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February 26, 2014 11:30 am

UCLA Student Council Defeats Anti-Israel Divestment Resolution (VIDEO)

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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A UCLA student captured on video swearing about losing a vote that would have called on the school to divest from Israel. Photo: Screenshot /

A UCLA student captured on video swearing about losing a vote that would have called on the school to divest from Israel. Photo: Screenshot /

The Student Council of the University of California Los Angeles late Tuesday defeated a resolution that proposed divesting school assets from Israel.

The 7-5 vote to defeat the resolution came after an all-night session where student alumnus Ben Shapiro made Israel’s case. The deliberations were broadcast online and the vote was trending on Twitter overnight.

The Legal Insurrection blog of Cornell law professor  William Jacobson described the vote as a “huge defeat” for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement on campus. Jacobson wrote that divestment resolutions were also recently overturned at UC-Riverside and defeated at UC-Santa Barbara. “I can’t say whether this is a national trend, but it does signify that pro-Israel students now are more organized than in the past,” Jacobson wrote.

In a screenshot from the UCLA Student Council meeting posted by the blog, a student, sitting behind an open laptop, is shown crying and screaming after the resolution she had supported was defeated. She said that she’s never been so disappointed and that “we just f***ing blew it,” the blog reported.

Watch the UCLA Student Council Deliberations on the Anti-Israel resolution below:

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  • dave

    Hilarious. A bunch of uneducated, mediocre (at best) children playing Let’s Pretend To Be Important for EIGHT HOURS straight! With straight faces! Unbelievable. WAAAAY too much free time on their mischievous little hands. WAAAAY too little time ever spent reading any actual history or religion or ethics books. Who is it that indulges these little halfwits in this way? Their professors and administrators at the academy, of course. Their parents would probably be horrified to learn how their children are wasting their time and money on all this narischkeit.

  • Grateful for the courageous pro-Israel students, relieved to read the above comments (with which I agree.) Israel is the “new Jew” in the world. We are taught that in every generation there is an Amalek, and it has indeed come ’round in our generation, but with a different face. Many of us are still asleep to our current dire threat.
    To be a Jew means constant vigilance, and bonding together in communities. We must support the many Jewish organizations also fighting for Israel and against anti-Semitism, whether media, UN, US or world focused. We can not stand alone.

  • What should be asked is why the UCLA student government invested 9 hours to this issue when they could have been addressing issues of direct importance to students. This is what UC student governments throughout the system are wasting their time on. Why have a student government if this is what they devote so much time and energy on?

    Gary Fouse
    adjunct teacher
    UC Irvine Ext

  • Steve Vix

    Please explain the term….’DIVESTING SCHOOL ASSETS’

  • Arie

    She comes from the same family that stood outside Auschwitz when it was liberated, seeing that Jews survived, and also screamed and cried that “I’ve never been so f***ing disappointed.”

    And all the while using a Zio-Jew invented laptop using a Zio-Jew invented Windows operating system and screeching into her Zio-Jew invented cell phone

  • walt kovacs

    i am not celebrating. this stunt was performed to intimidate jewish students and supporters of israel on the ucla campus.

    that students who hearken from totalitarian regimes like china and pakistan would dare lecture israel about human rights, is absurd and scary.

    i am starting a one man letter writing campaign to all california reps and senators to have more public funding divested from all uc campuses

    if students have the time for mass jew hate, they dont truly care about their studies, and i, as a california taxpayer, will not fund jew hate on campus

    let them pay for it themselves

  • Emanuel

    SO proud, proud, proud! Thank you, thank you ALL! Well said all of you! The 5 who voted in favor are a despicable bunch of bigots. Thank you for defending everyone who has worked and paid for a college degree!