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Al Jazeera Publishes Updated List of Gaza Dead; Analysis Confirms Israel Targeting Combatants

July 21, 2014 12:24 pm 64 comments
Breakdown by age and gender of Gazans who died in Operation Protective Edge. Photo:

Breakdown by age and gender of Gazans who died in Operation Protective Edge. Photo:

Al Jazeera on Sunday published a list of Gazans who died since Israel’s Operation Protective Edge Began two weeks ago, based on data provided by Ashraf al-Qedra, a spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry.

A breakdown by age and gender published on the Israellycool blog on Sunday confirmed the trend reported in a similar analysis last week by CAMERA,  the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, that showed most of the dead were combatant age males, not women or children.

The analysis showed that 82% of the dead were men, and 50 per cent of them were between 18 and 28 years old, and 66 per cent between 18 and 38.

Israellycool linked to an article published by Bret Stephens in The Wall Street Journal in 2008 about that conflict between Hamas and Israel, referring to another report about the conflict in 2002, showing that it has always been impossible for Hamas to “back up the claim of indiscriminate killing by the IDF, let alone the crazy charge of deliberately targeting civilians.”


  • The whole list itself is propaganda from Hamas they kill the children to blame it on Israel.

  • To you and every journalist who forgot the message of media to reveal truth all what you speak about are lies
    And to all who speak about islam,
    Prophet mohammad peace be upon him sorry for you poor you’ve missed alot to not be honoured to know such a religion and a messenger and palestinian people who live in palestine for ever and will. even if israeli people came to our homeland by a gift from britain one day as the biggest lie ever they gave israeli others homes others land with no tiny right to give what you do not own

    • What?

    • Your Koran speaks to Muslims to kill Jews and other “infidels” –is that a religion of peace? Hamas is simply following Koran. Hamas’ charter states its purpose as being to destroy the Jewish people and Israel. So what would YOU do if your neighbor made it clear that he wants to murder you and your family, and throws rocks and sends missiles aimed at your home? What would YOU do?

      • The NILI underground, the blood libels of Jerusalem of 1860, the Jewish communities in Mount Lebanon since completely ethnically cleansed, and Southern Ottoman Syria region, the 1840 blood libels of Ottoman Syria all predate the British mandate, among thousands of other examples.


    • To your Profit Muhamas, war be upon him: you Islamists have fought and killed each other since the ninth century, and been a religion of conquest ever since. You speak of peace when you are weak, and extermination when you are strong. You were invented to bring God to the baby-killing Arabs and have become baby-killers yourselves. Shame on you. Allah/YHVH frowns upon your shenanigans.

  • Julian Clovelley

    The London Daily Telegraph records the names and ages of 120 persons under the age of 17 killed in Gaza up till 23 July 2014

    21 are under the age of four

    This is a list only of those named at the time of publication. Of those killed of non combatant age (classified as children) the percentage killed in that larger age group is over 25percent of the total number killed

    • This is rather strange. There are hardly any names common to the list of the telegraph and the list of Al Jazeera.

      The Al Jazeera list is from Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, a spokesman for the Gaza health ministry. The list of the Telegraph is recorded by the Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights. This organization publishes reports about Israeli violation of Human Rights, but not a single report concerning violations of Human Rights against Palestinians by the Hamas. In other words, it looks like a branch of the Hamas.


  • Gud välsigne Israel! Israel har GUD pÃ¥ sin sida, medan hamas är under demoniskt inflytande frÃ¥n satan. Den som förbannar Israel kommer Gud att förbanna, sÃ¥ hamas kommer att utraderas för de stÃ¥r i ondskans tjänst. Israel har rätt att försvara sig och kommer sÃ¥ att göra. Omvärlden har totalt missbedömt Israel och inte förstÃ¥tt att judarna är Guds egendomsfolk och mot Gud kommer ingen motstÃ¥ndare att vinna.

    “God bless Israel! Israel has GOD on his side, while Hamas is under demonic influence of Satan. He who curses Israel, God will curse, but Hamas will be wiped for they stand in evil’s favor. Israel has right to defend itself and will do so. The outside world has totally misjudged Israel and failed to understand that the Jews are God’s chosen people and against God, no opponent to win.”

  • Apparently the analyst didn’t actually read the list Al Jazeera has made. There are more unconfirmed dead than there are militants on that list! They even noted which among the dead were members of “Islamic Jihad”. Here, if you do not believe me, scroll down the list as I have, and take note of who is listed as being of Islamic Jihad. How anyone can read that list and come to the conclusion that Israel is targeting militants, is beyond me. If they are in fact targeting militants, they must be the most poorly trained fighting force on planet Earth!


  • Despite all the Zionist vainglorious breast thumping, and who’s telling the truth or not, Israel will eventually have to make its peace with the Palestinians, or ‘Gaza’ will just become a regular event. There’s no escaping the lessons of history.

    • Tollerantheart

      It already is a regular “event” .You only need to look at the UN list to see how many years this has been going on. Nothing changes. USA has blood on its hands

  • Why do hamas, fatah and a lot of the palestinians lie? In the book :” Once an Arafat man, the ex-sniper/driver of Arafat explains why. This men fled to the USA and became a christian.

    On this photo, you can see how hamas and the palestinians are even using hollywoodpictures.,+recycle+old+pictures.jpg

  • I’m not especially religious , and i’m a gentile, but today i’m a Jew!

    • Welcome to the club Jerry! It is what is in your heart and soul that really counts.

    • Bill Murray

      I too also support Israel in its response and I am too am not Jewish.

    • Thank you for your thoughts and support. I am a Jewish American and long for peace. I wish there were more people such as you. What a better world this would be.

  • It is clear for all to see that Israel’s “surgical” targeting of Hamas is a joke, but obviously no laughing matter. In reality, the patient’s condition is gave. Whatever genuine opportunities for successful intervention there ever were, maybe around the time of Oslo and thereafter for a time, it has now become apparent that the uncontrolled metastasis of Israeli facts on the ground represents the defining malignancy that has become inoperable. As a friend and frequent visitor of Israel who has closely tracked the appalling hold its own religious zealots have gained on shaping Israel’s ethnic cleansing polices toward the Palestinians, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the Jewish state is its own most serious existential threat.

    • Gaza was and remains an intentionally created cancer on the existence of Israel, a malignancy born of pan Arab purposeful intent post declaration of the Jewish State, when Palis were told to leave their homes, because they would soon be returned when the united Arab might drove the zionists into the sea for ‘good.’ The stink of Gaza, the cesspool of inequity remains a pawn in their game, even though the Arab nations could have, should have taken them in and resettled them long, long ago. They are a tactical piece in a long term war game played to assuage the hurt of the unconsoled nakbaites who yet suffer the indignity of a thriving Jewish state in their midst in the oil rich oligarchal Mideast.

      The impoverished, hopeless, strapped and trapped Gazans are but a tool for Iran supplying Hamas hard line fanatic crazed killers of peace and would be maimers of innocents on both sides, be they Sderot schoolchildren, or Gazan kids forced to be adjacent to stockpiles of Iranian made longer range rockets readied for arcing over the borders for the ten thousandth time trying to hit the innocent bodies of Jewish children who happen to be standing on the other side of an invisible line, demarcating the border of a nation and an intentionally remaining refugee camp of oppression left to rot in the stink of unnecessary oppression for the sole tactical purpose of the eventual defeat of the Jewish nation that dares to the free amid the Arab world of the Middle East, in the wicked minds of those Arab leaders who line their pockets heavy with with the weight of western gold, while they sip expensive drinks safely esconsed in seaside resorts and watch the devastation of their people in Gaza with smiles. They are the face of corruption and evil to their own kind.

    • It’s clear to see the exact opposite- are you incapable of reading the data?

    • Jason-If Israel is her own worst enemy, then the crazed murderousness of fanatic fake Islamic terrorists must be just a terrible reflection of Israel’s attempting to cause her own demise because of …her bad behavior? The extreme hatred and intent to destroy her since the day she was declared a Jewish homeland reborn, the ever increasing pro Palestinian and virulent anti Israel sentiment on the world scene, is all her fault, caused by her being her own worst ‘existential’ enemy?

      As former inhabitant, long since become diasporan bound without pretensions otherwise, it seems to me all too easy in this time of trouble and war, of death and dying to once more blame imperfect Israel when finally fighting back under extreme long term duress, from the ever increasingly isolated position of harm in which she has found herself for far too long.

    • Put your anti-Israel prejudice aside for a while and ask why Hamas instigated a rocket attack against Israel, which began when Israel started searching for the murderers of three young boys who were on their way home, something Israel has every right to do. The Hamas bombardment was directed at Israeli civilians. No country could accept and shrug off attacks of this sort, and so it acted to stop them. It is well known and well documented that Hamas attacks from BEHIND its civilians, men, women and children to prevent any response from Israel who try to avoid civilian deaths. (Refer to what Colonel Richard Kemp CBE said in his speech to the UN about Israel’s ethical standards in war. In contrast with Hamas, Israeli armed forces are IN FRONT of its civilians so as to protect them. Hamas breaches all the rules of war in the way it protects itself by shielding BEHIND civilians and not fighting in recognised military uniforms, and by doing so, show themselves as the cowards we all know them to be. Hamas stores its weaponry in civilian facilities, homes, hospitals, mosques etc, knowing Israel is reluctant to attack, again to avoid civilian deaths and injury – more cowardice. And when Israel announces before it attacks an area, by phone, text and leaflet drops, warning civilians to leave, Hamas prevents them doing so to put them in line of fire – more cowardice from Hamas. Now ask yourself what other army would pre-announce attacks, thereby lessening their effectiveness?

      You describe yourself as a friend and frequent visitor to Israel,but what you posted convinces me that you are neither, in fact, you are the exact opposite.

      When Hamas love their children more than they love murder and destruction, there will be a chance for peace, prosperity and a better life for the people of Gaza.

    • Boy do u write a load of crap. …the key issue in israel is the lack of partner for peace as for sure Hamas has never had and never will have the intention of making peace with Jews in Israel…..

      • Orly Halevy

        Unfortunately you are right .
        I wish more people would understand who the hamas is .
        The hamas is nothing but TERRORISTS who keep their people hostage.
        It is ashamed that Israel had to lose young gorgeous soldiers to fight the DEVIL .

    • As is true will all anti-semite bigots… youve ignored the facts. Facts with a history and trend that goes back at least 12 years according to the article. Are you being obtuse on purpose or is it by design?

      Let me point out to you the pertinent information from the article..

      ” A breakdown by age and gender published on the Israellycool blog on Sunday confirmed the trend reported in a similar analysis last week by CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, that showed most of the dead were combatant age males, not women or children.”

      Im also curious as to why you fail to remember that the palestinians are the ones who have rejected 5 offers of statehood. They are the ones who reneged on the oslo accords…but hey…who cares about facts and details right?

      p.s. please discontinue your frequent visits to Israel. Unless you can site specific instances where you have personally seen “ethnic cleansing”….liar

    • Chris Rettenmoser

      YOU are a Nazi…period.

    • Jhoward you have chronic kneejerk syndrome

  • Why even bother reporting that terrorisit propaganda from the Al Jizeera or NY Times?

    • John Barrell

      You obviously assume that al Jareza is Banting. Israel. If you follow it you will be surprised hoe balanced it is, so much so that it’s hated by anti zionists.

      • being surprised that al jazeeras reporting is more balanced than one would think still doesnt mean they are unbiased and fair. more balanced than youd think?….maybe. Fair and unbiased?…hardly

  • Patricia Valentine

    What this tells me is that hamas is not taking care of its people. They are telling them to stand in front of their homes to protect them and that just goes to show you that they don’t really give a damn about others lives. On the other hand Israel protects their people and with as much right as anyone who is under attack. They have tried over and over again to keep with these so called peace treaties but if the other side isn’t going to follow the rules then unfornuatley people are going to die!

  • george M Bokor

    Why don’t we remember Dresden and London and Tokio and Berlin and a few millions who died in concentration camps. Stop complaining about 5oo dead terrorists from Gaza. This is a war for heavens sake. So children are dead, if Hamas wouldn’t send hundreds of raketes to Israel and provoke this “visit” by the IDF, it wouldn’t have happened. It could have been a good idea to abide by the sees fire, arranged by Egypt, which was not accepted by Hamas, and keep civilians in harms way. Actually Israel should insist complete demilitarization of Gaza before quitting this incursion.

    • their children are “future terrorist in training” check out all the videos of their “schools”


  • Wikipedia:
    Thus far 572 Palestinians have been killed.[4] According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 72% of those killed were civilians (as of its report on 20 July, at which time it said 375 civilians were killed. 83 of those killed were children and 36 women). Many fatalities which could not be verified were not included in the OCHA report. Over 3,008 have been wounded as of 20 July 2014 according to Gazan medical officials. Over 100,000 people have been displaced, including 84,000 who have taken refugee in UNRWA schools. 85 schools and 18 medical facilities were damaged.[10] In addition, over 3,000 homes have been partially destroyed by the air strikes.[272]

    According to the Israeli Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Center, as of 20 July 2014, 130 terrorist operatives, 138 civilians, and 134 unidentified Palestinians have been killed in Gaza.[273]

    • Wikipedia citing a U.N. agency Is your source? That is priceless. Another example of a low information automaton. Hopefully not a voter.

    • Using wikipedia??? who got its information from the same UN agencies that have been storing missiles in schools for hamas???

      Be right back..i need to make an edit on wiki

    • how do we know that the number “civilians” killed is accurate? Not all of Hamas dresses in uniform.

  • Does anyone know how many Israeli soldiers have been killed so far? My heart bleeds for those brave men and their families. Israel should have used deep cluster bunker bombs instead of going into Gaza. What a pity !

    • Salomon dayan

      Israel should not allow reporters in the war theatre ,because they are biased ,thus reporting lies and innacuracies. They can influences the war outcome by causing increasing pressure on Israel to stop before achieving yjeir goals ..this is what has always happened in previous conflicts.and that is why the Arabs always claim they won..

      • Biased or not, to deny free speech is akin to the nazis and other demagogues of history.

        • Didn’t Israel try not letting Press into Lebanon at the start of the war in 2006?

          The result would be the same. The Press would be forced to rely on the same people that are guiding them currently.

          Question for all, what happened to any sense of trying to uncover the truth of what is happening in Gaza? I remember Anderson Cooper being walked through Lebabnon in 2006 and reporting that Hezbollah only let them see what they wanted reporters to see. He reporter that it felt staged to him, and when they would try to get a closer look at buildings that were bombed, the would be pushed back.

          In this conflict, no reporters are trying to see if maybe, just maybe, that house israel hit really was storing munitions, as Israel has been claiming all along. There is literally no attempt at actual journalism? And no reporters have reported their lack of freedom to investigate?

    • Salomon dayan

      Israel should not allow reporters in the war theatre ,because they are biased ,thus reporting lies and innacuracies. They can influences the war outcome by causing increasing pressure on Israel to stop before achieving yjeir goals ..this is what has always happened in previous conflicts.and that is why the Arabs always claim they won..Salomon. Dayan

  • The fact that much of the media refuses to acknowledge reality, or even that hamas uses human shields, when they admit it, guarantees that hamas will continue to maximize casualties. The bias of the media contributes to the killing. The panic of Obama/Kerry further gives incentive to hamas to get civilians killed. Remember since hamas is not a recognized gov without a legit army and that the media refuses to classify hamas soldiers as terrorist therefore by definition casualties are “civilians”.The media, politicos, like Obama/Kerry by bemoaning the loss of life only encourage and empower hamas to get their people killed

    • Art, you’ve nailed the major points. One that I might add is that the vast majority of Jewish Americans have developed and founded a new religion called “progressivism” which will undoubtedly put every American Jew in jeopardy and in harm’s way. With a vile anti-Israel administration in DC, which has poured gasoline on a long-simmering fire, tells me the only chance we have of fending off the domestic poltroons is to arm yourself with deadly weapons. That may sound harsh but that’s the reality of you and your family staying alive. Second Amendment Jews, which has nothing to do with Torah study, are the ones who will live to fight another day. This is one Jew who won’t go down easily.

    • Face it, in most societies of the west we consider the politics of hamas to be criminal.
      That doesn’t stop fools from having opinions.

  • Thanks for this. I did copy it and emailed it to the CBC’s The Currents Program by Ana Maria Tremonti.
    I hope it will help to set the record straight.

  • The hamas terorists love death, so they don’t mind having their own people die, so that the world can feel sorry for them. It’s mind boggling that there are demonstrations against Israel.
    There was never an Islamic State in Israel for starters, so, why are they demanding it back?
    Gaza was handed over with a desalination Plant for clean water, agriculture, business, and what did hamas do, destroy it.
    You can’t appease these hate mongers, sorry to lose one Israeli soldier to these monsters.

    • I didn’t copy it because you did. However, I did leave a tweet and an email. The CBC, whose salaries we pay, I consider as the most unreliable/biased news source in Canada. It deserves to be either shut down or taken off the list of mandatory content re cable providers.

  • Why do the Palestinians lie and why do the world believe them

    • Mickey Oberman

      Their first lie is to call themselves Palestinians.

      Islam and the Koran encourages lying to advance its cause to world domination.

      Islam itself is based entirely on lies.

      Mohammed himself was constantly telling lies and today’s Muslims believe every one of them without question.

      Mickey Oberman

    • M.K., it’s simple. They lie because it’s about Jews and the world hates Jews.

    • Palestinians lie because that’s the only way they hope to win.

      The world believes them because the world is full of idiots and hypocrites.

    • not everyone believes them.

    • pallies lie because its not wrong in their world. in fact, its very much acceptable. Its in the koran

  • Good job.

  • Nice work, Josh. we miss you at the office in TA!

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