white Jews have an easier time in Israel than in most other countries.

    It’s a little early to panic and flees either SA or the USA but we should all be well aware that the time may come and we do have a homeland to emigrate to.

  • Of course Leiberman means “white south African jews”, because we all know how Israel treats black jews? The hypocrisy of this man is too laughable. Who doesn’t understand just as the Russian jews were told to come to Israel, they are now treated like second or 3rd class citizens. Same will happen with the South African Jews, because all Leiberman wants is to overpopulate Israel to make sure they have more population than the Palestinans. How stupid do you think people are?

    • Gee, I guess why that explains why Israel went to great lengths to recover *Ethiopian* Jews. Your New Leftist hipster anti-Semitism is as disgusting as it is dishonest.

    • The Left is in a close alliance with the fascist Arab and Muslim bigots who spread lies about Israel and the Jewish people. The Left has no morality. Like Russian Communists today’s Left hates and lies and slanders Jews, Israel and anyone who comes to Israel’s defense. Yes what about the rescue of Ethiopian Jews who desperately sought entry to Israel and Russian Jews who were being mistreated by the Communist regime the former USSR. No one forced Jews to leave Ethiopia or Russia. They wanted to live in freedom in Israel. The Left has made an unholy alliance with Muslim and Arab bigots who seek to wipe Israel off the map. The Left is free to spread its lies in the U.S., Europe because these cowards and oportunists enjoy the freedom of liberal democracy, a democracy they despise. Ultimately they seek to act as thought police and gain power and destroy liberal democracy everywhere.

      • James Crozier

        The absurd proposition that the left or right in the U.S has any coherent anti-Israeli strategy is laughable. The reality is that as long as Gaza residents support a form of leadership that prefers armed struggle over discussion and the support of the international community there will be no peace in the Middle East.
        Too bad…. life is short, and when your own leaders want to make it ruinous and violent it can appear hopeless. Gazans should move else where to raise their children.

    • Certainly not as stupid as you.

    • Yeah thats why there is a right of return for all jews.
      Silly comment you made as logically it doesn’t add up.

    • … thank God for Lieberman

    • Larry Butchins

      ignorance is bliss. continue living in bliss, because you haven’t a clue of what you’re talking about.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      This Jew-hating leftwing Arab-lover manages to cram more lies in his comment than one would think could fit. Yeah, Israel treats black Jews abominably-that is why Miss Israel currently is a black Israeli!

    • Again, you people seem to live in some fantasy world. My kids live in Israel and it breaks my heart when they tell me about the prejudice toward the black Jews. It is very real, why do you try to deny it? Do you think you can’t love Israel without trying to act as though she is perfect? I am no fan of Muslims, my American son calls me a bigot. Yea, so what. Stop equating the fringe BDS nuts-a tiny group with huge mouths–with liberals who also support Israel, there are plenty of us. You need to read history, Jews are historically progressive because we believe in social justice. Where would we be without that?

  • Titus Greenwood

    Sadly, American Jews should heed this advice as well. The time is coming soon, when Liberal Socialists will turn on American Jews with vicious hatred, disdain, and terror! It will then, be too late for Jews to leave America. Plus, the Liberal Socialist (Democrats) are already planning for an “exit” tax, in the light of the National Socialist (Nazi) tax imposed on those Jews who were fortunate enough to get Visas OUT of Germany and into Western countries. The Liberal Socialist tax will affect all people who leave the US with their bank accounts, but will affect Jews the greatest and by design. Very soon, Jews will no longer be welcome in the USA or accepted. Already, Liberal Socialism makes it most difficult for many Jews to live free. Things ARE going to get MUCH WORSE!

    • I wish more American Jews would wise up and join the Tea Party.

      • I completely agree with you. Jews have to wake up and join the freedom fighters. Tea Party stands for all the great things that made our country prosperous.

      • yeah it is a puzzle, they support a party that is anti semetic and anti family and has a pseudo christian muslim apologist as it’s head.
        funny that.
        and they voted for him twice with all that he has done and said.
        Its a funny old world

      • American Jews should have a stronger faith in Hashem and Eretz Yisrael, not global warming, Obama and other social issues

        Those issues are important, but not at the expense of what I mentioned at the beginning of paragraph 1.

        Look at the leftist protests such as Occupy e.t.c – there is always an anti-semitic/anti Israel banner on display.

    • Mr Greenwood: The time you envision will never come. Liberal socialism has peaked under Obama and will lose power in the 2014 elections. Even the reflex-democrat-voting Jewish population is waffling in its support of Obamanomics. For the majority of Algemeiner readers it will not be a surprise to read that I, a long-time supporter of the Tea Party and the American Constitution and capitalism, am also a Jew who experienced WWII first hand. The main stream people of America have never been anti-Jewish. As a young serviceman I was welcomed into the homes of many who knew I was Jewish, and even dated their daughters. As the only Jewish member of Navy VJ-13 squadron in the Pacific, I never felt isolated or intimidated. AND I DON’T SEE ANYTHING SCARY NOW. It is a statement like yours that arouses my suspicion that deceitful fools are flitting about in the night skies at Halloween time.

  • Like it or not, Lieberman is right. Pogroms are inevitable. And unfortunately, I do not think Israel’s Jericho missiles have the range to reach South Africa, should she have to nuke the country in retaliation for a mini-Shoah.

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