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July 27, 2014 8:57 pm

Latest Al Jazeera Data Shows Gaza Casualties Still Mostly Combat-Aged Males

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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A distribution of the dead in Gaza, showing male and female and then by age group. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

A distribution of the dead in Gaza, showing male and female and then by age group. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Data released by Qatar-based Al Jazeera continues to show that most of the dead in Gaza have been young, combatant-aged men, rather than women, children or seniors, and in contrast to Hamas’s own reports from the front to media, accusing the Israel Defense Forces of indiscriminate killing.

On Sunday, blogger Elder of Ziyon posted new charts, updating the data released by Al Jazeera last week and the week before, and confirming the same trend.

The first chart shows the male-female split and then graphed by age group, with most of the men being 20 to 24 or 25 to 29. The second chart compares the results to Gaza’s actual age distribution, casting further doubt on Hamas’s claims, as the majority of the dead fit the profiles of fighters, men in their 20s, rather than the broader population.

A distribution comparing the dead in Gaza to the actual population, refuting accusations of indiscriminate killing by the IDF; most of the dead have been combatant-age males. Photo: Elder of Ziyon

A distribution comparing the dead in Gaza to the actual population, refuting accusations of indiscriminate killing by the IDF; most of the dead have been combatant-age males. Photo: Elder of Ziyon

The blogger also published a link to a Google Document created by Guy Bechor based on the official list of  Gazan dead from the International Middle East Media Center, for others to examine the raw data.

Blogger Israellycool on Sunday also published a detailed breakdown and analysis of the figures.

Hamas’s early claims of “indiscriminate civilian deaths” have been refuted by the data presented over the past three weeks, but the accusations remain.

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  • Sabri El-Ghazzawy

    Thank you for publishing this data. It is very helpful.
    I made some calculations based upon the fact that civilian casualties should be even between males and females. Any variance will be the number of brave warriors for the Palestinian cause.
    It turns out that more than 63% are our warriors. This disproves the Israeli point of us being cowards and using human shields.

  • Ofer

    “”ŽYou there in the West. You hypocrites! Why do I say this?
    You sit in your comfortable couch and you feel sorry for the Palestinians and blame Israel!
    You can do it better ?
    While Israel is the only Pro-Western democratic state in the area and is also fighting for you!
    Without Israel, which is in the firing line .
    isis ,Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas, were on their way to you
    .Leave trail of death, rape and ruined cities
    You just do not realize how radical Islam is Mlitnti and he just despises you to. You are the devil in his eyes.
    Instead of grumbling about the situation , demanded from Your Leaders 
    weapons, aircraft carriers and everything possible to help Israel destroy Hamas!
    Start it, it’s relatively easy. Is trapped in Gaza.
    The problem is that Hamas took over Gaza and torturing its residents. Snatching children from their homes and tying them to launchers and weapons warehouses. Well IDF wants residents to evacuate from combat zoneso they will not harm ,Hamas forcing them to stay. For him, as more civilians die so he improved public opinion.
    Do not let him win. Save the poor citizens and all people of the region.
    Believe me, if there were no innocent civilians where the IDF had finished the story in less than an hour! Bomb or two, a bit of dirt and dust in the air
    Then along came over to take care of Hezbollah,Al Qaeda and Isis 
    If You do not do anything then they knock on your door and want to Take one of your child to tie him to a rocket launcher.It is well known that a pilot sees air missile launch straight into his country attacThe bomb launcher. What will the pilot do if he see
    Innocent child bound to that launcher? Dilemma! Kill the poor child or let them send another missile launcher to kill 10 innocent people ? .
    You see the person we’re dealing with? These are not people! These Predators that kill their pups on the altar of religion.
    And I tell you, you are there in Europe. Each state can take the metter 
    To her hands and finish it in two days with her army. 
    Why let the Israelis handle the problem alone?

  • marious

    Notice that what this chart actually says when you look at the numbers. I read those spikes as 24% and 17%, so 41% of the causalities are “combatant aged”. Cut both in half and they will fall more or less in line with the demographics. So that leaves roughly 20% as combatants. That still leaves around 80% of the deaths as civilian. Don’t be deceived by the way someone interprets a chart. The way this author looks at the info is misleading. Also remember that Israel counts police forces as combatants.

  • Susan Priano

    Consider all the photos of those rescuing the victims. They just happen to be mostly men. Combat aged men who are willing to do the first responder work and consequently are most obviously hit by the warheads sent into Gaza. Go forbid anyone should die, but Quatar doesn’t provide any more reliable news than the US major media sources- their hands are in the same pocket.

  • Arty Cohn

    These correct casualty figures need wider dissemination. Every reader should write a letter to his/her local news paper including this data.

    • Frank

      If these are correct figures, on their face they reveal a tremendous loss of non “combat age” life. Why are any women, children and old people being killed. In some age groups, its half and half.

      Furthermore, just because someone is combat aged doesn’t mean they are a combatant. In my country, the US, a very small minority of young males are in the military, but according to these charts, all of them would be being slaughtered.

  • BethesdaDog

    One of the worst in this false reporting of the casualties has been the Washington Post which continues to report a graphic that is wildly misleading and false, claiming that less than a hundred of the dead are “militants.” Eglash and her fellow miscreants should be driven out of the journalistic community for spreading the malicious lies that they are. It is tantamount to a blood libel.

    • Maybe the world should only read something like The Daily Star (Lebanon) they say
      Ham ass is not responsible for any incident that sparked this conflict. I bet you like that newspaper. Your hateful indoctrination to anti Israel is embedded by your elders from the start. Open your mind! Look at the other side for a change, even for a moment.