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June 13, 2014 7:21 pm

Terror Cell Affiliated With Bloodthirsty ISIS Claims Responsibility for Presumed Kidnapping of Israeli Teens

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The three missing Israeli teens.

A branch of the ‘Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’ terror group has claimed responsibility for the disappearance of three Israeli teens in the West Bank on Thursday night, Israeli media reported.

The bloodthirsty terror group has gained prominence in recent days for capturing large swaths of western Iraq after three years of fighting in the Syrian civil war. ISIS has developed a reputation for particular brutality including beheadings, mass murder and crucifixions.

On Friday, the Reuters Jerusalem bureau fielded a call from ‘Dawlat al-Islam,’ an ISIS branch operating in Hebron. The caller claimed responsibility for the kidnappings and said the incident was in retaliation for the killing of three of its members, Fox News contributor Lisa Daftari reported on her blog.

In addition, flyers signed by the group making the same claim were distributed near Hebron.

Daftari translated the flyers written in Arabic:

Thanks to Allah, our holy warriors were able to kidnap three Zionist aggressors in the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

That comes as part of the initial response to the assassination of our heroic holy warriors in Hebron, “Muhammad Nairoukh,” 29 years old, “Mahmoud Al-Najjar,” 23 years old, and Musi Makhamreh,” 22 years old.  And that [also] comes as part of the pursuit to liberate our prisoners from the occupation forces’ prisons.

And it is [either] a jihad [for] victory or martyrdom

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Palestine – the West Bank

Friday, 15th of Sha’ban 1435, June 13, 2014

Israeli Army forces are currently conducting a widespread operation in order to locate the missing individuals. Two of the boys are 16 years old and attend the Mekor Chaim Yeshiva High School in the area.” The third teen is 19.

Security officials believe that a torched car found by Palestinian police in the vicinity of Hebron on Friday was likely used in the presumed kidnapping of the students, the Times of Israel reported.

The three got on a hitch at about 22:30 Thursday night near the Israeli village of Alon Shvut, according to Israel Radio. One of the youths managed to send an alert to the local security hotline before his cellphone went dead.

One of the boys holds American citizenship, and the government has alerted the U.S. Embassy.

Terror group Hamas is calling the trio “Israeli soldiers” and Hamas and Islamic Jihad have called for kidnapping Israelis as bargaining chips to gain the release of Palestinian convicts.

A Hamas spokesman rejoiced in the news, saying, “the Hebron operation is a great success for the [Palestinian] resistance in the West Bank.” The Palestinian Authority, which recently inked a government unity agreement with the terror group, has of yet not made a statement.

The Israelis, however, say that they hold the PA responsible for the safety of the boys.

“Israel holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for the well-being of the three missing teenagers,” Aaron Sagui, the spokesman of the Israeli Embassy in Washington told The Algemeiner.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called the families of the teens, in order to comfort them and tell them that the government and security forces were doing everything possible to find and rescue their children.

Both of Israel’s chief rabbis have called on the public to pray for the safety of the boys, and to keep them in mind when lighting Sabbath candles. The rabbis advised reading Psalms 121 and 130, for the teens’s sakes.

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  • As an unbiased observer? There is far too much hatred in here for any one to learn Tolerance! The Jews of The Holocaust learned to their cost that Intolerance condemns humanity, and allows for the Murders of 6,000,000 Innocent People! The new threat is not ISIS, Hamas, Fatah or Hezbollah, per se, it is the level of Toleration observed by those Muslims whose God expects peace from them as the traverse this space! Indifference too to the struggle of others, be they Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Jew is indefensible in any language. Engage in Tolerance and expect Toleration!

  • Tim Black

    I find it very difficult to understand why people cannot live side by side peacefully. I am a Canadian. In our country we have people from many different cultures and religions, living side by side, working together and respecting each other. Maybe this is how God intended for humans to be?

    • Jfox

      You fail to understand that the Palestinians do not want peace in coexistence. They want peace through the extermination of Israel. All treaties they sign are really just necessary and self serving pauses in a conflict which they are committed to perpetuating until they shed the last drop of Jewish blood in “Palestine”. Once they accomplish that they will use their resources to kill Jews elsewhere. They are a venomous people that will remain venomous. I look forward to the day when the words of God through the prophet Zechariah are fulfilled (Zechariah 12:14). “Their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet and their eyes will rot in their sockets.” Their future is fixed. They invite the curse upon themselves (Genesis.12:1-3).

      • Gwendoline Kery

        Loved your comment until you csme out with the crazy, the Torah quotes. Everything you said was true, then came the giberish.

        • Jimi

          Torah Crazy?
          BTW your last name means wet dream/seminal emission in Hebrew. Very fitting for someone who calls the Torah crazy.

  • shosh

    The Israeli army should bring a tank in front of Abbas
    headquarters and threaten to blast it if the 3 Israeli
    youths are not released – that is what General Patton
    did i order to have his soldiers released from jail,
    during WW2.

    • roz lieber

      A tank in front of Abbas’ headquarters and drone bombings. They only understand force. They do not want peace because then they would have to stand on their own 2 feet and work for a living. They are a giant welfare state and enjoy sitting on their asses and collecting benefits from everyone.

    • bcdemon

      Just to inform you, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) claimed responsibility for the kidnapping. ISIS is not affiliated with Hamas or Abbas. But that is what Israel does, uses terror to get its way.

  • I wonder what is Israel’s government and the security forces going to do about it. (the kidnaping of 3 Jewish kids). Are they finally going to wake up and realize that they are dealing with terrorists and people who want to destroy them.
    It is time to take appropriate action and do whatever it takes to secure the safety and security of Israel’s population. Israel take the gloves off and do not worry about world opinion – they will criticize you no matter what you do – you might as well do what is necessary and protect your people at all costs. Tell the Arab leaders you are holding them responsible for the actions of their people. It is their responsibility to control their people, if they cannot Israel will take appropriate action.
    YJ Draiman

  • Solutions? Simply destroy all school textbooks that say hate israel,Zionism or Jews. Then make it a crime punishable by expulsion tosiberia of anyone printing such textbooks. Also stiff penalties for anyone publicly talking inciindiary anti israel,Zionist or jantisemetic speeches. The average Arab just wants food,and life but is TAUGhT hatred .

  • sander

    It is time for the Israeli government to give the Palestinian Arabs a time certain of (1) day to either release the (3) Israeli youths or a Palestinian village will be totally and completely destroyed with it’s Arab inhabitants for each day they are not released.It is time for Pres.Obama to publicly back the Israeli government’s time certain demand not only because that is the right thing to do but also because one of these boys is an American citizen.The U.S.and it’s Allies in World War II obtained an UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER from the Nazis and Imperial Japan only when they bombed their cities and killed hundreds of thousands of their people.Wars are won not through negotiations,they are won by demoralizing the enemy’s population by killing them until they surrender unconditionally.WWI ended with an negotiated settlement that led to WWII and the murder of 6 million Jews because they were Jewish and 45 million other human beings.They followers of Islam Know that they are at war with us.It is time for the Netanyahu government of Israel and the U.S.government and Pres.Obama to acknowledge this and act in kind.

    • shloime

      you are expressing your own frustration, but that probably won’t work. the jihadists who kidnapped the boys don’t care how many villages you destroy – they are just “martyrs” for the cause.

      it would have more effect to destroy religious shrines instead.

  • You all seemed to have forgotten that it was Jewish money in the USA, and Jewish votes that elected Barack Hussein Obama not once but twice to the White House.

    Now you all are crying the blues. Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo. Get over it…you all wanted to see Israel destroyed, now you are getting your wish.

    Just sit back and enjoy the fun.

    No other country on earth has released as many murderers and terrorists as Israel has done, and for what? more rockets coming in from Gaza and the West Bank…Israel has enjoyed its citizens being kidnapped and murdered. So should you.

    American Jews will not rest easy unless they see the “Apple of God’s eye” destroyed. Their lord and saviour Obama has destroyed the USA, but they do not care. This is the Titanic all over again…the ship is sinking and instead of looking for their life jacket, they are seeking their bank books. Nothing has changed.

    • Mayven

      TYPICAL of your thought processes. Blame game is your strong suit.

    • Kerry Berger

      Anti-semites like you, Georg von Starkermann, have no business commenting on this site. Get lost you Nazi.

    • Rosenbaum

      Only problem with that math Georg, is that Jews comprise less than 2% of the US population. So not so much on the votes. As far as the monies given towards candidates goes, Jews funded both parties and skewed only slightly left in actual funds provided. It was idiots of all races creeds and colors that voted the worst President in US history into office.

      I do however agree with your assertion that far too many Jews do lean left, I can only hope they travel to Israel and see the absurdity of their uninformed perspectives.

      As far as releasing terrorists, I also agree.
      They should kill them in the same ratio as they outnumber Jews of the world. For every Jew, there should be one thousand Muslims prisoners, family members, business associates and friends of the perpetrators executed.
      For these 3 teenagers, execute 3,000.
      That’s better math…

    • Georg, I don’t know if you live in the united states but there aren’t enough jews here to have elected president Obama by their lonesome. In fact, the black vote came out to vote in record numbers as well as the Hispanic vote. So, no it wasn’t Jews who voted for Obama, certainly there were some, mine for one.
      The old myths pop out every time someone plays the money card when it comes to jews. oh, how rich they all are… why is it then that I am on Medicaid, and ssi disability insurance?? why don’t I have this mythical money that all jews seem to have…
      What the heck are you talking about when you say we are happy when jews are kidnapped and murdered. do you know what it is you are talking about…cause to me you sound like some type of nut job.
      American jews are no different than any other jew from anywhere else.
      barak Obama is not my lord and savior… my lord is God YHWH, and as far as savior goes, I don’t have one. God is my every thing.
      it could be you need to do more research on your subject before you answer a question with a moronic answer.

    • shloime

      what bilge! “jews” are 2% of the american electorate (“blacks” are about 12%), so the idea that they can somehow elect a president earns you the tin foil hat of the day award.

      and the generalization that american jews seek the destruction of israel makes you a not terribly bright tin-foil-hat nutjob. just for starters, getting more than one jew to agree on anything is a physical impossibility, let alone getting millions of us to conspire to destroy our homeland. that’s about as improbable as a woman, or an african-american, president.

    • Stephen Cohen

      Your facts are all wrong. The jewish vote was not in favor of President Obama. Go back and look at the election facts.

    • Lauren Goldman

      I hope your hobnail boots are nice and polished so when a parade comes by, you can join right in and get your goosestep on. The irony of having Starker as part of your name is priceless.

  • Sidney Sands

    Given enough encouragement and time Muslims will continue to murder each other, their way of life is hate and death, we must not let them destroy our way of life their intentions are plain, and unfortunately the USA is governed by those who cannot see or want to see.

    • Efram

      Sidney, I wish this were true. But the ‘leaders’ of the US are not blind, he is a terroristophile. There is a woman in Sudan who is fighting for her life. She was convicted of apostasy, and sentenced to 100 lashes and death. Is our terrorist-in-chief saying anything? Of course not. He is neither blind nor stupid. He is a full fledged supporter of all things Islamist, all things radical Islam, and all things Jihadi. I wish he were blind, then someone could see for him, but he sees just fine, into the darkness, into death, into his deeply held beliefs.

  • gonjtonic

    Three stupid, imbecile, idiotic people with less brain than a mosquito have now engaged hundreds of people of good will to find them. I propose to give to the kidnappers also their parents and their teachers.

    • Lorraine Tipton

      How could you say that?

      • gonjtonic

        Three stupid, imbecile, idiotic people with less brain than a mosquito have now engaged hundreds of people of good will to find them. And this is a FACT. They were told not to travel in that fashion.

        But they decided to be smarter then the people who advised them. This is the fault of their parents and their teachers. Of course the terrorists should be found and punished and the kids if found alive should be given a punishment for been so stupid . And you can bray as much as you want, these are the facts.

        • Lauren Goldman

          Here is a fact: you need to get back under whatever pile of camel dung you crawled out from.

    • Mayven

      One day…may you have a lightning bolot at your doorstep…to relish. Utter rubbish from your mindset.

      • gonjtonic

        If stupidity would be grass, you would be a football field.

    • shloime

      stop trying to blame the victims!

      it is the fault of the islamist animals that it isn’t safe for jews to travel, or even live, in the jewish homeland. these savages must be taught their place, which they have chosen for themselves, in hell.

  • So stop lying.
    Your name is probably something else.

    Soon the world will wake up and see the big lie about a “Palestinian people and Palestinian country” has been going on for decades and billions and billions poured in. Tax money from countries where people work.
    It is only cowards that kidnap youth, not real heroes.
    I pray that these kids will be found alive and in as good condition as possible.
    In Syria Islamists crucify Christian youths. In Nigeria Islamists massacre Christians, kidnap Christian girls and rape them, in Iraq Islamists attack civilians, no matter if they ate Moslems or not. In Gaza Christians are persecuted, murdered, forced to convert to Islam, girls kidnapped to get married by force. Bethlehem has almost no Christians living there, most of them have fled the Moslem persecution.
    Judea and Samaria are areas belonging to the Jewish people.

  • Tony Trenton

    Cut off all benefits to the fake PA.

    Electricity, water, fuel and anything else we can until the boys are returned safe and well.

    These Muslims don’t deserve our compassion. They treat it as a weakness and have no respect for our lives . Let alone our opinions.


  • Tony Trenton

    Their “Prophet” Mohammed made his wealth by abducting people for ransom.
    His sick legacy lives on.

  • Fred

    Murder is sanctified in Islam. The most anti humanist religion. A God that bathes in blood, no end.

    • Sonia Willats


      CS Lewis, whom many of your readers may not like, but I do, describes this anti-g-d, this vile and destructive deception, almost prophetically in “The Last Battle.”

      Some Muslims, whose messages have been broadcast in Israeli tv, support the Jewish state and see that the land was given to the Jews. They see no need to hate Jews in order to worship their g-d. Others read only a message of hatred and bloodshed and glorify death and destruction.

      We must pray for a miracle of deliverance for these boys. They could have been our sons.

      • Huh

        your a saint my friend

      • G

        You seem to be a calm voice of reason. This is terrible event, committed by crazy individuals who don’t represent the entire Muslim population of the world. Please, G-d, let the boys be returned home safely. That’s the most important thing.

  • m_

    It seems there is no end to their cruelty and barbarism. They sing praises to Allah and rejoice at every life they take.

    • This is the result of the American policy which supported those extremists and using them to achieve their policies in the middle east financed them through Qatar as they did before in Afghanistan then they awake up on 9/11 now Israel and all the middle east countries will suffer cause of this stupid American policy

    • Gloria Levene

      And don’t forget how Muslims danced and cheered in the streets after 9/11. Is this the peace loving religion they claim it to be ? The people who dies were citizens going about their daily business not soldiers but where their is no respect for human life, there is nothing left to say

  • aall55

    It is not the time to show how brave we are now . Let’s just give them what they need now , get the kids back home and then we can adopt new strategies.

    • Mel

      The certain result of successful, shameless pressure on Jerusalem to swap terrorists for Gilad Shalit is here.
      As long as Islamists believe the afterlife will always be better than the present one, the only defense is to grant them the martyrdom they so desparately crave. With Iran’s nuke clock ticking, the sooner the better. ALL the mullahs’ allies are fair game for preemption. Jerusalem’s options narrow by the hour. Baruch Hashem!

      • Huh

        well put but should we operate in a way that they believe is the path there enemy would take should we let them define us as a nation of devil worshipers who operate in the name of a our true God who tells us to forgive or is anger answered in anger what God wants

    • Tomm

      This has occurred because Israel has failed in its responsibility to fulfill the Mandate for Palestine to insure civil rights and religious freedoms in all of Palestine.
      Instead we have given authority and guns to rascists and allowed women and minorities to be terrorized in Judea and Samaria.
      Israel must again administer all of Palestine. This would increase the wellbeing of all residents, extend life expectancy, provide modern education and give hope to the thousands who are now hopeless for their future.
      To abandon them to thugs has strengthened the oppressors.

  • rulierose

    I am ashamed and disgusted that my country has not already cut off aid to the Palestinians. now Hamas are “rejoicing” that an American citizen was kidnaped? how much more disgusting can you get?

    when the heck is the US going to turn off the money spigot? hello, Obama: anybody there?

    • sheldon mankes

      obama is for them he will not stop them he is one of them the state department is in there pocket. all that matters is who pays the most. this is the start of ww3 and every body sits back and findes it funy that there house is burning.we have gredy assholes runing the place. to bad.

      • zadimel

        Cut out those lies and nonsense.

        • Huh

          i recall Obama wife not doing the pledge of aligency she doesn’t even respect her husbands office and she does so openly so my only thought is he doesn’t either. another example is trying to take away the freedoms this country is built on take my right to bare arms and you heading towards a government run my religious fanatics as well A new movement towards the kind of government that existed when Hitler had the throne in Europe and the church stood by as they are now maybe even running the show

    • Sonia Willats

      Yes, someone with sentiments very different to your own.

    • Efram

      He is there, and cheering them on. Obama is supposed to look after US interests. Instead, he supports the soulless monsters who murder and celebrate. Obama has long since made plain that his allegiance is to radical jihadist Islam, not the US, and certainly not to humanity. If this country had a US congress, he would be impeached for treason. However, he will continue his evil policies until he finally leaves office.

  • Ron Grant

    Teen aged boys.One day,perhaps,destined to be soldiers in the IDF.The IDF,an occupying army,a Zionist army.An Army arguably responsible for the displacement of Palestinian Christians and Muslims a like,and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian People,de facto or otherwise.
    The two are linked in shame and tragedy.The kidnapping,and they are kids,of innocents,and they are innocents,must be condemned.Yet Israeli society generally,share in the culpability here,for what Zionism has done,and is doing,to the Palestinian People,innocent Palestinian kids included.Irony and tragedy where Holocaust meets Nakba.Where one innocent and vulnerable People become the victim of another once innocent,vulnerable and oft victimized People.

    I pray that these boys be returned soon and unharmed into the arms of their distraught families.

    “The LORD shall preserve you from all evil;
    it is he who shall keep you safe.”

    • drop dead

    • Jack


      • jB Silver

        You are right, Jack. But I would have said,”F—ing Idiot!”.
        Oh, I did…

      • Rosenbaum

        you should study a bit more history, look at the reality of today and understand that there is no such thing as innocent Palestinian kids. Not one…

        Brainwashing starts at a very young age for these poor boobs that live in squalor because they pursue wasted lives of false hope and martyrdom, based on evil, deceit and lies. They did not become the most antisemitic human beings on earth by luck and not by situation. Hatred is taught and ingrained by their militant teachers and their brainwashed antisemitic peers.

        There is no such thing as a Palestinian language, there is no such thing as a Palestinian religion, there is no such thing as a Palestinian ethnicity and there most certainly is no such thing as an Arab Palestine. There never was.

        Arabs and Islam have turned this incredible lie into something that only the unintelligent, uniformed or uneducated could believe and it has been sold as the plight of the poor defenseless underdogs.

        In reality, they, along with most of the Muslims of our world have become the scourge of humanity and the cancer of civilization. They worship death and Israel worships life. If Israel and the Jews of the world would retaliate in the same manner as 99% of any of their Islamist or Arab neighbors would to this same horror, we’d be with quite a few less Arabs and Muslims living in what has been, is and will always be Israel today.

      • joel


      • Gloria Levene

        The teenage boys may become soldiers but they are there to DEFEND not as Palestians are brought up from birth to KILL. Hoe many Israeli suicide bombers doe you read about . NONE because they respect life and don’t want their children to be martyrs. This is a people who go into cafes and bomb innocent women and children, bomb school buses then rejoice in the streets. As Golda Meir said ” there will only be peace when they love their children more than they hate us” and If the arabs put down their weapons there will be no more killing but if the Jews put down their weapons, there will be no more Israel

    • aall55

      pure nonsense .

    • Wolff Bachner

      go f**k yourself. The Jewish people do not need your phony prayers. This is Jewish land and has been for 3500 years. The ARABS from ARABIA are the invaders.

    • Christine

      Hey Punk, how about a krav maga and karate lesson in your living room tomorrow?

    • In March 1968 Dr Martin Luther King Jr brilliantly stated: “When people criticize Zionists,they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism”….Case closed.

    • Beatrix

      Israelis did nothing excpet return home to the land that has belonged to them for thosands of years. The Palestinians were given part of this land, which they lost to Jordan and Egypt in a war they started.
      Israel reclaimed the land for them and offered to return it in return for a peace treaty the Palestinians refuse to sign. The Palestinian’s problems aren’t the Israelis, it’s inept Palestinian leadership. America can sympathize.

    • Ed

      Ron, can we trade you for one of the boys ?

    • June Grant

      Where on earth do you get your misinformation? Your bias is apparent and it is sad that you also appear to be a person of faith. You should instead beg forgiveness for the crimes against Jews perpetrated over more than two thousand years. There are too many useful idiots in Christianity

      • Ron Grant

        June,for what it’s worth,I do apologize for our inhumanity to the Jewish People,over time and place.Hopefully,Humanity will never again sink as low as the Holocaust again.

    • Sensei2004

      “The LORD shall preserve you from evil and from people who can’t distinguish between that who does evil on purpose and those who defend themselves. May I remind you that the Arabs refused the state that was offered to them by the UN in 1947.

    • Anders

      What a unicorn you are….. I split my sides laughing.

    • John Beflitz

      You are one sick f@@k!

    • Sonia Willats

      Your facts are incorrect. The Christians in Bethlehem have been persecuted by the Palastinian Authority. Since the PA took over from Israel, the number of Christians in Bethlehem has decreased from an overwhelming majority (something like 80%) to about 5%. You don’t know what you’re talking about… just spouting and regurgitating … IF YOU read Algemeiner often, you’d have listened to a long speech from a Palastinian (Arab) Bethlehemite who has been forced to flee to England from persecution by the PA.

      It is the Jews who protect religious pluralism, whilst endeavoring to avoid compromise within the faith themselves. All over the world intolerant Islam is killing hundreds and thousands of its own people, and Christians, and Jews. Even in America, there is a huge bias towards radical Islam from the very top.

      So think and be more objective and see the real facts.


      Palestinian Authority corruption is eating the Palestinians alive. Corruption and self-interest at the highest levels of the Palestinian Authority have prevented ordinary Palestinians from achieving economic prosperity with devastating consequences.
      I hope that you read Aaron Menenberg’s article and note his conclusion: corruption and self-interest at the highest levels of the Palestinian Authority have prevented ordinary Palestinians from achieving economic prosperity with devastating consequences.

      My personal experience working on health and economic projects with the Palestinians is very  much identical  to Aaron Menenberg’s  findings and conclusions.

    • zadimel

      These islamists know no end to their hatred of the Jew,Israeli,Christian or even a moderate Moslem. They believe in the killing of those who disagree with them, and their beliefs are based on the writings of the koran and hadith. While the populations of Christians have decreased in Moslem territories adjacent to the Jewish State, they have increased in Israel. Indeed, Jews have had to flee Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and none were allowed to live in Jordan after WW 1.The number of Moslems have increased in the Jewish State, Gaza and the PA. and

    • Ron You really are a pathetic HATE MONGERING creature pretending to be a good Christian!

      You are NOT stupid or ignorant; you obviously HATE Jews more than you fear Muslims!

      Pray tell us all where and when the word Zion originated?

      Israelis ‘occupied’ territory from whom?

      Can you (or any other human being) find the name Palestine and a people Palestinians ANYWHERE in human recorded history BEFORE 1964?

      Can you (or any other human being) find the name Jerusalem mentioned anywhere in Arab scripture before or during Muhammad’s time?

      As a pretending Christian how could you speak of Israelis displacing Christians when as we speak (you mendacious creature) ALL Christians in the Middle East EXCEPT Israel are being EXTERMINATED by Muslims especially in your so called Palestinian territories by your so called Muslim Palestinians?

      Ron, I am not going to hold my breath for a truthful answer to any of my simple questions

      IQ al Rassooli
      Kafir & Proud!

    • You are a perfect recruit for ISIS. Why don’t you join up. But of course you won’t cus yer a yellow, porno-luv’n, demented, gun-luv’n, women hat’n POS

    • Joel

      Palestinian Arab Muslims innocent? Have you ever heard of Haj Amin Al Husseni? He was an acolyte of Hitler that obtained a promise from Heinrich Himmler to build and operate a replica of the extermination camp at Aushwitz in Nablus after the Nazis defeated the allies in Europe.

      The Palestinian Muslim Arabs do not deserve our sympathy and we can only hope that someday the Israelis will be truly free to stop the Muslim Arab insanity in the ME.

    • Efram

      Maybe, someday, if Hashem decides to rid the world of evil, he will rid the world of you. Your nonsense about nakba, about passive Palestinians victimized by Zionism, is a twisted, warped, falsehood. You continue with your ‘Big lie,’ and continue to mouth the lying disingenuous platitudes for which you are famous. You are a liar. Your evil minded brethren are liars. Israel has as much claim on the West Bank as your palis. If you really WERE passive, you would make peace with Israel, and the palis would have their own country to ruin by their indolence.

  • Over reaction could have very tragic consequences.
    Perhaps…the time for CIs, money and especially calm, collected, cool minds. Experience, wise decisions and the bigger picture!

  • Bloodthirsty Muslim is redundant.

  • Ken Schultz

    Destroy Hamas & ISIS now.


    I truly feel if the PA wants to kidnap and send missiles then I would tell them for each missile we bomb a one mile strip inside the West Bank. The next missile, another mile strip. Keep doing it and soon they would get the hint. And anything in the way of the one mile strip … too bad.

    I guarantee if Canada or Mexico lobbed missiles at the U.S. the FIRST ONE would be forgiven. Do it again and I KNOW we would take real serious action. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Or tell the PA if those kids are not returned in 2 days, we start executing one prisoner each day. And it is their own fault for not returning the kids.

    • Christine

      Well said!





  • Search every Arab home in the local area then expand the area.

    • Eve

      Search and destroy these homes.

  • aall55

    The new currency is made with kidnapping , Israel should always a bunch of PA on the side to make deals . Unfortunately not giving in into this game is not an option.

  • Gregg Solomon

    If accurate:
    Mind- boggling.
    And what will the world say.
    And what will the world continue to want to believe about the Arab Muslim-Jewish State of Israel issue.
    And the cruelty these three boys will be subjected to by their captors.
    And will they be returned beheaded these three boys.

  • Mike

    If this keeps up there is going to be a war. I am afraid for these young men and all the solders who are searching for them. The middle east is quickly spinning out of control. And President Obama, he’s busy appearing on TV and chatting with reporters about the virtues of Father’s Day. I can’t imagine what their families are going through.

    • Wolff Bachner

      Actually the Traitor Obama is off to a fund raiser and a round of golf in Palm Springs while Baghdad is about to fall to Al Qaeda.

      • Huh

        “We the people right” We all want our government to solve the worlds problems but we cant even solve our own all of this is merely talk action has been sucked out of us we have become brainwashed we wont stand for everything that we believe only the main points so how can this fear mongering motive when it happens to both us and them were both giving ammo to each other as we follow the leader to are own destruction so if Obama’s playing Golf or at a fund raiser maybe it should be seen as part of the plan but its clear its not for the value of life or its not his concern the worlds revolting and were worrying about sports we all prize entertainment and that’s all. don’t pretend were great because we clearly don’t understand as a whole the destruction we let happen the ideals of this nation changed a long time ago the only ones that understand them are the people here or other places like this with some concern on the matter and willing to formulate a real opinion with a solid response to the issue killing them would make us no better then them and giving in will let us play into there hand nothings ever white and black maybe it should be done in a way like work are way out like a virus death doesn’t have to be the only option we just need to seed a better way let them know we no longer stand by a government that doesn’t listen or takes to long to act on the peoples behalf if they want to kill all outsiders as were told and feed into this with no real response from them directly to the people only through media how can we say we know the truth were all about to walk into another struggle that we as the people wont be allowed to vote on so think about the price that will be paid on both sides in life if the people don’t do something are government is run buy money for money and its ours so lets use it to do some good that will last and stop the hate