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August 12, 2014 3:07 am

Jewish Anti-Zionism? Not in Our Name

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A recent anti-Israel demonstration in Manhattan's Columbus Circle, including a Jewish anti-Zionist sign reading, "Another Jew Against The Occupation." The protest was countered by an adjacent pro-Israel demonstration. Photo: Ben Cohen. – I recently journeyed to Columbus Circle in Manhattan to savor the atmosphere at two rival demonstrations over Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

On one side, by the entrance to Central Park, and adjacent to the hot dog stands and “I Love NYC” souvenir outlets, I found about 60 or so pro-Israel demonstrators. The sky was gray and leaden, the humidity threatened a thunderstorm, and the news coming out of Israel was pretty bleak, but their mood veered in the joyous direction. They danced and sang, they recited prayers for the IDF’s fallen soldiers, and they held signs that were—dare I say it—almost kumbaya-like in their tone. There was no anger and no hate, but rather a series of appeals to behave rationally and with humanity. “For Real Peace, Gaza Needs Good Education, Not Bombs,” read one message. “Israel Left Gaza For Peace,” declared another, almost imploringly.

As I read these and similar signs, I imagined the response these demonstrators would encounter outside the 59th St. subway station, where pro-Palestinian demonstrators were now gathering. The word “naive” would be the least of it, I reflected. As if on cue, a car whizzed around Columbus Circle, with one of the passengers brandishing a Palestinian flag out of the window. Over the din of the traffic and the songs and chants of the pro-Israel demonstrators, I heard a voice from inside the car boom in our direction, “F**k YOU!”

As the afternoon wore into the evening, I crossed the street to see what was happening on the Palestinian side. The turnout was smaller than I’d expected—600 at most—but there was a tangible feeling of anger. Someone was yelling “Allahu Akhbar!” into a megaphone and plenty of banners with slogans like “End Aid to the RACIST State of Israel” and “Israel is an Apartheid State” were on display. For a few minutes, I spoke to a man holding a sign reading, “Zionism threatens us all.” He was polite and cordial but predictable, his remarks to me peppered with catchphrases like “wealthy Jews” and claims such as “9/11 was chiefly an attack on U.S. support for Israel.”

I surveyed this crowd and saw Arab and south Asian Muslims, solemn-looking Quakers, and younger hipsters wearing what can only be described as terror chic—faces covered with keffiyehs and t-shirts emblazoned with ultra-radical declarations. But most of all I saw my own people. The Jews.

These Jews, I hasten to add, were “good” Jews, unlike me and probably you. That was apparent from their Jewish Voice for Peace stickers and from their signs such as “No war on Palestinians, NOT IN OUR NAME.” In terms of age, they were much older than I’d expected, baby boomers still nostalgic for the days of hippiedom. Once they had Vietnam, I thought to myself. Now they have “Palestine.”

Now, although I’ve been writing about Jewish anti-Zionism for years, there is always something disturbing about encountering it in the flesh. Palestine differs from Vietnam, in the sense that it’s an issue these folks feel a connection to by dint of rejecting the Jewish state as Jews. Indeed, they’ve built an identity around it—their Judaism is expressed in a manner in which they separate themselves from other Jews, like when they say, “NOT IN OUR NAME.”

It’s also important to understand that these demonstrators are not affiliated with J Street or with American Friends of Peace Now or similar groups. Many of them would probably find Peter Beinart, the American Jewish columnist who has reinvented himself as (he thinks) the voice of the decent Jewish conscience, a little too vanilla. What they have embraced is the non-violent (they think) route to ridding the world of its only Jewish state: boycotts, Passover seders dedicated to the Palestinian struggle, endless rhetorical condemnations of Zionism. It is, one might argue, a little like a cult.

And like many of the cults that come and eventually go, this one is apparently in a growth phase. At least that’s what Rebecca Vilkomerson, the head of Jewish Voice for Peace, told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz in a recent interview. The same report noted that J Street members disillusioned with that organization’s craving of mainstream acceptance are finding a new political home further to the left.

Should this exodus continue, we may find that the “pro-Israel, pro-peace” Jewish left, which was all the rage five years ago, is eclipsed and rendered irrelevant. More American Jews are understanding that every time Israel is compelled to defend its own citizens, the cries of “genocide!” will surely follow—and that is a cry they reject decisively. Equally, a smaller but still visible number will continue to organize themselves as the Jewish section of the movement to abolish the Jewish state.

Any debate over how to regard these organizations shouldn’t encourage comparisons with J Street. For all my strong disagreements with J Street, I believe they are committed to a two-state solution. I cannot say the same about Jewish Voice for Peace and those of the same ilk. They are, quite simply, the enemy, and we must guard against them. They have embraced anti-Zionist eliminationism in the name of Judaism. For that reason, while I still—just about—believe that peace between Israel and the Palestinians is possible, I cannot envisage making peace with the Jewish haters of Israel.

Why do I say that? Because betrayal by a brother always hurts more than the venom of a declared enemy. Whenever they shout “NOT IN OUR NAME,” we should remind them that their name is not our name.

Not anymore.

Ben Cohen is the Shillman Analyst for and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, Haaretz, and other publications. His book, “Some Of My Best Friends: A Journey Through Twenty-First Century Antisemitism“ (Edition Critic, 2014), is now available through Amazon.

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  • BH in Iowa

    The fact that there are anti-Zionist (self described) Jews disproves their entire narrative. If Zionists are as they say we are, would they not assume personal risk in airing their views? No, they do what they do in complete safety. Even their least hyperbolic accusations are utterly false.

  • muhamed

    Have there not always been Jewish traitors of Israel since the days of Joshua? Read the scriptures ! These are worthless fellows.

  • Ed Alweis

    What concerns me is the lack of understanding of young people. They don’t read newspapers, they don’t watch TV news and what they do see is biased reporting. They worship Hollywood celebrities who, by and large, are anti-Israel and many of whom are Jews. They’re sympathetic to what they think is Palestinian suffering without examining the cause of it.

  • TG

    Is that lady next to the anti-Israel/anti-Zionism “Not in their Name” placard, a Chinese Jewish lady? If so, I’d love to know her Name…!

  • Mark_NYC

    I live down the block from Columbus Circle, and happened to pass the demonstration in front of the Time Warner building while on my was to the bank. What was most nauseating was seeing the Naturei Kartei in their fur hats and black stockings (it was a very warm day)joining the protesters and carrying signs denouncing the State of Israel. OK, they don’t like Israel, maybe even think it’s a abomination, but to stand alongside the same people who wish to see the annihilation of Jews is nauseating. The only word that comes to mind is traitors to the Jewish people. Have they been disowned by the Satmar sect from which they spawn? As far as the other “protestors”, besides the obvious Arab/Moslem group, there were also plenty of Caucasian Americans, who I couldn’t help but think were probably old line lefties, many of these being Jews. When the Arab terrorists start to cut heads off and put them on poles, I don’t think they’ll make too many distinctions among “good” and “bad” Jews (Hitler didn’t). I went to a talk a few months ago by Daniel Goldhagen of Harvard at Touro women’s college, and during the question/answer period, asked him how he, as an academic, understood the apparent pervasive anti-Israel sentiment among academics, many of whom are Jews (Noam Chomsky and his ilk). He responded that with the downfall of the Soviet Union, racist South Africa, and the end of Western Colonialism, old line lefties were looking for a new cause in which they could embrace the “underdog” fighting against the “oppressor”, and for them this has become the Palestinians vs. the Israelis. Of course, the former wouldn’t hesitate to annihilate the latter (heads on poles) but the Jews, who have the capacity to do to the Arabs what they wish to do to them, don’t even think about going there. Like the Israelis often say, its a tough neighborhood. Just hope that Kerry/Obama keep their noses out of it and stay on the sidelines instead of incessantly putting pressure on Israel.

  • Steve Butman

    One day, these “Not in my name” knuckleheads are going to find themselves face to face with some jihadists. They’ll claim, “We may be Jews, but we’re your friends!’. Soon after, they will be slaughtered. On that day, I will celebrate!

    • Michael Garfinkel

      I’ll bring the drinks and the party hats!

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    We shouldn’t forget that depending on which texts you use, between a third and 4/5ths of all the Jewish slaves in Egypt refused to leave to leave with Moshe. This is more of that. In one generation or less none of these people or their descendents will be recognizably Jewish. They will have some kind of Jewish heritage but even they won’t know it.

  • Lynne T

    The reported size of the pro-Hamas rallies seem pretty flaccid. Less than a thousand in NYC? CAIR’s rally in Washington attracting “thousands” and not tens of thousands?

    If this is true, then really, Hamas has so overplayed its hand that only the most hard core morons are risking public embarassment by association with the most blatantly murderous fascists short of ISIL or whatever they are calling themselves at the moment.

  • TG

    I wonder how these anti-Zionist ‘american’ Jews (and non-Jews) would react if there were demonstrations in Erez Israel against Americanism, with placards declaring:
    “Another Israeli against the Occupation of America by Jewish, Christian, Moslem, Atheist European, Asian and African settlers/colonists” – which, let’s face it, is a fact seeing there were massive periods of emigration from those areas since Columbus’s’discovery’of america
    500 or so years ago…emigrations which continue to this very day.
    No one asked the native peoples of the Americas (incl. Canada and Latin America)for their permission for all those colonists to take over their country by force during which the occupation forces were slaying natives in the millions or imprisoning them in camps called
    ‘reservations’. Today, the descendants of native americans are what I call a ghost nation…unseen and unheard from or about.
    So, all those Jewish ‘american’anti-zionists, put a sock in your blabbering, hypocritical mouths and start to deal with the Native-Americans’ dire life conditions, as well as admit that they, as descendants of ‘illegal’ colonists over the past 500 years to this very day, have no right to berate and accuse the Jews of Israel/Judaea of the ‘occupation’ of their own tiny, but now blooming, 4000 year Promised Land. It is the never-was-a palestinian people (let alone a state) who should go home to one of their 22 Arab-Moslem countries instead of robbing and desecrating the one Land given by Allah to he Jews/Israelites as is written not only in the Bible but also in the Koran: (1) Sura 17, ‘Night Journey’, verse 104; (2) Koran 10:91, “Jonas”; (3)Koran Sura 5:21; (4) Koran 44, 29-30, “Smoke”

  • They are called the House Jews or the Jewish Uncle Toms. And they are equally contemptuous for their intellectually flaccid arguments.

  • Where have all you clueless pro-palestinian protesters been hiding when in 1970 King Hussein of Jordan during the “Black September” had more palestinians killed in one month, than have died in decades during the conflict with Israel?

    Where has anyone of you protested when in 1991 Kuwait butchered thousands of palestinians and expelled the remaining 400’000?

    Where are the protests from any of you for the thousands of palestinians who are being killed here and now in Syria?

    It is your hypocritical indignation which guarantees the success of Hamas’ dehumanizing strategy, to sacrifice the civilian population by using men, women and children as human shields, just to be able to blame these deaths on Israel.

    When Muslims kill Muslims, on the other hand, all you self righteous protesters don’t care at all.

    • It’s not about the Muslims that are killed, it’s about destroying the Jews,

      In as much as Muslim deaths contribute to the annihilationist project, all the better.

    • Steve Butman

      Right on! Well said.

  • Shalom dear brother Tzvi you are. soo rite /just real
    and /not afraid to speak of/real understanding/with real
    &a just /peace I see that all this fight/ing is tear/ing up all /yes all of us all of us /older /not soo young of us /here there. We who love Zion/+all of blestit beISRAEL we here in the State/s love /care and pray daily for ALL in our HOME in ZION me 2

  • Not only in NYC, check out Los Angeles and San Francisco.
    Far too many JUIs, Jewish Useful Idiots, trying to convince
    themselves, basically, that Israel is not the only democratic state in the Middle East, that it is something
    “other,” other than what they in their utopian dream imagine
    it’s supposed to be; thus, providing the most hurtful ammunition to those who’d kill every Jew on the planet.
    I have five grandchildren whom these JUIs endanger. They
    ARE a serious enemy who fill the ranks of the slimestream media, Cacademia, and most of Follyhood. My adivice: Go live in Ramallah. Or at least keep very far away from me and my grandchildren.

    • Steve Butman


  • Inna Kreer

    I liked your article from the beginning, but towards the end I got very upset. You are saying: “For all my strong disagreements with J Street, I believe they are committed to a two-state solution.” For me it sounds terrible. Now, when the “two-state solution” has discredited itself, you still stand for it, together with JStreet? Wow, that’s nice. So, you think, that in addition to one Palestinian state, that already exists, which is Jordan, you want one more in Judea and Samaria, so that Israel would be shoot trough? So, who is the enemy “we must guard against”? And who are we?

  • Peter

    A few years ago at the University of Louisville at a presentation made by Jewish Voice for Peace along with Diana Bhutto and a South African anti apartheid activist whose name escapes me, the argument was put forward that rather than hating the Zionist, people should recognize that Zionism itself is a form of mental illness. I don’t recall most of their craziness except for a few good tidbits about “Jewish only” roads and other claims of an apartheid state. An Israeli Ethiopian Jewish women was told by the South African activist to leave Israel and move to South Africa where she would be welcome. So much for Jewish Voice for Peace.

  • Harvey

    Don’t waste your energy analysing , labelling , cursing them etc . See them as the enemy only more so . Work to undermine them . Look for vulnerabilities , weak points especially among their leadership . Be creative within the law . We have the same problem in the UK but several key ‘ As a Jew haters have quietly disappeared from the cause . We know because we’ve helped them on their departure from their mission . Do it independently or part of an organisation but do it .

  • It would be so much nicer (and productive) if those who, emotionally, reject Zionism would set aside their emotions for a while and pay attention to factual evidence — mainly historical and legal.

    I happen to believe that emotional reactions which are not supported by facts — often even shamelessly disfiguring facts — are at best meaningless, if not really destructive. After all, what is propaganda if not emotions deprived of factual evidence?

  • vivarto

    I am shocked that this otherwise intelligent author is saying that he still believes in peace with “Palestinians”.
    Does he no realize that “Palestinians” were manufactured for only one purpose -> destruction of Israel?

  • Sharon Bolling

    So Tzvi and Courtney, exactly what would YOU do to protect your people from the stated purpose of Hamas and the rockets raining down on Israel by Hamas terrorists entrenched in and being fired from Palestinian family neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, mosques, and UN childcare centers? What more do you expect Israel to do under these circumstances when they drop leaflets and make phone calls to Gaza citizens telling them where they will be attacking? How, EXACTLY would YOU solve the Islamic inability to co-exist with and desire to eliminate all Jews, Christians, and people of any other religion but their own? Any SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS that Israeli PMs and Presidents have NOT tried since 1948?

    Be sure you keep in mind all the Arab and Persian Muslim groups that routinely dishonor the giving of their “word” and seem totally indifferent to and have proven they have no intention of keeping their word when Israel agrees to give up things, like land, to be safe in their own country. The “word” of Arab and Persian Muslims is worthless. The only exception to that scenario seems to be Egypt.

    The stated purpose of Islam is to force conversion to that religious/political system; and if you refuse, you die. Or how about Israel bowing to unwarranted, stupid international pressure and that worthless body called the UN and agreeing to cease-fires or truces time after time. How about letting those terrorists live and giving the PA humanitarian aid and building supplies to rebuild the infrastructure in Gaza. And, let me remind you, that Hamas used that cement to build a sophisticated tunnel system from which to invade Israel and kidnap or kill. Come on, genius, give us your solution?

    • Well said.

      Regarding Egypt: hats off to the military, many of whose officers were trained in the U.S.

      They imprisoned Morsi, are dismantling the Brotherhood, and destroying their tunnels.

      And most satisfying of all, they told Obama and his State Dept., who objected to this strenuously – even threatened to cut off funds and equipment, which they did – to “stuff it.”

      In some important ways, the Egyptian military is more “American” that the present administration.

  • BH in Iowa

    One can be a vegan or a meat eater, but not a meat-eating vegan.

  • Tzipporah

    I personally have no respect for these people. I meet them in manner places and they make me feel like vomiting. They are totally misguided and ignorant and have mental issues. It is one thing to privately not accept Israel’s need to defend itself and another to publicly protest. Many consider themselves above the rest of us and claim to read the New York Times.
    I recommend Pat Condell videos:

    I had trouble understanding this part of the article:
    “These Jews, I hasten to add, were “good” Jews, unlike me and probably you. That was apparent from their Jewish Voice for Peace stickers and from their signs such as “No war on Palestinians, NOT IN OUR NAME.” What does it mean?

    They say that only 20% of the Jews left Egypt. I hope I am one of those. I support Israel and am proud to be a Jew.

  • Ron

    Tsvi, why are you so angry? One might think, based on your own words, that you are the arbiter of “truth.” Whose truth? Yours or that of other Jews, and especially Israeli Jews, who find being branded practitioners of apartheid, racism, genocide and collective punishers to be profoundly unfair? When one makes accusations of such dramatic proportions then one needs to posit an argument as to why he or she is making such indictments. Otherwise, the charges as put forth ring hollow. Apparently, you have found Israel guilty long before any trial has taken place, and have no evidence to prove what you perceive as “truth.”

    One, such as yourself, can excoriate Israel with your hand on the throttle going full speed. But the problem of how to deal with Israel’s enemies remains. If you have an answer for that, please, we would welcome that kind of answer and explanation so that we can evaluate the merits of your case. Otherwise, your words are merely letters typed into a computer that have no meaning. At least for me and those like me who refuse to give in to tyranny.

  • Ron

    Tsvi, why are you so angry? One might think, based on your own words, that you are the arbiter of “truth.” Whose truth? Yours or that of other Jews, and especially Israeli Jews, who find being branded practitioners of apartheid, racism, genocide and collective punishers to be profoundly unfair? When one makes accusations of such dramatic proportions then one needs to posit an argument as to why he or she is making such indictments. Otherwise, the charges as put forth ring hollow. Apparently, you have found Israel guilty long before any trial has taken place, and have no evidence to prove what you perceive as “truth.”

    One, such as yourself, can excoriate Israel with your hand on the throttle going full speed. But the problem of how to deal with Israel’s enemies remains. If you have an answer for that, please, we would welcome that kind of answer and explanation so that we can evaluate the merits of your case. Otherwise, your words are merely letters typed into a computer that have no meaning. At least for me.

  • BH in Iowa

    Who has ever seen any of these self-righteous “anti-Zionist Jews” shouts/insults/libels against any other group? In support of any other issue? Human rights for Iran? Close the gulags of North Korea? Free Kurdistan? Save the Mosul Christians? Stop the slaughter of the Yazidis? Protest hamas use of human shields?


    No, the only crimes are those pinned on the Jewish State by the kangaroo courts and seething mobs. The only guilty party is the Jewish State. Nothing is an issue unless it can be blamed on the Jewish State. This is the exact same Islamic/European hatred for the exact same reasons.

    It is what it is.

  • carol

    In fact, Tzvi, many Arab Israelis are grateful, they are just too damned scared to admit it and deal with the repercussions from the brethren.

    I have another term for the left wingers who can see nothing of good from Israel and publicly demonstrate:

  • Efram

    Any Jew, be he an extremist Chassid or an extremist leftist, who actively works to destroy the Jewish state has committed the greatest crime a Jew can commit, placing other Jews in danger. They are all deserving of contempt and revilement. However, the Chassids who call themselves observant Jews but place other Jews in harms way, are the worst criminals of them all. They are masquerading as Jews, when they are the enemies of Jews everywhere.

  • Herb Glatter

    when quiet resumes, perhaps we can have a discussion about excommunicating the traitors in our midst

  • Jose Behar

    I am not surprised by knowing that there are american jews against Israel. They share the same attitudes of some british jews that called themselves “self-hating jews”. It is probably due to the deep unhappiness of being part of a minority and reacting to the general society feelings toward any minority, particularly toward the jews. Even people that would be outrage toward antisemites harbor many “anti-jewish” feelings. These “ashamed jews” always demand that jews be perfect, and are hypersensitive to any jewish infractions. They would be ashamed to any minor Israeli infractions but they are not moved by genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Irak. Have you ever seen jews demonstrating against the ISIS killing women and children of religious minorities. What a contrast with the muslim populations in the West. Have you seen any demosntrations against Assad gasing his oponents (women and children included)?

    • Clarion

      Great post Jose. Kudos to you.

  • Robinsky

    Are you an Israeli Tsvi? What problems do you have with Israel that make you anti Zionist?

  • Robinsky

    Although I disagree with his opinion on Israel, Tsvi does make a good point. You cannot simply write off anti-zionists by name calling, I.e. “Self hating Jews”, “Jews with Mental Illness”, ” second rate actors” and “old Hippies from the Vietnam Nam Era” … What are the issues with Israel that these anti zionists have causing them to call for it’s destruction? What can be done to change the existing conditions while still keeping Israel protected. Anyone have thoughts?

    • Tzvi

      Your first reaction is to disagree with my opinion then you ask what the problems are. This tendency is one of the major problems. Your desire to support Israel at all costs, without examining opposing thought, makes you closed to the possibility that something wrong is going on here.

      If you can overcome this tendency, then you can honestly investigate the many other issues yourself. If you’re going to dismiss any argument before having heard it then you can save yourself the trouble and just not bother.

      • This is all very nice, except there hasn’t been a reasonable argument made to support their contentions.

        No one is required to respect poorly fashioned arguments that highlight ignorance and bias – the two fundamental attitudes that inform the anti-Israel Jews.

    • rulierose

      actually, haters, I have to agree with this article, except I wouldn’t have given J-Street a pass; unlike the author, I don’t agree that they are “pro-Israel” in any sense of the word. Jewish Voice for Peace, though, might as well just join Hezbollah and be done with it.

      I can’t explain to you why self-hating Jews–and oh yes, kids, they exist–are the way they are. sometimes I think that if Israel had a cool national keffiyah they’d be doing better in the PR battle. I’m only half kidding: you never see these jerks without their radical-chic scarves. it’s the must-have accessory for fall: Gaza is the new black.

      one excuse the self-hating Jews may have is wilful ignorance. some of them seem to believe that there was once an Arab country called Palestine, lived in by Muslim Palestinians for thousands of years, and that suddenly, out of the blue, as a response to the Holocaust, a bunch of Jews came from Europe and stole it.

      that lazy and inaccurate fairytale is what the Left generally believes. it makes sense that self-hating Jews, card-carrying members of the Far Left, would think so.

    • Vittore

      From what I’ve seen of the anti-Israel demonstrations, the clearly self-labeled “Jewish” presence does consist of people of a certain age. If there are any young Jews, they are usually not self-identifying visibly as such. And as for the older Jewish participants, there’s usually an undercurrent of old extreme left. In fact, I had a professor like that in college. She thought of herself as a Trotzkyite, wearing leather raincoats, identifying with extreme left, etc.

      • Your post makes me nostalgic for Josef Stalin, who had all the Trotskyites shot.

    • zvi

      What could a Jew do to make the Nazi like them? What have the Jews done to earn the contempt and murderous hate they encountered throughout their history? What can they do to earn the Love of Hamas? Or these anti-Zionist Jews?
      COMMIT SUICIDE ???!!

    • pinchas baram

      if a jew feels Israel is the mean aggressor because it is fighting back and defending itself from continuous Hamas rockets, suicide bombers, etc., etc., then something is very WRONG with said jew. whether it’s a mental illness, ignorance, stupidity, the desire to be loved by the “other”– who cares? They don’t deserve empathy and a rational response,they don’t deserve a friendly debate on the repulsive topic of whether israel should exist or not.

      For such jews are the Enemy Within, and regrettably these enemies have a long and continuous pedigree, going back– e.g., to the period of the Spanish Inquisition (when some ex-Jews and even ex-rabbis turned virulently against their “brethren”)and further back to Roman times (the chief assistant to Titus who destroyed the 2nd Temple was a jew, the nephew of the Jewish sage Philo of Alexandria) and back some more…

      The prophet Isaiah says the most destructive force against Bnai Yisrael will come from within– and you better believe it.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      But they are all these things, and more.

      Why can’t they be written off as such?

      It’s not as if they’ve argued their position in such a way as to detract from their loathsome and stupid posturing.

  • Dan

    Being Jewish does not mean that you have to agree with everything that the State of Israel does. However, publicly protesting against the State of Israel while claiming to be Jewish is fraudulent and dangerous. Given the demographics of American Jewry – i.e., an intermarriage rate of well over 50% in the non-Orthodox world – it is likely that many, if not most, of the left-wing “Jewish anti-Zionists” are in fact not Jewish at all. Rather, they are descendants of Jews, non-Jewish spouses of Jews, and non-Jews who underwent dubious “conversions.” Having discarded Torah and halacha, left-wing American Jews made up their own definition of Jewish nationhood, and they parade it around whenever it suits their political agenda. Neturei Karta is also anti-Zionist, but at least they can authentically claim to be speaking from a Jewish perspective.

    • Tzvi

      You are saying that many of the protesters are using flimsy ties to Judaism as a tool to make Israel look bad. This, you state, is fraudulent.

      For the sake of argument, let’s say these people are protesting more on the grounds of human rights, equality, justice, compassion, tolerance, liberalism than any “real” Jewish value. If so, what does that say about “real” Judaism?

      • david shalev

        You are not protesting for human rights and tolerance. If you did that you would protest every day against Boko Haram and ISIS. Israel is FAR more civilized than it’s neighbors. If you protest against Israel in its time of need when it is being bombarded by radical islam by all fronts, you are not part of the Jewish people…. you are the ENEMY.

  • Tzvi

    Your attempt to write off anti-Zionist Jews as hippies looking for a cause, a cult and best of all traitors, is contemptible. What happened, self-hating Jew doesn’t work anymore?

    The truth hurts. The truth happens to side with the enemy. At that point, typical Zionists don’t care whether it is true or not. If the truth supports the enemy, you are a traitor.

    Whatever Zionism means to you, it has lost any justification by what it has become. The terms apartheid, racist, genocide, collective punishment don’t have to occur at the level of South Africa and the Holocaust to be applicable. Is there a double standard applied to Israel? Yes. Does it make it less true? No. That you would rather deflect the problems instead of dealing with them is reprehensible.

    These terms are more applicable to Israel than not. They are certainly more applicable than most Zionists want to contemplate. If you woke up form your Jewish Democracy with grateful Arab citizens fantasy you would know this too.

    Dismissing people as traitors is easy. Now you don’t have to listen to them. They are the enemy. How convenient for you. Do I think Arabs will love me anymore if am an anti-Zionist? No. What do I have to gain be taking their side? Little. I just want to be able to live with myself and not support something I can’t believe in anymore.

    Maybe anti-Zionists still have a dream of what Zionism should be. Maybe they are just disgusted by what it has become. That doesn’t make them a traitor. It is at worst a difference of opinion… something you pillars of democracy ought to respect.

    By calling it treason and defaulting to military power to solve problems – you don’t even have to listen to dissent anymore. You sounds more fascist than not to me.

    • Courtney

      OMG! Tzvi, will you marry me? Very well said! This guy is awful.

      • Art frank

        You are an ass

      • Clarion

        Tzvi dismisses Zionism and zionists as the traitors, makes them into the enemy from his pov, dismissing them as the contemptible and even genocidal other. A convenient enough about face, employing the same exact tactics he pretends to condemn. Perhaps you should put off your presumptive engagement party. Nu, maybe he’s married with multiple children, old enough to be your disaffected grandfather, and somewhat self hating as well.

      • Yaacov

        Dears Courtney and Tzvi,

        You both seem to be extremely confused. What part of “something” can you not believe in anymore? That Jews have a right to live in peace in a country they built up from sand and swamp? I lost family members and friends in Israel by Palestinian “suicide bombers”. My family lived in “Palestine” way, way before the state was formed. All they wanted was to live in peace. To build. To create.

        But the Arabs and Palestinians could not stop killing, destroying and laying waste. Please, do yourselves a favor and educate yourselves. Ignorance is not an excuse in this day and age. It is very easy to side with the “plight of the poor palestinians.” But they are where they are because of their own and their leaders’ stupidity.

        Billions of dollars and Millions of pounds of concrete, steel, wires, etc… used to build tunnels and rockets to kill… instead of to build infrastructure… like schools, homes, hospitals, etc. Teaching children to hate with Disney-style TV Shows (Tomorrow’s Pioneers) teaches children to hate… instead of educating them. Their hate is greater than their love for themselves and their children. Their jealousy blinds them.

        Travel to way before 1967… before 1948… before 1944… way before… Educate yourselves about the many “Arab Riots” and other acts of Arab barbarism. I promise you it will be a long, harrowing journey. Jews tried to show “restraint”. But, tell me, for how long would you show “restraint” if you witnessed your neighbors murdering YOUR mother, father, grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends… HOW LONG?

        Have you read the HAMAS “Charter”? Yes, the one that openly calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of ALL Jews? Yes, you included?

        Hamas, ISIS, Islamic Jihad, Kasam Brigades, Al Quaeda and the other dozen factions… are essentially the same. And believe me… THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!! It does NOT matter how much land you give them. It does NOT matter how free you make their passage. The only thing these would accomplish is… HOW FAST THEY ANIHILATE THE JEWS.

        So again, please EDUCATE yourselves on the difference between Israel… a peace-loving country and people… who gave up the West Bank to Jordan, the Sinai Peninsula including is massive quantities of OIL to Egypt, and GAZA to the Palestinians. Jordan and Egypt chose PEACE. Palestinians chose strife and murder. They CHOSE their “refugee” status. There are MILLIONS of refugees worldwide. All are handles by ONE U.N. Organization… except the Palestinians. Yes, the Palestinians have THEIR OWN… called UNRWA… which has FAILED THEM MISERABLY.

        Please EDUCATE yourselves before you speak.


    • Steven Kalka

      I have my own name for them. How about turncoat Jews? I have my own narrative, “Jews who walk around like they’re still fighting the czar. It doesn’t matter where they emigrate or how much they prosper.”

    • zvi

      “Whatever Zionism means to you, it has lost any justification by what it has become. The terms apartheid, racist, genocide, collective punishment don’t have to occur at the level of South Africa and the Holocaust to be applicable. Is there a double standard applied to Israel? Yes. Does it make it less true? No. That you would rather deflect the problems instead of dealing with them is reprehensible.

      These terms are more applicable to Israel than not. They are certainly more applicable than most Zionists want to contemplate.”

      This is your opinion, Could you present the facts your above opinion based on? I am truly curious, as I know Israel Intimately, and haven’t got a foggy idea what are you talking about. I agree that Israel isn’t perfect, but there are no perfect nations in existence!!
      Am waiting!!!

    • wolff bachner

      horse manure. when arabs and Muslims stop sceaming KIL THE JEW we may talk about peace. These are the same people who supported Hitler during War Two and begged the Fuhrer to come to the Middle East and clean up all the Jews for them. You can go straight to hell.


      Can a Christian with long experience working with the Palestinians say something.

      Tzvi you are insane. Courtney if you want to bed down just come to Iraq. There are several thousand jihad fighters who will be willing to add sex with you and then slit your throat.

      • Tzvi

        I actually would have been interested in what you had to say but you chose to say nothing. Why is it you think I’m insane?

    • David Levy

      So the Hamas charter that says kill every Jew wherever you find them (and yes, that includes you), and the rockets and tunnels built for that very purpose are all OK? As Dylan sang, “He’s expected to lay down and die when when his door is kicked in”. Not gonna happen!

    • Al Talena

      Tzvi, a rose by any other name is a rose. And a traitor by any other name is still a traitor. You can spin it any way you want, traitor.
      Your calling patriotic Jews “fascists” shows us that you are from the loony left. Re your long response, “you protest too much.”

    • Actually, self-hating Jew is overused; these are Jews who tend towards adolescent narcissism, whatever their age.
      They hate other Jews.

      Your litany of insults against Israel are not applicable because you say they are. Here we have a classic example of argument-by-narcissism if there ever was one.

      And incidentally, the reason that are easily called traitors is, well, because they are!

      • This person “Tzvi,” after excoriating Zionism and Israel with terms like “fascist” and who in so doing implies unmistakably that the Zionist project has become unworthy of existence, then characterizes his position as “a difference of opinion.”

        Well, here’s my opinion:

        Invective is not reason, insults are not arguments.

        They masquerade as such in the service of evil, and in this case a Jejune sanctimony as well.

        All people have a distinctive hatred of traitors, who seek gain at the expense of their own.

        The Jews have suffered terribly with this. But it is particularly distasteful, that the Jewish traitor is want to cloak his treachery in sanctimony.

        • Michael Garfinkel

          One more thing:

          The writer asks what he has to gain by villifying his own people.

          Indeed, what do any of these Jews gain by attacking their own people, fighting against all odds to survive against a barbaric and genocidal Islamic tide?

          Here are my opinion. We all have them don’t we? Ask Tzvi.

          1. He satiates a dishonorable and disloyal character, which bridles at the imposition of fidelity.

          2. He suuports his own cowardice.
          After all, why enter a dangerous, blood-soaked arena, when one can disparage and libelthose who need our support as not-good enough to fight for.

    • TG

      What is the name of the kookoo Asylum you are now inhabitating?

    • david shalev

      You are the bottom of the sewer system. You are a kapo Judenrat. There is a special place in hell for Jews who side with Hamas over Israel. You have an IQ of 50 if you don’t realize that Radical Islam is waging a war of annihilation against Jews. You should be excommunicated from the Jewish people. How does the “truth” support Hamas’ platform that calls for the annihilation of Jews. I hope you are a Muslim pretending to be a Jew.

  • DocReality

    Dennis Praeger said it best: Jews in NYC have a mental illness.