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March 10, 2014 8:57 pm

How a Rabbi Got Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to Respond to an Email

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Amazon's Jeff Bezos. Photo: Wikipedia.

A rabbi from British Columbia got Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to respond to an email he sent by filling it with compliments for one of the company’s features, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

Rabbi Dan Moskovitz, 43, of Vancouver, sent a correspondence to Bezos with the subject line, “Thank You! You’re Awesome.” In the body of the email he wrote, “I just want to compliment you on the most amazing piece of technology I have enjoyed from Amazon. Your Whispersync [for Voice] System for Kindle and audiobooks is incredible.”

Whispersync is an Amazon feature that links the audiobook and e-book versions of the same text, The Journal explained. The rabbi used it to switch back and forth between the Kindle audiobook and e-book of The Hunger Games without ever losing his place, which helped him finish the book that much faster.

Moskovitz also complained to Bezos that Amazon does almost nothing to publicize the feature he has come to love.

“When I tell my friends and congregants about it… they have never heard of it, even though many are Kindle users,” he wrote. “Also, it’s hard to find the service on the Amazon website — I have to Google it every time.”

Bezos replied by saying he would relay the rabbi’s recommendation and kind words to the Amazon team. He also agreed that Whispersync is “extraordinary.”

“I will pass on your encouragement to the team,” the CEO wrote. “As the team has said to me: ‘You can ‘read when your eyes are busy!’ I will also pass on your suggestion that we make this easier to find. All best, Jeff.”

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  • Jono

    Absolutely true. Out of desperation from a bad experience on Amazon, I sent him an email, and knew it was a longshot that he would actually see it. It was responded to a day later by “Raghavender” on “his behalf”.

  • sanjoy

    This is the status of Amazon.
    I was talking over their customer care executive and he was assuring me that delivery will happen today night.
    Then I received a sms immediately after that – “ could not delivered as customer not available”.

    I just cancelled the order 9no way).

    I am not expecting any miracle or feedback form you guys but it’s very surprising.

  • very poor service of amazon, your executive has misscommitted to customer, have not the address of seller or not contact number, ask to excutive for talked with the senior person in branch, so executive saying senior person is not available, executive was not provided me the mail id of senior person in mumbai branch of amazon,
    that my 1st experince with amzaon, and am sure have not interested in future pf amazon service, and also say in my circle, service is very poor, everyone give you the remarks out of 10, I’ll give you the remark of your company is 0 out of 100,
    and my advice for your company,
    1- your executive is doing miscommitted to customer, please stop this.
    2- I think you should have to take your all seller details, like sellear address and contact number.
    3- if you can’t give the good service to customer so I think you should have to do close your company, because we cant say the giving good service to misscommitting the customer and giving the wrong item which is customer seen in your portal.

    and you can also contact me on my mail.

  • Hello, Just wondered why the free shipping went from $25 to $ 35 & now after just around 1 yr. up to $49 before you can get free shipping. This is just greed !!!! Very Bad Karma !!! I could understand if gas prices were still at $4.00 a gallon .I use to always recommend you to my friends and family but now I really don’t care for the price hike. Won’t be doing that any more. Might rethink this idea. Signed your ex-loyal customer.

  • Jeff Bezos does not answer his own email, someone else does and they do not tell you there name . Jeff hides behind and it is not true that he answers his email.

    I have e-mails to prove it. they cancel accounts and will not talk to you.
    Jeff should answer his emails and stand up and be a man about it not hiding.

    I have been with them for 10 years and they still have not corrected there poor packaging.

  • Jeff Bezos does not answer hi own email someone else does but they do no tell you there name . Jeff hides behind and it is not true that he answers his email.

    I have e-mails to prove it. they cancel accounts and will not talk to you.
    Jeff should answer his emails and stand up and be a man about it not hiding.

  • Oh, please . . . Jeff Bezos is running a corporation and its many affiliates (and divisions) that employ thousands, yet everyone expects him to personally read each and every e-mail? I’m sure that Bezos has secretaries that comb through his e-mail and if merited, they are forwarded to the appropriate department.

    I personally have had customer service problems and when I e-mailed Mr. Bezos direct, it was handle immediately. So I appreciate Amazon’s level of customer service – and being able to contact the CEO directly.

    How many CEO’s have their personal e-mail listed so the average Joe can contact them directly?

  • erney whayes

    how a bout hair club for men

  • S. Luginbill

    I wondered why I couldn’t access on my Kindle the Daily Deals, so I spoke with several Customer Service Reps, each
    time I got transferred to someone further up the chain. Finally, I was told that my Kindle needed to be de-registered. I was concerned that I would lose items or that my collections would be lost. I was assured this would not happen. Well, it did. My 600 items went straight into archived. All my 19 collections disappeared. Each time I called back, I was told (a.) your collections will reappear in 20 minutes, (b.)your collections will reappear in 48 hours (c.)your collections will reappear in 3 business days. Imagine someone dumped your filing cabinet on the floor and you have to refile everything. I’m bothered because of the many lies I’ve been told.

  • Syed Faizan Zaidi

    I guess Jeff only responds to good emails, i have sent him 3 emails in regards with an issue with amazon order, he didnt even respond…pathetic customer service..

    • Kenny

      Change your last name to Bernstein and you will get a warm response.

  • Anika

    Hahahaha hilarious comment. Love Jeff

    • Adrian Garcia

      I’m done with Amazon prime. First Saturday delivery prices went up then Bezos doubled down on the one day shipping then snuck in a surcharge based on weight. If Amazon’s drones will scratch my ass when it itches at the door I am ending my prime membership and refusing to pay 99 bucks a years. #finished

  • Judith Davis

    Gee, I’ve written Bezos twice asking what Amazon intends to do about Kindle books available on Holocaust denial literature, kiddie porn and bestiality. I was told an “internal committee” was looking into it.
    Maybe I’ll ask my rabbi to write.

    • J. Arena

      I also asked that they do something about kiddie-porn listed on pages specifically for children’s movies. They promised to “get back to me.”

      Waiting, waiting, waiting…..

    • Sheila Allen

      I also wrote Bezos re Amazon selling cell phone cases with pictures of HITLER on them. I received 3 responses — all boiler-plate responses from low-level customer service reps (with poor grammar). I didn’t expect a response from Bezos himself — but I DID expect a response from SOMEONE who could give me an actual answer as to whether Amazon will continue to carry/sell these items. So far, no answer.