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January 27, 2014 2:45 pm

Hate-Filled Protest in France Attracts Thousands; Crowd Chants ‘Jew, France Is Not for You!’ (VIDEO)

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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French protesters in Paris on "Day of Anger," on January 26, 2014. Photo: Screenshot / JSS News.

French protesters in Paris on the "Day of Anger," January 26, 2014. Photo: Screenshot / JSS News.

A hate-filled protest took place on the streets of Paris on Sunday, with thousands of marchers chanting, “Jew, France is not for you,” the French JSS News reported.

JSS News said police counted 17,000 protesters (the protest groups claimed they numbered 120,000). 150 were arrested and 19 policemen suffered injuries, including one who was seriously wounded, according to AFP.

Security forces used tear gas to disperse several hundred youths who lobbed bottles, fireworks, iron bars and dustbins at police, AFP said.

The protest, dubbed the “Day of Anger,” initially focused on denigrating French President Francois Hollande, who has been unable to stem steep French unemployment and the perception that minorities, particularly Islamic immigrants, have taken all the jobs.

AFP noted that while the protesters appeared to represent France’s reactionary factions, representatives of its largest Far Right party were absent from the march. Besides Jews, the chanting also focused on homosexuals — “Gays out, dogs are welcome,” was one refrain reported by JSS News.

French Interior Minister Manuel Valls condemned the violence “by individuals, varied groups from the extreme and ultra-right, whose only goal is to create unrest,” AFP reported.

AFP quoted Sacha Reingewirtz, president of French Jewish students union UEJF, who condemned the “anti-Semitic slogans and Nazi salutes” of the protesters. “This ‘Day of Anger’ has turned into a day of hate,” Reingewirtz told AFP.

New York City-based French-Israeli artist Ron Agam, son of Israel’s Yaakov Agam, told The Algemeiner that the protests were both “terrible” and a cause to be “very worried.”

Agam said the protests were “very disturbing” and could “have a devastating multiplier effect” if their anger spreads. “History has taught us the consequences of these micro événements. Terrible, Terrible.”

“I am calling on the French Parliament to legislate very stringent laws against anti-Semitism and outbursts of this kind before it’s too late to stop it. What is today a few thousand flare-ups can quickly become ten thousand or more,” Agam said. “We have seen this before. The socio-economic climate in France is suitable ground for the beast of anti-Semitism to arise aggressively. I am very worried.”

Watch a video of the protest below:

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  • Joseph Feld

    No surprise that we have a growing French Jewish community in London, of educated and talented people, who are a loss for France. When anti-semites announced a demo in Stamford Hill and later in Golders Green, they attracted about 25 older males using an American Confederate [pro-slavery] flag and a Palestinian flag. About 3,000 people appeared likely to do a counter demo, so the racist demo was moved from Golders Green to Central London. From French Jews I’ve met in London they agree that Lodon is civilised while Paris is . . . .

  • Sam

    Here we are again, at the point where the sane don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    I’ve personally never been a fan of the Abrahamic religions. Too much infighting – Christians vs Jews vs Muslims vs Christians and so on, plus all the denominations going at each other. Geez. Interesting, considering that they all supposedly worship the same God.

    Anyway, this news is especially disturbing considering that tensions seem to be escalating in a relatively short time span, and a similar infamous historical event has already happened after such a build-up. Doesn’t help that modern humans collectively have enough nukes to destroy all life on Earth several times over if we push ourselves into WWIII.

    God, assuming such a being exists, isn’t going to save us humans from our own stupidity and aggression any more than he’s going to save you if you decide to pick a fight with a great white shark.

  • I would like to lead a Group of 100 Israeli ex-IDF go to France enter one of the Arab Areas in Paris and beat the living daylights out of all those Jew-hating muslims that have attacked Jews, Synagogues, Cemeteries, and other communal buildings including Jewish businesses Kosher delicatessen/butcher/bakerey stores etc.

    • Alain

      Can Algemeiner really trust JSSnews, the blog of one Jonathan Simon Sellem, known for its fake scoop announcing the death of Bachar al Assad (who’s alive and well?)

      There are several professional French-Israeli media, starting with i24 News. JSSnews is just a blog.

  • M segura

    Humanity owes the Jewish people a great deal. They brought to us God’s word through prophets and the law and the sacred scriptures. Because of them the redeemer of the world came to us and all moral code and true insight into the mind of the creator comes through them. The world has benefited by them in countless ways. When true
    believers have responded to their calling, schools, hospitals, orphanages etc. have been established. The world is crumbling and we need to recognize that God did choose a people to bring true life to each of us. Bless Israel and God will bless you. Curse them and He will not bless you. I am a Christian and have nothing but love and thankfulness for the jewish people. We are to also love all other people groups because God made each person and He loves them too.

    • password

      Nope, your all wrong, Moses was white Israel is white, jews are the serpent of Genesis 3:15. God doesn’t love everyone but knows only one people which is the Adamic white race,same then,now and forever. Read your bible, Start with John 8:44. The world is crumbling because of people like you that don’t recognize the truth.

    • Thomas the Catholic

      M sequra, I agree with you without reservation. G-d bless the Hebrew nation. And, I pray to G-d to bless and defend them. Lastly, G-d bless Rome, G-d bless Israel, and G-d bless the USA. May the Virgin Mary intercede on our behalf and appeal to her Son and Father for us.

      Now, I turn my attention to the idiot named ‘password’. I recognize this rhetoric. This is the BS given to blacks to convince them that Christianity is a white man’s religion. The classic description that everybody in the Bible is white is, of course, wrong. Maybe, the Hittite that King David murdered was white, but, I do not know. At any rate, this guy is a black muzzie. It really is a shame that black people convert to islam since mohammend racially insults and enslaved blacks and muslims themselves heavily discriminate, if not kill, blacks. The White Christians did away with slavery, but, some of the blacks have been suckered to believing otherwise. And, referring to John 8:44 is particularly apt. It is the devil himself taunting us with his posting.

  • Richard

    Corrupt Politicians and their Billionaire buddies are largely responsible for high Unemployment rates in Europe and Western Countries.

    Unfortunately Jews are over represented, and hold many positions of Power in the Banking system and Wall Street. Once more they are perceived as being held responsible for the Global financial crisis and the ongoing recession.

  • destiny

    What century is this again?

  • DAtheNonExistant

    I really don’t understand why people can’t just get along.
    We are all the same species, we are all humans, and we all live on the same hunk of rock spinning about in the vastness of space. We, as a collective group, should be focusing on helping each other and furthering our abilities, and not on destroying what the other loves.
    I understand that sometimes it is extremely difficult for some personalities to get along, but it is not impossible to simply respect each other.

  • emma

    why are jews even being blamed on this page i’m pretty sure we didn’t do jack. the non-jewish french are just being assholes at this point

    • Lorri

      some people will do anything to defend their right to continue stepping on a people that has already been stepped on countless times as long as it allows them to keep holding themselves above us. they don’t want to go through the difficult but vitally important process of unlearning old social hatreds so they pretend that their hate is justified. unemployment is just the most popular excuse at the moment.

  • jay

    Europe cannot keep ignoring its people, it needs to address and listen to them. All is happening is pushing people into extremism instead of dealing with the issues these people have. And what strikes me is, European countries are not America or Canada. Why are the governments letting so much immigration come in? Of course people are going to be angry if for example the French are turning into what, a quarter Nigerian, a quarter Eastern European and half Arab? Do you think any of their countries would let their populations be significantly foreign? Not in a heart beat. But these immigrants come and want to live in our freedom and higher standard of life and in the same breath insult that very same culture and then demand that they be entitled to it. Then they try to change the culture and laws to reflect the values and culture of the crapass country they left. Oh but of course leave any social benefits alone, they wouldn’t want to lose those. They want to keep their same backwards values and keep all the beneficial aspects of Western countries not realizing it doesn’t work that way.

    Europe, and even America and Canada, does not owe it to anyone to let them live in their country’s borders, it’s a privilege that is granted when sustainable and helpful and should be curtailed when it’s becoming more harmful. Makes logical sense. The West is not the world’s fucking refugee camp. We have carved out a culture that has given great freedoms and progress at the cost of billions of lives and countless suffering to get to this place. To have that whittled away by foreign cultures especially ones with regressive ideals like Islam and China would be the greatest tragedy in history.

    And honestly, at this point in history can we just admit that maybe it’s worth restricting immigration if it means your country won’t fall into far right regimes and extremist behaviors? Hurting the feelings of foreigners over your own countrymen is a small price to pay. You’d actually save lives.

    People have a right to defend their country, ethnicity and culture and the sad thing is no one is doing it and letting the extremists take the helm which makes it a huge racist and violent mob of rage, not a population making rational choices anymore. This isn’t a white supremacy thing at its heart, when you ignore people and they tell you, “Look, listen, I’m angry, I’m hurting” and you just blow it off or worse discredit everyone who isn’t YAY IMMIGRANTS AND ISLAM WOO HOOOOO as ignorant racists. That’s not doing your jobs as politicians. You’re giving them no direction and with no direction or feeling of being valued, their anger and rage is only going to grow and concentrate on whatever it is they feel is causing it. SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    It’s easy to say HERP DERP THEYRE IDIOTS, but then what? A large handful of idiots can overthrow a whole country and stay there for decades, are they worth brushing off too? Is it immigration that’s taking jobs? I don’t know, but these people feel so threatened by it, that they are resorting to this. That’s not something ignore. That’s not something to laugh off or dismiss or play holier than thou about. That is serious.

    So not only does Europe have the Muslims that hate the Jews (and every non-Muslim), but the Nazis who hate both of them. You have no representation for people that isn’t under extremist ideology so all the people who aren’t extremists are probably going to end up supporting the only guy on their side, just out of lack of choice. Which is how most violent and horrible political movements get momentum. It is easy to manipulate people and concentrate and harness their anger if they are desperate. And people are desperate. And desperate people do things they might not ever would in a million years just simply because what is there to lose anymore.

    • mj

      Oh, well, Europe is not Canada. Or USA. Or Australia. I mean, it wasn’t like some CAsians went and colonised whole Europe and infected ingeniuos Europeans and take their land and freedom. For the godness sake, Jews and Romas lived in fucking Europe centuries before there were any white Americans! I bet at least one tenth of Europeans have some Jewish, Asian or African heritage, because they were here all the time! And nobody take anyones jobs, if you can’t find a job it means you’re underqalified or don’t try enough! And that’s what EU is for, crossing borders as you wish and its freaking one of the most beautifyul things to do, to allow anyone their choice where to live and what to do. And if French can’t find the job in their country, they can try freaking elsewhere. Gosh, your attitude made me angry. I do get some of your points, but really…

    • Nicolas

      @mj How does so much ignorance fit into one person? France has been and is an imperialist country that has caused havoc in all corners of the world, generally in the company of Britain, the US and other Western countries. Immigrants flee to the West in hopes of a better life because countries like France have sucked other countries dry. They come and steal their resources. France is currently one of the countries from the Western world emptying African oceans of fish, leaving NOTHING to the people who depend on fishing in their local waters. Ignorant shits like yourself benefit from injustices like this and then you have the audacity to complain about immigrants coming to “your” country. Get France and other imperialist countries the fuck out of our countries first. You don’t want the people? Fine. Let’s see how long you’ll survive without the commodities the West STEALS from so-called third world countries.

    • Lorri

      if you are so willfully and harmfully ignorant as to believe that oppressing and trying to force out a group of people that already suffers from marginalization is just “defend[ing] their country, ethnicity and culture” then you yourself are a hateful extremist and no amount of faux-concerned, faux-patriotic blathering in an attempt to justify your bigoted views will ever change that.

  • Ash

    Those Muslims leeching off their host country but have the balls to hate said host country are sickening. Deport them if you want! Send to some backwards country that tolerates their ideas!

    Just don’t lump all Muslims in with those disgusting people. I’m a “white” person and a Muslim, born and raised in Australia. Yeah, not all Muslims are from Africa or the Middle East, contrary to stereotype. We’re not all anti-semetic, homophobic and racist. I certainly am not. Just deport anyone that is. And that stands for everyone, regardless of race or religion!

  • Lilian

    Bought tickets to France for this summer. Now I’m not quite sure if it was the right thing to do. I hate thw fact that I’m giving money to hateful, spiteful people who mindlessly hate anything and everything that is different from themselves. This hatred towards others is so sickening. I wonder if I have to try and hide myself and try to blend into the freaking walls during my week in Nice, just so I don’t grab the attention of racist idiots.

    • Kai

      It’s not the entirety of the country, and many people are against stereotyping and prejudice of any kind. I hope things turn out for the better, definitely, I just don’t want you to feel as though it is the entire country that feels the way they do. It’s not good to blame an entire place for the hatred of the few who are trying to be their loudest to rally others.

    • liria

      Yes, i advise you to stay safe, even though nice is a calm city, and not filed by many racist. But recently, they were more and more of those manifestation, or even of acts racist and antisemit. And most of them didn’t make it to the news. Right now, France isn’t a safe country, and it saddens me a lot to say that we as a nation are becoming more and more racist and antisemite. You shouldn’t have to much problem in nice, because it’s a city with many and many tourist, and it’s a very diverse city. sorry for my english, i’m french, and do not talk english very well.

    • lea

      I came here from a post on tumblr that said “if you are Jewish and you are in France save yourself and get out”
      One of the many reasons I hate social justice warriors on tumblr. How about you shut the hell up, I mean should black people just leave the world because people protest against them, and pretty much abuse them every day? No, they put up with it. And I doubt the entire jewish population of france is going to leave the country because of your dumb advice.

      • Shayne Robyn

        the reason that was said is because this is how Holocausts happen jfc

      • Z

        I dunno what you’re on about because this isn’t just an isolated incident. Anti-semitism, neo-nazism,and holocaust denialists have been crawling all around Europe for a long time and has been on the rise recently since the success of right-wing extremist parties in the EP elections. Did it just link you to this article or something?

        Either way, even though these people’s lives may be in danger, I doubt many people are financially capable to just up and leave their homes.

      • D

        What makes you compare black suffrage to antisemitism? I don’t see too much of people wanting blacks to leave the earth… In fact, last I checked the world is now trying to embrace more & more black culture & lifestyle… Whether it be our music, our physique, or OUTRIGHT tanning to sustain a “darker complexion” from ones own. Let us not forget where civilization & culture all began……
        WE MADE IT!!!!!!!

      • JS

        Yeah, but when was the last time the USA had a 17,000-person protest in the middle of their biggest city against black people?

        This is terrifying. This isn’t “sjw whining”, this needs to be addressed.

  • Lizzy

    I’m 19 years old and I’m utterly stunned by the amount of hate on this page. From a simple article that subtly calls for us unite against hatred has turned into a Muslim-hating/White-hating/Jew-Hating rant. For my comment alone, I know I will receive hatred. If you can honestly prove to me that I am wrong without resorting to hate filled words or prejudiced speeches, I will accept the criticism.

    I maybe young and many of you will brush my words aside but it seems that I maybe one of the only people here that is willing to remember one of the most common things the Quran, the Bible even our own unspoken laws dictate to us; ‘Love Thy Neighbour’. As far as I am able to find, the Quran tells Muslims to ‘…And do good unto …and the neighbour from among your own people, and the neighbour who is a stranger…’ (Feel free to correct this. I am not Muslim nor have I had the chance to study the Quran.) I have heard of many different religions but I cannot recall a single one that is still practised which teaches hate; not love.

    Misunderstanding and the refusal to understand another’s point of view is the main cause of hate. Fear of change, of difference leads to violence. To blame someone else for anything that is wrong with society, your life or even something insignificant is easy. It is even easier if the person you are blaming is somehow different to you whether by gender, sexuality, religious beliefs or race.

    You cannot hate something if you truly understand it.

    I want to be able to live my adult life in a world that, while is not perfect, is healing. Understanding. Growing. Hate incites more hate. Love inspires love. But hey, I’m only 19. What do I know?

    • David

      Lizzy: you know a lot more than many people posting here. These are wonderful words – thank you for them.

    • Jacob

      Im 13 and I completely agree. There is much too much hate on this page when a simple article is literally just saying we should stop hating. Its almost like the internet is not only governed by grammar-Nazis and spelling-dictators but is governed by actual anti-Semitic hate groups who would be, as a brief examination would put it, a reversion to Nazi culture.

    • Danielle

      You know more than most by the looks of it

    • Rose

      Thank you Lizzy. Your words give me hope for the future. I am 18 years old and just knowing that there are many people my age who feel this way is a huge encouragement. If there are enough of us out there, even if we are young now we will grow up and become more active in the world and will gain the ability to incite good change. Heck we have to power to do something now. All that you really need is a belief in yourself and the Will power to keep going even when things seem impossible.

    • baari

      Lizzy, bonjour des etats unis.

      To answer your question about the Quran, I have included a link right below. As you will see, there are quite a number of verses calling for jihad against non-Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Islamic extremists follow these tenets to the word even in the year 2014. This is why there will never be peace. Triste oui mais c’est malheureusement la verite!

  • Davis

    I’ve read most of your comments… and I am shocked. I am Muslim, yes. But I am French first. I was born there, I grew up there, I love my country.
    A few weeks ago, there was a hate filled protest against Islam. Now it’s against the Jews. What’s next? WWIII? Are we doomed to repeat the same mistakes from our past? Have we learned nothing from our history?
    I am Muslim. My best friend is Jewish. We respect each other’s religion and don’t try to force ideas into each other’s head. It’s as simple as that. Why can’t the rest of the world do the same?

    • D

      Because white people.
      We may feel great pride for our nationality, like you do for being French. But even as much as you respect others and are proud to be french, white supremacists like Nazis and anti muslims, simply don’t see anyone other than themselves as human. And even though their threat is real, and there are white people not like them, those same decent white people won’t take it seriously because the violence isn’t aimed at them, and for them it’s “not their problem.”

      It’s not that we as a collective human race are repeating mistakes. Those of us that hate is targeted at will always remember and heed such violence. It’s people, white people, that the hate isn’t aimed at, who decided not to care, or to hate,just because they can, are the ones who actively chose to let these events happen or even cause them.

      Violence isn’t a innocent mistake, and it’s not our fault people don’t see us as human.

      • Suda

        This is the painful truth. It’s the people who think themselves decent and neutral – “both sides are just as bad” – who hold the power to change things. As it stands, their neutrality cedes space to extremist white supremacists and allows this atmosphere of hate to flourish. And then guess who pays.

      • dafuq

        White people? Are you serious?


      • Kayla

        Your comment reminds me of Martin Niemoller’s quote:
        “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me. ”

        That is the sad truth, many people may feel bad, or generally dislike the situation- but at the same time, they won’t do a thing to stop it because it’s not happening to them. And that’s wrong. But you can’t just blame all white people. Yes, white people have so much power in this world, but not all of them are selfish assholes who don’t care about what’s happening to other people. I am a white, 19 year old, American girl. Do the rising tensions in France affect me- specifically in any way shape or form? No. But do I care, and do I want to stop the spread of hatred? Yes. I’m not the only person either. I would love to go to France and do something about what’s going on. And if given the opportunity, I will gladly do so. But for now, I’ll do what I can from home- spread the word on social media, read articles on the events, and pray that history doesn’t repeat itself. It really bothers me that people can’t seem to learn from the mistakes of others through history. What these protestors are doing is wrong. We need to stop them before the situation gets out of hand. When I read articles like this- about all of these people filled with so much blind hatred, it diminishes my faith in humanity. I am praying for and thinking of all of the Jewish, Muslim, and LGBTQ people in France. And I really hope these protestors realize that they are so completely in the wrong here.

      • James

        You do realize that by saying, “Because white people.” is as racist of a statement as saying, “Because black people.” right? Also, white people DO fight for the rights of minorities, especially since part of this violence is aimed at homosexuals, making part of the white community a minority.

        • Celeste

          You do realise that, since it is based on a system of oppression, white people don’t experience racism right? Discrimination, sure, but not oppression. Not racism.

          • No

            That’s a recently invented definition of racism. The other definitions say otherwise. Stop parroting other online morons and stfu.

      • Anja

        Yep,white people can’t empathize because no white people have ever been persecuted or hated. Ever.

        How about Slavs in WWII? They were hated almost as much as the Jews, but everybody prefers to ignore it since they were ‘white’ and therefore more ‘privileged’ and less important than the Jews.
        How about Slavs in today’s society? Polish, Ukrainian, Serb, Bosnian and many other Slavish people are still considered ‘inferior’ by many others- I have experienced enough prejudice to acknowledge this reality, even though many people refuse to because it would wreck their limited little fantasy world of white people=bad, everyone else= oppressed and helpless.

        Please, tell me more about how all white people are horrible racist assholes and how people of colour or other could never *gasp* be racist towards a white person.

        Yeah, I’m bitter and I’m angry and I’m just going to tell you to go fuck yourself because you’re as much of a hypocrite as those nasty ‘white people’ you’re ranting against.

      • Mandi

        I don’t necessarily think that’s true. I mean, in some aspects yes. I am a white woman and it is not aimed at me, but I will most definitely not say it is not my problem. It is my problem. It’s everyone’s problem. This is something that everyone in the world should take personally. I think if everyone started seeing race/gender/sexuality issues as a personal issue for themselves, the problems wouldn’t be so extreme. I am offended by this article because we as a world should have learned our lesson by now. WWII wasn’t that far away for us to have forgotten the lessons it taught.This is sickening. The article and the hatred in the comments is just wrong and it’s sad that an article of hatred is breeding more hate in the comments.

    • Lo

      N’oubliez pas les protestations contre les minorités sexuelles.
      Je ne sais pas où va la France. J’ai très peur. Mais j’avoue que c’est très dur que tout le monde généralise les français.

      “Remember the protests against sexual minorities.
      I do not know where France is. I am very scared. But I admit that it is very hard that everyone generalizes French.”

  • skye

    Disclaimer: I am not Jewish. And I am aware that my op may be unwelcome by default of entering into a conversation some of you may think I have no business in, but I can’t know that while offering it. I won’t add anymore replies after this one if it’s offensive to a majority.

    There is a lot of political unrest going on everywhere. I am sorry to hear, and horrified to see written and expressed in so many online sites, the antiSemitic doggerel that I do. If I detest it as a gentile, I can only imagine the insecurity it may cause Jewish people to feel.

    I think ANY kind of hate speech should never go ignored. Whomever it is against. But as a Vet of war myself, I would discourage you from being too quick on the trigger and be wary of disembodied voices who may argue it as a rational response IN ABSENCE OF direct threats.

    People everywhere are scared, looking for someone to blame and someone to ally with. Keep alert, but be cautious. Caution doesn’t make you a coward. Running into the fray ill prepared makes you dead and useless.

    DO take this new wave of anti semitism seriously. But don’t assume the majority of level heads are thinking on your demise. That is not true. People are watching, closely, these stupid hate groups. Austria’s got a minor issue, the EDL/UKIP in the UK, a smattering of confedflag aving drunks in the U.S., etc. These groúps, as always, play on the fears and financial worries of people everywhere.

    One thing that, if you would consider it, is to be far more vocal in PR through ANY media you can and ally yourselves with any activist groups who are egalitarian towards the positive. Racist types love to say,’Oh that Jewish (media, banker etc) run is of course going to say x,y, ir z.’ They lose traction when someone else nonJewish says,’Oh shut up, idiot.’ They’re bullies. Cowards. Definitely do NOT be afraid to talk publically about how you feel, and what you think, and what you see. People DO remember WW2. People do NOT want another world war. But racists are using the internet in all sorts of indirect ways. The ones that are blatant are easy to target, right? You know their movements because they’re telling you. Confront them in whatever manner you like, so long as you’re not criminalising yourselves.

    Get behind the causes of others in their civil rights struggles and don’t be shy about who you are. You are known for helping others too. The U.S. and Israel are allies. Both are quite awake. There’s just a shit ton of propaganda being done by people without much military might and hopefully it will stay that way until more natives of previously ‘behind’ countries assimilate into an increasingly modern world. Their growing pains are very intense. Meanwhile, natives who are suffering try to play the blame game, not realizing what is actually happening, but many are figuring it out. Many of these immigrants will, hopefully, see their children and grandchildren doing better, enjoying a better quality of life, and these rabble will age and settle down. We don’t assume this, we work towards it.

    I may not see it, but I look forward to the day the growing pains relent and a more global maturity begins for future humans. Maybe then, we will have figured out how to explore other planets in people crafts, like explorers of old. But it will take a far more unified species to achieve it than we presently have.

    Sometimes dogs bark because they are scared. So do people. Address the fears directly and create Hope with achievable results. Stay active, open, and positive. Man, racists hate that shit and when their ‘recruits’ walk off to embrace happiness through co-operation you WIN!

    Be aware, but don’t be afraid. Hate is always trying to recruit, but it can’t recruit Reason.

    • crow

      this comment is amazing and true.

      also, not about the article, but about something you mentioned: UKIP. They are exceedingly popular in the UK because people agree with what they’re saying and what they seem to stand for. most of what you said in this comment is also accurate for them, but something that I learned from trying myself and watching others trying to alert people to reason is that hate and fear sometimes smothers reason and logic and clear thinking. attempts to point things out that ought to be obvious enough may be met with walls of willful ignorance. there will be some that will listen and soak anything up, but there are also some that will cling to what they’ve been told for fear of being the next ones blamed.

      to everyone who’s being targeted at the moment: be careful and stay safe. <3

  • KMR

    I heard rumors that the Rothschilds are panicking from two different sources. Have no way of knowing if it’s true, however, seeing this protest makes me wonder! There’s nothing more intimidating to a government or any other authority than angry Frenchmen! Red Symphony by Dr. J. Landowsky in English or Sinfonia en Rojo Mayor in Spanish reveals who really were the perpetrators of WWII: the international financiers. This link talks about the interrogation of Christian Rakovsky, the jewish revolutionary who co-founded Bolshevism: Even more informative is the interrogation itself, which can be read in the abovementioned books.

  • I never liked french people either.

    • The French sent French Jews to Hitler!

      • Anja

        So did the rest of Europe for the most part! (Yes, I’m making fun of you)

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      The pinnacle of human excellence. vivebkacFrance! ibhsvevtravelledctheceorldcsndvfind
      framcebjncomparable and Frenchbeomen the honorbofvthstvgender.

  • styxhexenhammer666

    There is nothing hatefilled about disliking the same folks who are encouraging the mass importation of violent, fanatic islamists into your nation.

    What should they do, roll over and take it like the Swedes who aren’t safe in their own nation now?

    • Mel Sacks

      It has gone on for centuries. Why should it change. The knights who went on a quest had the right idea. We never hear of this, I wonder why.

    • sarah

      There’s nothing hate-filled about disliking millions of people for the actions of some individuals?

      Okay then.

      (Also, do you really not think that many Jews are just as freaked out about Islamic immigration? Where do you think the bulk of the world’s antisemitism is today?)

  • Liam

    Regardless of what part of the planet one is and regardless of what one believes…and this has been said many times and in many forums…these words are immortal:


  • Daniel Birnbaum

    Facts: According to the Pew Research Institute of Washington, 86% of the French have esteem for Jews, as against only 77% of Americans. Other surveys (e.g. by Sofres-Taylor)have shown that 95% of the French would consult a Jewish doctor, 92% would work for a Jewish boss, and 87% would welcome a Jewish son or daughter-in-law. A two-year study of anti-Semitism by 12 researchers working
    under a French-Jewish sociologist has shown that anti-Semitism in France is “fragmented” and “shallow”. The last three presidents of the French-Jewish community have all asserted that “France is not an anti-Semitic country”. Israeli diplomats agree. The former president of the European Jewish Congress states that “Frence is the only country in the world in which Jewish-Moslem co-existence works”. France has had two Jewish presidents and a Jewish prime minister, also 4 or 5 anti-Semitic murders, but laws against anti-Semitism (as in other European countries)exist .

    Now, a brief look at American anti-Semitism RARELY REPORTED: 3 recent anti-Semitic murders (Seattle,Brooklyn,Denver),anti-Semitic stabbings in Arizona, neo-nazi graffiti in Chicago, 5 Holocaust Centers and synagogues fire-bombed, a foiled plot to bomb Jewish interests at the Utah olympics, anti-Semitic air force cadets, blacks,and Evangelicals, no laws against anti-Semitism, no Jewish presidents, Protestants divesting from Israel, anti-Semitism POORLY REPORTED, with 30% of Americans convinced that Jews killed Jesus (ADL survey)compared to 14% of the French.

    CONCLUSION: Simone Weill, President of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah, to reporters in 2007: “American organizations decry the same levels of anti-Semitism, in France, which they tolerate in America. Their treatment of France is very unjust.”

    • Christina Lily

      LMAO no the French are just to scared of the schoolyard bully Jews who cry Anti Semitism but are the true destroyers of humanity! Israel is a shit hole and they didn’t make a dessert bloom they made it bleed with the blood of Palestine! True monsters and the real Nazis the Zionazis!!!!!!!

      • Christina are the real can you even mention hitler..a madman who took the the lives of 3.8 million innocent men women and children. Its people like you who are the problem of the world today ..your a rascist people like you spread hatred ..always wanting to cause hatred you don’t care if its jews, gays.or muslems. There is good and bad in all race and religion, ,, infact you talk about monster america has the worlds greatest monsters your serial killers rapist etc your one of the most violent nations on earth,,, christian your not ,,, your a vile disgusting person ,,, I am pure white british and I have never herd such rubbish that has come from your mouth you ought to bow your head in shamd ..may you rot in hell….

      • Brooke

        There are quite a fews jews outside of israel who have a problem with how the country is run. They don’t support many of the tactics and actions that have occured there. Please educate yourself and realize that there is a difference between a religion and a country. An american or a latin american jew that never stepped foot in israel cant be held accountable for its actions. There are thousands of jews in america. Amongst the younger generations, ive never heard any of them claim they were victims of anti semitism. It does happen but it isnt the norm and is usually a very specific circumstance. Please dont classify millions of people into one ugly description. Surely that act alone is enough to discredit everything said.

    • J Rose

      This is absolutely untrue. I am an American. . . a Texan. These statistics are not true. My Christian children went to school with Jewish students. . . they played with them. We are very tolerant. . . we are friends that respect each other’s differences. I’ll tell you this. . . there is no Drancy here. Hate crimes are prosecuted most fervently. This article is ridiculous and paints the wrong view of the US with numbers that I do not believe. . . period. Paris, you are the most beautiful city I have ever visited. But it concerns me what is happening to you. God help us all and forgive the hatefulness in this world.

      • Mel

        “These statistic aren’t true because my children were nice to Jewish people.”

        Your children do not represent the entirety of the United States and their kindness does not excuse Antisemitism here.

        Hate crimes are everywhere. And justice isn’t served.

      • Lee

        “Hate crimes are prosecuted most fervently.” Ha. That’s a funny joke.

  • Charl

    Europe is dying and the white race is
    kept from standing up for itself.
    French citizens should be allowed
    to rule France and their culture
    respected. Rules should not be implemented
    by people from foreign creeds.
    Why must one always choose between Jews
    and Moslems? Whats wrong with Europe being
    for Europeans? Expell all Jews and Moslems
    and let them fight their own battle.
    Europe does’nt need them.

    • bianca

      Jews can be European! Most of them are. And so can muslims, for that matter. Jews have nothing to do with the European crisis!!

      • monica

        Awwww that’s so cute! Damn, you are naive.

      • styxhexenhammer666

        That’s nonsense, bianca, and I think you know that.

      • Maria A (Maz-P)

        You silly silly girl, how stupid can you get. Jews are at the centre of every single crisis in the world!!! Its all going to come out – but it may be too late if people like you are too dumb to open your eyes!!! Reeeeeeeetard!!!

        • Christina Lily

          Jews are behind the gay movement and they caused the genocide of South Africa! Terrible!

          • Dez

            Yeah, let’s get em! Maybe we should put them in prison camps? Weigh your comments with the past! Bigots!

          • Christina lily ..what rubbish the south african gay rights movement was started in the 1970s by dutch white Christian gays…as far as jews causing genocide again ..rubbish..the genocide is caused by black christian men against white afrikaner 1991 there was 5.6 million white south africans in 2014 there are 4.3 1991 there was 133,000 white commercial farmers in 2014 there are 29,000 so your wrong christina lily …in 2014 there are 75,549 jews in south africa and 35,750,641 christians that is all fact that is the statistics. Also fact how many christian priests are many christian priests have been charged with rape, how many christian priests have been charged with paedophilia. Lots and lots…I am pure white british christian. I think christina lily you need to check facts before you put your rascist vile mouth in first gear…what a disgusting person you are..

    • m_

      Pig. Arse hole.

    • Charl, do you realize you sound like an anti-Semite.

    • The Jews are not causing any problem nor are they being aggressive against anybody. It’s the Moslems causing all the problem. There were Jews in France in ancient times. Remember Judaism predates Christianity by more than 3,000 years and Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Paul and all of the apostles were Jews before they decided to join the Jesus a Movement, which eventually led to Christianity.

    • You talk rubbish I live in europe I am british. Your statement is so untrue..

  • Don

    A true Jew is one who follows God NOT a thieving robber banker baron pushing a satanic new World order on the public while corrupting youth, pass laws that that having sex with kids and animals is OK. No joke they are passing these laws in the U.S. It’s called the Rothschilds. Start by locating them and cut the head will follow.

  • stevieb

    It’s about bloody time. Finally someone in Europe standing up for their rights…and correctly identifying the problem…even if some less educated, indoctrinated individuals can’t bring themselves to see the forest through the trees…

  • Santos2

    “Never again” is again.

  • Laurent

    Only some of the 17,000 were anti-Semitic. The rest were just the usual moaners, always against any political decision. But the fact is that this “Day of Anger” was more an expression of hatred than anger. There are stupid, ignorant people everywhere but such people are often very violent and they scare the majority into passive silence. The government failed to suppress the resurgence of homophobia last year, allowing free speech, and now people think they are free to flaunt their hatred for any other community. The sick thing is that within minority groups there are just as many people filled with hatred for others as in any other part of society; a lot of Jews were happy to display their homophobia last year. We will never combat hatred with more hatred. Rather than blame other communities for our problems, why can’t we reach out to each other in friendship?

    • Santos2

      “Only some of the 17,000 were anti-Semitic.”

      As I’m sure only some of the crowds at the early Hitler Youth rallies were anti-Semitic.

      • Laurent

        I’m not excusing those who were marching against Jews, I was simply saying to those who exaggerated it as a rally of “17,000 anti-Semites” that most of the marchers were against issues not related to minorities, for example the anti-wind turbine lobby, various agricultural groups, people complaining about tax reforms, etc. A lot of them were ashamed to find themselves marching alongside anti-Semites and homophobes.

  • Prospero Neptune

    You guys are a disgrace. (With emphasis on race – I’m ashamed to be the same one as you.)
    Have you learned nothing from WW2?

  • S.Levy

    This is a repeat of 1935… only this time who´s going to save Europe from these savages and cavemen? All countriews just kick out their arab residents back to their cesspool countries, whether these arabs be immigrants or born in Europe… they contaminate and rot everything they touch, they´ve got the “Sadim” touch…

  • S.Levy

    Moslems take their money from the Weatern civilized world through sales of their petroleum, they come to Europe as worthless parasites living off their host country´s benefits, allowances, medicare, etc. ALL PAID BY THE NATIVE PEOPLKE OF THOSE COUNTRIES THROUGH TAXES AND DUTIES. They hate and loathe the host countries, they try to destroy the societies and moral values, they turn those countries into pigstyes (pigs, please forgive me) and wave the antisemitic flag to rally all the worthless lye of that society around them. If it weren´t for us Europeans AND JEWS, they´d still be goat-and-camel herding in the middle of nowhere! France and Europe should implore to G´d that HE spare them fron this plague!

    • Pearl

      you are so right. you have expressed exactly what this is all about. unfortunately the host countries and their residents are too stupid to do anything about these abominations! then it becomes too late. Frances government obviously is too weak to do anything. their PM (?) is too busy with his wife, and mistress to do anything to stop the hatred!

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Hollande is an ass. He will do nothing

  • lilydarcey

    Let’s these racists embrace the muslims they have welcome with loving arms. They deserve Sharia and these bastard muslims. I would rather live among the jewish community who assimilate and are law abiding than the camel jockeys.

    • rachel

      Excuse me, but how is anything that you said in that comment at all constructive? You are making the same exact assumptions about Muslims as the people mentioned above make about Jews– that they are a cultural aberration and are not worthy of citizenship and its securities and benefits. As a Jew and a student of Islam, I am proud of how much our cultures share. Insulting them is an insult to me, and I refuse to be ‘assimilated’ into a culture (yours) that propagates such an offensive, ludicrous double standard.

      • S.Levy

        Rachel, Just read the AlQuran, there´s no way a Muslim shall come into a consensus or agreement with any “unbeliever”. 1 out of every 3 dogmas says: “…the unbelievers -nonmoslems- MUST either be converted or eliminated…”. To lie, steal, kill, maim, torture, rape, set fire, kidnap, any non-muslim is automatically pardoned by Allah and his leaders!. Let those s.o.b.s kill each other off, let France be overrun by those camel shaggers, then they´ll realize what the truth is!

        • rachel

          I’ve read the Qur’an…. have you read the Book of Joshua? Deuteronomy? God commands essentially the genocide of all the pagans in the Promised Land, commanding not a single thing that breathes to be spared. Does that mean that we continue these practices today against the new secular people who dwell alongside us? No. We as Jews came to the rational consensus that that would be ridiculous. If you don’t think Muslim exegetes have spilled ink for hundreds of years trying to reconcile disturbing passages of the Qur’an with liberal and humane systems of thought just as the other Abrahamic religions have done… then you’re… well…. stupid.

        • Ahmad Rahimi Ramli

          As a Muslim I really don’t know from which verses or sura’ from the Al Quran that say”…the unbelievers -nonmoslems- MUST either be converted or eliminated…”. To lie, steal, kill, maim, torture, rape, set fire, kidnap, any non-muslim is automatically pardoned by Allah and his leaders!”and instead the actual truth that practiced by Muslim,pardoned only by God and not by any leader,not to mention how Cristian practice where you seek pardon through the Padre?I can bet you’ve never read Quran before..or maybe its just from hearsay?

      • Pearl

        Rachel, if you’ve never lived with Muslims, as you obviously haven’t, then you don’t realize the extent of their stupidty and hatred for everything not Muslim. studying is one thing, try the real world. it is commendable that you advocate for them, but I have experienced first hand the hatred and the targeting by this group. I agree there are good Muslims, but the vile terrorists outway any goodness.

        • Bejo

          I’m sorry Pearl, but I can’t accept gross generalisations if you want to purport to have a serious conversation.

          Since people’s CV’s seem interesting to you: I’ve lived in 4 countries on 3 continents and visited maybe 40 other countries. I have extensive experience with the major Abrahamic religions, Indian religions and East Asian religions; a large majority of the world follow these. And I stand by what I wrote above.

        • rachel

          … I’ve lived in the Middle East… and intend to go back in the near future. Thank you, though, for reminding me to live in the real world. I really appreciate your advice based in false assumptions. So useful.

        • Ahmad Rahimi Ramli

          can you tell me what type of ‘hatred for everything not Muslim’.I can bet you wrote what you don’t even know.

        • Romano

          @Pearl, so just based on your one experience with one person you suddenly think you’re an expert on an entire civilization? I cannot imagine being in such a narrow-minded view point as your.
          So, based on your perspective every white man/woman should be spit on and thrown in the dirt because their great grand-daddy was a slaver? Or do we kill all the Germans for just being in the same country as Hitler?
          Your one view point DOES NOT speak for an entire generation and/or people.

    • Have you ever read the Talmud, I wonder?

  • Prof Asher J Matathias

    It is a matter of acute concern and, given the Dreyfus Affair, and the collaborationist Vichy regime, uncanny in timing as January 27 was commemorated as Holocaust Remembrance at the United Nations. Is there no end to the shame France must feel to repeatedly turn against its Jewish citizens? President Hollander must often reiterate that such hateful slogans as hurled against Jews are utterly without merit, and a betrayal of French ideals, including Liberte-Equalite-Fraternite! The Le Pen family must be confronted and their anti-Semitism answered, along with that of reactionary, ignorant Muslims.

    • Kevin Bjornson

      I don’t think the party headed by Marie LePen was there. Because the Front National she represents is the largest right party in France, while the article said:

      “AFP noted that while the protesters appeared to represent France’s reactionary factions, representatives of its largest Far Right party were absent from the march.”

      In Europe today, virtually no native Europeans view Jews as a threat. That is because of dissatisfaction with the rapidly growing Muslim population, which contributes disproportionately to crime, welfarism, and wrongly placed votes. While Jews contribute disproportionately to culture, science, and industry.

      By far the greater proportion of physical threats to Jews in Europe has come from Muslim immigrants and their many offspring. Although natives tend to be clueless, philosophically and politically as well as demographically challeneged. They are intimidated and may feel that the newcomers will give them a pass if they join in the Jew-hatred–usually masked as anti-Zionism.

      Native European Zionism is fueled more by oil deals and fears of some type of boycott if they don’t cooperate against Israel. Now that fracking and peak oil have changed the equation, expect Europe to soften it’s anti-Zionism.

      Kerry is signing unto anti-Zionism, he thinks, in order to boost his chances at becoming president in 2016. In that sense, he is Messianic, because he truly believes that if president his big solutions would turn the tide with a wave of his hand. Ironically he is joining the bandwagon precisely as it running out of gas.

    • db

      It is precisely Liberty, Equality, Fraternity that causes this backlash by Nationalists, who scream France, France, France! Jews are an alienist interest, that promoted open borders in all Western countries, and achieved success in the 60’s. This backlash is a response to the policies of majority displacement sponsored with tremendous financial support by Jewish organizations. It is also a response to the hate speech laws which are designed to silence dissent against the ZOG.

    • David

      Well, we , Jews, don’t think about other people.We’are much more intelligent and we will always have a lot of money.Antisemitic people are just stupid.

  • Linda Rivera

    Some people are saying it’s time for Jews to get out of Europe. NO! It’s time to deport Muslims back to their countries!

    There are many no-go Muslim areas all over Europe and Britain where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter. In some Muslim areas of Europe the hate for non-Muslims is so fierce that ambulances require a police escort. In France alone, there are 751 no-go Muslim areas: The 751 No-Go Zones of France
    They go by the euphemistic term Zones Urbaines Sensibles, or Sensitive Urban Zones, with the even more antiseptic acronym ZUS, and there are 751 of them as of last count. They are convienently listed on one long webpage, complete with street demarcations and map delineations.

    What are they? Those places in France that the French state does not control. They range from two zones in the medieval town of Carcassone to twelve in the heavily Muslim town of Marseilles, with hardly a town in France lacking in its ZUS. The ZUS came into existence in late 1996 and according to a 2004 estimate, nearly 5 million people live in them.

    Nov. 28, 2006 update: For an insight into how bad things are, the police in Lyons demonstrated on Nov. 9, denouncing “violence against the forces of order.” Things have reached a pretty sad state when the police have to demonstrate in the streets against the criminals…

    People get mugged, even murdered, in the ZUS, but the media prefer not to write about it. When large-scale rioting erupts and officers and firemen are attacked, the behavior of the thugs is condoned…

    Muslims are perpetrating a frightening hostile occupation of Europe and Britain but our wicked leaders REFUSE to protect us! They refuse to send in the military and deport the violent occupier Muslims back to their countries!


    • Our Canadian boys died to free France. Bring the Muslims under control or send them back to the backward countries they came from.

    • skye

      Stop it. Any sensible person knows what you’re trying to do. You stir fear, malice, and ignorance without any suggestion towards ‘solutions’ except of the most murderous kind. Wake up little one. Your nightmare is of your own making. Get a hold of your reason. If you want Peace, show those you percieve as violent what it looks like. Or, are you silly and childish enough to believe people’s faiths and traditions will be suddenly abandoned? Many ARE trying to assimilate but a mind like yours makes it no easier! Stop making excuses for indulging your fears and find reasons NOT to.

  • Rotem

    Jews, Come to Israel and leave France to the Muslims.
    (I bet that the French people love them very much…)

    • Bruce Robert

      France – ”ENJOY YOUR NEW CITIZENS” ….I have never & shall never spend a cent on French goods nor set foot in that country. They have been this way since their own revolution……….which will repeat itself !

      • Laurent

        Please don’t blame all French people for the opinions of a very small minority. The press is to blame as much as anyone, as this is a more exciting story than showing French Jews and Muslims who are friends. Most people here live in harmony but the media prefers to concentrate on what is bad in society. Our current President is the most tolerant we’ve had in decades with no ill-feelings for any minority group. That also applies to the great majority of French society. So why punish us all because a few thousand idiots were allowed to march in the streets?

  • Reinaert Thomasson

    Like in all other articles on the Anti-Jewish subjects, it is never mentioned that the vast majority of people taking part in demonstration against Jews or Israel are Muslims and Arabs. As I was watching the video I’ve seen the same phenomenon again. The marching ‘French’ are a vast crowd of men and boys. In a normal French demonstration lot of women are among the crowd. The ‘French’ look a bit too dark with too much negro- and North African features, the voices are obviously not of indigenous French. In short it was not a ‘French demonstration’ but a demonstration of imported vermin’s from the Third World. In the article it is mentioned that Front National did not take part in the demo.
    By the way I never use the term Anti-Semitic toward European Jews. Thanks heavens they do not belong to the inferior drek that lives in the Middle East. No one can deny that people who had brought to the world people as Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer and Jonas Salk don’t have any blood connection to the analphabetic goat fuckers and children slaughters of the Middle East (as the Dutch Theo van Gogh had called them)

    • Linda Rivera

      Exactly! I NEVER use the term Anti-Semitic! I always call them the correct name of Jew-haters!


      Written by Spanish writer Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez. Published in Spanish newspaper, Jan. 15, 2008.

      I walked down the street in Barcelona, and suddenly discovered a terrible truth – Europe died in Auschwitz .. We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims. In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and wonderful people who changed the world.

      The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science, art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world. These are the people we burned.

      And under the pretense of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance, religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty, due to an unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.

      They have blown up our trains and turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world, drowning in filth and crime.

      Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder and destruction of their naive hosts.

      And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical hatred, creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for backwardness and superstition.

      We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their talent for a better future for their children, their determined clinging to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for people consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for our children and theirs.

      What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe.

      • Linda Sobel

        You have expressed the exact thoughts of millions all around the world. All of Europe suffers now but its only the beginning of the decline. Like Hitler, Muslims keep taking more territory…..Britian, France…and others will follow until they can stand up for their culture and way of life. Enough is enough. Send them home to destroy their homelands not the Europe that millions died for in WWII for a free Europe. Hitler comes again in a different form.

    • abraham Weizfeld

      Get lost, this is pure insanity. We, the Jewish People, have no need of racism or Zionism.

    • Bruce Robert

      Welcome their “NEW FRENCH CITIZENS” — ENJOY while you can, they will bring their desert medieval ways to your streets

  • george beacock

    Please government’s of Europe get your act’s together stamp it out before Nazism rises once again. France beware God said those who bless Israel [the Jews the apple of God’s eye] I will bless those who curse Israel I will curse. French people beware. Did we not have enough last time
    george beacock

  • Yehudam

    This hate filled antisemitic protest, remembers me Berlin in 1939. But it happen in Paris 2014 ! Do not rationalize it, it will come worst and not only in France but in many other European countries. The Jew as a scapegoat is a long historical burden of the gentile society and this can’t be changed just in a century. We Zionists, know the solution.

  • andrew herold

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    as a jew at present the united kingdom, france and germany and of course the united states are good places to hang your hat…it will stay that way inspite of these developments which are so multi-causal and complex and have nothing to do with anti-semitism, because the current political culture in a number of european cóuntries is miserable and these developments are therefore self-inflicted by the incompetence of the leadership in these countries: as there are many obvious causes, i will name the massive and widespread corruption in the very governments of these countries…with media making this corruption so evident, the not so “salutary” parties can make easy “hay” and the radicals are even made attractive to some of the more benign segments of the political population. it is a form of quasi-medical relief and mental hygiene, when considering the insults inflicted by the corrupt elite in government…another aspect is analogous to the comment of one reader/commenter who mentioned the american KKK as a horrible phenomenon which did not mean, that all americans were of that ilk…true…the most dominant causalities are related to an increasing and extremely costly and destructive form of social injustice in united kingdom, france and germany…all ethnicities have leadership structures in place with which to produce understanding and concordance in these societies…these ethnic and religious groupings have the right and the power to influence the respective governments to finance a furtherance of mutual understanding…this failure is evidenced in these protests, which have nothing directly to do with anti-semitism. andrew herold

  • I recently arrived back in Paris where I spend part of the year. Originally I was going to take part in this demonstration with an anti-islamist group “Riposte Laique/Resistance Republicaine” who courageously and to the peril of their founders fight against the islamistion of France. When the word got out that this demonstration was going to be attended by the most vile, Jew-hating, holocaust denying, anti-white, Iran-sponsored creep, a soi-disant “comedian”, Dieudonné Mbala Mbala, Riposte Laique and Resistance Republicaine immediately withdrew and publicised their non-attendance and its reason for it.

    This rabble who “follow” the black Dieudonne are mostly maghreban/african black/arab/muslim thugs from the suburbs, but a recent disastrously stupid initiative by the Interior minister on behest of a local Jewish organisation, to ban the “spectacles” of this so-called Comeeedian, caused him publicity he could never have dreamed of. And now, he has finally achieved the VICTIM status he so much wanted. Hence now, even non-arab/muslim French youth are following him “in the interest of free speech” don’t you know.

    While I observe a lot of antisemitism here – even among the French – this hateful re-incarnation of hitlerism comes mainly from France’s “migrants” of arabo/african/maghrebian/islamist origin.

    The so-called “faaaaaaaaar right” with which they want to label the party of Marine LePen is actually the only steadfast defender of Jews in France. Marine LePen is France’s only hope that a 4th Reich – islamist version – does not happen to take hold in France.

    • Sarah

      Rita, thank you for filling in the gaps. I trust comments more these days than the actual ‘news’. Yes, the liberal fascist plan is to attach ‘far right’ to all violence and hate. Then those that the public have been brainwashed into believing are dangerous ‘far right’ crazies will automatically become targets and experience the same ‘hate’ that the Jews have suffered from for years. Far right in America is anyone that believes in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, that is opposed to the current regime and the transformation of the USA, those that own a Bible, believe in God, go to church, listen to Rush Limbaugh, FOX, or Glenn Beck, believe in family as defined by God…you get the picture. Yet WE ARE the very people that will actually stand up for the rights of others and justice for all. We have several groups in America that are vocal about the problem of Islam but when the foxes are in the hen house, it is not that easy to eradicate the problem. I hope you keep posting this information. Thank you.

      • thank you Sarah. “The foxes are in the hen house” – well put and not only in America.

        • almondleaf

          So RIta- you were going to be part of a group that denigrates and hates a people for being not real “French”-Islamists, and then you have the temerity to be shocked or insulted when YOU are turned on for the same reasons “anti-semitic” version (did you know that Arabs are SEMITES too). When will you and SARAH learn that hate begets hate! Sarah is NOT your ally- she is a Christian waiting for the apocalypse, you would have to accept Jesus for her to be your “friend”.For her there will be no Jews left in Israel when her “savior returns”. She is part of the “birthers”, believing that Obama is muslim. She does not even follow the true tenets of her Savior. Stupidity and prejudice make strange bedfellows.

          • Shmoo Snook

            The term “anti-Semitism” is used only in reference to Jew-hatred. Pointing out that Arabs are, biblically, Semitic is just semantic nonsense.

  • pinchas baram

    I think part of the problem is that Jews, in the perception of many, whether in France or elsewhere,are on the same side of the barricades as Moslems and gays. Fighting for human rights and against nativist sentiment.

    But when you think about it, what do Jews and sharia-oriented Moslems have in common, and what do Jews and gays have in common? Are we Jews pro-sharia and jihad? Do we share Moslem antipathy towards Israel? Are we pro-homosexual? Do we want our kids to accept gay propaganda in the schools? If you answer yes to any of these questions, something is profoundly wrong with you as a Jew. And yet the public image of the Jew fighting for gay rights and Moslem rights and against the normative traditions of France, etc., is, I would contend, the main problem.

    Why this is so can be traced back to the influence in the media and academia of leftist secular Jews and the concomitant and often intentional absence of influence of Conservative and Orthodox Jews and particularly rabbis, who foolishly shy away from politics and thus by default leave Jewish leadership, such
    as it is, to Jews who have no Torah background. And these are the ones the non-Jewish public sees, and dislikes.

    • almondleaf

      Another well thought piece- NOT. “Jews” will not fit in any “nativist sentiment” any more than muslims would. And really please define “the normative traditions of France”? You are another fool to think that Jews fighting for any equality for all peoples is our “main problem”. You beget hate and so it returns to you!

  • Efram Paul

    This situation is going to get worse, not better. Authorities, at best, give lukewarm condemnations, and then dine with these vermin. This is simply old fashioned Jew hatred. It has been the European bugaboo for 2000 years, and, now that Muslims have made the Holocaust into a ‘pet Jewish idea,’ which is ‘exaggerated,’ the people are free to be themselves. Except, now there is the legacy of Nazism to help them focus their rage and hate. I would not like to take bets as to how many of them, to this day, believe Dreyfus was guilty. It is a disease, existing throughout the continent, but particularly strong in France. Anyone who has read about the war in France knows that the French were among the most enthusiastic people when it came to turning their Jews over to the Germans.

    If you really want to start worrying, however, read the comments on articles online right here in the US. Blatant Nazism and ignorant hate are alive and thriving.

  • Mitch Slot

    I’m sorry here fella’s. Sorry to hear the vitriol once again thrown at the Jewish people, my people. But even more so, I’m sorry to read the reactions to this hate and violence. Move? Run away? Are you kidding me? Have you french Jew brethren not learned a damn thing from our ever persecuted history? Why the hell run? If you need me (a former US Marine) to come there to train you people how to stand up to the haters, how to defend yourselves and your families, I will come. Yeah, it hurts to see this. More so than a punch on the nose. Trust me. You know, it’s kind of funny. I’m trying to read this crap in an objective manner, but my own anger is becoming directed at the Jewish people in France who appear to (once again) be breaking out and dusting-off their well worn victim cards. Or is it just another example of French…I don’t want to say cowardice, but I’m running out of possible verbs here. You guys and gals need to take a really long hard look at yourselves right now! Because this exercise in self introspection is going to reveal your true nature, character and future. Or it just might get your sons and daughters killed before your eyes. So when they finally come to kill you, you won’t have anything to live for anyway. Baruch Hashem because you’re going to need him very soon. And once you fall, you leave it up to me to have to deal with. By me, I refer to a generation of American Jews that learned history (quite well) and then took our heads out of the books for a while, only so we could learn how to prepare for the coming onslaught. When I volunteered my service, I thought I’d be the only Jewish Marine in my unit. And for a while I was. Then during some holiday or another, I went to the Jewish Chaplin. That’s the military terminology for Rabbi. He introduced me to quite a few more Jewish Marines. The funny thing? Out of a few dozen Jewish Marines, every last one of us cited the holocaust as one of the main motivating factors for joining such a violent branch of the military. We could not believe 6,000,000 Jews walked into the ovens with tail between legs. So we learned how to kill. How to be very aggressive and violent. But not to be psychopaths or murderers. No we learned how to NOT be led into ovens! Btw, usually American Jews serve in the air force or Navy. If they serve at all. Most, as you probably guess, do not. Now it’s time for you people to get your heads out of the books, as well as your asses. I mean that with all due respect. Some of you NEED to serve. Each other! I said i will heed your call. I just hope I don’t have to. Now go out and buy some Mossberg 12 ga. shotguns already. what are you waiting for? Shalom & Semper Fidelis.

    • Stan Kreis

      When Ze’ev Jabotinsky came to tell the Jews of Poland to leave immediately, just before the start of WW2, he should have asked them to arm themselves and learn to defend their communities.

      In 1938 Poland, he wrote:

      “It is already THREE years that I am calling upon you, Polish Jewry, who are the crown of World Jewry. I continue to warn you incessantly that a catastrophe is coming closer. I became grey and old in these years, my heart bleeds, that you, dear brother and sisters, do not see the volcano which will soon begin to spit its all-consuming lava. I see that you are not seeing this because you are immersed and sunk in your daily worries. Today, however, I demand from you trust. You were convinced already that my prognoses have already proven to be right. If you think differently, then drive me out of your midst! However, if you do believe me, then listen to me in this twelfth hour: In the name of G-d! Let anyone of you save himself, as long as there is still time, and time there is very little.”

    • Chip

      To Mitch Slot — This is the very first time I have ever replied to a post online. But I just felt compelled to respond to you… to say how grateful I am — as an American, as a Jew, and as someone whose family members live in Israel — for your service and your insight. You are absolutely right! I’ve also never understood the lack of opposition from the Jews in Europe during the Holocaust. All I can say is thank G-d we have Israel, where Jews stand tall, with pride, ready and willing to fight their enemy. We should all take a lesson from them (and from you and your fellow service men and women)…

    • Eric R.

      Your words are inspiring, but the authorities, just like the Marxists, Fascists and Islamists, are against the Jews.

      If Jews defend themselves if France, they will be harrassed, arrested, persecuted, and eventually exterminated, just as they were in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

      Better to leave France, and then leave France to its fate – enslavement under Marxism or Islam.



    • jacob mandelblum

      But my dear fellow Jew, you forget the Ghetto Jew mentality, which you and me would have believed disappeared through the extermination camps crematorium smokestacks, is still alive and kicking and what’s worst,DICTATING POLICY NO LESS THAN IN THE VERY STATE OF ISRAEL….

      I remember my beloved father (z’l’) telling us than in the old country (Poland), when the Polish hooligans went to beat Jews, pull their beards, etc,.if the Jewish youth wanted to beat them back, the old folks would stop them from, claiming it could get worst and thanking GOD they weren’t hit on the head…
      The Galuth Jew fights with words and arguments which
      in 99% of the cases are just preaching in the wilderness or plowing on the sea….and the Israeli “leaders” try to please everybody and ask permission from the rotten world to even breathe…

      This Dieudonne “comedian” would have been rendered
      paraplegic long ago if he would have been picking on Muslims…

    • Jackson

      Awesome, Mitch.

    • Marc Landau

      There is some strange in-built fear in so many European Jews. Never understood it. Whenever the establishment or open anti-semites spout jew-hatred, they duck, hide, shrink into a quiet place, dont want to create waves, dont want to lift head above the parapet.

      Well wake up. The only way to deal with the bully in the playground is to give him a bloody nose. And when he gets angry and comes back at you, you kick him in the nuts, and again.

      Cowering in the shadows gives them strength, they know they can keep doling out the pain/insults/hate because there’s no consequence.

      Sure the police and government have a role in putting the nazis in jail for offending race hatred legislation, but the very same governments have passed such extensive human rights legislation that this is used effectively to get back on thestreets within hours if not days.

      Be brave, stand up and fight.

    • Linda Sobel

      All over EUrope, Jews must be reminded that 6million jews walked into the ovens… Had that number fought to protect themselves and their families, millions would have died with honor and dignity (a good death in my view) AND millions would have lived. Wake up and see what is coming. I agree…people need mental training to be reminded not to let the same rake hit them in the head. I have the most respect for all Jews who do not submit to the stereotype of meek and mild. THose who are mentally and physically trained to respect & protect their own, their culture and way of life. Europe with its Jews is allowing themselves to once again be walked upon, abused which only sends the message “its ok, go ahead…see, we dont stop you. My message, stop giving permission for people to walk upon you. Stand up show some backbone and protect yourself. Never Again should be imprinted in your genes.

      • girl

        shut tup you ignorant sow. your lack of understanding of the actual dynamics that occurred during the holocaust is revolting. ‘stand up and fight’? do you know how many rebellions there were in ghettos? people who were starved out, beaten, tortured for months found the courage and resilience to gather what weapons they could and fight their oppressors with the knowledge that all attempts before that had failed and ended with their execution. the holocaust was a mass extermination of civilians by trained soldiers, and those who did ‘stand and fight’ were killed as well.

        instead of shifting the responsibility to the victimized and the helpless to protect themselves, maybe you should think about what you can do in this day and age to stand in solidarity with those being targeted.

    • Alan Goldman

      I guess I am not an intellectual. Mitch’s comment is the one that speaks to me.
      For me the defenseless cowering Jew died at Aushwitz. Never again.

  • Ori

    Never underestimate really stupid people, in really large numbers. Welcome to the new France.

  • bh

    the days of the jews in france come to an end.the french governement is too weak to stop the antisemitism.the people is too selfish. the intelligentsia stays mute or indifferent. israel or exile agin will be the only solution
    bye bye france

  • bh

    the days of the jews in france come to an end.the french governement is too weak to stop thi antisemitism.the eople is too selfish. the intelligentsia stays mute or indifferent. israel or exile agin will be the only solution
    bye bye france

  • Sunshine

    This is a BIG LIE !!!

    I saw the entire video, 29 minutes, this morning. The anti-Semitic crowd joined at the end of the march.

    17,000 French in the street asking for a return to the true France, fed up with immigrant welfare, crime, one-way concessions to muslims (I agree), demanding the return of true secular values (like in Québec), anti-immigration and anti-ghettos etc.

    Beware of what you sow… do not lie.

    Marine Le Pen should win the next EU elections. She is not anti-Jew, she is not anti-Israel either.

    The problem in France is with the muslims. 70% of jails are muslim population. Crimes, locally reported beheadings, stabbings and whatever atrocity accompanies such a culture…

    Jews have the sympathy of the French. Do not distort the truth or else you will lose it.

    • Eric R.

      “Jews have the sympathy of the French.”

      That is not what the polls say.

      • Sunshine

        Eric: France has a high muslim population. Marseilles alone is 40% muslim. They ALL hate Jews. This influences the polls a lot.

        One of my muslim friends actually told me ‘the whole planet hates the Jews’…

        • Jackson

          If France has “a high Muslim population” then their numbers influence policy and politics. The Muslims in France ARE the French now. Regardless of who is doing the marching, the anti semitism is there. It isn’t being halted in its tracks. It’s growing. It is not a distortion of truth that large numbers of people, regardless of ethnicity, were marching in one of the most populous cities in the world shouting antisemitic remarks. Imagine if this just happened on the streets of New York. Would we be parsing words and counting who was what ethnicity? NO. We’d be horrified over the mere fact of a mob that felt safe enough to be spewing this kind of hatred knowing there’s be no condemnation. Did you se headlines in the US blaring about this? NO. This country turns a blind eye and thus condones it as mere fringe. Just as they did the Brownshirts who went on to become the Nazi party. Sunshine, in all due respect, it is you who should not distort the truth.
          I’m with the Marines. Jews need to bear arms.

  • rick f

    What do you expect from the French who surrendered their own country to Islam,it is now know as the Islamic Republic of France

  • Beatrix

    I don’t think the antisemitic outburst was planned, I think it was spontaneous. The non-stop Palestinian propaganda against Israel is as much an attempt to destroy the Jews as Hitler’s propaganda and its time decent people said “enough.”

    The truth is that the Palestinians lost the West Bank and Gaza in 1948. The Israelis have tried to return the land to them and if the Palestinians won’t accept their terms then let the UN handle it. With all the Jewish lawyers certainly someone can prove that the settlements are legal. That’s where the fight should be.

    The settlements belong to the Israelis and the UN under the auspices of the Security Council can take care of the West Bank and Gaza.

  • French Jews need to make Aliyah as soon as possible.

  • cheryl benson

    The rise of the right across Europe is a direct consequence of right wing governments fanning the flames of racial hatred by blaming economic problems on immigrants and/or the working classes

    • Eric R.

      You are blind and an ideological leftist zealot if you think what you mistakenly call the “right” (France has no true, pro-free market or libertarian right to speak of)is behind this.

      This was a blend of Muslims and Marxists. If you cannot call out the enemy by name, you are as bad as the French authorities and media.

  • zadimel

    I am a firm believer in non-violent protest, but those who throw “bottles, fireworks, iron bars and dustbins at police” garner no sympathy from me. The use of tear gas by police was appropriate. Maybe it is time for the organized Jewish community in France to protest this nonsense.

    • jacob mandelblum

      Tear gas is useless…

      Best is that gas that made people puke and soil their pants…

      Guaranteed that whoever experienced it, would make damned sure never to demonstrate again….

  • 1939 all over again

  • walt kovacs

    get all the jews out of that rat hole

    and then nuke it

    thank you

  • Eugene Levich

    As a confirmed admirer of French culture, I am saddened by this horrible display. I do not make the mistake, however,of believing that it represents the true feelings of most French people. France is the country of the Rights of Man and of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity — those are the ideals held by most Frenchmen. I remain certain that the mass of the French people are as disgusted by those marchers as I am. To condemn the French nation as a whole would make as much sense as condemning all Americans for the behavior of the KKK.

    • theo musikanth

      The true France stands or falls by the measure of their reaction to these thugs If righteous people abdicate from that which they regard as sacrosanct then their high ideals mean nothing They would have surrendered to fascism

  • France Beware:
    Those who fail to learn from history are destined to relive it.

    Next time is will be Francostan, unless the French stand up. NOW!

  • Alan Morganstein

    France Beware:
    Those who fail to learn from history are destined to relive it. Next time it will be Francostan, unless the French have the courage to stand up. Now!

  • Elliott

    The Plague (La Peste) of Anti-Semitism rises yet again, as Albert Camus wrote, ” the plague bacillus never dies or disappears for good; … it can lie dormant for years and years in furniture and linen-chests; … it bides its time in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, and bookshelves; and that perhaps the day would come when, for the bane and the enlightening of men, it would rouse up its rats again and send them forth to die in a happy city.”

    • skye

      This is true, but for any kind of hate. You may have noticed, too, a sharp increase in ‘anti feminist’ rhetoric, which is code for’anti woman'(at least as autonomous persons under the law). I can count on one hand, for example, the number of men pushing back against all this ‘MRA’ talk and recruiting, while I do not have enough digits to count the onslaught of vile speech going on in these MRA’s blogs, videos, etc. Why are there not more reasonable men speaking out against them? We all have to check our own bigotries. We all have to speak out for each other, not just our own interests. If Hate puts on the mask of anti Semitism, rip it off. If anti people of color, rip it off. If anti LGBT, rip it off, etc. BUT, if you say,’Oh well, no, I will keep THIS prejudice of mine, because it’s right.’, then I believe that hypocrisy will keep the ground fertile for Hate, in general.

      Hate is like cancer. It doesn’t much ‘care’ what the host is, so long as it can consume it.

  • carol

    As a generality, I’ve NEVER liked the French….

    Against whom was the violence?

    The non-ultra-right French are probably fascinated and concerned, and it might be dawning on them that there’s some really unhealthy things going on here. But likely they will just be the silent majority, too afraid to stand up for anything but their own pagan, hedonistic, self-righteous culture and country.

    France’s Jews need to get the hell out of there. It’s only going to get worse.

    The chicken-xxxx ultra-nationalists are too afraid to name the immigration issue as the major problem. They have the freedom to bash Jews in the most Hitler-ish, conspiratorial ways in their blogs with none to call them back to their senses and reality.

    Somewhere, I believe HaShem is working in all of this to bring us home, bring history full circle.

    • alexandre

      I’ve noticed a sharp rise in anti-Semitic comments on many blogs over the last five years – particularly from the US, mostly blaming the Jews for Islamism and immigration. The extreme (rather than ‘far’) Right have realised they can’t stem the tide of Islamism and so are venting their hate on their traditional favourite target. As for France, I think anti-Semitism is now more prevalent on the Left than the Right, sanitised under the cover of support for the Palestinian cause – I would recall the Al-Dura affair rather than Dreyfus, and note that a significant section of the Right have, since the 1960s (the end of the Algerian War and the 6 Day War) seen Israel as a brave state – this is the origin of the FN’s current stance.

      • jacob mandelblum

        A grandson of mine was born in France while his father was getting a PhD ate French university.

        His passport states born in Toulouse, France but he had and has no right whatsoever to French citizenship (not that he gives a damn about but.
        but the Muslim scum they brought from their old colonies does….

    • theo musikanth

      Carol,you are so right! The hidden hand from Above is pointing the arrow homeward Let France be the Spain of 1492 which lost the energy and vitality of the Jewish persona and now regrets it Alas ,this life giving energy and vitality will never return once it leaves

  • Michael

    More hate, Germany…errr, I mean France…more hate. C’mon surely nothing will happen to you, right?

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    Just more losers having to blame someone else for their pathetic short comings.

  • HaroldT

    Time for French Jews to get out.
    In 20/25 years time France will be Muslim so cater for your childrens future now in Israel.

    • rick f

      You are right but I think your time frame is to long



    • silvio marconi

      why ? all french have penises and they can get babies why they wont get more babies and save their country from islamization and radicalism

  • Jeffrey Justin

    J’Accuse…..I do believe most of europe is becoming Judenreighn ,What the germans tried to accomplish is coming true Decades later . No bris in Norway no Kosher butchering constant antisemitism, No Kippahs in Scools, what is next no Shuls ? how about No Jews!Time to saddle up and Ride off into the Sunrise! (did you think I would say Sunset?)

  • Sami

    Foolish. Ask for blood in the nose. And it is given

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Well of course. And the French government no doubt sternly warns the Jews to not incite the peaceful peaceloving people of France about this.

  • Eric R.

    Mr. Walls is clearly so blinded by political correctness, or so afraid of Muslims, that he cannot actually name the true identity of the haters.

    The source of this hatred is Muslims and the “International” Far Left. However, Socialists either are pathologically incapable of seeing this, or are afraid to admit they have a racism problem in their ranks. I have no use for the National Front, but I seriously doubt Ms. LePen was behind this in any way.

    The ultra-nationalists (I refuse to call them “far-right”, as the Nazis were in fact, leftists) present a major threat to Jews in Hungary, Ukraine, and maybe Greece, but in France they could not put this type of crowd in the streets.

    Besides, the anti-gay chants really give the game away.

    • Beatrix

      Fascism uses the term Socialism to apply to conflict between “races” not to equality.

      Communism believed in state ownership of business and utilities in order to benefit all. They believed in a classless society with the victory of the proletariat. Their main support comes from the far left.

      Fascism maintained classes, and supported private ownership of businesses, but was anti-Communist, anti-conservative, anti-liberal, and of course, anti-Semitic. They believed in the veneration of a strong state and a strong leader and had no concept of equality. Their main support comes from the far right.

      The political spectrum is circular, not straight. The extremes of Communism and Fascism are positioned right next to each other.

    • Matt

      Quite surprised, it’s quite evident that these photos clearly point most faces are originally from Middle East. The country France and it’s people have been considered the worms of Europe for a very long time, and with the integration of a religion such as Islam will only destroy it’s culture and near future..such a shame!

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      Very perceptive and cogent comment. The extreme radical right are also going to be there but it is the Islamist Moslems who are today’s Nazis.

      • andrew herold

        dear elliot stamler,
        i can understand your reaction, but it is not a fair analysis of the true underpinnings of these developments…i do not wish to contradict, but the true causes of these developments are multi-causal and have mostly to do with social justice and the quality of integration in these countries. one key point i wish to make is, that at present as a jew united kingdom, france and germany are good places to hang your hat…in the united states the same applies…keep in mind there are 11 jewish senators in the us senate and many more in the us congress…these conditions will not change and will get better, as jews are becoming even more intent on their leadership potential in a number of fields, and the truly indelible victimization at the hands of nazi-germany becomes more historic,which does not reduce the horror of this ignomy…analytically, the respective religious and ethnic leadershis in these countries must be nudged by the divergent religious and ethnic leaders to produce a true social justice at very little economic cost…in absence of setting these goals of social justice there will be extremely costly side effects with exponential economic costs…in my parallel comment i mentioned the massive corruption in goverment and in industrial entities and it is clear, that the underpinnings of these protests come from a deepseated antagonism produced by giant corruption…it is not realistic to hang any part of these developments on monocausal matters…the least factor is “anti-semitism” as there are much more profound causes which the corrupt leadership structures in these countries have allowed to develop amidst systemic corruption and massiv social injustice…andrew herold

    • colin

      Eric,Islam is a cancer that one day will infect everyone,then us non Jews will be looking to Israel To help in eradication,of the Muslim hordes,when will the traitors in government be brought to book,time we took to the streets and take our countries back from these sick inbreds,

      • skye

        More hate? THAT is your ‘answer’?

        Stop confusing your irrationality with logic.