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September 5, 2014 6:33 pm

Istanbul Store Bans Entry to ‘Jew Dogs’

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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A store in Istambul posted this sign which bans "Dog Jews" for its shop. Photo: Salom.

A shop in downtown Istanbul, Turkey, posted a sign on its window front announcing that “Jew dogs” are banned from entering, local Jewish newspaper Salom reported.

The discriminatory banner, which was spotted on Thursday, says, “The Jew dogs cannot come in here” and features an image of an Israeli tank.

The store, located in Tahtakale, an area where many Jewish businesses are situated, sells mobile phone accessories.

Earlier in 2014 Turkey’s Parliament accepted revisions to a penal code that defines hate crimes in Turkish law for the first time and lists penalties against discrimination, according to the local newspaper Today’s Zaman.

According to the amended article, “A person who bars the selling, turning over or rental of movable goods or real property to a person; who prevents a person from using certain services offered to the public; who bars employment; and who prevents a person from running a regular economic activity because of hatred stemming from a difference in language, race, nationality, color, gender, disability, political views, philosophical belief, religion or sect will be sentenced to prison for a period of one to three years.”

In recent years the climate in Turkey has become increasingly threatening for the country’s Jewish population. Various violent attacks on individuals have been reported and vicious anti-Israel rhetoric is widespread.

During Israel’s recent Operation Protective Edge aimed at stemming Gaza rocket fire, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan compared Israeli actions to Hitler, and violent protests threatened the Israeli embassy and consulate.

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  • Jose Duran

    This constitutes another example of mob rule.
    The Turkish government , is a eloquent example of it. A demagogic ruler, of a semi literate country, with tribal primitive, mentality, fostered by the sickening drivel of their pedophilic religion, where. Any analysis of scripture, criticism, or true learning of it is barred by centuries of comfortable xenophobia and warmongering.

  • It’s a joke how Turkey remains a member of NATO.
    Any Jew that intends to visit Turkey these days must be brain-dead.
    there seems to be more Jew-hate in Turkey now, than Saudi-Arabia and the Arab Gulf States.

  • Armande Cohen

    A very good law, as it sounds. But is it one of the many on the books in most countries there to decorate the Constitution, but which is not intended to be taken seriously? And is unenforceable in practice.

    The Turkish Jews I know, one still living in Istanbul, the other an expatriot already thanks to his extreme wealth (which allows him to travel all the time) both say the situation is very bad for Jews in Turkey.

    Never exactly comfortable, as Ataturk’s secular reforms are gradually unraveled with the growing power of Erdogan’s Islamist party, the status of the Millenium-old Turkish Jewish Community, is precarious. One friend says to expect Turkish Jews to be all gone within a decade at most – those who can afford it, to the West, those who can’t to Israel.

    Such a shop sign showed up online from Belgium not long before this one. I wonder how any there are that aren’t reported.

  • Alan Kennedy

    For those who have been raised to fear touching “unclean” dogs –
    Pity you do not know man’s best friend, your attempts at soul are incomplete…
    Shiver; perhaps in your sleep, packs of us will tear your throats out and gorge on your misspent dreams of righteousness

  • Walter


  • rivka michal kahn

    It is time that a complete and absolute embargo be established on these countries: Turkey, Qatar, Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan and all others who harbour terrorists and engage in terrorist training. Wake up barak HUSEIN obama – they are on their way to the U.S. of A. Shame on you that you went to comfort the family of the reporter who was beheaded and then straight to your golf game! A prominent lawyer in New York wrote how the President of the last bastion of capitalism (?) in the Western world could be so brazen as to not take a few hours out of the public eye as opposed to being photographed consoling the journalists family and then a short time thereafter grinning on the golf course! May G-D protect the American friends of Israel while you create a situation you will never control!

  • Heshy the Rottwieler

    As a proud Jewish dog, all I can say is that I want that SOB for lunch!

    • Jose Duran

      Go brother

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    It is simply incredible that a people that has committed genocide against Armenians and slaughtered many others routinely speaks venom against normal countries and people such as we are.
    Turks were dealt here by Napoleon in the only fashion those gruesome barbarians understand.
    The deviant Turks pillaged control of Christian cities, raped Cyprus against the decision of every country, assault and murder the Kurdish and other minorities and promote the worst Islamic bestial entities.
    Netanyahu committed a great crime by apologizing to that scum and apparently was and may be still willing to pay bribes to them on top.
    The Turks are enemies for as long as as Islam rules there.

  • Albert

    Not surprising at all
    Turkey is following its leaders in encouraging. Anti semitism.
    The only pressure turkey would understand is kicking it out of Nato and stop all talks ON. possibly entering the European union!

    The Turks are more vicious than Arabs in hating Israel and Jews because they are jealous that
    They cannot compete with Israel in medicine,science or technology,
    After all the Turks were best friends with nazi Germany until they realized that they were supporting the losing side.
    Recent news indicate that turkey will remain a fanatic Islamic state and will not change,
    The Jews in turkey should realize that and plan on leaving.

  • Richard Berger

    That shop MUST BE CLOSED!!!

  • Tony Rice

    Just another reason why Turkey must never be allowed to join the E U.

  • Renee

    May God YHWH bless and continue to protect the Jews around the whole world, in Israel, and especially in Jerusalem. Peace. Shalom.

  • HaroldT

    Any chance of the store owner being prosecuted under Turkey’s new law ?? I doubt it.
    Why have the Jews not got the message to get out of Turkey ?

    • Armande Cohen

      They HAVE! See my post above. “Le’at, le’at” – “Yavaş, yavaş”. It takes time.

  • OK, Jews, UNITE!

  • mollie levy


  • Wm. J. Levy

    So what’s going to happen next in Turkey? Is the government going to follow the law or is there going to be a pogrom in Turkey, once Israel’s closest ally in the ME.

    This is not good for the Jews there and remembering how the Egyptian government had to save the Israel embassy staff from the mobs this is becoming more dangerous.

    A few good assassinations might make the point. Jews are being attacked by Arabs waving Palestinian flags in NYC. Where is the FBI and Eric Holder investigating these hate crimes and where are the Jews; hiding under their beds?

  • Anonymous

    For a number of years, I used to fly to Israel on Turkish Air.
    The planes were pleasant, the crew extremely pleasant, and the food was OK.

    I used to fly from Cape Town to Tel Aviv.
    At no time, did I ever find the crew to be anything but pleasant and helpful.
    Now, I will never use that airline again.
    I hope that no Jew will ever again use this airline.
    Their president is a modern day Hitler.
    Over the years, thousands of Israelis use to visit Turkey. Before the present Hitler came to power, Turkey and Israel were the best friends.
    Israel trained their military. Then, the Turks voted Hitler into power.
    In a few years, they will wake up to their mistake and take that Hitler out. They will once again be Israel’s friends.
    The problem is that they have poisoned the minds of the population.

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    As there is a law against hate defamation like this , I hope the owners will be prosecuted .

  • Ronald Zuckerman

    First of all, my apologies for language. This response is rated “R” and not suitable for children under 13. This store’s action makes me FURIOUS!

    Don’t these morons know that most of the products they are selling (cell phones, accessories, etc.) were developed by Jews or in Israel. The entire Jewish community should put this bats**t for brains, motherf****r out of business. Obviously the Turkish government is not going to enforce their own law – so the Jews of Istanbul should not be passive. (like people were when this bulls**t started in 1930 Germany.)

    1. All suppliers of materials to this “retailer” should be pressured by Jewish producers and their friends to quit supplying this jerk. There should be enough Jewish stores to exert pressure on the wholesalers and manufacturers to stop the supply of this idiot.e
    2. The store is in an area with “Jewish” businesses. Each merchant should put up posters of this criminal and his storefront. The picture should display a big fat pig in a box with a red line through it and the word TREIF stenciled across the entire picture. Underneath a sentence . . . “DO NOT SHOP HERE – TREIF”
    3. If some Jewish youth want to get “creative”, a little white spray paint of a bovine with the word TREIF under it could be applied to this store’s windows – every week or so.

    Stop this cancer quickly. Before it metastasizes to other merchants. Jews (and later Israel) have had good relations with Turkey since the country was founded out of the corrupt Ottoman Empire. Only since President Erdogan, with his radical Islamic leanings, has been in power (2003) have these relationships deteriorated.

    We should have learned from past history that passivity breeds contempt. The remaining Jews of Turkey – with the active support of world Jewry need to STOP THIS NOW.

    • Spur

      Ronald, you must be a very naive man. We are not Muslims. Therefore, all your ideas will never work. This man is free to do whatever he’s pleased and behave this way, because of an overwhelming support from both Turkish government and the crowd on the streets. Jews have always been an easy target. We don’t lynch, we don’t burn shops, torch cars and businesses. We don’t behead and slit throats. We don’t walk down the streets parading the intestines of the freshly killed by passers, whose only crime was to lose their way and drive into Ramallah… Try to hang a similar sign banning Muslim dogs from entering your business and see what happens! We are not like this and this is our weakness. But this is also the reality…

  • Turkey was becoming a modern state. Today it is reverting the middle ages with its acceptance of the radical muslim doctrine!!!!

  • Turkey was once a modern state. Today it is goig back to the middle ages with its radical ties to the muslims!!!!

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    The pogrom is coming. Then Turkey’s admission to the EU will be automatic.

  • Robert B Geller

    Why is Turkey still part of NATO and supported by Obama and Kerry?

  • art frank

    Proves what savages some muslims are. The top dog turdogan, is one of them. Turkish Jews should make aliya asap.

  • zorka


  • Lauren Goldman

    Turkey was once a christian country, but over the centuries, it has become almost completely muslim. With the level of anti-Semitism reaching a fever-pitch, it would seem that the prudent thing for Jews would be to leave the country before atrocities against us begin. The Jew-hatred in that country permeated the society so completely, that it can only get worse.

  • Enezio E. de Almeida Filho

    The same Turkish mindset behind the Armenian Holocaust…

  • shimon

    What can you expect from muslims and their supporters?

  • Today for the first time in France, more Jews were leaving for Israel than the eastern block countries due to so much anti-Semitism. Turkey’s Jews should follow that example as things will not change there, unfortunately I truly believe that the situation for Turkey’s Jewish community will only further deteriorate due to Erdogan’s rabid anti-Israel hate rants.

  • The Turkish stores that were responsible for that outrage of re-hashing Nazi-Germany’s program of de-humanizing Jews using the same terminology on swimming-Pools, park benches, restaurants, Cinemas, Busses and so on and on, all these stores should be trashed with dog excrement forced down their letterboxes. the owners and managers of these stores who issued such decrees for banning all Jews from their premises should be tracked down and severely beaten to crippledom. ‘AM YISRAEL CHAI’

  • Jonah

    Jews will soon realize that hate crime legislation by design excludes anyone of Jewish decent from its intended admonitions. They have a right to hate you, you have no right to hate them and if you do its a punishable crime. They have the right to insult you, to assault you, and if you defend yourself you will be arrested. Israel in the eyes of the international community must allow the assassination of its people without defending itself, if Israel defends itself it is an act of war. Hate crime legislation is designed to protect the haters and prosecute the normal folks. Liberals can chase conservatives down and bite their fingers off, which they did in the last presidential election, and they will arrest the conservative for inciting a mob reaction by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A cloud of lunacy is encompassing most of the western world and the Mideast it seems it will only get worse not better.

  • “Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan compared Israeli actions to Hitler” no, it is the other way round, Erdogan is the Hitler. Well, it just means that Israel will now have better relations with Greece and Greek Cyprus.

  • Gloria McEvoy

    I really hope this damages their tourist industry!

  • So much hatred in this world , The Jews are God’s chosen people and those who are filled with hatred for the Jews will someday stand before their Father in heaven and give an account of their actions toward their fellow human beings….

  • So much hatred in this world , The Jews are God’s chosen people and those who are filled with hatred for the Jews will someday stand before their Father in heaven and give an account…..

  • Victoria

    I do not think, that you are correct by publishing it. Jews are very proud people. I do not give a dam that some jerks do not allow Jews to come. They are losing money.

  • steven L

    I plan to name my dog: Erdo!

  • Noting New for the Radical Islamist Terorist Turks just like their Gavornment.
    They Hate Jews and Kurds that’s the why Turks help islamist Terorist Hamas and Isis to kill Israil I and Kurds. SHAME ON TURKS.

  • Jeremy Brown – Europe

    Turkey is becoming a vile nation under Erdogan ..

  • DocReality

    Turkey. Because the Armenian Genocide apparently wasn’t enough.

  • benlopez

    God will soon show this small turkish buissness thei igrance and wrong doing and open their hearts and minds and eyes!

  • blackrose

    The store owner must be arrested by Turkish police for violation of the Turkish penal code by committing a hate crime, tried before a judge, allowed to defend himself,and then sentenced to three years in prison to prevent this type of hate crime from spreading in Turkey. While serving time, his store must be required to close so no business will be done until the store owner is released from prison. In addition a monetary fine should be assessed against the owner in an amount equal to the equivalent of all profit he earned while this hateful libelous sign was posted in his window, payable in full to the local synagogue as restitution. If he cannot pay the fine the store will be seized and sold to satisfy the sentence.

    It is hoped that Prime Minister Erdogan ceases inciting his own people by his inane comparisons of Israel’s self-defense to the atrocities that Hitler committed against the Jews and the rest of the world.

    If Erdogan cannot cease his anti-semitism, it is time for the United States government to cease its foreign aid to his government and country.

    It is past due for President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, VP Joe Biden,and the US Congress to so advise Erdogan.

  • nelson marans

    Turkey under Erdogan is no longer a friend of Israel, but now an enemy with his support of Hamas and with his anti-Israel rhetoric. From the start of his regime, I have refrained from buying Turkish products including apricots. I see no reason why any Jew would choose to visit that nation and supply it with funds to continue its assault on the state if Israel.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Since when did the Turks become so conscious of correct policy. They still refuse to acknowledge the genocide of the Armenians.

  • Paul Cerar

    At least there will be no discrimination in Hell. The gates will be wide open for him!

    But seriously, it is the beginning of September, and Canada’s universities will soon be starting the autumn semester. We will soon discover if the Jew-hatred movement will pass resolutions to ban Israeli/Jewish persons, goods and services from their campuses. I predict the Jew-hatred movement will claim authority above and beyond the laws of Canada, and use the Palestine War to engage in fascism in Canada, against Canadians.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • yussi

    and the beat goes on! To hell with these antisemetic countries and their inhabitants..

  • Another holocaust is possible. If it happened once it can happen again. Thank G-d we have Israel. We need to do everything possible to keep Israel militarily strong. Jews get out of Europe. There can be no compromise regarding Israel nor can we depend on the good will of others. This unfortunately is a lesson that many Jews have never learned. Never forget, never forgive never again. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • Joel Keller

    Sorry to say, but Turkey, the country, has become a “turkey” of a country under Erdowan’s Islamist authoritarian regime. It’s difficult to understand how NATO continues to keep Turkey as a member state.


    Gee, I once thought a visit to Turkey would be great — now I shall skip it on my next visit to Israel. SHAME SHAME ON THEM

  • Rick

    Boycott Turkey.

  • Efram

    Anyone want to bet that this law is not used against the scum who owns the store? Of course, the terrorist leader is a good friend of Obama’s (big surprise).

  • Julian Clovelley

    Of course this is wrong. Any shopkeeper has a right to decide on an individual level who he will allow in his shop and to whom he will deny entry – just as if it were his home. It is the manner of selection, and how it is notified, that is so objectionable and constitutes a hate crime. I can well understand how any Jewish person might feel and how he might expect the Government to do something about it. It is indeed nasty.

    But at least it is his shop, and ultimately it is him that suffers from lack of trade. He is the one made to look silly.

    How would it be to be denied entry, or the right to live in vast areas of your own land, to be frequently stopped when going about your business by people who are armed and uniformed and do not even speak your language? How then would the signs denying you entry look to you? Would you accept the excuse that the land that was recognised as your peoples homeland, through a United Nations partition resolution, has been taken away as the result of a war half a century ago – before most of the inhabitants of your land were born or of mature age? The people who fought that war are now over sixty, many over seventy…

    Would you perhaps be sad, angry, feel threatened, feel hopeless and desperate? Would you perhaps find it impossible to give credit to your occupiers’ claims of peaceful intent? Would you perhaps see those Settlements on your land as invasion, and as expressing the true intent of the Occupier? Would you think perhaps that the Occupier is less there to repress you in the aftermath of war than to defend his own invasion? Would you perhaps wonder if the whole conflict was always in fact a disguised invasion of your homeland, the internationally recognised homeland for the Palestinian people?

    Is it possible that you might view the Settlements per se as “hate crimes”? – They aren’t after all there to protect you, enhance your prosperity, and that of your family. You can’t live in them because you aren’t of that self-chosen race? Would you perhaps hear the claims of the foreign occupier that G-d gave your land to them as racist, and as defamatory to your people? If forced to choose between a despicably violent local liberation fighter and an Occupier who will never leave – who would you choose – for both are wrong? Would you ask why your, Biblically supported, supposed descent from the same Patriach, Abraham, somehow doesn’t count? Would you see the attempt on the part of the occupier to see his imagined people as Genetically distinct from your people – who are of the same Biblically described ineage – as both racist and ridiculous?

    Just asking. This article is expressing due outrage over a scrap of paper in an Instanbul window. Hold on to your feelings and then think how the Palestinians in the West Bank, and many in Israel who are limited in their social options, feel over matters far larger. When your own Israeli Government seeks to create a monocultural Jewish State would you as a Palestinian or Arab turn to the word Apartheid to describe that State and those intentions?

    What was it I said earlier – “It is the manner of selection that is so objectionable and constitutes a hate crime. I can well understand how any Jewish person might feel and how he might expect the Government to do something about it”

    Change the word “Jewish” to “Palestinian” or “Arab” – Your own feelings are the answer you seek to the question of why Israel has lost so much support.

    You see your opponents agree with you on one crucial point – the scrap of paper should indeed be removed from the Istanbul window – And any self respecting Government with the least pretence of democracy would demand it’s removal.

  • Stuart Katz

    Welcome to Nazi Germany in 1938. When is the burning of temples and synagogues scheduled for? If this is how Turkey is demonstrating their new equal rights policy count me out.

    Istanbul was just scratched off of our 2015 vacation list.

  • Eric R.

    The Mossad should take out both Adolf Erdogan and Heinrich Davotuglu.

  • Allan Fritz

    Turkey, with Erdogan in power is anti-Israel.

  • For those who still don’t believe how the web of anti-semitisim is spreading worldwide, this news item should be of interest. Arab oil money is paying for all kinds of anti Jew propaganda…..especially in media outlets. More and more journalists are finally speaking out about how their reports are censored and monitored before being printed. The time to speak out is now……before it is too late.
    david l. israel (author)

  • See…in the United States the storekeeper would be arrested and his face would be plastered all over the states. He would be accused of discrimination and face jail time.
    In a muslim country he’s a hero.

  • Allan

    Another country we should sent the people with Ebola to

  • rachel robinson

    how do they know whether the dogs are Jewish or not? Jew dogs are circumcised???

  • samuel

    Its alright. They did that to the Armenians for decades before the genocide. Its just their nature. They can wear suits and dress in western attire, but they are what they have always been.

    • samuel

      The major difference was Armenian dogs, instead of Jew dogs. Such canine experts.

  • Erdogan and the Turkish people will applaud this store.

  • BH in Iowa

    Pandering to European tourists?