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November 19, 2014 1:42 pm

After Brutal Terror Attack, Dershowitz Rips CNN Anchor for ‘Parroting’ Hamas Claim That All Israelis Are Legitimate Targets (INTERVIEW)

avatar by Ben Cohen

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"That's just racism and bigotry:" Professor Alan Dershowitz counters CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield. Photo: Screenshot

Professor Alan Dershowitz, one of the most prominent advocates for Israel in the United States, as well as a leading light of Harvard University’s law school until his retirement last year, has blasted broadcaster CNN for its “determination” to “show that there is a moral equivalence between terrorists and Israel’s proportionate responses.”

Professor Dershowitz was speaking to The Algemeiner one day after he appeared on a segment with CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield to discuss Tuesday’s terrorist atrocity at a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood. “Soldiers come in all forms,” Banfield told Dershowitz. “And when you have mandatory conscription and service in Israel, effectively the Palestinians will say, ‘it’s war against everyone,’ because everyone is a soldier.”

Dershowitz managed to respond, “Well, that’s just racism and bigotry. To say that everyone is a soldier…” before Banfield interrupted to protest, “But everybody is.”

“Not everybody is,” Dershowitz continued. “The law of war is very clear. You can’t kill a two year-old child claiming, ‘he’s going to be a soldier.'”

Dershowitz told The Algemeiner that Banfield had “parroted Hamas’ outrageous claim that every 2 year old and 90 year old in Israel is a soldier. It’s particularly ironic in the context of attack on the synagogue, because the people killed were beyond military age.”

“For her to raise this outrageous argument in the context of the synagogue shooting, it really required me to control my temper,” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz pointed out that CNN does not make similar claims of moral equivalence in its coverage of the US-led war against the Islamic State terrorist organization. “No CNN anchor says that there’s another side to the story with ISIS  – but you hear that all the time with regard to Israel,” he said.

Dershowitz argued that CNN was much more “dangerous” than, for example, Britain’s left-wing Guardian newspaper.

“Everyone knows The Guardian is anti-Israel, but you watch CNN and you see moral equivalence presented as balanced news. Describing an imbalanced situation as balanced is mendacious and misleading,” Dershowitz said.

Watch a video of Dershowitz’s CNN interview below:

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  • jean McGregor

    Please take Ashley Banfield off the air, her moral equvilancy is beyond ridiculous and she is an insult to the viewers.

    • Maurice H

      Remember, she use to work for MSNBC which is the most white hating and Israel hating station on the air!

    • Jay Manne

      Banfield is off the reservation…. She is a DIRECT reflection of CNN management in finding any way to slam Israel, and Israeli policy… there is nothing she will not excuse in favor of the Palestinians…. nothing. How she even exists in a position like this is solely on the hands of CNN…. with a lot of blood as she encourages these horrific attacks on a daily basis.

  • Ashley Bnfield Anti Semetic!

  • How long has Ashley Banfield been Anti Semetic and a hater of Israel?

  • How long has Ashley Bnfield been anti Semetic and Hester of Israel?

  • When Ahleigh Banfield exported the news from ashes in te streets of New York City after the 9/11 att is I was a fan of hers. After her recent blatant Anti Semevtic ramblings I certainly am no longer her fan. She should no longer be a spokeswoman for CNN or any other Network. Go home Ashley Banfield and per mantels stay there!!!

    • When Ashleigh Banfield reported the news from the ashes of the streets in New York City after the 9/1 attacks I was her fan. I certainly am no longer her fan. After her recent Anti Semetic blatant ramblings she should be fired from CNN and never ever be allowed to have her Anti Semetism be spewed on any other Network. Go home Ashley Banfield and permanently stay there!!!!

  • norma wolens

    Ashleigh Banfield is a disgrace to the ethics and values underlying journalism. Ashleigh continually obliterates the truth with regard to the Arab/Palestine/ Western world conflict. Is it ignorance-bias-self absorption-narcissism or all of the above. CNN repeatedly allows Ashleigh to pick herself up and hurry off to continually play the game of inverting who did what to whom.All that is necessary for evil men (ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah change and rewrite history is for good people to hide the truth.

  • This is not the first time Banfield has put her foot in her mouth. She has never been the sharpest tool in the shed, is rightly suspected of being anti-Semitic and often fails to engage in due diligence. None of that seems to matter to the head honchos at CNN, once in charge of a reputable news outlet. If you want to see real journalists (who also happen to be women), check out the anchors at Fox News Channel: Megan Kelly, Martha MacCallum, Jenna Lee, Gretchen Carlson, Greta Van Susteren, for starters. I no longer tune into CNN, MSNBC, the BBC and the major broadcast news shows, many of whose on-air personalities are in bed (literally in some cases) with people high up in the Obama administration. With the single exception of FNC, our purveyors of hard news, including most of the print media, no longer constitute a free press. That is “bad news” for the journalistic profession and for our country. A healthy democracy requires a robust Fourth Estate.

    • I agree with the comments regarding the CNN anchors. I think they should be sentenced to watching and listening themselves. Robin Meade and Lynne Berry are more interested in promoting themselves than the news. Banfield is just rude and oftentimes seems ill equipped for both interviews and responses.

  • I just read that Obama’s answer to those tragic events was “too many palestinians have died”, showing that he endorses the terrorist acts of those murderers. He literally justifies terrorism! Is that not amazing (and frightening) coming from the leader of a country which pretends to do a war against terror?

  • The attack was on an English-speaking Haredi kollel, i.e men who do not do IDF service, aside from being well above military age. If one of the terrorists worked locally he would have known it was an American and British kollel, and possibly chose it for that reason, as the USA and UK stood by Israel during the operation in Gaza.

    • Ronnie Tharp-Garber

      The reason the Arabs hit the synagogue is because it was a “Pogrom,” similar to the Russian Czar sending out the Cossacks to chop off Jewish heads while the Jews were at prayer, in a field plowing, on their way to school, etc. Similar to Hitler sending Jews to ovens because they were…Jews.

      If you look at history, Arabs have been murdering Jews for 1400 years, way before the modern Jewish State. The spate of terrorism is really a religious war between East vs. West, or Nations of Islam vs. Judeo-Christianity.

  • CNN violated the news code.
    They fabricate pictures and events to satisfy their agenda. Rubbish….

  • Josef

    Does that mean one can kill any muslim or palistinian, at any time or place because they’re terrorists? What about CNN “news” anchors??? It isn’t the least bit surprising a muslim US president doesn’t say anything about American Jews being killed because according to the (un)holy Koran they are less than human & therefore don’t count…

  • Max Cohen

    This Ashleigh Banfield creature is nothing more than a minor cog in the CNN machine, and Dershowitz reveals himself to be more of a romantic than an analytical attorney by failing to perceive what compels CNN’s words.
    Allow me explain what is behind their absurd “logic” by asking of each of the outraged contributors herein, has any of you ever believed that CNN is primarily committed to bringing truth and justice to the world? Of course not. But CNN does want to influence the greatest possible numbers of people, and also make he most money. There are nearly one-and-a-half-billion Muslims compared with fifteen million Jews all living in a world that has no respect for truth outside of scientific labs. When Jews and Muslims and Christians discard their delusional bibles, humanity may begin to build a world founded on truth. JEWS SHOULD BE THE LEADERS OUT OF RELIGION AS THEY WERE AMONG THE LEADERS INTO IT.

  • R.W. Glenn

    Ms. Banfield should consider early retirement and head back to school to take a course on Mid_East studies and moral equivalency.

  • Rick

    Ashleigh? Need anyone say more?

  • Shimrit

    I wish Dershowitz had not controlled his temper when responding to her outrageous remarks.

  • Gary Katz

    By her illogic, Israel has the right to bomb Hamas-run children’s camps, since Hamas is training the kids to be future terrorists.

  • Amnon Vaserman

    All I can see is that the readers are enraged at CNN just why are you watching this biased channel is my question to you and second why are the Jews of America voting democrat, if you know that the left wing and mostly the democrats are biased against Israel.

    • Chris Bailey

      Regarding why CNN is watched in the United States. Oft times, it is the only cable news channel offered in the basic packages of cable viewers. Cable news that has demand amongst subscribers is only offered at additional cost, so most view bad news is better than no news.

      I agree with the general consensus that CNN is anti-Semitic, and pro-ISIS. The most glaring recent example is CNN’s decision to not show ISIS beheadings, but to show a beheading by militias who retook a city last month in Iraq. Curious, how they try to win the hearts and minds, isn’t it?

  • Ron Warshawsky

    CNN is working out monies of Prince Alwaleed Ibn Talal

  • eli

    She also said a few years ago while standing in the center of Damascus thar they hope for the return days of Salah a din. They have it now. Salas a din days did not last.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud (goldie)

    This kid (girl) should not be an anchor, she has no conception of the realities in Israel or the middle east. I see she is wearing glasses to look more intellectual, for goodness sake. No wonder the world is in such a mess with silly flippant kids like this.

    • Eve

      You know – – I agree with you,in general sentiment; you ‘got’ the bit with the glasses, too 😉 – – but think that your statement makes an air-headed twit like this sound far too benign, when, in fact, she is a dangerous, incompetent, morally degenerate moron, representative of the liberal faction that has, essentially, taken over and saturated our news outlets on which we rely for impartial information, and which violate our right to such impartial, accurate information, for the sake of satisfying their own malevolent agenda. I cannot imagine why these biased representatives of a biased “news” source, and their employers, are not served up with regular lawsuits for slander and dragged into court to explain their violations of the rights of the American people to unbiased news.

      • Ronnie Tharp-Garber

        This reporter has been trained to spew forth the establishment agenda, but then insert that “killing of all Israelis means the killing of future soldiers” bit, which is straight out of the lexicon of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PLO, etc. This is how terrorists justify murdering babies and unarmed civilians.
        However, when these terrorist groups murder a Thai or a young woman from Ecuador or a Phillipine worker or a U.N. monitor or hmmm 242 American soldiers in Bierut, or hmmm 3,000 civilians in the World Trade Center towers or hmmm tourists in Bali, etc., then their moronic, evil serial murdering selves get a bit tangled up in useless garble.

  • Stu Lieberman

    CNN = Certainly Not News.

  • Ilya

    If CNN were around at the time, if Hitler played tennis they’d have adored him.

  • Adam G.

    If the U.S. still had the Draft (IE, universal conscription) would she say that another country or group of people had the right to kill U.S. citizens because “they could be soldiers”?

    • Eve

      I’ll bet she would!

  • daryl

    CNN used to be respectable, now it is the JOKE of the news world…. tsk tsk tsk

    • Serge V

      following her line of thought will she say that Hamas has no reason to protest death of civilians by Israel Air Force : the civilians were “combattants ” ?

    • I don’t recall CNN ever being respectable. Their coverage has always been superficial, their announcers of moderate to low intelligence, mediocre knowledge of and ability to present facts. CNN is the fast food of news.

  • Stan Nadel

    Does that mean for CNN every child killed in the last Gaza war was a legitimate target too–no only Jewish Israelis. Feh!

  • Simone Miller

    Her logic gives Israel the right to go into every mosque during prayers and kill every man, woman and child. That is the quid pro quo of CNN logic.

    • Mandrake

      Excellent point.

  • Lynne T

    This is a measure of the kind of crap young people are getting taught at university and moving onto the bubble environment of the media. They limit their sources to other media sources that echo their own views regardless of the integrity of the source(Ha’aretz).

  • Isaac brajtman

    Some of those killed in the Synagogue were American citizens . I don’t recall hearing the president saying something about the killing of American citizens, even if they were Jews

  • Daniel

    In effect they are saying that they can attack the Israelis because Israel tries to defend itself.

  • Elliot Goldenberg

    Bravo Alan! I think it is time for Israel to level the ‘journalist playing field’.
    They should consider barring foreign reporters who are known to write fallacious articles against Israel. Today israel is a war zone . Start with CNN, BBC the Guardian and other closed minded media outlets and send them out of the country. They are enemies of the state. Keep them outside where they can do less harm.

  • Lauren Goldman

    BBC, CNN, after a while the letters start getting confused.

  • Debbie

    Simply ban CNN from Israel! They choose to create equivalence with murdering barbarians and innocent people praying in a synagogue, then there is nothing more worth respecting about CNN. Quite frankly I do not take them seriously on anything, Israel aside. They are simply hype and sensationalism personified which actually makes them as an outlet quite boring to watch. And now using Hamas ideology to justify cold-blooded murder is the last straw! There are many more outlets for real news.

  • zadimel

    The problem with CNN and other like news organizations here and abroad is their limited knowledge of the planned “treatment” of Israelis,Jews and their supporters based on their opponents’ charters, public notices and daily slant of news. This particular ignorance or,perhaps bias, feeds their lines of “news.”

  • Neska Laflamme Neska

    Thank you Alan Dershowitz for your clear statements and keeping your cool. I probably would have slapped her silly and what good would that do anyone except myself. Thank you for speaking up for us as you do.

  • Charles curco

    I am not a fan of Dershowitz because of his lib views. I am shocked when with his comments of CNN news. But this time he has it right. What a dumb comment she has made about everyone is a soldier. So that is an excuse to bomb civlians and children ? America will always support Israel. And you wonder why CNN has the lowest network ratings of all the news broadcasters.

  • kris kristian

    Thats good.
    So, Israel can kill every Arabs in Israel. They are all terrorists.
    what does the CNN have to say about that?

    I would also like to suggest that all the Jews and Christians all over the world, start a bds against any firms that buys any goods from any Islamic Aarab state.

    Turkey exports much, in the way of food products.


    • Rita Kardon
      You are absolutely right. I’m going to be an avid reader of the sources of food and dry goods which are often made/grown in hostile Muslim countries!

    • bar nosh

      is anything made there other than suicide vests and home-made bombs?

  • Aaron Rhodes

    CNN ought to be boycotted.

  • Bullfrog Europe

    Banfield is a disgrace. CNN have a duty to redress her insensitive, inaccurate & disgraceful comments.

    Should she fail to issue an apology, both she & CNN should be held accountable for their part in ‘incitement to kill through terror’.

  • Stuart Hersh

    CNN’s logic makes all Jews fair game. Thus, based on that same logic, all Palestinians would also be fair game – moral equivalence – thus, the 1927 massacre in Hebron and the attack in the Cave of the Patriarchs were both justifiable under CNN’s laws of warfare

  • Donald Krausz

    Quite right! Every two year old may become a soldier. He may also become a musician, a scientist who develops a vaccine against Ebola, a cure for Polio or Cancer, or a Gandhi, an Einstein, a Maimonides.

  • JP Zingher

    To attack the enemy’s children is to give permission to the enemy to attack your own.

  • Richard Kirschenbaum

    Another pair of CNN scumbags fond of taking cheap shots at Israel are Carol Costello and Rosemary Church. Church wondered why Israel was taking out Hezbollah rocket launch sites in Lebanon in ’06 instead of just shooting them down after they were airborne as if it’s just as easy to do. Incredible that CNN has such overt ignorance on its payroll.

  • krista

    You guys should get your facts straight .The jews murdered are not in the isral army because of their religion.Sorry i cannot remember the name of that group of jews.BUT there priminester respects there wright to not kill , and so they are exsempt from joining the army.The murderers new that , there for truly a hate crime.

  • Mandrake

    I wouldn’t be surprised comming this from her.

  • David Goshen

    Does Ashleigh Banfield of CNN believe that such inhumane kilings will cease when the Palestinean State is declared?
    Does he also realise that Islam is today the leading Apartheid flagbearer.They cannot tolerate the existance of any other faith .Does he know that no Christian Arab will be accepted in the new Palestinean State which is ethnically cleansing all minorities in the PA.They have just about rid themselves of all Christian Arabs and other minorities.Gaza is Chritian Free as the Nazis would say!Maybe CNN can help reduce the violent atmosphere among the Paleatinean Leadership which would enable peace talks to take place.But this is obviously dependent on them dropping their Islamic intolerance which is plaguing the whole world.

  • Paul

    Murder of innocent Jews in Israel has been going on LONG before the establishment of the state of Israel, LONG before there was an army there. The only thing that is new here, are the ESXCUSES contrived to justify the murder of Jews. Once, the excuse was the claim that Jews used Christian children’s blood in making Matzos. Sometimes (see Pogroms) NO excuse was given – being Jewish was the only reason they needed. Only the excuses change.
    When people target military objectives, they MAY legitimately claim to be freedom fighters. If they purposely target civilians, and rejoice in civilian deaths, they are terrorists. If the CNN lady would care to read the Hamas covenant, she would discover there the stated reason for Muslims to murder Jews – because that is what they state the Koran instructs them to do. Whatever else they may tell the Western Media is designed to appeal to the sentiments of those media persons, to further their battle by deception (as the Koran dictates), which actually derives from a religious dictate to murder infidels, and especially Jews. In Arabic they shout “Itbach Al Yahud – slaughter the Jews”.They are honest when they speak arabic, and deceptive when they speak english to Western Media.
    If the lady at CNN is NOT a muslim, or not the RIGHT KIND of muslim, she may yet see the day when she and her loved ones will face slaughter at the hands of those she supports, and for the same reason the Hamas targets Jews.
    ISIS has killed more Moslems that anyone else – is that because there is mandatory military service everywhere ? Did Hamas throw Fatah officials off the tops of buildings in Gaza because of mandatory conscription to the Israeli Army ? WAKE UP !! BE HONEST !! CALL A SPADE A SPADE !
    The proof of malicious intent may be found in the need of the perpetrator to lie about his intentions – he believes they cannot be justified by the truth.

  • Harvard Law School

    From a legal perspective, not only is Banfield wrong, she is inverting the law. One can only be categorized as a combatant if s/he is uniformed or is engaged, about to engage, or has just engaged in combat. All other people are civilians, and they may never be targeted for violence during wars. Her effort to justify an attack upon civilians based on the fact that, 30 years ago, these men were presumably conscripted into the military is the opposite of true.

    Remember when Peter Jennings said that Al Quada’s attack on the Pentagon may have been justified? That comment was still wrong, but it was not as bad as this one.

  • Howie Subnick

    Send the CNN “B—H”back to school so she understands what is happening in Israel. She is a loser. God Bless Israel and all those who protect it.

  • Professor Dershowitz spoke out against the “nonsense” we so often hear on CNN. It is almost impossible to view this cable channel without seeing and hearing the bias against Israel; often we hear the arguments expressed in the language of “moral equivalence”; however this sad verbiage is recognize clearly for what it. The viewer is able to discern such bias…and CNN ratings are decidedly falling….and in my view, may continue to do so.

  • Jay

    I can’t understand whey the Israeli government doesn’t expel CNN from Israel. Their reporting is both racist and bigoted.

  • Reform School

    As a retired law professor of Harvard, how tragicomical it is to watch Dersh twist in the wind, his free-speech rights muzzled by Obama’s sealed records. How sad the fly on the wall of the Dersh lecture hall cannot speak at the Mall.

  • Alex

    Yet again CNN is displaying its bigotry against Israel. Arabs are equating human lives to brick and mortar of their masque and CNN implies support for arabs. Shame on CNN.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    No sanction to bigotry!

  • Max

    Dershowitz is absolutely right. It’s because of CNN’s and other broadcasters’ attempts to be ‘fair’ in judging the actions of the palestinian murderers and Israeli defensive measures as being morally equivalent that we have Abbas threatening that Jews praying near the al aqsa mosque is tantamount to a declaration of war. If European leaders were realistic about their opinions and declarations about the entire palestinian problem, the Arabs would have been more amenable to a realistic solution of the conflict.

  • citizenstat

    Professor Dershowitz is absolutely correct! That CNN anchor is guilty of unbridled hypocrisy as are the editors behind her. Following from her logic, if every Israeli regardless of age or health is now fair game, since all Palestinians are fed endless violent anti-Semitic/Israel propaganda, they also are potential soldiers and thereby fair game for Israeli retaliation. Consequently, the bleeding-heart hypocrites who cry of civilian Palestinian casualties have no case whatever for their complaint.

  • Alan Dershowitz does an excellent job defending the truth and reality of the Middle East conflict. I can understand his perplexity when people like CNN come up with their ignorant judgments. How irresponsible people are! Yet, Islam will not prevail, as much of a threat it appears to be and is.

    All these things play a necessary part in the whole scheme of things that will end well. We will see the Hand of God show His power among the nations, as it happened with the Pharaoh of Egypt.

  • Jacqueline

    The woman is a blithering idiot.

  • CNN stands for Crescent News Network. Banfield worships the ground Josepf Goebbels walked on.

  • CWinokoor

    Dershowitz should keep in mind that Turner’s CNN has always stunk from the head down.

  • art

    if one remembers Banfield was very defferential broadcasting from iraq going so far as todye her hair dark and wear a headcovering, so as not to be offensive. By her logic now Israel would be justified carpet bombing gaza. What she is supporting is the extermination of any/all Jews

  • That´s the least antisemitic act of CNN in the last 24 hs. It´s not a mistake, it´s neither the opinion of one person nor the ignorance of a few: it´s a company policy. They are worse that the BBC now. Only al-Jazyra comes after them.

  • Ellen

    Professor Dershowitz does such an excellent job of going straight to the crux of the issue. I am so glad that Israel has him as an advocate.

  • Alan H Zwiebel

    Alan Dershowitz continues to be the amazingly capable and necessary advocate here for the State of Israel in the face of the unceasing drumbeat of hostile, biased and simply wrong reporting of the ongoing conflict there. Could we ask for a more intelligent, fair-minded and articulate spokesman for Israel and its people and by extension, us as well?

    I don’t think so. We are fortunate indeed that he soldiers on. May he go from strength to strength speaking out for all causes that value truth, decency and civilized society.


  • Israel’s Homegrown Arab Terrorists – must be expelled

    In the Arab world, the refugees were viewed as a potential fifth-column within Israel. As one Lebanese paper wrote:
    The return of the refugees should create a large Arab majority that would serve as the most effective means of reviving the Arab character of Palestine, while forming a powerful fifth-column for the day of revenge and reckoning.
    The Arabs believed the return of the refugees would virtually guarantee the destruction of Israel, a sentiment expressed by Egyptian Foreign Minister Muhammad Salah al-Din:
    It is well-known and understood that the Arabs, in demanding the return of the refugees to Palestine, mean their return as masters of the Homeland and not as slaves. With a greater clarity, they mean the liquidation of the Jewish State of Israel.
    If someone comes to kill you, you should pre-empt them by killing them first.

  • aubrey zelman

    I fully concur with Mr. Dershowitz.
    I feel lately between her and weedeman’s reporting that they have
    been not reported in a balance fashion.
    They do not call them Terrorists but will if the USA and their
    assets are attacked and if an american is killed.
    3 American citizens were brutally murdered and they
    don’t call it what it is .Both won’t publicly condemn the action or
    the perpetrators who murdered these helpless praying Rabbi’s

  • Many evenings I raise a shoe and threaten to smash my TV in anger and frustration at CNN’s unbelievable moral equivalence stances! To save the TV from total ruin, I send tweets to CNN talking heads arguing against their “moral equivalence” stances. It’s their female talking heads who seem to be the worst!

  • James Rowland

    As of 11-19-14 at 4:55 p.m. P.S.T. there is no mention of this story on the CNN website that I can find, although several other news feeds have it. I have thought that CNN was biased — it appears that there is little doubt now.

  • Peter Wallach

    Does Ashleigh Banfield have a mind of her own, or is she just parroting what
    those higher ups at CNN are telling her to say? Perhaps CNN should assign her to report from Israel so she can see the truth first hand.

  • Lucille Kaplan

    The creep of moral equivalency is terrifying, with CNN now leading the charge. What a great point Dershowitz makes in identifying this phenomenon as being most dangerous when it permeates media fallaciously perceived to be objective.

    I sense strongly that HAMAS’s twisted thinking is penetrating Western media, ever more deeply, in part because Israeli officials are, for reasons I cannot quite understand, reluctant to quote DIRECTLY from the racist, murder-inciting verbiage coming from HAMAS and the Palestinian Authority. One hears an occasional tiny excerpt from these materials passed along through Western media, but on the whole, Israeli spokespersons merely characterize and condemn the verbiage, and then expect the world to embrace Israel’s position. Protestations are not enough; displays of the raw/original hate materials are what news watchers respond to (and with good reason).

    Dershowitz is immensely skilled at refuting lies, and setting the record straight through reference to law and fact; but the problem of Israel itself believing that its vague protestations alone will correct public opinion in the West, continues.

    There is no shortage of authentic and letter-perfect English translations of what HAMAS and the PA verbalize every day; Now I’d like to see the most salient portions of those translations making their way on to CNN and elsewhere. Americans, in my view, will REEL if they are finally faced with the lies and libels that are REALLY being floated to Arabic speakers, about Israel, by official/government entities in the Arab world.

  • Golum

    Banfield goes WAAAAY out of her way in the support for the pooooor arabs. During the last intifada or so called war she was pulled from CNN for showing too much love for the terrorists!!!

  • Francine Polsky

    You can contact CNN at this link and tell the what you think of this and their headlines yesterday.

  • K Tshabalala

    According to this anchors warped logic the killing of the Canadian soldier(in that country’s terrorist attack) is acceptable, the beheading of abdul rahman/peter (the former american soldier) by isis is justifiable – since these people were (not just potential) but actual soldiers. What about her nieces/nephews/children who may choose to join the army, after coming across the dispicable actions being carried out by these islamists (as many americans youths were inspired to in ww2,confronted with hitlers evil world view) – are they legitimate targets? These anchors who’re pandering to these islamists are asleep to the fact that EVERYONE IS a legitimate target for these extremists; when will they wake-up up!

  • Congratulations to Alan for decimating the idiotic Ashley Banfield; CNN is a pseudo news network, as everybody realizes.

    I remember Banfield during the election dispute of 2000, when, while interviewing a democratic official, she did everything but wrap her legs around the person

  • Julian Tepper

    Jew-Hatred has many varieties.

    I am proud that Alan was a guest on my radio show back in D.C., when we discussed his book, The Case for Israel.

    Alan, with whom I do not agree on all matters. I say that only to show that my assessment here is not simply a party line.

    Recently, Alan has had some of his finest moments, and I am proud to that we share a religion.

    Keep on keeping on, Alan.

    Julian Tepper
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Ilbert Phillips

    This is why I do not watch CNN or MNBC. They are stuck in stupid and do not know it.

  • Joel

    Good on you Dershowitz for calling out these bigots!
    I used to think the BBC were biased but CNN(Criminal News Network!) beats them mouth down!!

  • Irving D. Cohen

    Well said, Prof. Dershowitz !

  • judithg

    when Israel had no “friends” and didn’t expect to have any, Israel prevailed. mightily. now we have “friends” and expectations. these expectations are not going to be met. if anything, even those who are not enemies are so ignorant and intellectually lazy and just plain stupid that our only option is to have to control our tempers while our heads are exploding with rage. attempting to explain and defend ourselves to appease world opinion is meaningless, because in every case, we always know what it is.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Banfield is an idiot or worse.

    She long with that self-hating Jew Wolf Blizter showed their colours during the last Hamas war.

    Don’t forget Dershowitz is also famous for wanting to defend Hitler because everyone is entitled to a defense.

    Except for the 7, not 6, horribly murdered by the Nazis and certain Jews like Dershowitz and Hannah Arendt don’t seem to care.

    The Jewish Dilemma. We really don’t like ourselves!!!

  • Rick

    Look at pictures of radical muslims training their very young children to be soldiers and martyrs. I see pictures of muslim children wrapped in bombs, training with AK47’s, wearing clothing of a terrorist and videos of them chanting words of war. I have never seen this activity from the Jewish people. God Bless Israel.

  • Anthony Dayton

    Let’s agree that soldiers come in all forms, as per CNN’s Banfield. Then by definition, all the Palestinians who attack, encourage attacks, teach hatred of Israel, fund terrorist activities, these are all soldiers also, no?

    So keeping things proportional, is it then OK for Banfield if a gang of Israels go marauding through Palestinian streets and kill these citizen soldiers?

    Somehow I think she won’t go for the idea. But why not, Ms. Banfield?

    Completely overlooked, why aren’t the Palestinians building their society? Don’t point a finger at Israel. They have all the potential at their disposal. Build a society with tourism, industry and excellence and compete with Israel on their own terms. Why don’t the Banfields of the world advocate for that, instead of promoting death, for the Palestinians they profess to champion are dying as well as the Israelis.

  • Ben

    This ignorant Banfield peasant also doesn’t know that Haredim (the victims of this attack) rarely serve in the IDF anyway.

  • Yale

    Shame on Ashleigh Banfield for being so caught up in rationalizing violence against Jews that the best she can manage is citing Hamas propaganda.

    A real journalist would recognize that she was being used in the most cynical of ways.

  • Zach Rosen

    Thank G-d for Alan Dershowitz.
    But unfortunately, it does not seem as if anyone is listening or gives a damn.



  • Tzvi

    It amazes me how the world HATES ISRAEL! What have they done so wrong to deserve this treatment. All of the contributions to the world that came from Israel. What have the Arabs done. When Israel went to this land, “THERE WAS NOBODY THERE” The Arabs so the job opportunities and flocked in. There really was no one occupying the land. If Israeli soldiers were to walk in a mosque and kill 3 or 4 holy men like the Arabs did in Jerusalem there would be hell to pay. Why has Israel not retaliated? I don’t understand. How do you be diplomatic with such evil? Only G-d has these answers……

  • CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield, is both terribly uneducated and a bigot and an anti-semite. CNN
    has a long history of engaging in such bigotry and should look more closely at the people they hire, ie Banfield, and their point of view. As a member of the Jewish people worldwide, I am disgusted by these type of comments.

    • Maurice H

      Remember, the station use to be owned by Ted Turner, and there is no bigger Nazi than Mr T…Maurice H Bank

  • Fred

    CNN has it roots in Doha.

  • mh8169

    I find Ms. Banfield to be a total ignorant jerk! She provides good reason to ignore CNN as a balanced news outlet.

  • Jeff Ginsberg

    Ashleigh Banfield should be ashamed of herself. I used to like her, but her ignorance and complete racist bias against Israel is intolerable. Shame on you.

  • Jerry Enis

    After more than 50 years in the information dissemination profession, I find myself asking: What are TV news producers thinking. Perhaps I am naive, but I believe the very clear, de-facto bias in the reporting of far too many broadcast news people is a result of ignorance and lack of journalistic professionalism. I will not accept as an excuse for the journalistic sloppiness that the mistakes are caused by the need to “keep talking and repair damage later.” Too many of these people belong on afternoon talk shows not an anchor desk. I guess reputation went out with the bath water.

  • Sue

    Yay for Alan!

  • JoshuaBecher

    I guess if we fallow the same logic all the people killed in the 9/11 attack should’ve classified as soldiers ? CNN get your stuff together stop hiring the looks get some brains

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    CNN is sick to the core…it is like Goebbels press.

  • Daniela Lowinger

    I suppose that, if CNN believes Hamas claim that every israeli
    Is a soldier, Israel can claim that every palestinian is a terroris
    From 2 years old and up, males and females.

  • as. kolodkin

    Some of these anchors or reporters either have no common sense or or just biased.
    They should know better. I am a CNN viewer but reassessing my loyalty to CNN.

    They should be given a primer in historical facts before they are allowed to make such asinine statements.

  • Levi Garbose

    Israel must rescind their press credentials—CNN is the enemy!!!

  • Thank you, Alan. We in the U.S. are in danger of becoming blind with a warped morality. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Please loan us Mr. Netanyahu for 4 years. I’m confident he could turn around, in one presidential term, what it took Obama 6 years to inflict upon us.

  • Ashleigh Banfield has a long history of anti Israel incitement. I remember she was once in Gaza and Hamas took her along while they fired a rocket she was so excited i thought she would have an [i won’t say what i thought she would have] Thing of Meg Ryan when she was in deli with Billy Crystal.In the movie when Harry meet Sally

  • B. Nair

    G-d help us all. I see no end to what seems an ongoing carnage. It appears no one is safe anywhere. The teaching of HATE has become a cancer that continues to spread. But, still, we hope for better a better tomorrow.
    May the families of the recently slain find comfort and strength in their grief.

  • Michael B Harris

    I am surprised that Ms. Banfiled did not declare that all Palestenians are legitimate targets, regardless of age, since they are potential terrorists. Obviously, none of us believe that, just as we do not believe that all Israelis are legitimate targets because they are potential soldiers.

  • Arthurf Fliegenhaeimer

    During the 30’s and 40’s the best people were communist sympothizers.Today the best people are supporters of the Palestinians.

    • Maurice H

      Okay Dutch! By the way, Bernie is about to pick Leon Trotsky as his running mate. Oooh he forgot being so old-he is dead!

  • working guy

    Welcome home Alan. Most of us conservatives have been saying this about cnn for over 20 years.