Ninth Lesson From the Gaza War: Hamas Will Use Humanitarian Aid for Evil

July 24, 2014 1:32 am 9 comments

A Hamas terror tunnel discovered by the IDF in Gaza. Photo: IDF.

It required 800 tons of concrete to build the terror tunnel that almost resulted in a massacre of Israelis on a kibbutz near the Gaza border last week, the Washington Post reports.

Where did all that concrete come from? And how is it related to the $47-million in “humanitarian aid” that Secretary of State John Kerry now wants to give to Hamas?

Most countries prohibit the export of seemingly innocent products that could in fact be used for military or terroristic purposes. Rogue regimes such as Iran and North Korea routinely exploit such “dual use” items, importing them under the guise of peaceful civilian purposes, and then putting them to use in the production of nuclear or chemical weapons.

In the case of Israel and Gaza, concrete is a classic dual-use item. The Hamas regime and pro-Palestinian groups around the world for years have been demanding that Israel permit Gaza to import concrete and other construction materials. How else will people be able to build houses? they ask. Surely Israel and its supporters are not so insensitive that they would want innocent Palestinians to be homeless? And what about the children?

As long ago as 2010, the Obama Administration began pressuring Israel to ease up on its blockade of such imports to Gaza. Vice President Joe Biden told interviewer Charlie Rose, on Bloomberg TV: “We have put as much pressure and as much cajoling on Israel as we can to allow them to get building materials” into Gaza.

The international pressure on Israel intensified until finally, last September, the Israeli government buckled. The New York Times reported on September 17 that  Israel had agreed “to allow building materials meant for private projects into the Gaza Strip for the first time in six years…Gaza has been struggling with a shortage of building materials…[An] Israeli official said that 350 trucks of cement, steel and concrete would cross into Gaza weekly.”

There are, of course, other dangerous items that Israel continues to prevent from reaching Gaza. For example, the reason Hamas’ rockets usually miss their target is that they don’t have the technology necessary to aim them directly at their favorite targets, such as kindergartens, synagogues, and hospitals. Fortunately, the Israelis have not yet relaxed their blockade to permit the entry of such technology

But thanks to all that pressure from the Obama Administration and the United Nations, Gaza has been receiving plenty of concrete for “humanitarian” purposes. And now we can see why Hamas was so anxious to get those building materials – in order to build its vast network of underground terror tunnels so it could murder Israelis more easily.

This week, Secretary Kerry returned to the Middle East, with a $47-million check for Gaza. It’s for “humanitarian” purposes, he says. After all, haven’t we all seen those heart-rending photos of Palestinians whose homes have been damaged in the fighting? Who could be so cruel as to deny “humanitarian” aid?

But the problem is that so long as Hamas rules Gaza, it will use all “humanitarian” aid for its terrorist purposes. Almost anything sent to Gaza can have a dual use. Even if it can’t be put directly to use in furthering terrorism, it can be used to help the terrorists in one way or another. Gasoline can power an electric generator – or a getaway car. Food can feed innocent civilians – or sustain terrorists in some hideout. Concrete can build a house – or a terror tunnel.

The ninth lesson from the Gaza war: Giving “humanitarian aid” and “dual use” items to Hamas will never bring peace to Gaza. Only defeating and disarming Hamas will.

Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn are members of the board of the Religious Zionists of America.


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  • GlenvilleGerun

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  • Hamas speech about using human shield is despicable. Its in you tube. Its so evil and cowardly. They boast about it.

  • Bob Pendlebury UK

    As Golda Meyer stated years ago, we will only have peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.

    We are not Jewish but hate the ever increasing anti-Jewish
    things we are seeing on the media.

    Shades of Krystal Nacht in pre WW2 Germany we think!

  • Andrew Stuart

    “I have no sympathy whatsoever for Palestinians. There’s is a plight of their own making.”

    And thus history repeats itself 70 years on.

  • There will be no peace with Israel until Hamas is annihilated and Palestinians stop terror attacks on Israeli civilians. It’s a minimum precondition. Or Palestinians can suffer until the end of the world. Personally, I have no sympathy whatsoever for Palestinians. There’s is a plight of their own making

  • The US and international community put a lot of pressure on Israel to lift the sanctions on Gaza so we compromised by relaxing it that allowed more pasta and cement. In 2007 we offered to remove the sanctions if the changed the Hamas charter, they chose violence. Olmert gave a great deal Mazen, Hamas kept firing rockets before the offer and during the offer. So people are deluded if they think this is about the peace process. It is one thing to be targeting the south bad enough then Tel Aviv and the airport is unacceptable, then the 2012 ceasefire in which they could target that distance. When Livni say why wait until the tunnel are used before striking, we would violate the cease and DC would call, she should know and does because they phone her and Barak. The UN collusion with Hamas in Gaza must stop.

    • So they can have more concrete and pasta? So what? should they be kissing their feet for letting them have pasta and concrete? How pathetic is that. They want their homes back, there dignity back, their land back that has been stolen and their lives back!!

      • Bob Pendlebury UK

        Sarah…wake up and get a grip on the actual facts here instead of getting carried away by all of the totally false information being put out by Hamas…they are the aggressors who deliberately confine their people in Gaza as hostages and continually fire indiscriminate rockets into Israel thereby provoking retaliation…just what would you have the Israelis do, just roll over and swim out into the sea?

        We are not Jewish, but greatly admire the fortitude of these people and have nothing but contempt for Hamas and their fellow travellers.

        Bob & Nicole, UK

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