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October 28, 2014 7:13 am

Obama Administration Refuses to Condemn Palestinian Terrorist Who Tried to Murder Israelis

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U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki. Photo: WikiCommons.

U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki. Photo: WikiCommons.

Another young American man has given his life while fighting in the ranks of Islamist terrorists abroad. But this time, instead of being met with universal condemnations and scorn, the young terrorist is being  greeted with sympathetic news accounts and “even-handed” statements from the State Department – all because he joined a politically correct terror group affiliated with the Palestinians.

Just think. When Eric Harroun of Arizona joined an Al Qaeda group  fighting in Syria last year, he was arrested as soon as he tried to re-enter the United States.

When Douglas McCain of Minnesota was killed in August while taking part in an ISIS attack in Syria, a senior Obama Administration official told NBC that “the threat we are most concerned about to the homeland is that of fighters like this returning to the U.S. and committing acts of terrorism.”

When three young Muslim women from Colorado were caught on their way to try to join ISIS, the Obama Administration strongly condemned them.

But when U.S. citizen Orwa Abdel Hammad, a former resident of New Orleans, took part in an Islamist terrorist attack in the Middle East last week, the response from the Obama Administration was oh so different.

Hammad was a Palestinian Arab with American citizenship. On Friday,  October 24, he decided to take part in the wave of Islamist violence against Jews that has been engulfing Israel in recent weeks.

Hammad positioned himself alongside Highway 60, north of Jerusalem, and prepared a molotov cocktail. Spotting an approaching Israeli motorist, Hammad rose to hurl the flaming bottle of gasoline. The goal was to set the Israeli car on fire, so that its drivers and passengers would be burned alive.

Because they were Jews.

Fortunately, Israeli soldiers on a stakeout shot Hammad dead.

It turns out that Hammad was the cousin of a Palestinian terrorist who murdered 10 Israelis in an attack in 2002.  He was the nephew of a terrorist who died in a terrorist attack in 1989. And one of Hammad’s own cousins admitted to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that he and Hammad were among a group of Palestinian Arabs who were taking part in attacks on Israeli motorists.

The New York Times’ account of the attack did not mention anything about Hammad’s quite relevant family lineage or his cousin’s testimony. The Times’ headline on the story began “Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Teenager” – not “Palestinian Teenager Tries to Burn Israelis Alive.”

And while the dead terrorist Douglas McCain was denounced by the Obama Administration as a grave threat to America, the dead terrorist Orwa Hammad was warmly embraced by the Obama Administration.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced that the Administration had sent its “deepest condolences” to the Hammad family. Psaki demanded that the Israeli government undertake “a speedy and transparent investigation” of the killing of Hammad.  She called on “all parties to help restore calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of the tragic recent incidents in Jerusalem and the West Bank.”

Psaki in no way called on the Palestinian Authority – in whose territory Hammad resided – to investigate its young people who are trying to burn Israelis alive.

Nor did Psaki make any distinction between Palestinian terrorists and Israelis acting in self-defense. Instead, it was the fearsomely familiar Obama moral equivalency:  “all parties” should be “calm” – “all parties” should “avoid escalating tensions.”

Psaki called the killing of Orwa Hammad “tragic.”

She got her tragedies wrong.

It’s a tragedy that the Palestinian Authority actively incites its young  people to try to murder Israelis.

It’s a tragedy when American citizens take part in Islamist terrorism, whether in Syria or Israel.

And it’s a tragedy  – actually, an outrage – when the United States government cannot distinguish between victim and aggressor, between right and wrong, or between good and evil.

The authors are Members of the Board of the Religious Zionists of America.

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  • Lauren Goldman

    It is becoming obvious that when Obama said that ‘he had Israel’s back’, his fingers were crossed behind his own back. He is just the latest example of our historical truth; When things get critical, we Jews are on our own. The only person a Jew should count on is another Jew. When he suggests that we use ‘restraint’, or ‘keep cool heads’, we should print a copy and drop it in the circular file. I voted for President Hussein and am very much regretting it.

  • David Barrett

    Congratulations to the soldier who took careful aim and shot the young American arab terrorist dead. This is the correct treatment that has to be systematically handed out to show these thugs / bandits that this behaviour is not to be tolerated.


  • Bella

    It is time that we all insisted that terrorism -whether vs Israelis,Americans, or Martians is terrorism.

    To single out Israel as a special case because the Palestinian cause is somehow different is not defensible and is only done by those who support the terrorist.

    We must be respond to and repudiate this singly out at every instance.

  • Psaki is a putz. But what else to expect from a spokesman for the State Department, which is bought lock, stock, and barrel by the Arabs, the true Fifth Column in America. Time
    to send them all to Ramallah, permanently.

  • Sheila

    I was saddened to read that this young man was shot to death while preparing to hurl his molotov cocktail. I was so hoping to read that he had accidentally dropped it at his feet, and spent the last ten minutes of his life as a human torch.

  • Wake up Jews!!! There are tens maybe hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews that totally agree with the Palestinians! The Daily Newspaper HaAretz outdoes the NY Times for pro Palestinian reporting. In fact… in the Knesset ALL of the members are in favor of some sort of concessions, including land, to the Palestinians!!! The next time you say you are pro-Zionist you have to clarify.

  • Michael Fox

    President Obama’s unraveling legacy will reflect a blatant betrayal of the American voter. In this nation’s history, Obama will have an asterisk next to his name as leaving office with the lowest approval rating of any American President. His tenure in office has been an American tragedy and a global disaster.

  • ted

    A chaval for the world that he still has 2 years left.

  • David Levy

    Pity no one at these briefings has the guts to ask her some hard questions, like “what do you call someone who throws molotov cocktails at passing motorists?”. Only two years to go before we are rid of this disgusting crew. Sadly, they can do a lot more damage in two years.

  • Olga Petrova

    Madame J.Psaki is a shameful disgrace for the White House and our Administration … Very often embracing very minimal ability for independent intellectual menegment ,openly securing every declaration made within absence of clear vision what to say and when …
    Very sad and devastating condition for international policy .

  • zvi

    Sickening , pro-Muslim US administartion

  • Fred Chalfin

    The New York Times needs to change its moto. “All the news as we want to portray it”. Or, the news as we want it to be reported.

  • Obama, I’m sorry to say, is an antisemite, even though he calls Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod his friends.

  • Lillian H. Garber

    My first comment was refused. I am unhappy with what’s going on.

    • Lillian H. Garber

      it gets harder and harder to understand the venom against israel from this
      US administration.
      it goes beyond mere incompetence.

      • zvi


      • Robert Davis

        It is not only incompetence it is also that black muslim’s hate for Israel, cowardice since he sees the PM is not showing his teeth and generally speaking a hit and run political terrorists’ behaviour. obolabama needs to get the kind of replies he deserves a kick on his ass as often as he deserves it until he shuts his mouth! Some provocations too would NOT hurt! This is kind of reaction a delinquent like him can understand.

      • Penny

        You’re right, Lillian,. It’s down stupid and insensitive! The only logical conclusion, the administration is composed of anti-Semites.

  • Paul Cerar

    State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki can greet the dead terrorist Orwa Hammad and his entire family in person, when they are united in Hell.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • Gerald C. Grosslicht

    I am an American citizen and love my country. I was a registered Democrat, but that is definitely history now. I am thoroughly disgusted with the current administration and it’s headless leader. How can any decent freedom loving person possibly have any sympathies for any terrorists that kill innocent men women and children.
    Now that our enemies believe that America is longer to be feared, thanks to our extreme left Socialists, I am very concerned for both Israel and America, not to mention my children and grand-children.
    What is really bothersome to me, is that I have always been an optimist. GCG

  • Howie Subnick

    Listening to Obama is like wearing a condom. It gives you the satisfaction of safety while being screwed.

  • Anschel

    Shame on the Obama administration for being so hypocritical. A terrorist is a terrorist …. and by any other name would still be a terrorist!

    • Robert Davis

      obolabama himself is a terrorist! What else did he mean when he introduced himself with his motto “yes we can”? yes we can violate laws,lie as much as we want, push islam forward in the US,cheat even murder (2 journalists enquiring over his nationality) etc. Of course does not dare support openly terror against the US because he would be booted out of office but he can do that towards Israel. He can blackmail Israel,he can try to force a totally OBNOXIOUS fake peace agreement with the plo terrorists into Israel’s throat etc. Which nation would swap real international law protection such as San Remo,the Treaty of Sevres, art.80 of the UN chart with a totally fake agreement with a fake nation like the pa which on top of that would only end up in perpetual war inside Israel but also outside since its neighbours will NEVER make peace with Israel as long as they will hope to replace jews with arabs(“palestinians”)in Western Palestine. Only an arrogant delinquent like obolabama would try his hand at that!

  • myra vero

    I’m sick to see how USA defend the defenders.

  • Psaki reveres the sociopath Muhammad who personally decapitated 600 – 900 unarmed Jews…just like Obama reveres Muhammad..
    so what do you expect?

  • Robert Geller

    Only two more years of this pathetic and failed presidency. History will demonstrate that Obama/Kerry were nothing more than Islam-defending anti-Semites. Since the Iranians will get the bomb once he leaves office, his followers will not blame him though the rest of the world will remember him as the POTUS who gave the Iranians the nuclear bomb. He should not be worried about his legacy – it has already been defined as the worst anti-Semite since Carter. ANd to all the Jews who supported him despite his obvious hatred of Israel – shame on you!


  • Anti-Semitism.

  • Bongo

    The real tragedy is how the American Jews blindly vote Democratic and elect politicians like Obama.

    Although she is not my cup of tea, I don’t blame Psaki. Psaki only says what Obama and his advisers tell her to say (just like her genius boss at the State department Kerry).

    The fish rots from the head down.

  • art frank

    Another savage dead. Hope more like it are eliminated.

  • art

    It is yet another proof that the Obama administration HATES JEWS. The Obama administration has become the most racist administration in US history

  • can anybody explain me what type of interest or secret businesses the Democratic Party has with the Palestineans? Why are they making every effort to show “equalness” with people that rejoices burning up the US flag?

  • Fred

    Obama overt or convert shows his strong antipathy against the Jews & Israel. There is minimum sympathy for Jewish victims coming out from the Presidents or his spoke-person for the Israeli victims. He show his Islamic side quite vividly when he uses the mantra : stay calm. You Jews, stay quite and take the blows for my sympathies are with the Arab in every way.


  • NCS

    And we have two more years of this.

  • FrumiousFalafel

    Fantastic article!! Very well done. Thank you!

  • Wm. J. Levy

    More important is that this Arab got American citizenship and that should send a red flag up to every Jew in America.

    How long has his parents been citizens with such a terrorist family background?

    How did they come to the U.S. and when and what are their affiliations now?

    This could explain how Arabs waving Palestinian flags can attack Jews in NYC on E63 rd St.

    The war has come home to America and the Jews better fight this time instead of doing nothing.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Like all things coming out of the Obama administration, they got this screwed up too. I hope the Republicans win next week and tie the President;s hands good and tight so he cant do any more damage.

  • Emanuel

    Pathetic, she’s just a parrot the kind that repeats what their owner says.

    • Lillian H. Garber

      It is a terrible, unbelievable fact that President Obama has spoken out of two sides of his mouth. Israel fights back who throw stones, send rockets , etc. The Israelis do not begin the problems that exist today.
      I want President Obama to know that I had complete faith in his making a fair analysis on who is to blame. I worked for his endeavor to become the President of the USA My heart is breaks to be a witness to his lack of understanding of Israel. I approved when he spoke re what was going on in Sderot. It was at this time that he felt that he understood when Israel fought back..
      I’m still continuing to support the Democratic campaign to keep the senate strong in Congress.
      Dissapointed that Obamas does not have the popularity he once have.

    • And she’s got the red hair to match!