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Victim Breaks Down in Footage From Aftermath of Brutal Anti-Semitic Attack in France (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

March 27, 2014 10:45 am 136 comments

Jewish teacher attacked in Paris. Photo: David.

The Algemeiner has acquired photos and footage from the aftermath of a horrific anti-Semitic attack that took place in Paris, France late last week.

Speaking on camera a day after his assault, the victim  a 59-year-old Jewish teacher only identified as David said he was attacked by three North African “Maghreb men” at 10 p.m. on March 20 after leaving a kosher restaurant in Rue Manin, Paris, and making his way to a subway station.

“They started to curse me out: ‘dirty Jew,’ ‘death to the Jews,’ ‘son of a b***,’ etc. Then they started to beat me up,” David says in the clip before breaking down in tears. “I was hit on my face, I got my nose fractured… And then one of them took something out of his pocket, I thought it was a knife… It was a marker… And this is what they did to me (showing his chest), a swastika as they were screaming ‘dirty Jew.’ ”

David then shows the Nazi symbol drawn on his bare chest by the attackers. When members of the public started coming close to the scene of the attack, the assailants ran away and yelled “we are not finished, we’ll get back to you!!” he said.

David, who was wearing a yarmulke at the time of the assault, is still being questioned by police in charge of the investigation but the attackers are still free, a source told The Algemeiner. No arrests have been made.

Rabbi Levy Djian, a Parisian living in New York, said the video proves that the safety of Jewish people in France today is unstable.

“As a rabbi to the French Jewish community in New York I am often solicited for helping students, young entrepreneurs and even families to immigrate to the U.S. and Canada in order to live safer and more free as Jews but in the past year the numbers of requests have multiplied!” he said. “Now I understand even more why.”

“It happened right near the main Jewish neighborhood of the 19th district of Paris where I grew up. Often my family and friends who are still in France tend to ignore the rise of anti-Semitism and its danger, but this recent video shows that it’s real,” he added. “It’s the first time that we get to actually see and hear the victim of such a brutal and obvious anti-Semitic attack perpetrated by young uneducated Muslims and it makes us realize what it really feels like.”

The assault was originally reported on Saturday by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

At the time, Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe said in a statement, “This act of unspeakable cowardice is a betrayal of the foundation of the Republic and the values “‹”‹of Paris,” according to Paris’ Le Parisien.

The attack took place only days before local elections in France on Sunday, which saw strong gains for the nationalist National Front party. In an interview published Sunday, Yonathan Arfi, vice president of Jewish umbrella group CRIF (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France), told The Algemeiner there is a growing trend in France wherein the political far left connects with the extreme right over a common hatred of Jews.

“What is very worrying for us is when anti-Semitism makes the link between extreme left and extreme right,” he said, referring to a major Paris rally earlier this year where marchers chanted “Jew, France is not for you.” At the demonstration “there were people from the extreme right mainly but some people of the extreme left as well,” Arfi said.

Anti-Semitic attacks in France are reported with some regularity. Earlier this month Israel’s Ma’ariv reported that a young Jewish woman was assaulted at a laundromat in a suburb of Lyon by a mother and daughter of Arab descent who shouted, “Dirty Jew, go home to your country, Israel.” Last week, an Israeli man was attacked with a stun gun outside a synagogue and a week before that a French Jew was assaulted on the Metro.

The second anniversary of the infamous Toulouse attack on a French Jewish school was marked recently. Four people, including three children, were murdered in the Islamist attack.

See photos of the victim’s injuries from the aftermath of the brutal assault below:

France anti-Semitic attack victim David.

France anti-Semitic attack victim David. Photo: David.

France anti-Semitic attack victim David. Photo: David.

France anti-Semitic attack victim David. Photo: David.

France anti-Semitic attack victim David. Photo: David.


  • Fellow Muslims, beating up Jews isn’t going to get you what you want, especially Jews far from the Middle East, it is going to cause the opposite. Befriend them and make love not hate; why would you want to voluntarily dislike people anyway? This just isolates you from society and no one wants to be socially awkward.

  • It is terrible that this man and the woman who was beaten along with all other Jews are the targets of People of Hate. What’s next, more of this?? Sadly Jews in France must band together, protect themselves, be trained and not allow themselves to be the target of brutality. Mental and physical safety comes first. All the comments have the common theme…Muslims are responsible for the spreading and executing of hate crimes…

    Jews here should wake up and realize there are Muslim schools here, HUGE Muslim communities, with Obama, inviting them in, giving them funds, jobs, housing SO they can overtake us by population alone. The country placed the biggest Muslim supporter in the WHite House….like inviting your own death and destruction. All Muslims should be thrown out SO THEY CAN GO BACK TO THEIR HOME COUNTRY…just like the Arab woman told the woman she was beating…She should go home.

  • Sally Prittie

    When hate speech against Jews is ignored and Israel is vilified daily in the media eventually it will issue forth in despicable actions like this.
    Europe wake up! This has happened before and we all, Europeans, are the poorer for it.
    I believe it IS time for Jews to move to Israel, it is Hashem’s desire, BUT it brings a terrible judgment on Europe, that we were not a safe place. France will lose any blessing if she does not deal with the anti-Semitism quickly and fully.

  • The Quebec proposed ‘Charter of Values’? One size fits all xenophobia.Directed at anyone who’s not ‘pure laine’, as we say in Quebec.Thankfully it looks like the P.Q. Govt won’t be re-elected and legislate such idiocy.

  • The Buddhist Monk in Myanmar has the right idea:
    “You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog,”
    “If we are weak, our land will become Muslim,”

  • David,

    You are a far bigger man then these cowards who “ran away and yelled” They are gutless who need to feel harsh consequence in order and even then they “play the victim.” We are standing with you as U.S. Marines my friends and I were just angered by these 3 animals as they should be deported to wherever….!

    We will be watching and standing with you for JUSTICE
    Brian Ambersaw

  • According to Wikipedia, France does have hate crime laws that cover this sort of savagery. The problem would appear to be one of enforcement. It might help if immigrants to France were advised, in the course of the absorption process, to leave their hostilities at the door on arrival, or face: 1) enhanced imprisonment, followed by 2) deportation.


    French Hate Crime Law, (from Wikipedia):


    In 2003, France enacted penalty-enhancement hate crime laws for crimes motivated by bias against the victim’s actual or perceived ethnicity, nation, race, religion, or sexual orientation. The penalties for murder were raised from 30 years (for non-hate crimes) to life imprisonment (for hate crimes), and the penalties for violent attacks leading to permanent disability were raised from 10 years (for non-hate crimes) to 15 years (for hate crimes).[15][27]

  • Nowal Mokhtari

    Their is only one way to make sure that those savage beasts will never touch any other Jew ! Find them and if you are 110 percent sure you have the culprits, shoot them in their heads. French police will not spend much time investigating the case anyways and will classify it as a drug related crime. If they could they would throw those cockroaches in the Seine themselves. In sha Allah.

  • sorry i made a mistake

    it’s suppose i said ,”the comment of this article suppose condmned anti-semitic actions

  • the comments of article suppose anti-semitic , its convert to anti-islam .

    two wrongs don’t make right

    as a muslim i condenmed this racist crime against the jews in Paris, and i condemned the speech of hate against WHOLE the muslims .

  • Armenian Guy

    Wow… this was really sad to read.

  • Henry James FM

    Any antisemitism or any sort of abuse against any religion, race, gender to fellowmen will be rewarded with the same measures. These kind of abusers should not be allowed to stay in the French Republic or in any civil society. The best place for these abusers is to keep them in the most barren and savage land of the predators. They’re inhuman so they need to learn to be educated of nature harshness before they ready to live with us. We value man not inhuman..bully..or fanatics…. so called “…”

  • David – my heart goes out to you.

    My questions are – What have the French police done about it?…. Did they catch the murderer of the young Parisian yeshiva student murdered some years ago? – and if so what was the outcome / sentence?

    France 2 TV perpetrated the al Dura blood libel which resulted in violence against Jews and created anti-Semitic hatred internationally. Sarkozy chose to award the French Legion of Honour to Enderlin who promoted the libel.

    …and as if that wasn’t bad enough – Enderlin is a Jew.

    I have refused several trips to Paris and have refused to buy French products since their ambassador referred to Israel as a shitty little country in 2001.

  • Alan Goldberg

    Ain’t multiculturalism great! The Jews here in the US are always calling for multiculturalism, and how wonderful it is. I recall watching a video where a Jewish woman in Europe said that Europe is going to have to give up its old ways and welcome and open up their nations to all people. Multiculturalism for everyone! For all nations! For all religions! Except Israel, right?

  • Assemble a group of Israelis with proper self defense skills from their mandatory military training to go to the scene of this crime and stage for one of them to leave alone and when these same thugs pounce on him the other Israelis jump in and then France would have to react quickly to resolve these street conflicts. These reported isolated incidents are not going to get France to react at this time other than issuing statements.

  • There is only one language cowards like this understand. The mighty hit back. Jews should organize in France like they did in the US when African Americans we attacking us. Let them be called vigilantes, but they need to become organized and hit back whenever they feel the time is right. This will scare them to the point that they will not do what they did.
    You will note that three men attacked this elderly Jew. Why can’t the Jews organize something lie the JDL and start fighting back. Only then will you see the political establishment become concerned and start arresting the attackers.

  • Even I’m muslim I’m tired of muslim and they stuff they do to the other

  • Why is this a top story on foxnews? someone please explain

  • French Jews must make Aliyah as soon as possible.

    • Kris Kristian

      Jews must go home to Israel.
      America is no more safe.
      nazi Obama has allowed millions of Muslims into the country.
      Non of them had a green card.
      How long will it be, before America becomes an Islamic country?
      We can only pray that Obama is impeached and that the next president will be a friend of Israel, and remove all the unwanted Muslims to restore America to the great country it was before this Nazi was voted into the WH, by Jews!

  • May be we American Jews should Boycott France and French products until the government does really something to stop the rise of anti jew sentiment in France. Enough is Enough. What do them want another Toulouse massacre for them to wake up.

    • The difference between he and I is that I have a concealed carry permit and he has, along with most Jews, a barucha.

      • Kerry M. Berger

        Packing a concealed weapon makes you feel secure? Talk about asinine NRA thinking. Solving problems out of the end of the barrel of the gun isn’t going to rid the world of anti Semitism.

      • I totally agree with your comments. For too long, Jews have relied on local police, the state et cetera. Much better that we protect ourselves. The state of Israel has figured that out the last 60 years. We need to be strong and look after ourselves.

      • This is how we should be. They are cowards and would bolt at the sight of some strength. I always carried and had to use it as well.

    • Bruce Robert

      I actually am embarrassed but I read with glee, that France is being taken over by medieval trash. They deserve all they get and more. French majority are after all the cowards of the 1940’s supported hate
      The cowards who do this know there will be no consequences, after all he is only a Jew. Bastards will only attack in packs, and only older or frail people, women included. These savages kill their own women and daughters so what will they do to you or I ? I curse them. The world at large knows, just ‘drawing a cartoon’ can cause these morons to strip and all hell breaks loose. France must enjoy their new citizens. The French swopped productive hard working, professional people for nothing but criminals, biggots and charity cases. Not long now before France, and other Euro countries turn total Sharia !
      All the culture and history will be destroyed.

    • sorry but tit for tat does not work. Sanctions are ‘a smokescreen’ the problem is entirely the responsibility of failed political solutions. There can be no peace without war? How cynical.


  • I will bless them that bless Thee
    AND curse them that Curse thee

    • Kris Kristian

      When will this happen?
      Can the Jews wait any longer for the promice by G-D to curse and destroy those who curse and try to destroy the Jews and Israel?

    • Don’t believe everything you read………..especially not this uber nonsense.

  • David…my heart’s sorrow is with you…No country…No people…No Government…can justify this kind of Hatred in the name of Religious Freedom….

    • Belgium, Holland ,Denmark and many others are turning their back on this type of attack. I all starts with desocration of graves and buildings, then graduates to the easy targets, women, children and the elderly or weaker in the population

  • firebreathingchristian

    Organize and patrol. dirty fn moose lips.

  • I do hope for Justice for this man. I wish I was there to help him from these cowards.

  • any brutality or attack to any person,regardless of his religion race and nationality it is prohibited in Islam.I personally condemn this act.

    • Citizen Thomas

      Very sad. No innocents should be attacked, regardless of religion. Sick of violence. Poor guy was not doing anything. I would also feel the same for any Muslem person who was also attacked. Thugs are thugs. People should be good to each other.

      I have great friends who are Christian, Muslim, Jewish. They all reject ugly attacks like this.

      I do not accept that we have a growing violence problem with muslims. This is an isolated incident. Let’s keep our rationale here.

      • Bernard Ross

        not at all isolated, more like a growing trend. this is a European tradition and habit of 2000 years and this appears to be one way in which the immigrants assimilate successfully. Jews are doomed in Europe and it is odd that they did not realize that the last time. What could Jews possibly be thinking to have remained in europe after 2000 years of this behavior. Must be something in the air or water there as it is a pretty reliable and consistent behavior.

        • i guess this is in return for what the jews in israel are doing to the palestinians in israel.this is just a drop on the ocean compared to the atrocities commited by the jews in israel to the pallasteninas though i must confess that such crimes are not condoned as we are all human and must love each other no matter who you are.

      • You may not accept it, but it shows a certain lack of intellectual courage.

        You may notice that in pretty much all countries in the world Muslims live freely and unmolested, except in Burma where some buddhists are fighting back. But in NO Muslim countries are Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, atheists or anyone else living as equals and in many cases have been eliminated altogether like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

        So by all means don’t accept it. Just remember to continue not to accept it as you are disenfranchised and ethnically cleansed from where ever you call your ancestral home.

      • Mutual respect in the communities is disappearing because of right and left wing hooligans acting as one in hatred of ‘Jews’ reminiscent of the gang culture. These people are bred by terrorists and indoctrinated by extremists and the rise of fascism is because there has to be blame. The blame in my view, lies with hypocritical politicians who are too afraid to not sit on the fence but are prepared to be ‘economical with the truth’ or at best a smokescreen for democracy.
        In my view I have witnessed attacks and brutality at point blank range and it is no laughing matter.
        The united nations is seen as a peace keeping force but rarely does anything to support common sense.

      • I AGREE WHIT YOU!!

        • Thanks for that Boo it is lovely to hear some people share my views, alternative as they sound. see the reality in a political way – am too old in the tooth to be fooled. Diplomacy ?? United nations is too weak and anyone can use the veto which sounds fair but in reality is it fair?? Will throw this open to a group discussion:)

    • Bravo Mohamed Bravo. I wish more muslim like you would leave comments like this and rise against this violence.

    • Alan Bernson

      Please tell me the following:

      In recent years, there have been physical attacks on Jews in France and in at least two cases that I know of , there have been killings.

      Has there been any condemnation of these attacks by ( a ) Muslim groups in France and/or(b) by Muslim groups anywhere ?

      Thank you

      Alan Bernson

    • Kris Kristian

      What youy say, is all very well and good.
      But the Islamic leaders, refer to Hanya of Gaza, and Abbas, Iran etc, the imams and the Islamic schools teach hatred of Jews and Israel, that both, Jews and Israel must be destroyed.
      Personally, I have in the past done business with Muslims, who I called my personal friends, and they never said anything bad about Jews and Israel.
      I remember after Oslo, a Muslims businessman said that he hopes and prays that there will be peace between Jews and Muslims. That Israel will live in peace.
      Then he said.
      “imagine if there is peace in Israel, what, with the Jewish brain and Arab/Islamic money, how the world will benefir”

    • Unfortunately Mr. Said, this is not what people around the world see. What we see are people filled with hatred for those who are not muslim and call us “infidels”. We see Imams who make stupid remarks about women and who treat women as chattel. We see nothing but violence and demands that the countries that they move to change their laws to be Sharia law. We see so many on public assistance, welfare, the dole – having many many children but not contributing to the society that they live in. We see your ideaologies pushed on us but when Jewish or Christian or any religion but Islam is attempted to be taught, it is disallowed. We see nothing but violence. While you and a handful of others may condemn this act, the majority don’t. they cheer the violence, they cheer the hatred — the FAN the hatred. Kudos to you for denouncing this act but unfortunately you are in the very very small minority.

  • If I learned one lesson in Vietnam it’s this – terror is always a two way street.

    There’s no point in Christians and Jews bemoaning their fate at the hand of Muslims.

    It’s weak and cowardly.

    Organize and fight back and often! It’s the only language people like this understand.

    • We are not fighting Charlie here. The gooks tried to kill us and we in turn tried to kill them. The Jews are a different story. They do not want to fight back no matter what their odds are, so the enemy keeps on dishing out death and destruction.

      A good case in point in Israel. Here we have so called Palestinians whose only wish is to kill and maim innocent Israelis; and the Israelis only want to release convicted murderers back to the Palestinians. If I was in Israel, I would hang every last one of these murderers, but then again we are dealing with Jews who only know how to surrender, so the Palestinians play the game and always win.

      • It is not likely that the attackers were Palestinian. More likely they are the children of Muslim immigrants from former French colonies such as Morocco or Algeria, two countries that drove out virtually all their Jewish citizens, whose ommunities in North Africa date back to the Spanish Inquisition and earlier. In fairness, the current King of Morocco has promoted tolerance toward Jews, but Islamist legislators in his country have passed anti-Jewish legislation within the last year.


    • Kris Kristian

      I agree. Only, with Obama in power, there is very little chance of being able to fight against this curse.
      Obama is encouraging hatred.
      Get rid of him

    • to mgray38, what you ay is right, but we in Israel when we fight back all the “civilized” world condemns us!

    • you are correct.. mutual understanding is best but when we have politicians in the USA and in other G8, sorry G7 countries acceding to vitriolic attacks by use of the veto – no names mentioned. The rise of fascism is blamed on the weakest anbd divide and conquer comes to mind.

    • Police in France are weak and coward. They allow this
      kind of aggression. how sad! This kind of aggression will only escalade unless government reacts quickly.

  • Religion of peace…..such manure. I know good muslims who haven’t been brainwashed by the spirit of the Koran: kill all “infidels”, i.e., non-muslims.

  • The Liberals will not blame the savages for the attack, but blame it on the Jew for wearing a yarmulke & inciting them. Liberals have no idea what personal accountability means.

    • I am a liberal, Mr. Avni and you have no idea what liberals think or whom they blame. All you seem to know how to do is generalize about people based on your own presuppositions. You and Dave should have a beer together and listen to Rush Limbaugh.

      • I know liberals, having many liberal friends. 98.5% of them don’t think about issues, & that’s where most of the problem lies. A liberal should be called “Fantasist” because they don’t understand how things work in the real world. All they do is have this grand fantasy about how things should, be but hen you point out the serious flaws in their “dreams”, they change the subject or go strangely silent.

        • When you begin to understand human nature, you will see how flawed the Fantasists dreams are. You can’t change or outlaw human nature. It is born within the people & is part of them.

    • The new citizens can walk around in their medieval sack clothing that in fact stinks, also covers them totally, we don’t know whom we are dealing with, male or female. Our P.C. society do not and will not have anything to say for fear of being labeled biggots. I do not care, I have experiencd the smell and filth. The same as I wish to shower daily, the do not………their choice, but keep away from the hygenic amongst us. Hope this gets printed 😉

  • I am here because of Fox News and I wonder if are any of the other networks are reporting on the terrible increase of violence against people of Faith by Muslims?
    Probably not because (oh forbid) it would not be politically correct to say anything about the poor Muslims. Just my take on recent events.

  • Uneducated muslims…with all the muslin terrorists in the world you would think that they would get beatings from everyone. But it’s only a small percentage of Muslims to blame so a normal society knows better. These haters are subhuman and will never learn anything but hate!

    • Kris Kristian

      Unfortunatly, it is not only the uneducated Muslims. The educated Muslims egg them on.
      Those are the people to be wary of.

      Look at the leaders of Iran, Abbas, Hanyah etc.
      Those are the baddies who incite hatred


    FN is anti-Islamic, not anti-Semitic. And yes, this is the result of Islamic immigration. We should all be worried about this.

  • if I were president I would send all muslims back to the middle east. how would that be any different than what Obama is doing to christains is America. if Obama had a son would he look like the attackers of david in this article? I say, close all muslim churches in America.

    • you mean mosques

    • It is time to slow down. We should not ship any group back to anywhere. Muslims are good people, but some cannot tolerate Jews. Whites are good people, but some cannot tolerate blacks. Blacks are good people but some cannot tolerate Hispanics. And so it goes. My examples above are merely a few. I do not condone the bullying of the many against the few. How do you find peace among people? Begin with yourself. Be a good ambassador for your family name and country.

      • Great comment but we should kick people who are not tolerant out of the country and back to where they came from. I don’t know what we do about the people that were born here that are not tolerant but at least this is a start.

      • Well said. I should stop reading the comments after articles on the net because of the crazies who lurk around any controversy with nothing but hatred on their minds. ,

  • Trish from California

    Now we’re seeing the results for allowing these muslim savages residency in Europe. These hateful backward beasts should be punished for their crime & deported !!. I can’t understand why are these muslims allowed to immigrate to europe so easily, their invading and as expected bring nothing but VIOLENCE, CRIME with them…that’s all the know !!! I’m not Jewish, but my heart goes out to this innocent victim & the Jewish community for such dispicaple hate crime. I have love & respect for the Jewish people, who are peaceful & kind. What Europe & America need to do is a mass deportation of all these savage hideous muslim bac to their violent countries immediately !!!.

    • Markus E Brajtman

      The Muslims have been saying for hundreds of years that Islam will rule the world.
      They are nearly there, with the help of the Christian world who have allowed them into USA, Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Begium etc.
      I wonder if those leaders ever bothererd to check the spread of Islam?
      The motto of Islam is “first the Jews, then the Christians”
      Well, the Christians have certainly helped the Muslims get what they wanted.
      There is a sayig that when the Jews leave, it is time to leave. When the Portugese leave, it is too late.

    • Criminals should be thrown out and sent to their original countries. Period.
      Then maybe others will respect laws of the countries who have welcomed them.

  • Arabs are semitic. It never ceases to amaze me how illiterate humans parrot these inaccurate terms. One can use proper english and still get the idea across. If that is a swastika on his chest I’m the wizard of oz.


    • Quibbling over semantics? The rest of us get it.

      Thus far, your inane comment only makes you look ignorant and immature.

    • you must be a nazi sympathizer

      • Says the jew lol better not speak out against the mighty jews or theyll label you a nazi…SOME jews are rotten and its the same for muslims and every other race you guys instigate so much bull and then play the victim…look at all the elite that run the u.s. JEWS and they are the most sociopathic evil greedy people around. if youve been fighting for thousands of years and blame the other side for everything all the time you become foolish and fail to look in the mirror and take responsibility for your actions. there is 2 sides to every story and the muslims you fight are just as guilty as you are…LOOK IN THE MIRROR FOR ONCE

        • aha… so there is intelligent, sensitive dissent among Jews after all.

          ps. absolutely no sarcasm on my part j.w. thanks for your refreshing courageous voice.

        • Markus E Brajtman

          Wow, JW. Why dont you write your real name?
          because you are a coward. LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

          When your friends greet you, do they say ‘ZIG HEIL?”

    • To: a heermans
      Arabs are technically semitic but the modern definition of Anti-Semitism means hatred of Jews. I want to remind you that during WWII the Grand Mufti of Palestine and other Arabs sided with the Nazis. So, yes it is possible to be Arab and an Anti-Semite.
      That IS a swastika that those Anti-Semitic thugs marked on his chest!
      Stop being so condescending and smug!

      • Markus E Brajtman

        The Christian world, USA, Holland, Belgium, etc, have very short memories.
        The enemy of the allied forces, during WW2, were the Arab Muslims.

        The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was the biggest friend of the Nazis.
        He called for the destruction of all the Jews. He helped Germany during the war.
        He organised Muslims brigades to fight the allies.
        And those allies have forgotten who their enemy was and who their friends were.

        • Markus E Brajtman

          I would like to add.

          When I say, the Christian world, I mean some leaders, some preachers,who have demned the Jews.
          Thank HASHEM that there are multi millions of Christians who are our real good friends. They fight all forms of Jew hatred. They fight for the rights of The Jews and Israel.
          They have not been influenced by many leaders and preachers.
          TYhey find the new “replacement theology” disgusting and that it negates the word of
          I know many of them. There are while Christians, and Black Christians who have visited Israel on a few occasians and have found no form of aapartheid in Israel.
          They see the need for the wall/fence, which has stopped terrorism by 95%.
          Unfortunately, it is church leaders like Tutu, who is so full of hate of Jews and Israel, that he influences many with his hatred.
          Tutu is a man who needs to be seen and have his photos in every newspaper.
          And he has a strong following.

    • AmericanBTGoG

      Well Wiz — Let’s make it simple for you. The same “its not anti-semitic, because muslims are semitic” trope has been around for a long time. It shows either an inability for any sense of nuance or deliberate obfuscation. How’s this: Jew-hater. Clear enough?

    • What do you think he got on his chest????? Are you blind or may be anti semitic or may be plain dumb……or like another person said probably a Nazi.

      • Says the jew lol better not speak out against the mighty jews or theyll label you a nazi…SOME jews are rotten and its the same for muslims and every other race you guys instigate so much bull and then play the victim…look at all the elite that run the u.s. JEWS and they are the most sociopathic evil greedy people around. if youve been fighting for thousands of years and blame the other side for everything all the time you become foolish and fail to look in the mirror and take responsibility for your actions. there is 2 sides to every story and the muslims you fight are just as guilty as you are…LOOK IN THE MIRROR FOR ONCE

    • Steve Butman

      It is definitely an attempt at a swastika…the cowards were probably getting ready to run when it was drawn.

      Radical Islamists, (like Nazis) will only attack when the numbers are in their favor. They are the most cowardly people in the world. They hide behind women/children.

    • M.A. Kinamohn

      Hey OZ, you are one ignorant bastard!!!

    • Yes it is swastika, I will give it to you, they are not great artists but the message is loud and clear. Jews should be proud and strong wherever they are in the world, don’t let anyone intimidate you. Rise up, speak up, protect yourselves, don’t let anyone treat you inhumanly.

      We are with you all the way.

  • I can not believe that no arrests have been made. My heart goes out to this man and the community who have to deal with such hatred! Please know there are so many of us out here who support and pray for you and your community!

  • John from Tennessee

    Do not be surprise that these actions will start to happen in the USA, are Muslim population is growing & Jews and Christians are the Infidels to them

    • You pansy Europeans better get a hold of reality because your Government’s are weak!!!

      • To the fanatic Muslim, “first the Saturday people (Jews) and then the Sunday people (Christians). Europe better wake up, for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

    • One thing that makes USA Different than other countries. The “2nd Amendment”, Justifiable Shoots, Castle Doctrine, “Stand Your Ground”. We have a right to arm ourselves and to kill in self defense

      • Yeah, but we also have a much higher murder rate than France and the rest of Europe. Not sure the “Stand Your Ground” thing is helping.

        • There is a huge difference between Murder and Killing.

          Someone Breaks into my house and I shoot them. No its not Murder

          Someone tries to attack me and I shoot them. No its not murder.

          Someone tries to steal my car ” Carjacking” and I shoot them, no its not murder.

          Its all justifiable.

          The point is, Jews cannot risk putting their safety in the hands of government, that is a bad move. We need to learn how to protect ourselves. No one is going to come and save us but ourselves

  • This should be called what it is: virulent Muslim hatred. France let them in without protest. Now France is paying the price. God save the poor Jews who are their targets. This man should sue the French Govt. for allowing this to happen. May he heal soon and get out of France.

    • William Channon

      It is a real tragedy that Jews might even consider ‘leaving France’. They have been an integral and deserved part of French society even though they have history to remind them that they have always paid a heavy price throughout the centuries. I am a Christian and have always been on their side but saddened that the Jewish should need to be another side. They are not.

    • Steve Butman


  • It’s amazing how you first read this article and you think Neo Nazis. But read a little further… And finally, and almost reluctantly.. They mention the “far right”. But its not. C’mon, you apologists can say it.


    M… U…. S…. L…. I ….M ….S.

    Can you finally say it? If you wait any longer, it may be too late.

  • Why is it that One Jew being persecuted is given such prominence when it is reported 10% of the approx. 2 billion Christians world wide are being persecuted at any one time? “A report presented in March to the United Nations in Geneva by the WEF, a
    global network of 160 million Evangelical Christians, also estimated that
    over 200 million Christians in at least 60 countries are denied fundamental
    human rights solely because of their faith.” And Yet One man of the Jewish Faith is given center stage. Something is wrong!!

    • I’m sorry David but you are totally mistaken. These assaults against Jews in France don’t make the front page headlines. You happen to be reading a Jewish paper. why wouldn’t we Jews report of such crimes against us?
      Regarding the abuses to Christians in Muslim countries, you are right. they should be on the front pages and there should by wide outcry. actually, I know about such crimes against Christians from the Jewish Press.

    • Jodi Alexander

      Very ignorant statement indeed. I am Jewish. I am proud to be Jewish and proud of my heritage. I am also an American. I’m not as proud to call myself an American anymore. Anti-Semitism is running through the veins of America. I strive to acknowledge, pray, and feel the suffering of all souls. As human beings, are we not all from the same tribe?

    • Steve Butman

      It’s because as Tim Johnson said above, the US media is afraid to present the Muslims in a poor light. Meanwhile, every terrorist act committed in the last 10 years has been done in the name of Islam. Every conflict being fought in the world today has Muslim involvement.

      It is a hateful, violent “religion”, and needs to be outlawed.

      • Markus E Brajtman

        The press dont like to report about attackes on Jews. It “upsets” the Muslims.
        But, if one Jew steps in the wrong diection, it is headline.
        That is what sells newspapers.
        Anything bad about Jews and Israel is the selling market.

      • Kris Kristian

        Islam is not a religion
        It is a hate cult. ,kill every infidel, That is, Christians, Jews, Hindu Bahai etc

        Their cult bible, the Koran is full of hate and kill.
        Their imams, their leaders, preach hate.
        Please watch the video of the Gazans, and their PM Haniya preaching. No, screeming hate. Kill all the Jews, Destroy Israel, Take ove Jerusalem, The only claim they have on Jerusalem, is that they desecrated the Holy of Holies of the Jewish people, by builing their mosques on the Temple Mount.
        Their lie that M ascended to heaven with his white horse, from outside the Dome of the Rock, is a fantasy dream.

    • It is called Karma. The evangelicals have been spreading hatred against LGBTs and women and obtaining passage of laws I foreign countries which oppress them. The Christians should start acting like Christ, then maybe they will not be targets of haters. Live by hate, die by hate.

    • M.A. Kinamohn

      Maybe because the christians were just as bad as the muslims in the past and would still be, if they thought that they could get by with it!

      • It is more of taking personal RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHOICES AND ACTIONS. This isn’t about comparing apples and oranges; this is about the actions taken in the name of total idiocy to cause the loss of life and the ridicule of another race is sick and pathetic. Then add the crazy constant call for ‘Jihad’ and the death to the ‘Infidel thing.’ is just absurd…

        Here is a perfect example: ‘The mother and daughter of arab decent’ were yelling ‘dirty jew’ not realizing that they themselves are filled with poison and contradiction. They make themselves judge and jury and not knowing that they are literary locking themselves in the prison cell of bitterness of hate and revenge..

        I do wish I was there to help David as this is not about revenge but justice for a victim in a grievous assault. It is very defining of these 3 gutless cowards that they “RAN away and yelled…” Yet IF this were to happen to any one them they would cry, wine and play the victim and shout ‘We are targeted for our beliefs..! I do hope that real Justice grips these three even to help and humble them so they can see clearly how they became what they themselves hate!


    • agree 100%

    • robert sklar

      To David Smith: Jews in France are being persecuted. When Islam is strong enough i France, as in Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan, Christians will also be persecuted. The strategy is first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people. The persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt with the election of Morsi was of the gravest concern to Jews everywhere. The best solution is for Jews and Christians to join together against anti-semitism in France and to warn others of the risk of allowing any group to be singled out for persecution.

    • DavidSmith, I do not condone attacks on anybody. However, this particular jew was just walking home, minding his own business (and his own religion), in a country that is not a THEOCRACY. The difference for Evangelicals in that they send their own around the world (including very hostiles countries) to proselytize. While this should not be a crime, nor should they be attacked for their beliefs, it does cause ire in countries run by Theocracies. AND THOSE are the countries WHERE persecution of christians is condoned.
      Having said that, attacks against Evangelical Christians do get reported and are well known around the world.

  • Jacqueline Carey


  • Dave from Texas

    This is what happens when a civilized country allows immigration of these filthy muslims. Time to deport them, persecute them, and cut off all future muslim immigration.

    • You cannot give the Muslims any slack. Never the twain shall meet. I found out the hard way. They are all nuts.





    • Look how these jackals try to deflect and confuse.
      They say more about right wing politics that had NOTHING to do with this!!!!!

      “Far right”… Even trying to mislead with the Swastika.

      It’s MUSLIMS!!! MUSLIMS!!!


      • Kenneth D Hegler

        No wonder Quebec wants a Secular Charter!

        • The secular charter is aimed as much at Quebec’s Jewish citizens as it is at Muslims. One of the PQ’s star candidates is spewing libel about the “Kosher tax” that is used to support Israel with Pauline Marois’ full knowledge and support.

          • Bart A. Charta

            What everyone in Canada outside of Quebec would like to see, is a giant knife cutting Quebec (and her money-sucking, unproductive leeches who populate that welfare-sucking teat of a province), off the body of Canada and “set free” to float in the Atlantic – and as most Canadians would say (and especially those living west of Ontario) – “good riddance….”

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