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May 30, 2014 7:02 pm

EXCLUSIVE: ‘We are Not Afraid’ Says Mother of Jewish Brothers Brutally Beaten Outside Paris Synagogue

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Security guards patrol near a synagogue in Paris. Photo: Anach Infos.

The mother of two Jewish brothers, who are recovering after being severely beaten on Saturday night outside of a Paris synagogue, told The Algemeiner on Thursday that her family isn’t fearful.

“We are not afraid, we are not scared and we’re going to get back on our feet and stay strong,” said the mother, who asked to remain anonymous. “We don’t want to give the feeling to people that we feel weak or anything. However, we are worried, we are concerned about what’s going on.”

“The fact is that the climate is very bad, very scary, and that there is an increase in small or verbal attacks currently and recently,” she said.

“Although it’s very sad that we had to go through this and experience this, we know that G0d is protecting us and watching over us, and we need to focus on how to progress, and how to move forward and continue to do what we have to do.”

Her sons, aged 18 and 21, were heading to Chaare Tsion Synaogue, in Créteil, when they were beaten with brass knuckles by two attackers who later fled on foot and by bicycle. The brothers suffered multiple contusions and were hospitalized in serious, but not life-threatening, condition.

The youngest testified anonymously on BFM TV, saying, “We were trying to walk down the street with our kippot [skullcaps]. Two Maghreb [men] came and beat us. They started by my brother with brass knuckles, scarred him all over the face and beat me.”

Their mother said she was “very troubled and very much overwhelmed” when she first heard about the brutal assault her sons faced in Créteil, home to one of the biggest Jewish communities in Paris. She is now hoping to find a positive aspect to their painful experience that may benefit the rest of the Jewish community. “I’m trying to strengthen myself by saying there must be something good that will come out of this for the Jewish people,” she said.

The brothers’ lawyer, Maitre Severine Benayoun, told The Algemeiner that the attack left them “very badly harmed, physically.”

“They are a very good Jewish family,” the lawyer said. “They are very shocked to go through what they are going through now. Emotionally, it has very much shaken them.”

The eldest brother was released from hospital after being treated for a fracture near his eye, though no surgery was needed, Benayoun told The Algemeiner. He will visit an eye doctor in the coming days, his mother said.

“He’s going to try to see again because he couldn’t see anything before because the fracture was so big. It’s still very painful and it’s still very hard for him when he eats,” she said. “He’s still in shock. He doesn’t talk a lot.”

The younger brother has already returned to school, his mother said.

When asked if she thinks the assault was anti-Semitic, Benayoun said, “totally, it’s obvious.”

“There is an interview of the younger brother and he disclosed what happened: they came, they did not say anything, they tapped him on the shoulder, and punched him on the face right away and they started fighting. There was nothing happening beforehand between all of them,” Benayoun explained.

“It’s not like they [tried to] steal something from them. Steal their cell phone or their wallet or something. They were walking, somebody came to them, attacked them and left,” the lawyer said.

An investigation into the incident and the hunt for the perpetrators is ongoing. Benayoun said the local authorities’ concern was heightened as the attack happened almost simultaneously to the fatal shooting at the Jewish Museum of Belgium where four died, including two Israelis.

The boys’ mother commended officials for their work and said authorities are performing their duties objectively. While the French government recognized Saturday’s assault as anti-Semitic, Benayoun believes stronger legislative measures should be taken to fight such attacks.

“These kinds of anti-Semitic attacks or infractions should be more strictly sanctioned and punished,” she said. “This is what can stop them for continuing what they’re doing.”

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  • This is also so un-Necessary! Islam is no the problem! Fundamentalist who hijack a religious stance to further their power brokerage in the World! There’s the problem. Feed the mind and the soul will be scourged of such Intolerances. For every article that depicts the Jew wrongly, point to the FACT! Let the World know in unbridled terms the lies that are being issued to discolour the perceptions? N propaganda! Plain Truths will suffice!!

    • Pimentos

      Islam is a fashist ideology and has been aggressive and intolerant since it exists. The problems will only end, when the supporters of this evil so called religion will forced to accept their inferiority on this planet.

    • Islam IS the problem. The ‘fundamentalists’ are the REAL muslims. The ‘moderates’ are the FAKE muslims.

      The Quran, Sirah, Hadith, Sunnah, and Sharia are filled with exhortations of violence against ALL non-muslims, and especially against Jews. Quit believing what lying muslims tell you about islam and find out for yourself before you talk about people ‘hijacking’ a religion.

  • art frank

    The savage muslims are running rampant in France. Jews should form vigilante gangs and try to capture and KILL the savages. Or, Jews should abandon France because the savages breed like rats and will eventually become the majority.

  • Jeff Klein

    See this ? I got it from Jewish Defense Organization .What you think ?


  • Islamic hatred affects both Christians and Jews. The only way to deal with this is through economic boycott of nations that harbor these vicious and sharia driven zealots. France and the
    rest of Europe can still change their immigration policies, prevent any further influx of Muslims from former colonies to their country before it is too late. The US and Canada should do this as well, not allow any further migration from Islamic k countries. Perhaps at some future date this hatred of western nations by Muslims will change. Currently that’s not happening. CAIR and their affiliates are invading the Universities, College campuses etc, and doing their best to radicalize and intimidate. They are using the freedoms of our constitution and unsuspecting youth to spread their influence which is Hatred of the West. Our youth not recognizing we don’t havea perfect political system FALL FOR THIS DECEPTION, GOD HELP US.

    • m_

      I agree with all you say except ending ALL further Muslim migration. I believe Muslim migration must be reduced and carefully monitored to bar those Muslims who are hostile to Christians and Jews and wish to impose Sharia law in the West. Those truly peaceful and moderate Muslims and former Muslims who are fleeing radical Islam and want to live in the West should not be barred. CAIR claims to be “moderate” but is actually a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. They are working to weaken the West and infiltrate our government and schools and deceive liberal Christians, Jews and true Muslim moderates. They spread the myth of Muslim victimhood since 9/11 and sympathy for anti-Western Muslims.

      • No Dhimmi


        Unfortunately, there is no head analysis that tells us if a muslim is secular, moderate of fundamentalist.

        Even if it would exist, these people change. In Germany, the first immigrations in the 1950s were dumb but decent workers. Today, the 3rd and 4th generation is more islamist than their grand-grand-parents in Turkey could ever were.

        • m_

          In that case, all radical Muslim organizations should be shut down in Germany and elsewhere. Radical Muslims should be barred from all government posts. Muslim women should be protected against violence and murder by family members. Female genital mutilation should not be allowed. No special laws should be allowed for Muslims. Muslim women should not be allowed to wear face coverings with slits for eyes, etc. Muslim immigration should be greatly reduced and immigrants who become radicalized should be deported. There are still true moderates and they should be given asylum if they want to immigrate and publically denounce terrorism as some have. Muslims must be free to reform Islam or leave Islam if they choose. Moderate peaceful Muslims should be strongly encouraged to speak out as much as possible and be offered government protection if they if they are threatened by radical Islamists.

  • I hate to say that these cowardly attacks on innocent people is inherently inspired by ISLAM, but the more we see of it around the world Islam inspires these attacks.

    The attempts to install Sharia law across the planet is not simply the acts of extremists, it is fundamental throughout the Muslim world.
    We are in the midst of a third world war,ISLAM vs the rest of us.

  • geoffrey gilbert


    • James


      Jewish organisations in the UK point out that the CST in the UK does all it can to abet islamisation, even when their own reports show that most of the jew-hatred in the UK comes from muslims/arabs/immigrants.

    • Penny

      What do you think Jew hatred is but anti-Semitism!!?

  • NCS

    Jews in Israel have the government and the entire nation dedicated to one thing: the protection and preservation of the Jewish people

    It’s only going to get more dangerous living in Europe. We have an intentional enemy and it will eventually become more difficult for American Jews as well.

    Israel needs our man-power and our money. Make aliya.

    • Eve

      Fool, fool! “Make aliya?” Make all the Jews feel that they should congregate in one place for easy extermination, to the last man? Is this a good plan? Is this a plan that even serves the Jews in Israel? NO. NO, to being passive. NO to being pushed out of your home. NO to allowing other people tell you, a Jew, of all the human beings in this world, where you may and may not live and travel! “Make aliya” only reinforces the passive attitude that Jews have had for too long, that has resulted in their numbers being decimated. “Make aliya” only puts Israel, and all the Jews there, in more danger. The Jews of Israel should be surrounded by vigorous Jewish populations everywhere else in the world! Enemies of Jews should KNOW that they will be SURROUNDED by angry, able Jewish populations that will yield hefty political power in developed nations everywhere. Isolation is eminently unwise for the Jewish people. As for that expression, “make aliya”? – – make *pishy*!

      • m_

        Yes. I agree. Jews have a right to live in any nation and that right should be defended and Anti-Semites of all stripes exposed and vigorously opposed. Israel must be defended and those Jews who wish to live there have the right to move to Israel but all Jews should not “make aliya.” Israel is surrounded by well armed enemies who want to destroy Israel and kill all Jews there. Israel must be defended but it is not in our interest to relocate all Jews in Israel. Israel could become a trap for all Jews if that were to happen. Israel needs the support of American Jews and all others living outside Israel as well as our Christian allies around the world who support Israel’s right to defend itself within secure borders.

      • Michael Bloch

        Eve is a stupid lady !
        Did anything help the Jews of Europe during the Shoa – even tho’ there were many self-protection units in all the main cities !
        Every Judean in Israel is the BEST protection all of the nation have. Are the Judeans of France going to be able to withstand the onslaught of 9 million enraged ,suicidal, maniacal Muslims who’ll be joined by the Frenchmen themselselves – just as the French behaved during the Shoa – also the Hollanders,Belgians,Norwegians et-al? In Israel we’ve proved over and over again that they are no match for us and that is why we are extremely safe ! Dispersed Judeans will be destroyed – both by assimilation and violence

    • The first time I read a conscience full US Jew who seems aware of the risks in USA even…
      US and some other Jews are mostly Ostriches with heads in far..
      I would love to remember or teach you an old Jewish joke from old Ukraine:
      Two Jews are going home by twilight and they pass along the Tavern from which two ukrainian peasants come out full drunk as usual…they start then to bother the Jews…
      One of the Jews says to the other: let’s flee quickly, they are two, and we are alone…
      Licensed for or not, I would wear a gun ready for use if I was “Disguised in a Jew” like these Jew boys with Kipa, Arba Kanfess, and all the uniform….!
      I am atheist, blond blue eyed and tall and doesn’t need such a measure of defense…but French rooted people ( white catholics !!) are also attacked….So, i shall think about it too.?..!

  • Neeelbaby

    A significant part of the worldwide Muslim community is already radicalized. Different factions continue to kill each other and innocents in wars of self-destruction. Their hatred towards non radicalized Muslims, Christians and especially Jews is Hitlerian in concept but utilizing different methods to terrorize Jews. We must be vigilant all over the world and armed for their threats. The answer for Jews is to get out of Europe before more of us needlessly die while engaging in our daily lives.

    • m_

      Your comment is a well stated description of the situation in Britain and France and other parts of Europe. I hope that soon there will be parties formed throughout Europe that will oppose Islamists and Anti-Semitism. Many working class French and British who voted Communist or Socialist in the past are voting for Ultra-Right racist parties because they want an end to the advance of Islam in Europe. They are no longer willing to vote for Social Democratic or Communist parties because the Left has made common cause with Islamists who are intent on destroying free societies in Europe. Conservative parties as well largely refuse to support freedom and tolerance and stand up to the Islamists. Saudi money is being poured into Europe to spread Islam and Sharia and hate. I hope new parties opposed to Islamism will be formed not on the basis of Jew hatred of Jews, anti-Israel feelings or hatred of Roma people but rather in support of all those in Europe who want to stand up to defend European society and oppose Islmization of Europe. I believe that there is still time to start that trend. If not, migration to Israel or the United States may be the only alternative.

      • James

        “Many working class French and British who voted Communist or Socialist in the past are voting for Ultra-Right racist parties because they want an end to the advance of Islam in Europe.”

        UKIP in Britain and Geert Wilders’ PVV in Holland are not anti-semitic parties. But if they fail, then we have seen from what is happening in France that it is very likely that Europeans will, with malice aforethought, turn to supporting National Socialist parties.

        The English Defence League in England is not a jew-hating organisation either. The EDL fought hard to stop any racists joining, even though the media consistently lied and described the EDL as “racist” and “far right”.

        Within 6 months of EDL being formed, black leaders and white leaders from that organisation went on the premier BBC news programme, where they burned a swastika and denounced National Socialism.

        But the “liberal” elite are truly so unconcerned about real racism, that they will brandish the term around to abuse those who are opposed to racism. This hypocritical, unprincipled elite are the people who are bringing Europe to the brink of civil war.

    • Eve

      Excuse me, but how are we to “be vigilant all over the world”, etc., if we “get out of Europe”? “Get out of Europe”, “Get out of America”, “GET OUT”. Sounds to me like you’re working for the “other side, Neeelbaby! And NO, NO, NO! Do NOT “get out”. Do not move! Strengthen your forces, wherever you are. Get tough! Get armed! Get political! Remember the JDL, during its finest years! Allowing people to chase us around is nothing more that more of the same!!! If you run, then you are allowing someone to chase you! You DON’T run; you stand your ground and you sock their brains out! You teach your boys not to be such pussies! You teach your men to be men! And if you have to, you teach your women to be “men”, too! Israel was not made by PUSSIES! The nation of Israel needs to stand strong, ALL OVER THE WORLD! Bad advice to run and hide. You can’t hide. Better learn to protect yourself and your community. Better to be FURIOUS than be vanquished!

      • ANDREI

        I agree 100% DON’T RUN, or SHOW YOUR FEAR, this what we did during the Holocaust , and it cost Us 6000000 Lives. Do what we do in ISRAEL, fight back, UNITE your Strength, and USE IT, those Muslims Thugs understand ONLY POWER, the more you punch them, the more they RESPECT YOU. I know, because i did in the Army in Israel, so learn from the MISTAKES of the Past, and DON’T GIVE UP……!!!!

  • Every anti Semitic attack that goes unheeded and unpunished in any country is to hand another small victory and further encouragement to the perpetrators whose hatred of Jews find their justification through the ugly face of extremism be it religious or political.

    • Eve

      Hear, hear!

  • vamsloco

    Почти слова известного русского советского биолога, селекционера Ивана Владимировича Мичурина

    Ð’Ñ‹ не можете ждать милостей от терористов, взять их за горло — ваша задача

    “Almost word famous Russian Soviet biologist, breeder Ivan Michurin
    You can not wait for favors from terrorist, take them by the throat – your task”

    • Eve


  • BuckDePublick


    • Eve

      YES, YES, YES!

  • Mike

    Dear mother of the two brothers who were beaten up by the anti-Semitic thugs, I implore you that, if you love your two sons,to leave the historically anti Jewish country in which you live. The situation in your country is already untenable and it’s going to get much worse! Be afraid! Be very afraid indeed! These thugs are not just two guys who attacked your sons. They are part of a much bigger and sinister group of thugs who will eventually take over the whole country such as the Nazis did in Germany. Get out now while there is still time to do so!!

    • Eve

      Dear Mike: grow a pair!

    • James

      I know jews who have left London already, because of the violence or threats made to their children by muslims in London.

      At least 50% of the anti-jewish violence in London is from muslims/arabs.

      Muslims were less than 12% of the population of London, but were identified in at least 50% of attacks.

  • Christine


    • Eve

      Do you see this, Mike? This is a person named ‘Christine’ “talking”; apparently, it’s a woman. How come all the responses I see, urging retreat, are coming from men, and the women are saying “FIGHT BACK”? I find that interesting; don’t you? But by the way – – what do you think Jews are doing in Israel? To everyone who says “make aliya” I point out that Jews in Israel are in danger every moment of their lives, that they are constantly being attacked, and that they FIGHT for their “freedom”! Do you think that running to Israel means that you won’t have to fight? Better to stand where you are and fight! Don’t put us in a little box-trap; Jews fight, wherever you are – – all across the word; fight for your freedom!

  • Emanuel

    France should find them even if it costs a fortune and charge them with terrorism and hate crimes. No excuses. France is supposed to have a backbone and respectable gendarmes. They should make an example of these cowards who beat up little boys with brass knuckles personally I would like to see them do life in prison.

    • Eve

      Enthusiastically agreed!

    • France has no prisons. and no money to build them, and no desire to punish these feared muslims. Mostly a terrible crime means maximum 30 years prison on the trial in fact less than 24…so the murder will go out from prison but the victim will not from his coffin…Muslims are More feared than Mossad and Un-weaponed Jews of France…So we have to make change that fear from sides…

  • sid

    It’s hard to realize why there has been absolutely no coverage of this incident in the USA mainstream media. Just as with the holocaust, no one there cares.

    • Eve

      Meanwhile, the propaganda continues, that Jews are controlling the media in the U.S.. Far from it – – and Jews SHOULD concentrate on running an American media source that makes sure to heavily publicize these events.





  • France and Europe are afraid to apprehend the Arabs. The French have no sympathy for their Jewish citizens. I think French, Belgian, and Swedish Jews should emigrate to Israel before it’s too late.

    • Eve

      Howard, I think you should take another look at the map of the middle east, and reconsider that.

  • Sonia Willats

    WHY was a march of 17000 hate-filled ppl shouting for the Jews to leave etc. tolerated. IF YOU TOLERATE THAT, INSTEAD OF PUTTING IT DOWN, THEN THIS IS THE RESULT.

    • Eve

      So true!

  • Fred

    The goes Francestan another bastion for Arab hatred.

  • Dr. L

    Unfortunately, I think the mother is wrong. Harsher punishments will not be a deterrent of any sort. Those who do this sort of thing are not concerned about any possible consequences to themselves–even if they do happen to get caught, which is unlikely.

    Jihadists want only two things: to kill Jews, and to rule the world.

    • Eve

      They do like their families.

    • Yes absolutely. So destroy them…immediate death penalty as we try to do with nazis…no cost no last no load…
      But the good Democrat Presidents: FDR and Truman followed by Eisenhower Rep.put the Einstazgruppen guys free after commuting death sentence in life prison and releasing them after 4 or 5 years in the early 50ies…and subsidiarily engaged some “Barbie”s as Special Agents of CIA….
      What does DR L. offer as a solution? Release them and thank them? .
      Dr L. : Ir responsible coward Great Soul.?

  • Elisheva14

    Wake up. All Europe is dangerous for Jews. Come to E”Y, it is the only place that is awake to the threat of Terrorism.

    • Eve

      Well, girlfriend, you just spoiled my point about the men being foolish pussies, and the women seeming to understand the scenario. Tell us, then, how peaceful and safe life is in Israel for Jews.

  • O Rosenbaum

    Typical Muslim cowards.
    Blind side two innocent young men without provocation or reason, other than their unabashed hatred for Jews.

    It’s sad to see, but of all the European countries, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch in the French.

    I hope the other European countries get a whiff of the pungent stench called Islam before it takes their freedoms as well…

    • I Shalom

      Very well said. The only place safe for Jews is Israel and USA.

      • theo

        To say Israel and the USA in the same breath
        I dispute that The only safe haven is Israel .Period
        We are talking about Jewish continuity here
        The U S has proved Jewish continuity hangs on a very thin thread there

        • Eve

          Again, you, too, make the mistake of believing that if you are being persecuted, the thing to do is to all hole up in one little corner. Please try to understand the illogic in that. And please think again, when you believe that Israel is a *sanctuary* for Jews!

  • It seems so futile to fight this anti Semitism in France and leaving has many downsides too. Please Gd, Gd should save us and make us strong and we should become strong via our 613 halochas.

    • Eve


    • So did He for a good million of pure Hassidim and a couple of other Millions of good Jews just a bit not orthodox…Thanks to Him…(Some bad Jews were even also killed, some by Jews of the Z.O.B…..I thank them….)
      I prefer a machine gun to God ‘s help. I bet on Chance…mathematical one and a self built defense….Combatting Jews saved at least 10% of themselves. Non-fighting jews died for 100%, except One from Thousands who survived by incredible chance…

  • Sombatyoner Chosid

    מחבלים מתקיפים בפתע
    שני יהודים חפים מפשע
    שנאה גלויה לעיני הכל
    על אויבינו פחד יפול
    זרע ארור של הפרא אדם
    עוד מעט וימח זכרם

    “Terrorists attacked unawares
    Two innocent Jews
    Hate visible to everyone
    Our enemies fear shall fall
    Cursed Seed of the wild man
    Soon the bloody memory”

  • Otto Schiff

    An assault is an assault. Regardless of the reason.
    It behooves the authorities to find and investigate
    the culprits.

  • Today like yesterday many Jews are never going to get. Europe has not changed. France is lost to the Arabs and even the French natives do not get it.

    • Eve

      Tikun olam! We must heal the world with a mighty ROAR!

      Sorry for majuscules!