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November 10, 2013 9:23 pm

Top American Jewish Leaders Slam Kerry, Obama Admin. Over Iran, Peace Talks Comments

avatar by Dovid Efune

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President Obama at a meeting with Jewish leaders. Photo: The White House.

Top American Jewish leaders had harsh words Sunday for U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, and the Obama administration. Their comments came after recent remarks made by Kerry on Israeli-Palestinian Authority peace talks, and after the U.S. allegedly came within a hair’s breadth of signing a deal with Iran that would relieve sanctions on the country while allowing it to maintain its nuclear capability.

Kerry’s controversial comments were made in a joint interview with Israel’s Channel 2 news and Palestine TV. He predicted a nightmare scenario in the event that the current talks break down.Visibly agitated, Kerry berated Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, saying, “The alternative to getting back to the talks is the potential of chaos.”

“Does Israel want a third intifada?” he asked. “I believe that if we do not resolve the issues between Palestinians and Israelis, if we do not find a way to find peace, there will be an increasing isolation of Israel, there will be an increasing campaign of the de-legitimization of Israel that has been taking place on an international basis.”

“When a Secretary of State talks about starting a third Intifada, especially amid rising violence, it could have the effect, directly or indirectly of lighting the fuse,” said Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, responding to Kerry’s remarks, in an interview with The Algemeiner.

“The danger here is that you legitimate an escalation by saying that ‘because there is no progress  it can start an Intifada.’ There are elements there that will use this to legitimize what they are doing,” Hoenlein said. “We had a situation in the past where comments by American leaders and others set the standard for what Palestinian leaders say and do.”

While extending the benefit of the doubt to Kerry’s intentions, famed attorney Alan Dershowitz was terse. “Secretary of State John Kerry is trying his hardest to bring the parties together, but I am sure he regrets having mentioned the third Intifada. The secretary of state should not be saying anything that could be misconstrued as a prediction or a legitimization of terrorist violence,” he said.

In an interview with Israeli radio, Anti-Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman described Kerry’s comments as “outrageous” and said that the Secretary of State’s “chutzpah” would unite the American Jewish community.

“It is chutzpah to lecture Israel about the risks of peace and war,” Foxman said.

Besides finding the comments offensive and possibly dangerous, the leaders agreed that they would most likely be counterproductive as well.

“The Secretary introduced views that can only complicate the process. It would be more productive to exhort the parties to work toward compromise, rather than speculating on worst-case scenarios,” said Daniel Mariaschin, B’nai B’rith International executive vice president.

Abraham Cooper, associate dean at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, asked: “Why would the Palestinians negotiate on anything when the secretary of state calls settlements ‘illegal’, when he says Israeli troops have to leave West Bank, when he increases aid to the PA when their corruption infuriates the Palestinian street, and seems to make no demands for Palestinians to once and for all stop the attacks on their neighbor’s legitimacy?”

The leaders made clear however that Kerry’s comments ranked in distant second place in their hierarchy of grievances, and insisted that the issue of Iran was foremost on their agenda.

Of specific concern was the Obama administration’s apparent willingness, in the ongoing discussions in Geneva between world powers and Iran, to allow the Islamic Republic to retain is capacity to produce nuclear weapons while acceding to the weakening of sanctions, leveled by the international community against the regime.

“As a result of what is going on around the world, you can’t ask Israel to focus on what is going on with the Palestinians, the Palestinians don’t pose an existential security threat to Israel, and the Iranians do,” said Dershowitz. “And at this point in time, Israel has to  be focusing all of its attention on the Iranian situation which could result in a major disaster for its security, unless it continues to pressure the United States to do the right thing.”

“As long as the Iranian issue is on the front burner, don’t expect the Palestinian issue to get significant attention,” he added, describing Kerry’s comments about the peace talks as “yesterday’s news.”

“Just two weeks ago Samantha Power told us in her office that all options were on the table re Iran. Events of recent days in Geneva make such assertions not credible,” SWC’s Cooper said.

The leaders anticipate a strong reaction from the American Jewish community over these latest developments.

“Many withheld any comment about Secretary Kerry’s one-sided lambasting of Israel over negotiations with Palestinians because of the belief that the U.S. and Israel were coordinating on a much more immediate existential threat–Iran’s nuclearization,” Cooper said.

“I think there will be a much stronger pushback on Iran,” said Dershowitz. “Look, on Iran, the American Jewish community – with the exception of J-Street – is united. On the peace process not as much, so I think we are going to see most of the pushback on Iran.”

Hoenlein says that he sees a “developing response” from the Jewish community “based on a number of factors,” including Kerry’s comments and the administration’s approach to Iran.

As a result of the recent developments, Hoenlein, who was among four Jewish leaders who met with White House officials last month to discuss the administration’s position on Iran sanctions, said that his group and others were pushing for another meeting “as soon as is possible.”

“From where I sit, Mr. Kerry is driving Israeli and Jewish diaspora leaders to back Bibi (Netanyahu) in both the Iran and Palestinian domains,” Rabbi Cooper concluded.

“There is no doubt that our position and concerns will be heard,” Hoenlein promised.

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  • Jenny P

    I alwways thought Kerry to be an anti-Semite, now I’m sure of it! Oh, he’s really trying hard to get his Nobel Peace Prize.

  • What was said about Madalen Notbright could fit Kerry. A medical miracle: Living proof that mad cow disease is not always fatal.Don’t forget Hillary, Who gives a damn? They are certified morons!

  • Moshe

    Every Jew must join the NRA now and instead of donateing
    to the Politics, donate to the US-Veterans.
    1 of 3 homeless in the US is
    a Veteran and the
    Veterans saved
    us from the
    Socialists (f.e. the National Socialists) .

    Sorry for my English. 😉

    • Tessie M

      Donate to Israel…help save a Jew better.

    • June Daniels

      The English doesn’t matter…it is the message that matters, and yours does that. Your alternative reactions are excellent, as are those of Tessie M. who suggests donations to a Jewish outreach program.

  • Beatrix17

    Obama is’t anti-Jewish, he’s simply pro-Obama. Obamacare is having problems and so to ensure his entry into the history books, he’s dealing with America’s current problems: Peace and nukes, both involving the Israelis.

    Netanyahu is a convenient target. Most Americans are indifferent to him. The rapidly diminishing Europeans despise the enduring Jews. The Jews, mainly liberal, aren’t sympathetic to him, and the Muslims hate him.

    Obama, a spectacularly unspectacular President is not going to surround himself with underlings who will outdo him. A hack like Kerry is perfect and Netanyahu is the perfect donkey on which Kerry can pin his failures.

    • Tessie M

      Keep telling yourself that….from day one he set out to turn the Mideast around, divulge Israeli secrets, befriend Islamic leaders and now Iran gets a free pass led by Obama while they blackmail Israel to give all to the Palestinans or pay the price of being isolated by the world community. Stop justifying his hatred of Jews. American Jews have a dangerous veil over their eyes.

    • KJ

      If Obama took the time to give Iran the “floor,” while he is creating his “image,” and if he were so concerned with nukes and peace, yet he is STILL giving Iran the “floor,” and, he totally sidesteps Israel on ALL counts, what does that say to you? If Obama cared about his image, then he would not touch Iran with a ten-foot pole. He would avoid it altogether. If Obama uses Jews as a scapegoat, he is not only anti-Semitic but neo-Hitler. Before, Hitler began his killing spree and tirades, he too also scapegoated the Jews. Was he not anti-Jewish? He certainly was out for HIS own interests but he was ALSO anti-Semitic.

      • KJ

        the above post is to Beatrix17 (I think I attached it to Tessie’s)

      • Ofra Ben David

        Thank you KJ, you said right, Americans should remember and learn from past history. G-d bless.

    • Ofra Ben David

      Wrong the liberal Jews R more than just sympathetic to him they supported him all the way, Israel big problem is the stinky and greedy liberal Jews who helped this muslin to the oval office.

  • Mel

    Once upon a time, “yiddishe cup” or “yiddisher kopf” may—or may not—have held validity. But American Jewish “cleverness” became extinct the moment most of us abandoned our Yiddish heritage and language, leaving our imaginations to picture the yiddishe cup as the vessels physicians required us to fill with urine at checkups.

    Modern, arrogant “American Jewish Leaders” are so ignorant few know that German-American cartoonist Thomas Nast drew Democrats as donkeys and Republicans as elephants. They should know why the donkey, as it was parshah-driven (Balak and Balaam). If they knew the difference between FDR and FDS, they might not stink so bad. Testing His forgiving Nature [Baruch Hashem] their rush to assimilation could cause our own ass-immolation!

  • Stephen

    Any Jew who couldn’t see this coming during Obama’s first campaign was deaf, dumb and stupid. What shocks me is not that the so-called Jewish leaders are shocked by (almost President) John kerry, but that these-called Jewish leaders are shocked by Kerry’s actions. The fact that 75%+ of Jews automatically vote for the Democrat candidate is shocking to me and proves that “Jews are smart” is a myth.

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!

    • Ofra Ben David

      Thank you for saying the truth that is still anger me so much about the So called “Jewish Leaders” the R nothing but a bunch of greedy people who agreed with Obama’s policies foreign,and domestic, from the very beginning, looking may be for a free dinner in the WH.As an Israeli I have no respect for Jewish American Democrats. G-d bless you and G-d bless America.

  • g.glaser

    too many jews voted for that muslim pres.they still dont see him for what he is.thats what happened in nazi germany.get rid of him & the i.r.s.let there be a interada & isreal has the opertunity to wipe out gaza & nthe other place,throw all the arabs out of isreal like all the arab countries did to the jews.the problem started way back when they threw arafat out of lebenon,&let him take his arms that ship should of been blown up.

    • Ofra Ben David

      I love your comment Mr, Glaser,and I feel the same way thank you for reading my thoughts, G-d bless.

  • Wallace Edward Brand

    Arab extortion, not Jewish theft.
    After the Jewish People and the Arab People submitted competing claims for the portions of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East at the Paris Peace Talks in 1919, the Principal Allied War Powers recognized the Jewish People’s claim to ownership of the political rights to Palestine when they reconvened in San Remo in 1920, an implicit denial of the Arab claim. They adopted the British Balfour policy word for word. Over concern that the Jewish population was too small to exercise sovereignty and that Jewish sovereignty with only a minority of the population might be considered antidemocratic, they placed the political rights in trust of Britain, the Mandatory Power or trustee. After Britain abdicated its responsibilities in 1948, by 1950 the Jews unified its control over a defined territory within the Green Line and attained a population majority, the standards that had tacitly been agreed on for the legal interest in the political rights to vest in the Jews who theretofore had only a beneficial interest. Jordan and Egypt illegally occupied a portion of the area of Palestine west of the Jordan River that had been recognized as Jewish land from 1948 to 1967. The Jews drove them out in June, 1967 and established unified control over that part of Palestine west of the Jordan as well — the remainder of the mandated territory.. . Since 1920 recognition of the Jewish People as first the beneficial owners of the political rights to Palestine, and after 1950, the sovereign of the area, the Arabs have been using threats of violence and actual violence to take these rights from the Jews. Kerry is now participating in this extortion in violation of UN rules. “Every State shall refrain from any action aimed at the partial or total disruption of the national unity and territorial integrity of any other State or country.” Declaration On Principles Of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations And Co-Operation Among States In Accordance With The Charter Of The United Nations. (1970). ‘

    • KJ

      Israeli leaders need to remind Americans of this along with Arab response to the Peel Commission. Americans have forgotten history. They do not know any of this. I am very serious! They now seem to work off of emotionalism, conspiracy theories, gossip, and TV/news instead.

    • Ofra Ben David

      Mr, Brand, I wish more American knew History as well as you do, as knowing the truth the American people will stop supporting the PA. to my great sorrow most Americans do not know nothing about that part of the world, I remember when I came to the USA. 40 years ago traveling in the country I stopped to eat somewhere and someone asked me where I was from? I said I answered Israel and he said where is Israel? I will never forget that G-d bless you.

    • charles

      Should Secretary of State Kerry resign?

      Should Undersecretary of State Nuland resign?

      Should the Secretary General of the United Nations resign?

      The United Nations is currently as ineffectual as the defunct League of Nations.

      What can be done to recreate the United Nations as an unbiased, effective, nonpartisan, and fair institution that is dedicated to health, education, prosperity and peace for all everywhere?
      What should the role of the United Nations be regarding violence? Typical examples: ISIS, HAMAS, some African nations (Lybia, Mali, etc), and some Asian nations.

      What should the world do about terrorist organizations like Hamas in which the political branch of Hamas has mild influence on Hamas militants in Gaza?

      What should the world do regarding the development of nuclear weapons and other WMD by Arab countries?

  • Plain Talk

    I am in total agreement with Dershowitz. I think it was a very bad choice of words by Kerry and I am sure he regrets having said them.
    On the hand, the Israeli’s governments announcement of new settlement expansion at the very time when sensitive peace talks are happening is a far worse choice.

    • sootys mum

      Plain Talk, every time Abbas demanded that building stopped on the West Bank, it happened. What did Abbas do, nothing! The Palestinians do not want peace, they want to take over Israel and Obama’s administration supports this. Kerry may well have spoken badly but that is what America wants. And it cannot be more obvious than by Obama’s importation of hundreds of thousands of Muslims to America that he is supporting Islamification of the US too. Being out of the US I appear to have greater access to the truth which is definitely not being broadcast by American media.

      • Ofra Ben David

        I agree but not America but Obamaa and the far left.

      • Mike

        Still don’t know in Israel’s case what constitutes a friend to the US. My friends don’t always have their hands out for money or want me to only see their side. My friends don’t call me a racist (antisemite)(sp) when I don’t agree with them. I say we would be better off without Israel’s friendship. Let’s take a level look at the Middle East and base our decisions on the best interests of the US.

    • Bad choice of words? You mean like an accident when you make a wrong turn? Kerry meant what he said and equally important, undoubtedly Obama approved it

      The Court Jews like Dershowitz who place their leftist ideology above Israel are reaping what they have sown. They supported Obama in the face of evidence of his anti Israel leanings. Indeed Dershowitz flew to Israel to tell the Israeli-American citizen voters and urged them to vote for Obama while he defamed Romney. All that Dershowitz can muster is that Kerry probably regrets urging the Palestinians to start another Intifada. How brave! How courageous! Just like the Court Jews during WWII.

      This is 1938 all over again and history will judge Dershowitz and his ilk. Only now when we are on the verge of the precipice do they must a little whisper of objection like so many lackeys.

      • Tessie M

        All the leftist Jews have are excuses. Excuses for their leader. While their leaders say exactly what they mean and redact not a single word. The time has passed when they could have made a difference, now they are expendable to Obama and as useless as ever to Israel.

    • Ofra Ben David

      It’s not Kerry’s comment, it’s Obama’s words he is the one who’s leading the horse, or more like the donkey in this case.

    • Ofra Ben David

      You must be a liberal who keep on drinking the leftist Juice, as everything Kerry does and say has been written and approved by Obama it’s not an accident.

  • Topcat

    Kerry has charm Irving? I must have missed something! Now listen you Jews this is a friendly Christian gentile speaking. Stop looking to men to determine your future. Yes they’ll let you down it’s in the Bible. You will stand alone in the last days and my advice is spare a moment to tune in on the religious channels and listen to Joseph Prince in ‘Destined To Reign’. God T.V. British time 1 30pm every week day. He loves Israel, understands the scriptures and is heading up the Grace revolution all over the world. Open your minds I beg you and hear what God is saying. All your fears will fly away because The Lord Is With You.

    • KJ

      EVERYONE ON THIS SITE, this post I am responding to is the very example of a Christian Dominionist which I was describing in previous posts. EVEN IF an American does not believe in Christianity, many of these beliefs have been acculturated within American society. It is part of the culture in America. They will not always be this blunt when conversing or proselytizing Americans. They will instead focus on humanity, human rights, love, Jesus is the only way, and “those disobedient children (Jews)of G-d who will someday know Jesus is the Lord when he returns.” It’s all over the TV and everywhere you go. This in turn has created a rift between the Christians and Humanists who believe the same principles yet do not believe in Jesus or even G-d. In short, the atheists and humanists have infiltrated the church and the church is infiltrating Judaism and Israel via “love, no violence, human rights, no bloodshed, no destruction of any kind, no war.” and calling it Jesus. They are not looking beyond that scope. So, if they see dispossessed families in Israel, they do not look beyond that realm to notice the horrors and the original causes of the wars. They think that Israel is behaving the same as her enemies, thus they are all to blame. SO, another “entity” needs to take over…such as the ideologies I have described above. This is what is happening in America currently. Israel needs to televise a discussion direct to people this time and not only on the level to leaders. It needs to be blunt and candid.

      • KJ

        TO ALL ON THIS SITE I RESPOND TO: The argument from liberals to religion (including Judaism) would be (for example): “Are you against homosexuality?” Some Reform synagogues accept it like the churches answering with the phrase,” No one is G-d, therefore do not judge.” If you answer,”the Torah speaks against homosexuality,” then the liberals will say you are dominionistic, thus fitting into the Christian dominion category. Thus the myth that “Christian dominionism supports Judaic beliefs and Jews.” The ONLY way I can see to maneuver this is to advocate for balance. Israel does not have support from Americans and Europeans because of liberalism and atheism. So, balance in all ideologies for acceptance and tolerance of each ideology I believe will capture their mentality. (also i.e. ruling or being sovereign in one country does not equal world sovereignty it means sovereign yet coexisting with other sovereign countries). (i.e. ANY ideology can become unbalanced and radical including liberalism and atheism.) But, you know this is actually true anyway. But, it needs to be stressed in America especially right now. I think Israel needs to also educate the world about this and about Judaism in general before people continue to slander it. I seriously believe it should be open and televised.

      • KJ

        When Israel speaks democracy to the world, Europe and America construe it to mean European and American style democracy without respect for individualized democracy within the infrastructure of Judaism. They only see from their perspectives unfortunately. It’s narrow mindedness even though atheism, humanism and liberalism promotes openmindedness. It’s ironic! The challenge is relaying to them a more balanced way of thinking. Balance is key here because of the chaos regarding reaching the people.

  • Truthbetold

    The American Jewish community and the leaders mentioned above were duped by Obama. It is time to wake up and realize that Obama is no friend of the Jewsih people, even if you think your Jewishness is no longer important, to the gentile you will always be Jewish.

    At the end of the day all Jews are in danger if Iran gets the uper hand.

    Iran needs to be stoped ASAP.

  • Obama’s Roots are in the Muslim Camp. His purpose is to destroy our country and Israel. If any Jew would read something besides the Main Media, they would know

    • Howard Smigel

      Are you the Bernie Naiman from Denver? If so, hello and hope you are well.

  • Tessie M

    I do not see or hear outrage only an eery silence from those powerful American Jews that broke bread and financed this administration, as another six million Israeli lives sit on a dangerous precipice brought there by their enthusiastically elected president.

    • AZ

      Tessie, exactly!!! I could not have said it any better.

  • Sandy Brown

    Well we all know that Kerry is a Mutant Ninja Turtle so what would you expect from one of those.

    • Jaime

      The actions of Kerry and Obama have resulted in an angry reaction from the Saudis: They are transferring weapon purchases from USA to France. This is double slap on the face of both Kerry and Obama. I wonder if the USA armament industry will not raise their concerns.

  • Dr Russ Fine

    Isn’t this ironic: Top American Jewish Leaders Slam Kerry, Obama Administration.

    Where the hell have they been ? Top American Jewish Leaders ??? They are sure as hell not my leaders and they sure as hell do not speak for me and countless other Jews whom I know. American Jews in the House of Representatives and the Senate are, with precious few exceptions, Obama acolytes … which translates to Obama’s whores. These so called “Top Jewish Leaders” along with every American Jew who ever voted for this Jew-hating President should be ashamed. How blind and ignorant of history and current events are all of you?

    Santayana was speaking to you when he warned “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” DO NONE OF YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?

    All of you so called “Top Jewish Leaders” along with every American Jew who ever voted for this Jew-hating President should remember these words and repeat them often: NEVER AGAIN.

    All of you make me sick. Now watch what happens. You’ve sold us out.

    • doubleblack

      Could not be more right on. Who is the worst enemy of the Jews? Duh. That is right. The Jews who voted for this man we call President. And I knew Jews who campaigned for him. I will never speak or associate again with them. Self-delusion to the max with self-hatred thrown in.

    • Jerry G

      If you are a medical doctor you would be my choice. You have summed up beautifully the problem with American Liberal Jews. If you’re a psychiatrist could you explain the roots of their derangement?

      • KJ

        In my opinion, it’s relevant to international “consolidation and peace,” and their interpretation of “coexistence,” not my definition. If you notice, Europe has moved towards consolidation. Hence, the Euro. It’s moving away from sovereign mentality because it believes that sovereignty causes wars and factions. Well, it is spreading to America. Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox churches are absorbing the Bedouin and Palestinians in Israel and the Middle East. Evangelicals are absorbing all other churches via the ecumenical movement. They are absorbing Jews via Messianic Judaism and many Reform Judaism beliefs. Their focus from many is multifaceted because peace has many definitions. To some, it means ANY inhumane treatment along with the mentality towards Israel, “You hurt or kill others in response to being killed or hurt. You are a hypocrite!” It’s liberal yet Dominionism all at once yet separate. It’s even infiltrating among the atheists and humanists who want to throw out religion altogether as they simply construe it a “religious” issue. No religion=peace.Some people in America actually believed that the Dominionists and the Jews were supportive of each other via the term Zionism. This in turn, creates hatred towards Jews from the liberal, secular, and atheist communities. Christian dominionism has redefined what Zionism means. The ideologies are meshing together. So, the liberal Jews see bombs, dispossessions and uprooting of Palestinian families, and “injustices” as greedy, racist and “Nazi” Israelis without considering the whole picture. The Christian Dominionists are also within this mix muddying the waters for even more confusion. The Jews and Israel need to be clear about her stance to the international community. It needs to be vocalized directly from Israel. It needs to reach individuals all over the world. Israel not only needs to clarify her stance with the U.N. but directly to the people…possibly via TV as a “special news report” from Israel to the people of the international community.

    • I understand you 100% I have seen the tatoos.
      Acolytes nails it,however whores sounds better

    • Tessie M

      It is so sad, I cannot have anything to do with people I have known for years because they sold out Israel, the US…..can we be friends?

    • Ofra Ben David

      I am with you, Dr, Fine I share your feelings about these corrupted Jews,they R Jews by name only they R heartless, they heard every thing Obama said from the very beginning and they did nothing and said nothing, about changing America, his policy toward Israel, he sided with the Pa. respected Abbas and disrespected Bibi and he made sure that the race issue is on page one,he want to change the American people feelings, and thoughts about Israel, and the Jews, he wanted them to learn about Islam and respect Islam that he spoke so much about how peaceful Islam is, and how great is the Muslims contribution to America and so on. Thank you for all you said G-d bless.

    • Ofra Ben David

      So true! thanks for your comment G-d bless.

  • Wm Hausman

    A woman once asked me “what took you so long?”
    Hey Jews, what took you so long?
    It was obvious in 2008 that Obama had three missions: castrate our country, castrate Israel,elevate Islam to dominance in our government.
    He is succeeding and has 3 more years to be triumphant.
    Nu? So? Immobilize him! He is an enemy.

    • Tessie M

      And he doesn’t need a vote or penny from his Jewish powerful and wealthy friends.

  • This – “a joint interview with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu” – I think should be a joint interview with two journalists, one from Israel and one from the Palestinian Authority area. Was Netanyahu there?

  • RE: Top American Jewish Leaders Slam Kerry, Obama Admin. Over Iran, Peace Talks (November 10, 2013)

    Secretary of State Kerry’s unwise comments indicate a lack of understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration’s “meshuge” foreign policy initiative with Iran imperils America’s best friend, Israel, and other strategic interests in the region.

  • Mark_

    The only way forward is Peace. The Palestinian leadership must recognize Israel’s right to exist and stop teaching their children to hate Jews. This is basic. Iran must take concrete steps to show it has no intention of building atomic weapons and state clearly that Iran will never use atomic weapons against Israel or any other country. Israel should not be threatened with a third intifada by the American Secretary of State. Kerry should never been appointed to be our Secretary of State. His views have been known for many years. If he ever was a friend of Israel, I never heard about it. His attitude toward the religious fanatics who rule Iran has been too friendly all along and his bias against Israel is nothing new. Kerry must change his stance or he will continue to act against the interests of the U.S. and Israel. Obama must speak out against any idea of a third intifada and restate his support for Israel and it’s right to exist as a Jewish state. He must make it clear that the U.S. will not allow Iran to develop any further capability to build nuclear weapons and that Iran must take a step back from developing nuclear weapons. In exchange we can offer trade with Iran and eventually a complete end to the embargo against the Islamic Republic of Iran if Iran is willing to live in peace with Israel and end it’s call for the destruction of Israel, the death of all Jews and death to America.

    • Ofra Ben David

      I agree with all you said but Kerry can not change his stance as he is following his boss rules and views, Obama appointed to high office all those who share his views, opinion and hate, toward Israel and the Jews like Samantha Powers and Chuck Haggle and others. G-d bless.

  • `Bob J

    Emmett posits that the Administration is trying to set up a military confrontation between the US and Israel over Iran and the Palestinians, and that Congress is our only hope. This is as serious as it gets. What do you think?
    US Mideast policy seems unprecedented in undercutting our allies and abetting our adversaries.
    The people need to speak up. Contact the White House and Congress and other important venues.

  • Iran should give up its plutonium enrichment capability and compliance should be supervised and confirmed by the countries sponsoring the agreement independently and not only by the U.N. An agreement with safeguards for Israel especially of its sovereignty and its right to exist and preferably an unilateral Iranian ‘no war against Israel’ declaration and no overt or covert financing or arming of terrorists and terrorist organizations against Israel should be part of the agreement. Iran should also agree to desist from threats of war against Israel and the United States of America and its allies. Failure to observe these safeguards should automatically trigger severe punitive sanctions to cripple Iran’s economy and its war capabilities.

    • KJ

      Agreed. I also think that a “special” and separate banking system needs to be implemented for Iran so that it can be closely followed and supervised down to the penny. More specifically, any bank doing business with Iran should have to account for any and all money “trails” when doing any kind of business with Iran. There should be also inventory of the cash and gold on hand and regularly checked; Not, that this is fool proof but it will bring transparency regarding Iran if something were to go wrong…..which it probably will. If Iran protests this, then that would be obviously telling and should be noted by the international community. I would love to believe otherwise, but would be naïve to do so. I don’t believe that all sanctions need lifting …only a few. And, those few closely monitored for a very long time.

  • Degel

    Give Obama new prize, may be it will help…

  • Blanche Holstein

    To my brethren, keep voting for those who would stab us in the back to curry favor with the likes of Obama, a Jew hater from the get go.

    • tehilla

      very true. i agree with you wholeheartedly. with deep dismay i am watching how the 70 wolves are really now showing themselves as wolves and not nations.

    • EG

      I second Blanche’s sentiments.


    “Top American Jewish Leaders Slam Kerry, Obama Admin. Over Iran, Peace Talks Comments”
    I read this headline in disbelief. Jewish leaders criticize Obama? How could such a thing happen? I thought that it was written in stone that no matter how warmly or closely Obama embraced the enemies of the Jews, the only response of the American Jewish leaders would be a respectful bow and the pouring of praise and campaign contributions down over his shoulders.
    Then I remembered something that led me to wonder whether this surprising turn of events had not been totally unforeseen. It has long ago been written: “Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,/And the ears of the dear shall be unstopped,/ Then the lame shall leap like a deer,/ And the tongue of dumb shall shout aloud.”


      correction dear = deaf

    • Ofra Ben David

      Well said Mr, Nachman1

  • Dov

    Obama has failed in Syria, is failing with Obamacare and will fail with his Iran so called peace plan. It is very clear that President Obama is afraid, afraid of confrontation, except when its against the Jew. There he becomes strong, or read hate.

  • Emmet

    The leaders miss the full malevolence of Obama.

    In both his approach to Iran and Kerry’s conduct of the talks with the Palestinians, the objective seems to be to create a situation where American and Israeli forces will clash. With Iran, we’ve all heard that the US has threatened to strike any IAF attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. What happens if the IAF shoots back?

    With the Palestinians, a third intifadeh will give Obama an opportunity to engage in a “humanitarian intervention” of the kind he hasn’t even considered for Syria and that will also lead to a clash with Israeli forces.

    Either of these events would be used by Obama to stir up anti-Semitism in America. It’s his Von Rathe event.

    Rather than appealing to Obama and/or Kerry, the time has come to take the case to Democratic congressmen and demand that they insist that Obama back off, that they will not tolerate his initiating pogroms in America. The threat may not be imminent, but what happens after election day 2014?

    Americans are still mainly a sensible people and the realization that this is what Obama is seeking may yet bring Americans to their senses.

    • Sonia Willats

      Shalom, Truth. I agree with you, and do not see the malevolence of courting Iran (which I gather commenced many months ago)from the barely hidden malevolence behind the “Peace” process. We need to see quite clearly that this Obama regime is hostile toward Israel. I expressed my fears almost a year ago, when I read that Obama planned his visit to Israel, paving the way for Kerry to tie Israel to a blank cheque “peace” agreement ALREADY IN WRITING, I AM SURE, IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

      In all of this – Iran, the “peace” process, in instigating the European sanctions against Israel’s “occupation” of historical Judea and Samaria, Israel is portrayed as the aggressor, and is isolated.

      A comment in another article that America no longer “has Israel’s back” is quite apt. Indeed, at this stage, America has a ring in Israel’s nose, and is leading her as an animal to the slaughter in the “peace process.” I cannot see Iran, and Kerry’s (incompetence or) malevolence as separate issues. I see Kerry as cold, dead-pan and deliberate. Of course, I’d would so love to be wrong.

    • Theresa

      And Obama clearly has used Kerry to this end… An obvious self-serving anti-Semite!
      We are on a dangerous precipice both in Israel and here in the West… God bless us all!

  • KJ

    What Kerry is doing is naïve and out of touch with Middle Eastern and Israeli politics. Also, the U.N. creating an international hub in Jerusalem will not deter violence. I am Jewish American (not as regularly practicing, though)and abide by the socio/political infrastructure of the States. I am straight and neither conservative or liberal. I may be more conservative in my home but in the American common areas, we ALL have our freedoms. So many times Jews from all over extend their country’s infrastructure to the happenings in Israel. This is dangerous. America is not surrounded my the same neighbors, was not created the same, is not founded upon any religion either. Thus, the two should be managed differently. Israel has many justifications for Iran to have most of the continued sanctions. It is realistic especially based upon Palestinian activities in Jerusalem. And, to add insult to injury , the churches are worsening the scenario adding more fuel to the fire. What would the U.N. do OR what are the plan in place if Iran does not comply and goes after their sacred cities in Saudi Arabia? Only one left is Jerusalem. If Jerusalem is under U.N. jurisdiction, with NO sovereignty, then anyone can take Jerusalem and declare themselves as “leader of Jerusalem.” Much like what Assad has done. Yes, these are hypothetical reasons to not lift all sanctions against Iran. But, so are the reasons for allowing the lift of sanctions against Iran. Not all of the international community is as passionate about their religion as Islam. Even Hussein (Saudi) advised the Shah (Iran)(I believe) that it would be difficult to overly modernize Islam because he rules many seriously practicing Muslims. And the following Islamic beliefs are why I am concerned about Iran sanctions lift as well as the scenario in Israel and in Jerusalem: Iran DID aid Syrian groups while it was under sanctions. Saudia Arabia and Jerusalem are very important to Iranian Muslims. Syria is a chess maneuver for Iran. why? Just because many in the world are leaning towards and are liberals, atheists, or non-religious believers does not indicated that everyone else is. It has been proven through the Peel Commission that Muslims in the Arab world did not want Jews to have the very limited track of land because it contained Jerusalem. The (most)Muslims, particularly in Iran believe literally in the Event of Isra and Miraj. Thus, Mecca, Madinah and Jerusalem are all crucial to them for ascension towards the secrets of knowledge. On the flip side of the coin regarding Christians in Jerusalem, the Muslims would see the Christians as less of a threat than the Jews. The Christian presence AT THIS TIME is fueling the fire especially when they are muddying the waters by absorbing the Bedouin and Palestinians. Factoring history into this equation along with the contextual meaning Islam has for Jerusalem, I believe Judaism can democratically oversee the Temple better than the Muslims. Judaism has already advised how in detail they would do this. Letting Islam have Jerusalem will not stop the terrorist attacks it will only strengthen them for later. Thus, lifting the Iranian sanctions will not accomplish what the U.N. seeks. They do not understand the Middle East from Middle Eastern perspectives. And, not everything is told either. It would be naïve to think so.

    • Mel

      Do the 50 individual states of the United States of America each have a delegation and a vote at the United Nations, the way the former states of the U.S.S.R. did (and continue to) all the individual states of the United States of Arabia all do? How blind can folks be? Insert and run in your Windows Media Player: Sobering_Video_demographic_problem_ms_061809

      The U.N. is now de facto “The United Nations of Islam!”

  • Irving D.Cohen

    I find it very hard to believe that Kerry has the slightest idea of what in the world is going on in the Middle East. Does he REALLY believe that, because of his charm, Israel’s priority has switched from the Iranian menace to the peace talks with the Palestinians, which has been doomed to failure from the very beginning by the Palestinian hatred for anything Jewish ?

    Can this poor excuse for a diplomat really believe that his threatening Israel with another intifada can produce the Israeli/Arab solution he seeks, while he is endangering Israel’s very existence by relaxing the very sanctions that have caused Iran to a conference table ?

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Kerry is prone to injudicious comments. He did it too while in Turkey when he mentioned the flotilla incident, and it’s always to Israel’s detriment. I respect these Jewish leaders for speaking out. Dershowitz was right on target when he said Israel can’t focus on peace talks when they are dealing with the existential Iran threat.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    It is very difficult for me to understand how do those leaders of the community are elected, could anyone explain that to us? Further, who sets policy and how that is approved by the rank and file?
    Not that in Israel the elected leadership is any better or is responsive to the people either. Examples are clear for all to see.
    Here the same families or groups keep the same persons, in one way or another, in control also. Peres was never elected directly to office, yet has been there for over half a century.
    Bad settings my friends.

  • Marv Hershenson

    Mr. Kerry is either foolish or incredibly stupid or he maybe a bit of both. Why is he not criticizing the PLO for not maintaining their position of no recognition of Israel as a Jewish state?

    Why does he not criticize the PLO for incorporating hatred in their children’s textbooks? The truth is the PLO does not want peace?

    What is clear to me is a foreign policy of the White House that makes enemies of our friends. It is pathetic.

    • Mike P.

      John Kerry’s GPA at Yale was 77, one point below President George W. Bush’s GPA of 78, so Secretary Kerry is certainly not very intelligent.

      However, this is more a reflection of his underlying animus toward Israel and his underlying favortism toward Israel’s enemies, than it is of his lackluster intellect.

      Secretary Kerry is much more interested in winning a Nobel Prize than in Israel’s survival, and he believes the surest way to win a Nobel Prize is to get a to an agreement regarding the PA and to get to an agreement regarding Iran.

      That’s all he really cares about. Whether it all blows up later is not really his concern.

      • Tessie M

        Yes, I agree but Obama already won the peace prize and he is the true architect of this plan and has been since the day he was elected. Israel’s defeat could be his “greatest” legacy.

        • KJ


  • Miriam Kaduri

    NOTHING was accomplished in Geneva. NOTHING!!!! So when I read this crap from so-called Jewish leaders, I don’t want to be Jewish anymore.

    • Wellwisher

      Hey Miriam, what stops you? Just quit being Jewish. We won’t miss you.

      • tehilla

        please dont say that miriam. the greatest blessing on this earth is to be born a jew. and the second, is to be a noahide. i belong to the second, the sages have foretold this would happen and its always darkest before the dawn, the dawn of redemption. Peace will come to your people, and with G-d willing to the rest of the world, but only after much corrections, to us, long overdue.

      • Kevin

        Well said.

    • Reidar Monk

      Miriam Kaduri
      You probably dont believe that Obama is a Muslim either and that the Holocaust never happen