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August 19, 2014 9:32 pm

Young Jewish Swedish Leader: ‘All My Friends Are Getting Death Threats’

avatar by Dave Bender

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Victor Borslov - Reichmann Photo: Facebook

Victor Borslov - Reichmann. Photo: Facebook

Death threats, daily anti-Semitic attacks, and harassment are causing many young Swedish Jews of the shrinking 20,000-member community to say “enough,” and seek to establish their futures elsewhere, according to a report by  Zvika Klein of Israel’s NRG News.

“I and my friends decided to leave,” 22-year-old Victor Borslöv-Reichmann, told NRG, after getting his 11th death threat after posting pro-Israeli views on his Facebook page.

Borslöv-Reichmann, a student of International Relations and Economics from Gothenburg, suggested some other preferable countries.

“I’m thinking of emigrating to Berlin, Tel Aviv or Haifa,” he said.

“We have never seen such anti-Semitism in Sweden. Since the beginning of [IDF Operation Protective Edge against Gaza rocket fire], we started to see anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in a different way from what we have seen so far in Sweden,” Borslöv-Reichmann said.

“We have always known that there are those who hate us in Sweden, but this time it was expressed more powerfully, because there were so many anti-Semitic remarks and attacks by anti-Semites that it was impossible to follow. Even among celebrities, politicians and journalists – it was not a criticism of the operation in Gaza, but really hate against Jews,” he said.

“It used to be unacceptable to talk about it so openly,” he said, but added that “today, talk of anti-Semitism has become commonplace.”

Throughout Israel’s operation, the young Jewish community in Sweden took to social networks to explain the Jewish state’s position.

But that message was not welcomed among tens of thousands of Muslims who have migrated to Sweden over the last decade.

“We acted on behalf of Israel on social networks, but every time I wrote something about Israel, I received death threats, about three times a week,” he said.

Meanwhile, members of the Jewish community tried to promote dialogue against anti-Semitism.

“We wanted to enlighten non-Jews that anti-Semitism in Sweden is a big issue, and that the media has to deal with it,” Borslöv-Reichmann said.

Anna Sjögren after being attacked by Muslim thugs. Photo: NRG.

Last week, a Muslim mob in Uppsala reportedly set upon and severely beat a Jewish mother of four, for wearing a Jewish Star of David necklace.

“One of the attackers signaled me to ‘Shut up or we’ll kill you,'” Anna Sjögren, in her 40s, said of the ordeal, which transpired on Thursday. So far, she said she’s too traumatized by the assault to file a police complaint.

While walking in one of the city’s largely Muslim populated neighborhoods, “A Muslim girl saw that I was wearing the Star of David on my neck and she started swearing at me and spat in my face. I got very upset and pushed her off,” Sjögren told the World Zionist Organization Center for Countering Antisemitism.

Sjögren said that someone standing next to the girl then threw a sharp object at her face. “I’m not sure who it was. Everything happened so fast,” she said.

“There were at least ten witnesses to the attack. All ten of them were wearing hijabs or scarfs in the colors of the PLO. Some surrounding witnesses claim that I ‘tripped’ and fell and that no one hurt me. It’s just unbelievable.”

Sjögren’s jaw was severely damaged, her eyes swollen, and she sustained injuries all over her body, according to a report.

Borslöv-Reichmann recounted another incident in which a friend of  his was attacked.

“He rode on roller skates in the park and when he went to the bathroom, a group of guys asked him, ‘You’re a Jew?’ And when he proudly answered yes, they attacked him.”

These events have left him pessimistic: “It will be more difficult to be a Jew, and no one is on our side; we feel we have to fight it alone. In the Jewish community we do not think that there is an increase in anti-Semitism – it was here all the time. But last month saw the real anti-Semitism, that does not happen overnight. It’s much bigger than it has ever been.”

“All my friends are getting death threats, it’s just creepy and not normal.”

“Hitler was wrong not to kill you all, but we will make sure of that,” one wrote on Borslöv-Reichmann Facebook page.

Borslöv-Reichmann declined to share the even harsher messages with NRG, and said he hopes the police will deal with the issue, but isn’t optimistic. He said the perpetrators usually use a fake profile or fake names, without pictures or identifying details – making tracking down the perpetrators difficult for police.

“I do not think the police care, or that they can catch them,” he concluded, adding sarcastically, “We’re only 20 thousand Jews, at best, throughout the country. Muslims are a much larger group, and, ultimately, politicians need their votes, not ours.”

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  • Ola Svenson

    Sweden has turned into the most nasty nation in Europe.
    It is ruled by autocrats who suppress free speech and freedom of the press and totally reject their own heritage.
    Islam has been welcome as the new religion of Sweden that will soon rule the country. Mosques will completely replaces churches and soon violence will rule all the streets. Sweden already has the 2nd. highest rate of rapes in the world. The nations greatest achievement in the next 10 years will be that it will push forward to become Nr.1!
    Immigrants disrespect Sweden, it’s people and it’s culture and Sweden looks upon them as the Savior of their nations future. They want to kick all highly qualified Jews out and replace them with illiterate Arabs.
    The nation which did that before was Germany. It eventually cost Germany the war and as well as the life of tens of millions of Germans.
    Good luck Sweden, your future looks bleak!

  • L. A. SELLEM

    Come to Israel! we need to get a strong Jewish front for the dark coming future! Jews are really safe only here, in Israel.

  • Karen

    Very sad. He Swedes were very good to my aunt after she was liberated from Auschwitz and bedridden for a year.

  • miriam gabay

    Come to Haifa it is a great place to live. You will be welcomed here.

  • Josh Samuel

    Your place is only and solely in Israel. It’s time to get back to your roots.
    Baruch aba.

  • Israel and the Jewish People are the canary in the coal mine. What happens to them will happen in Europe and the Americas next.

  • Kiwi Jew

    I feel for your plight – all countries in Europe are paying the price for letting in large numbers of Muslims who want to import their own culture rather than integrating. Making aliah makes good sense – Berlin does not, as it has the same problems. Another option: New Zealand – a quieter place with less racism and no-one ever bombs us.

    • isahiah62

      I thought NZ has outlawed kosher? that doesn’t sound too Jew-friendly

      • Trilisser

        Dear Sir, as a lowly Gentile may I ask you that why is “kosher” supposedly so important to Judaism? There is absolutely no rational reason for it (kosher slaying), and if NZ has banned kosher slaying, it is for the simple reason of that everybody is equal before the law, regardless of his religion.

  • Matt

    I agree with most written here but I am sorry to say that the story about the swedish woman who are supposed to have got beaten up for the reason of wearing a David star is very vague. It is questioned even by most pro-jewish ans pro-israelis here.

    Just for your knowledge.

  • Wolodja

    I would like to inform you that there are 2 Jews (Israel haters!) in Sweden doing a lot of harm to the Swedish Jews: Dror Feiler and Henry Ascher. They are often used by media to show how bad Israel is when even Jews criticize it very strongly.

    • Per Ladegaard Knudsen

      … as a close friend of Dror Feiler mother – Pnina Feiler, a Jewish Israeli heroine and peace activist – it hurts me to see that not only are Dror Feiler attacked nazis and anti-semites, but also so called “decent” people – democracy and freedom of speech should be defended by all decent people …

  • Willem

    Christians, moslims and jews have the same god. Why fight each other? What a lot of people suggest that the moslims want the whole world have forgotten that not so long ago the christians want the same. So they killed more than 100 million of indians in America. The jews seem it to do it in another way, namely money in a capitlist world.

    • Leah Lax

      What Nazi Unit are you a member of Williem

  • Rick Flowers

    Cultural Marxism in action. The Marxist loons running Europe want to destroy western civilization and Islam is their ally. Whites are so cowardly and brainwashed in these countries that they indeed have no future.

  • jerry

    For those naive countries who have allowed mass immigration of Muslims, they will try to dominate the Jews first and then succeeding that they will turn and try to increasingly dominate the country. There are so many of them. It’s a sinister organized plan to take over the weak. unsuspecting, liberal countries of Europe, Scandanavia. Asia etc. They let them in en masse and before they know it, they will be overwhelmed by these violent, ignorant, unproductive, hateful and intolerant people. Rest assured they will come after you next. Everything they touch turns to s**t.

  • Michel Bodenheimer

    Our dear Jewish friends in Sweden should know that they are always welcome in their home, in Israel.

    • Miriam

      Welcome dear! Here in Israel, we can at least be together here in facing this

    • hava

      yes! shalom one and all! come to Israel now! make aliyah before it’s too late! not one more drop of Jewish blood should spill anywhere in the world! even thought the world is not for us, the L-rd of Hosts is! hallelujah that He never sleeps nor slumbers! amen! shavuh naim and blessings from Holon, Israel.

  • Robert Davis

    sweden is out of the christian group of nations as moslems and left wing nazis have taken over this nation of cowards,fools and left wing communists. I suppose democrats have no future in this place unless their corrupt communist politicians and perhaps even the majority of the people come under the sharia rule. sweden has no future.

  • Steve

    Berlin? It is as bad in Berlin as it is in Goteborg when it comes to ani-Semitism. The more muslims youi have, the worse it is. Go to Israel, South America or the US. Canada and Australia are going down the drain as well.

    • ARiel Hoffman

      Go to Israel, that’s home!

  • HaroldT

    Jews must get the message and leave before sharia law comes in.

    • Itsme

      Zvika dear. Do not be afraid of these scum who are nothing but cowards and bullies who think they are strong. They are sheep, one says baa they all repeat baa baa baa. They have no idea why they hate they just hate. The majority of them are so ignorant and uneducated all they know is that they have to hate. We will overcome this evil as we always have done. G-d is always with us and that’s what they are afraid of us. If the Swedes don’t wake up very quickly, there will be no Sweden left and that’s when they’ll realize what a terrible mistake they’ve made but it will be too late.

    • Itsme

      HaroldT, will you stay and accept this sick sharia law? Will your wife or daughters agree to cover their whole body including their faces? Will you agree to what the women in your family will be subjected to?

  • An Exodus from these hostile countries should begin now.
    Why wait till these anti-Semites ramp up their attacks, or God forbid they kill someone. Let the countries go to the Arabs if the Leaders aren’t going to do anything.
    Then Europe will become one big Arab terrorist country!

  • the swedish story is a very sad one.
    that is the last country I would expect anti semitism, because of the history of neutrality in the past.

    But it is a Muslim thing.

    As they populate and proliferate in foreign countries over the world, this is, and will be the problem.

    Can the world allow one race, group, religion, to wipe out all others. Starting with the Jews.

    Wake up World, as you will be next, with Catholics, Protestants, Christians, all religions at risk.

    Hitler went after, Jews, Gypsiies, Gays, Cripples

    the Muslims want the World. everyone, different than them. Unbelievable!!!!!!..

  • Does anyone know if the anti-semitism is coming from muslims or europeans?

    • Dante

      Both. It’s a “the-only-true-religion”-thing. Christianity wanted to succeed Jewry as God’s ‘people’ but instead of all becoming Christians and submitting to Christian church and Dogmas, Jews preserved their spiritual independence.
      Later on, Mohammed wanted to be accepted by the Jews as a kind of a new Moses but the Jews did not all become Muslims but another time preserved their spiritual independence. For this, they were expelled from the Arabic peninsula.
      Most the time, Muslims tended to be more tolerant with Jews than Christians (not least because they could benefit from Jizya which non-Muslim People of the Book had to pay) but this was not always the case.
      When Enlightenment and the Great French Revolution finally lead to Jewish emancipation, the counter-movement of so-called anti-Semitism (actually an euphemism for vile hatred against Jews, henceforth not only as a religious group but also as a “race”) came into existence and some Jews realized that even in modern enlightened societies, Jews were not safe from persecution, like French captain Alfred Dreyfus who was expelled from the army and sent to the Devil’s Island based on defamation. The answer was Zionism, a Jewish national freedom movement for having a state of their own where no one would be discriminated or even persecuted for being Jewish. This state was to be founded in Palestine which then was Ottoman southern Syria where few people, predominantly Arabs, lived during the 19th century. By the end of WWI, the Ottoman Empire was defeated, and the Arabs also wanted a state of their own and agreed to the foundation of a Jewish state as soon as an independent Arab state would be established (Faisal Weizmann agreement, 1919) but the Western Entente powers UK and France thwarted it, having plans of their own.
      So the Arab majority opinion turned against a Jewish state and against Jewish immigration, too. One of the most radical proponents of this view was Mohammad Amin al-Husayni who was sentenced to ten years in prison in absentia for having fomented a Jerusalem anti-Jewish riot in 1920 but amnestied and established as a Grand Mufti of Jerusalem just one year later. He also fomented the severe 1929 riots which where worst in Hebron and Safed. Later on, he had to flee Palestine and went to Nazi Germany where he was welcomed and became a member of the SS, last as Gruppenfuehrer which corresponds to an Army Lieutenant General. Within his and his followers’ Arabic nationalism, both old Islamic reservations about Jews and Nazi Jew hatred merged to a murderous ideology. Al-Husayni also built a Muslim SS unit called “Handschar” and thwarted an exchange of 5,000 Jewish children for 20,000 German POWs in 1943, so causing their assassination.

    • Miriam

      it’s coming from the whole world, just in different forms.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Naive Jews in the US should realize that this happens wherever there is a large Muslim population. If they had the numbers exactly the same kinds of attacks would be happening here in the US. Does that mean all Muslims want to attack Jews? No. But it does mean a significant number are inclined to act on their hatred. The rest look on.

  • Ethan Coane

    Countries like the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries had a long tradition of tolerance for Jews and Sweden itself was a WWII refuge for Jews who were smuggled out of Denmark by the Danish resistance. However, in the past few decades an influx of Muslim immigrants into many European countries has changed the tolerant complexion to one where Jews, once again, feel threatened in the countries where they’d been living peacefully and without fear for generations. I’m afraid the writer and his friends should reject Berlin as a safe haven since Germany, in addition to its growing skin-head movement, also has a large Muslim minority.

  • Israel please pity on palistinian people, please

    • Ginat

      Palestinian please stop shooting 6000 rockets at our home, kidnapping our kids and murder families while there are sleep. We have better technology that is why my 3 kids are still alive. Palestinian like so many other Muslims chooses terrorism over peace. They never lost an opportunity to lose an opportunity

    • Dante

      They have pity on the Palestinian people – even more than the Palestinians’ own leaders, let alone other Arabic or Western “supporters” who would not give a f*** on Palestinians’ fate if their “oppressors” were not Jewish.
      The Israelis don’t kill Palestinian civilians for the lullz but they will rather do so than disregard what is the main obligation of any state: Protecting the own citizens both from violence from inside (the police’s duty) and from outside (the military’s duty).
      If the Israelis would care as little on their enemy civilians’ fate as e.g. the British during WWII, we would not talk about roughly 2000 casualties in total but about a tens or hundreds of times this number.

    • Ayelet

      We have so much pity for you, you can’t begin to imagine! But what choice do we have? You chose Hamas as your leaders. They exploit you, murder you, rape thee women, marry young girls and you can’t do anything. They come in their vans with their weapon, they force kids and adults to dig the tunnels, trapped there for days with almost no payment for their ‘hard work’. The Hamas, the leadership you chose, firing rockets from hospitals and unra schools. What do you expect us to do????? Today a beautiful 4 years old died from a rocket.
      It is very simple. Stop firing rockets and we will stop the fire too!!!! Very simple. We all want peace! All the money Gaza got from donations went straight to build tunnels! Not to but schools and hospitals !! But tunnels. I’m sorry but when You leave me with no choice …me or you.. I choose me.

  • Sandra Bernstein

    I am appalled at the antisemitism that is occurring in Sweden. Yes, it is the muslim groups that have immigrated to that country that are causing all the trouble.
    I don’t blame the Jewish people to leave. they should go to Denmark. They are liberal and care for all the people.
    I ask all Americans to stop traveling to Sweden and go to countries that are not bigots.

  • Dov Meir

    The 7 orders of noach are onligating the swedish population. The result of the ignoring will be that the muslims during the next decades will begin the ptocess of killing the swedish population or at least uprooting them.

  • Bobbie Zisman


    • Harold P


      Yes. I wondered about that, too.

      Why not leave their desperate yehudonim existence in galut and rise up?

      Why not make aliyah and become ivrit?

      Israel is the only place that Jews can truly be fulfilled and lead rich, healthy integrated lives.

      Leave your desperate, stunted Diaspora life and make aliyah! Hashem is using the goyim to tell you something. Listen to him!

  • Kevin

    May Hashem protect bless all of our brothers and sisters in Sweden

  • `Bob J

    When will Sweden start protecting its Jewish citizens and stop the Israel fueled anti-Semitism? We should all be contacting the Consulate in New York 212-888-3000, and Embassy in Washington 202-467-2600 to find out. I am, being firm but definitely polite and not confrontational.

  • Gothenburg

    I’m in a jewish group and I must say no one there ever says they are threatened personally. I find this to be propaganda. Also consider the fact that most jews don’t walk around with their kippah. How do the general guy sniff out a jew just like that?

    • Dante

      If the claims of anti-Semitism were really propaganda, Jews (and non-Jews as well) could walk around wearing a kippah without being threatened or attacked.

    • hava

      it says that his friend went to the restroom… guys share everything so they saw that he was circumcized, unlike most europeans. in his case, he was online. and in a smaller country and with honest people actually identifying themselves, it shouldn’t be too hard to find him. in the lady’s case, she was wearing a magen david necklace. you don’t have to wear a kippah to be Jewish. shalom, all, from Israel.

  • Jeremy

    I would be interested to know the names of the top 5 Jewish activists in Europe who have opposed Mass Muslim immigration to Europe. It seems that through the years most Jewish activists have been in favour of such immigration. Maybe the Jews can change their tune before Europe is lost for good?

  • Theresa

    I am a Christian and live in America. I have my facebook very well hidden from non-friends, but because I made a comment that I wish Netanyahu was our leader here in America too on a Jewish page…I am now getting death threats to my “other” inbox on facebook. I am being damned to hell and getting pictures of Hamas terrorists. I am being told I am satan. I was told a curse was put on me and my family and many many more horrific things. These are all coming from people with muslim names.

  • Noellsq

    It is a shame first the Jews,then different sects of Muslims,next the Christians,Atheists,Gays,Hindus,everybody who does not conform to their sect. G-d help the world the end is very near maybe 30 years.

  • Julian

    Smart thinking Swedes. Lose your Jews. Hard working assimilated Swedish people and get ravening hoards of violent Muslims.

  • Dante

    The bitter irony of all this is that exactly these death threats and attacks are the very best argument for Zionism.

    • Bianca

      Exactly! Every time a protest of the Israeli government’s actions towards Gaza turns into an anti-Semitic riot, the case that Israel is necessary, and her defense vital, is made that much stronger.

  • Alistair Sim

    How come the law enforcement does nothing against these thugs?

  • Sharon

    Hamas + Hezbollah + Al Qaida + ISIS = Islamic Sons in Satan = Monsters from Hell!

  • m_

    There are Swedish anti-Semites. Some of them are the usual suspects, right wing bigots. However the vast majority are Muslim bigots who use death threats and cry out “Death to the Jews.” The Left has allied itself with the Islamist bigots. Once Jews leave Sweden, the Swedes themselves will pay even more than they pay now the price for their government’s reckless policy of “Multiculturalism.” Large numbers of Muslims who have entered Sweden and even have been granted citizenship will never consider themselves “Swedish.” The ultimate, long term goal of huge numbers of Muslims in Sweden, Holland, Denmark, France, Britain, in fact most of Europe is to destroy the countries they live in and take over the government and transform Europe into a regimented Islamic-fascist society. All over Western Europe the tiny elite that controls society and most mainstream political parties insist on allowing their countries to be invaded by Muslims, many of whom are Islamist extremists who hate all Jews as well as Christians and secular Europeans including secular Muslims who want to join European life or already have done so. Anyone who tries to stop the Islamists is met with death threats and physical attacks including murder. When the Europeans decide to stand up for European values there may be some hope for them. The situation in much of Western and Central Europe has been this way for many years. Muslims in Holland have probably made the greatest inroads and the ruling elite refuses to deal with it. As many recent elections have shown there is a shift to the right especially among the working class and middle classes. Growing numbers of Europeans are willing to see their governments take drastic measures to stop the Islamists and jihadists. In the U.S. the process started later and Islamists have less influence. Also there are fewer violent extremists among the Muslims in the U.S.. However the Obama administration is doing all it can to take the same path as the European political elite has taken. Islamists are on the move in the U.S. and have infiltrated our government and many mainline churches and non-governmental agencies. They operate largely unopposed in the Muslim communities here.

    • isahiah62

      nice post but tiny critique of this sentence “…the usual suspects, right wing bigots.”””

      neo-nazis? skinheads? sorry but the Hitler fans are not right wing. Hitler was socialist and his fans are more correctly described as LEFTISTS

  • This is more than outrageous. My jewish ancestors came to Sweden in 1790’s. By times we have become christians but the past remains. Nazi-influence in Sweden has become immense, specially among the left-wing parties!

    I am related to Raoul Wallenberg whose grand-mother was named Benedicks!

  • Liz

    You’ve heard the quote:
    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me

    Just wait! The world of Islamist terror groups Isis, Hamas, Al Qaeda, whatever name they go by will be coming after the Swedish & Muslims next & there will be no one left to speak for them. I’d get out of that country, too. They’ll see!! Hate knows no boundaries!!

    • hava

      amen, sister! preach on! make aliyah NOW!!! Am Israel Chai! Ad Olam! Amen!

  • Lauren Goldman

    I notice that Mr. Boroslov did not include America as an option to move to, as so many others in various comments wish to. Anti-Semitism is making a rapid re-emergence here, too. Under the guise of speaking out about Gaza, the Jew-haters are spewing their verbal diarrhea with impunity.

    A number of times, while discussing the Gaza situation, someone I thought I knew would let their true anti-Semitism slip through. It is very disheartening and frustrating. Last November, we had an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht (or Reichspogromnacht in Germany). Their were some survivors of that night of terror present as guest speakers, who told of their experience. What was truly sad was that here were their neighbors, whom they had known their whole lives, participating in the attacks. When people, here in America, say that ‘it’ could not happen here, I can imagine hearing those same words spoken 80 years ago, with German accents. Though the scale of ‘it’, compared to HaShoah, will not be repeated, ‘it’ can happen anywhere. And, yes, even here in America. The increasing frequency and violence of attacks on Jews and our property should start to shake the complacency out of our community.

  • Lisa Gartman

    I am disgusted by them: they have no moral compass.
    To attack someone older or in numbers and leave them hurt, broken and bleeding.
    To murder without conscious because, they have no value for life.
    They are vermin, the trash of the earth.

  • theo

    Please get out of Sweden Our home is Israel That is the message loud and clear !
    Why even consider Berlin when the disease was so virulently expressed there already

  • Wow never thought it would spread to the US… I don’t know how to contact the American author. But my last name is spelled Borslöv (and Reichmann). Thank you USA and Israel for your support!

  • David Levy

    Sweden today has much to be ashamed of. Such an “enlightened” country should be acting vigorously to put an end to the hatred and vilification.

  • If the Authoe is familiar with nowadays Russian realty, he must know about a cruel and shameful court process over Russian journalist, radical publicist and poet Boris Stomakhin. He was sentenced for his journalism for 6.5. year in a strict regime prison camp. it is an extreme abuse over the legal procedure and of course over justice. So, Stomakhin in one of his article wrote: “Tthe Jews must have their own Shamil Bassayev”. I will explain: Shamil Bassaev is a Chechen hero who furiously fought against Russian aggressors during the first and second Russian-Chechen wars. It means that the European Jews must form armed units to resist gangs and anti-Semites. Or the tactic of Meyer Kahane could be used. To escape from the country is not the best option. explain: wi

  • E benAbuya

    Once you’ve all been driven out Sweden will come to resemble Spain; more and more. After five centuries they still haven’t recovered.

  • Noel Hershfield

    Raoul Wallenberg must be turning in his grave, and Hitler is laughing!Deja Vu all over again.

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    I am very much distressed about the wave of anti-Semitism all around the world,as I am a survivor of Holocaust . Some shortsighted politically correct commentators try to persuade us that it is mainly Muslims who demonstrate and hoist hate slogans .The sad truth is that polititions all around the word are ridindg on the crests of these anti-Semitic waves , at last free to express their traditional Judeophobia . I can only advise Jews in these countries to leave and wish their tormentors to fall into the hands of Islamists soon , which some of them no doubt will .

    • hava

      may HaShem bless you. i totally agree! EVERY country that kicked us out has never returned to their former “glory”. welcome, world, to the caliphate state and shariah law. may G-d have mercy. amen!

    • Trilisser

      Dear Sir, in my country, Finland, the vast majority of anti-Jewishness does come from the Muslims and their leftist “pro-Palestinian” supporters. The vast majority of the nationalist right would not lift a finger against Jews for just being Jewish in real life.

  • blackrose

    It’s about time the United States opened its doors to all Jewish people, starting with the 20,000 member Swedish community,with a private jet for Mrs. Anna Sjoren and her family. She requires and must be given the best medical attention which is available in the U.S. All Jews deserve automatic asylum in the U.S. for religious persecution.The US government can pay for your transportation, food and shelter, and education with the money the US would otherwise have sent to Sweden for foreign aid. The U.S. government should take a stand to offer all Jews dual citizenship.

  • zvi

    Sickening! And there is no one to come to the Jews help!!! The 1930s all over again!!!

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    I think one of these days we will find ourselves all in Israel where we really belongs. I am 80 years old I have seen it all but this time it’s huge when using the new antisemitisme that never died plus the new one because of the Muslim emigration from Muslim countries that learn how to manipulate the democratic system.

  • DocReality

    I would leave for Israel and take all your money with you. Let that country sink into the toilet with all that Islamic scum milling about; with no Jews to kill, they’ll have to start killing Swedes; let them see how they like it….

    • Brianna

      Don’t be ridiculous, surely if all the Jews are gone the Muslims will simply be quiet and become peaceful citizens of Sweden. It’s just the Jews who are the problem, right?


  • Bernard Ross

    euro anti semitism cannot be reasoned with, it is a 2000 year serial, chronic and congenital habit.

    • Trilisser

      Mr. Ross, please do not oversimplify. The main reason for the current plight of European Jews (from Muslims) is the result of WW2 in that the victors basically made European nationalism the main culprit for all the possible misery of the 20th century. As a result, it has become the “right thing to do” that Europe is supposedly the social security office of the 3rd world.

  • Mel Sherwood

    Be sure and punch out some of their lights before you leave.