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September 30, 2014 10:46 am

80% of Palestinians Support Resumption of Rocket Fire Against Israel: New Poll

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Iron Dome hitting 15 rockets from Gaza. Image: Screenshot

Iron Dome hitting 15 rockets from Gaza. Image: Screenshot

Some 80 percent of Palestinians in the West bank and Gaza Strip support the resumption of rocket fire into Israel, according to a new poll published Monday by the Palestinian Institute for Policy and Survey Research (PCPSR), Israel’s Walla News reported.

The poll, conducted in recent days among 1,200 respondents aged 18 and over, at 120 locations throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, presents a different picture than that obtained from a similar survey conducted immediately after Operation Protective Edge about a month ago.

According to the previous results, “if presidential elections were to take place today, Ismail Haniyeh would easily win over Abbas and Hamas would win the largest percentage of the popular vote in parliamentary elections.” 61 percent of Palestinians would vote for Hamas leader Haniyeh and over 32 percent for rival Palestinian Authority Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, according to the PCPSR survey.

The current survey shows that there is less satisfaction with the achievements of the Palestinians during the 50 days of fighting.

Forty nine percent of respondents said they were satisfied with Hamas’ achievements, compared with 59 percent in the previous survey. The survey also found that there was a decline in the public’s belief that Hamas emerged victorious in the fighting. The survey data shows that 69 percent of respondents believe that the organization completed the operation with the upper hand, compared with 79 percent in the survey conducted last month.

Eighty percent of respondents made “‹”‹it clear they would support firing rockets and mortars at Israeli communities if Israel does not allow unfettered access to the coastal enclave. 57 percent of respondents also claimed that they supported launching rockets from populated areas in the Gaza Strip. However, the breakdown of this figure shows that most Gaza residents – 52 percent – oppose such a course of action, while in the West Bank that step has a clear majority: 62 percent.

The survey respondents were also asked questions about the other players in the arena, especially in Israel and Egypt. Among other findings, 21 percent of respondents described the involvement of Egypt in mediating between the parties as positive, while 57 percent felt that it negatively affected results. When asked about the identity of the entity or state that will have to bear the financial burden of rebuilding the Gaza Strip after the war, 30 percent of respondents answered that it should be Israel, 24 percent said donations from Western countries would suffice, 23 percent said Arab countries, 10 percent said tax revenues and 10 percent thought that Hamas ought to finance reconstruction.

Another key issue in the Institute’s survey was the Palestinian peace process with Israel. Only 40 percent of respondents claimed that they had heard about the political plan of Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, to end the Israeli occupation and establish a Palestinian state within the 1967 lines. Among those who replied that they had heard about the program, 72 percent made it clear that they supported it.

However, only 42 percent rated the chances of success as medium or high. 58 percent said that the chances of success are low. In addition, an interesting finding from the survey is that 53 percent of respondents support the two-state solution, while 46 percent oppose it. However, a majority of 56 percent opposed recognition of Israel as a Jewish state while 41 percent supported it.

Meanwhile, Hamas may be returning to self-production of rockets in Gaza, and has been testing out new models, by firing them out to sea, according to Israel Defense News.

A rocket was recently fired from the ruins of the former Jewish community of Netzerim, according to Monday’s report, the fifth such test since the end of Protective Edge on Aug. 26th.

As well, Hamas is seeking to restore hundreds of lathes used to construct rockets, according to the IDF; some 50 percent of them were destroyed during the fight, the army believes.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said on Sunday that Hamas had depleted some four fifths of its rocket and mortar arsenal during the operation.

Ya’alon, summing up the “Military and Political Lessons” of the complex operation, meant to halt both incessant rocket fire, as well as find and destroy dozens of attack tunnels dug under Israeli territory, made his comments at a public conference held at the BESA Center at Tel Aviv University.

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  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud (goldie)

    I am furious I was prevented from tweeting this article. Time the world recognized just what Israel is up against.

  • art frank

    Most of these people are mentally unbalanced; the result of many years of inbreeding. Who else would celebrate as a “victory”, over 2000 casualties and hundreds of buildings reduced to rubble.

  • I take it that your survey of Gazans’ and Palestinians’ attitudes towards bombing Israel was taken among civilians, Yes?
    Well, just how ‘innocent’ are these civilians? if they support bombing Israelis? IMO when Israel retaliates, as every sovereign state does, they get exactly what they are asking for –
    President Truman asked in his famous ‘whistle-stop’ campaign of 1948: how often do you have to be hit over the head before you realize who hit you??

  • Dov Stein

    Gaza Strip has to be taken by IDF. The next steps should be shooting the Chamas members, encouraging Arabs to leave the strip evev by money. New education program for the remainers . Giving right to remain only to these accepting the 7 orders of Noach. The stsatus of Gaza is the same as of Jafa and Haifa

  • Lynne T

    Mudar Zahran has called B.S. on Dr. Shikaki’s polling operation during Protective Edge and says likewise about this poll.

  • Thomasson

    Why not give them what they want and bomb them again? Israel can offer them a mega deal in the tradition of the good old day’s. For example the way it had been in the beautiful city of Dresden on 13 & 14 February 1944. A modern dedicated “Bomber Harris” can do a nice job.

  • I’m sure the missing 20% are Israeli leftists!!!
    Israelis are fools!! If you would take the same poll in Germany or Japan in 1944 you would get the same results and nevertheless the Allies bombed them into submission. Any country would do the same after the first missile!!!! But the Israelis examine surveys and hope that time is on their side…. See?? Palestinian support for war dropped a few %!!!!! Maybe it will drop totally!!!! And take a survey of the UN now after Bibi’s gutless ‘powerspeech’!!! I’m SURE nothing has changed!

  • Carl

    Makes perfect sense for a terrorist “state”. They get blasted to smithereens because they shoot missiles into Israeli cities, so their response is to fire more missiles! How can rational people ever hope to negotiate with such illogic and expect to achieve peace?

  • Yussi

    They got their asses kicked by the IDF and their own Hamas wo used them as shields annd killed their children and they still favor shooting rockets into Israeli civilian populations and favoring hamas..beyond dumb!! Blinded by hate..sad for them..Israe\l should have wiiped them all out once and for all. golda meir said t best: “thre will be peace when they love their chhildren mmore than they hate us” Never happen to these\ savages…

  • steven L

    80%! That is why J S (contested territories) must be integrated legally into Israel. With time, those who plot against IL will need to be expelled.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    This is what happens when you fail to destroy cancerous tumors; they continue to grow and metastasize.

    • Paul Cerar

      Yes, this is why I demand that all persons who promote the Palestine War leave Canada immediately and never return.

      Paul Cerar
      Toronto, Canada

  • Baba

    Rounnd two coming up. Let’s hope the public is smarter and realizes that Israel is not the instigator whereby the Hamas are the cowards that they were before.

    There are just too many ignorant and lost souls that think they are intelligent and reasoning people, where they are nothing more than stooges of this terrorist regime. The Palestinians are lost; Hamas has no interest in them. Their only redeeming factor is that they make good shields for their missile launchers and publicity when they die for Hamas.

  • Rachmiel ben Ariel


    Shmuel Alef 15

    1. Shmuel also said unto Sha’ul, Hashem sent me limeshachacha (to anoint thee) to be Melech over His people, over Yisroel; now therefore shema (pay heed) thou unto the voice of the Divrei Hashem. . . .

    2. Thus saith Hashem Tzva’os, I remember that which Amalek did to Yisroel, how he waylaid him on the derech, when he came up from Mitzrayim. . . .

    3. Now go and attack Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both ish and isha, olel, and yonek, shor, seh, gamal, and chamor. . . .

    6. And Sha’ul said unto the Keni, Go, depart, get you away from among the Amaleki. . . .

    9. But Sha’ul and HaAm spared Agag, and the best of the tzon, and of the bakar, and of the fat bulls, and the fat sheep, and all that was tov, and would not utterly destroy them. . . .

    35 . . . and Hashem relented that He had made Sha’ul Melech over Yisroel.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    I wonder what does it take for our Jewish people to internalize facts…
    How many rocket attacks, kidnappings, murders and declarations of intent is takes for our mentally dysfunctional folk to finally decide to remove the Islamic enemies and anyone allied with them.
    Netanyahu is a well trained TV face and marionette, a speechster of great ability. He showed to one and all that HAMAS equals IS, so why did he not destroy Hamas and why is he now making gestures to Hamas?

  • Michael Fox

    80 % of Palestinians support resumption of rocket fire against Israel. For a people who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity… anyone really surprised

    As Israel will not allow Iran to build nuclear weapons, it should not allow Hamas to rearm, build tunnels and restock rockets.

    Message to the those who condemned Israel for defending itself against Hamas’s aggression to kill Israeli civilians and wipe Israel off the map. If you will not insure Israel’s security by monitoring and eliminating Hamas’s military aspirations, Israel will be left with no other choice than to do it without you. The burden falls on you and if you fail to act, when the next round begins, you can stick your condemnation where the sun don’t shine.

  • Efram

    Well, this should please the UN, the EU, Obama, Carter, and all the other Antisemitic players in the region.

  • Fred

    Why should the Philistines not approve the rocket war. They court death & the gift of 72 virgins. The News media
    put them centre stage a as “poor oppressed victims” disregarding the rocket attacks emanating from Gaza. Ban Ki Moon sympatheticaly expressed his outrage while castigating Israel as the villain. Disregard for truth, honesty & integrity has become the badge of UN.

  • Steven Geller

    the definition of ignorance is 50% palestinians and 50% african-americans

  • art

    good thing the pa and the world have been working to normalize relations with Israel so that there could be a real peace. Normalization was/is part of Oslo etc.

  • Valery

    repeat after the leadership of the Israeli secret service: a military solution to the conflict does not exist

  • No Surprises here.

    Well what would one expect from an idiotic and primitive people like the so called ” Palestinians”?
    They glorify themselves through death and that’s what they should be granted.
    It proves yet again that when Israel doesn’t complete the mission they set out to do, that it really isn’t a victory.
    Abbas is brainless and Haniyah will continue living the luxurious life he established for himself at the expense of the people he is meant to govern,by having the West throw money at him, assuming that the money will go toward construction etc.

  • Transfer the Palestinians to another country.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Actually, Robin, you’re on to something.

      It’s been clear for several weeks that Hamas is rebuilding the terror tunnels and reconstituting the rocket factories.

      They are preparing for renewed assaults, while taking the lesson of the recent conflict.

      For Hamas, the annihilation of the Jews is their only purpose.

      Nothing short of the complete destruction of Hamas and the reoccupation of Gaza will end this conflict- and even then a reoccupation may prove too costly.

      The Egyptians have offered Sinai to the Palestinians.

      It may come to that.

      I neglected to mention another outcome that would end the conflict with Hamas: a Muslim victory.

      look to the Yazidis in Iraq. They can tell you what a Muslim victory looks like.

      • Andrew X

        “The Egyptians have offered Sinai to the Palestinians.” Really? Where and when?