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February 19, 2015 8:37 am

Stephen Hawking, BDS, and Why Geniuses Can Be Dumb

avatar by Lawrence J. Siskind

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Stephen Hawking. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Watching The Theory of Everything, the film about Stephen Hawking, one wonders: why do geniuses behave like jerks?

In May 2013, Hawking, after initially accepting an invitation to speak at Israel’s President’s Conference organized to mark the 90th birthday of Shimon Peres, changed his mind and declared that he would not participate in any academic or cultural exchanges with Israel. He announced his support for the BDS movement.

Now there are many reasons why ordinary people should oppose BDS.

But Hawking is not an ordinary person. Hawking suffers from ALS, which has left him unable to utilize any muscle functions except for his cheeks, whose movement is monitored by a sensor attached to his spectacles. His sole means of communication is through a computer Intel Core  i7-based communication system, which runs on a chip designed in Israel.

If BDS were universally adopted, the very technology he relies upon to communicate would be unavailable to him. Hawking, a supposed champion of logic, thus takes the absurdly illogical position of opposing the same kind of exchange that allows him to communicate his opposition in the first place.

A first grader would blush at the internal inconsistency of such a position.

Hawking, of course, is not a first grader.  He  reportedly has an IQ of 160, and regularly appears on Internet lists of the world’s smartest people.

That’s what makes Hawking’s stand on BDS so interesting. It is not just an example of an ordinary person acting dumb. It is an example of a genius acting dumb – a phenomenon that turns out to be surprisingly common.

The dumbness which we explore here in this essay is not Einsteinian absent-mindedness. It is a much different thing. Hawking utilizing an Israeli-designed chip to tell people that they should not deal with Israel represents is just plain dumb. Noam Chomsky, the MIT professor who lobbied Hawking to support BDS, exhibits more of the same mentality.

Chomsky is another recognized genius. The same SuperScholar website, which lists Hawking as No. 1 among the 30 smartest people in the world, pegs Chomsky at No. 11.

But Chomsky yields no ground to Hawking when it comes to acting like a jerk. He has denied that the Cambodian genocide, which wiped out nearly 2 million people, occurred. Instead, he insists that the death toll of the Khmer Rouge massacres amounted to “at most in the thousands.“ Those few victims, Chomksy maintains, were comparable to the Nazi collaborators executed at the end of World War II.

He is skeptical of Osama Bin Laden’s responsibility for 9/11, and insists on referring to the Al Qaeda mastermind only as a “suspect.” He even insists that bin Laden’s confession that he actually planned the attacks was merely a “boast.”

If there were a Nobel Prize for genius-generated jerkiness, it would be awarded posthumously to chess prodigy Bobby Fischer, a genius with a penchant for dumbness. Just as Chomsky denied that the Cambodian genocide occurred, Fischer denied that the Holocaust happened. An ardent admirer of the Nazis, he adorned his room with photographs of Hitler. He believed that the “stinking Jews” controlled the United States, and declared the 9/11 attacks “wonderful news.” He had his fillings removed from his teeth because he believed that they were used to emit dangerous radiation, possibly by his American or Russian enemies.

So what gives? Is there a causal connection between genius and jerkiness?

The answer may be yes. Genius is not just a matter of coming up with answers faster than others can. It is a matter of seeing the world in ways that others have not or cannot. It is not just better eyesight, it is different vision. And once crowned – or cursed – with the epithet of “genius,” it is difficult to encounter a new problem, and to tamely announce: “Well, I’m not really sure.”

No, a genius must always be a genius. He must swing for the fences, rather than hit to get on base.  And when one swings for the fences, one is more likely to strike out. And the harder the swing, the more ridiculous the batter – or thinker – looks when his bat hits nothing but empty air.

Albert Einstein may have been absent-minded on occasion, but he was focused and attentive in 1952, when he received a letter from Abba Eban, written on behalf of David Ben-Gurion, offering him the presidency of the State of Israel. Einstein replied:

I am deeply moved by the offer … [but] I cannot accept it. All my life I have dealt with objective matters, hence I lack both the natural aptitude and the experience to deal properly with people and and to exercise official functions.

In recognizing both his cognitive limitations and the boundaries of his expertise, Einstein proved that he was more than merely a genius. He proved that he was not dumb.

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  • very week argument, .. with the help of the US of course… why dont they hire the israelis selling toys in US shopping malls back in Intel R&D or motorola? or cisco?
    “His sole means of communication is through a computer Intel Core i7-based communication system, which runs on a chip designed in Israel.”

  • Joe Schmoe

    Garbage! Einstein was a plagiarist and a Zionist shill. Chomsky is an intellectual fraud! He said in an interview that he and his wife were going to permanently live in Israel in 1953 after spending time on a kibbutz. Mr. Humanitarian had ZERO problem living on STOLEN land. That speaks volumes about Mr. Chomsky. Hawking shows that not only is he a genius, but has the integrity people like Einstein, Chomsky, this author and the rest of their (((tribe))) lack. LYNCH THE GOOGLE! GAS THE SKYPE!! RACE WAR NOW!!! TRUMP 2016

  • Mickey Oberman

    “Stephen Hawking, BDS, and Why Geniuses Can Be Dumb”

    HAwking is a perfect example of a dumb (stupid) genius.

  • Dear Mr Siskind

    Stephen Hawking is not “like a jerk” and not “dumb” in deciding not to participate in the President’s Conference. It is insulting to suggest that he is. As a supporter of the Government of Israel and its policies and actions towards ordinary Palestinian people, not just Palestinian extremists and terrorists, you have the right and ability, living in a free society, to express your disagreement and disappointment with Professor Hawking’s decision. However, it is you who become dumb and a jerk by calling Hawking by those names.

    As an admirer of Israel since Leon Uris wrote Exodus, I would probably attend the conference in the same circumstances, but I respect Hawking’s decision not to attend. Clearly, he did not make it lightly. Perhaps you should examine your own unconditional support for the Government of Israel. Shouldn’t the powerful Jewish Lobby in the US use its influence on the GoI to work rapidly towards a permanent settlement of the Palestinian dispute? Arabs who demand the destruction of Israel are at best stupid, at worst evil. Any GoI wishing the elimination of Palestine is equally stupid. The former does not justify the latter.

    Have you read How the End Begins: the Road to Nuclear WW III by Ron Rosenbaum? It is brilliant and sobering. Martin Hellman of Stanford shows that a nuclear end to civilisation is inevitable, and very likely within 100 years, if further development of nuclear weapons continues as at present, instead of rapid disarmament.

    A settlement of the Palestinian dispute will provide massive relief to global tensions and a trigger to commence nuclear disarmament. It will allow Israel to live in peace with its right to exist acknowledged by all parties, and allow the rebuilding of the war-torn parts of the Middle East and North Africa. The world will be a better place. The initiative must come from GoI and GoUS. Please do what you can.

    Yours sincerely, Satis Arnold


      sincwe you are so bright perhaps you can describe the steps you would take to finally make peace between Israel and the Palestinian leadership which refuses to acknowledge Israel’s RIGHT TO EXIST. Would you tie up Abbas in rope and drag him to a negotiation table? In their Arabic propaganda addressed to their own people, they speak only of driving the Jews into the sea. JUST WHO ARE YOU KIDDING???

  • Fujiwara

    Hawking is right. BDS is the way to go when Israel has done no significant move to change the status quo.

  • Intelligence is just the tool. What each person may or may not do with that tool is only up to them and their own circumstances. People are raised on certain beliefs long before they achieve the best of their talents. That´s why you may become a genius and still repeat all the nonsense your mother taught you as a child.

  • Daniel F Katz Sydney Australia.

    Just because someone may be extremely intelligent does not mean they are necessarily wise. A good example are some talented autistic people.

    • victor

      And the jewish leadership in israel and the us who steadily are losing world support, but rather be “right” than compromise and accuse everyone who disagrees of antisemite until everyone becomes an antisemite which proves you were right all along. much better to perpetuate being right than safe. always right, always persecuted, what a way to be right!

  • anon

    utered antisemantism

  • Moishe

    What is lacking is “common sense”.

  • z

    Anyone talking about “black holes” is a total fraud. (See here: youtube.com/user/ThunderboltsProject). Hawking is a gov mafia propaganda agent peddling gov mafia propaganda masquerading as “science”. Stop worshiping authority and its priesthood, they only sell you lies.

  • Shmuele D

    Obviously he is a member in good standing of the “BJS”
    (Brilliant Jerk Society)…I know many of them on the left.

  • Joe

    Messrs. Hess and Ali needs to be reminded who the Palestinians are and where they come from. Even the Egyptians are chasing them out of Egypt. They have had ample time to live a peaceful life but due to their avowed policy to exterminate Israel (not Zionism) they are doomed themselves. Time is running out for those who support radicals and the reality of Islamic goals are prevalent everywhere. The final meltdown is just around the corner.

  • Even a genius, a smart one have the right to be idiot and act dumb. But at the same time, if he boycot Israel, he is more than dumb, and has no right to use Israel invention to improve his life handicap, and make it more viable.

  • Gerson Kaplan
  • P.Ali, Michael Hess; you guys are not as smart as Stephen Hawking – only just as obtuse. You refuse to see that (a) Zionism is not a criminal plague – just a descriptor for Jewish aspirations for a sovereign homeland – a mirror image of the Palestinian aspiration for a national homeland. So it’s OK for the Palestinians to have national aspirations, but not the Jews?
    And (b) the Palestinians could have their own Palestine tomorrow, and you know it.
    By the way, “illegal occupation” is a misleading term, coined for purely mischievous purposes. What do you consider “illegally-occupied” – the West Bank, or the whole piece of real estate between the Jordan River and the sea?

  • RobiMac

    That’s the same logic as everyone who made their millions, billions off capitalizm, want to do away with capitalizm so that no one else can achieve that possibility.

    Jesus said: ‘Those who claim to be wise will become fools.’

  • gilgulman

    Let’s lay this canard to rest shall we? Firstly, IQ has nothing at all to do with viability. It only refers to the propensity for acquiring and retaining information, not the utilization of such information, erroneous or not. Secondly, IQ does not indicate a labyrinthine predilection for logic. Logic in itself is useless without true propositions on which to to operate, i.e. rationality. These are built up through a system of axioms, postulates and corollaries. Now suppose you have someone, like myself, whose expertise is in mathematical and symbolic logic, but who has not applied these principles to the worlds of philosophy (of which evolution and creation are a part), humanities (of which literature, theatre, art are a part), or the social contract in its narrowest as well as its most expansive aspects. You are then the world’s smartest dummy. Add to this the weakness of kowtowing to the demands of peer pressure, and you have an exquistiely flawed paradigm of self protection at the expense of conviction…not a tasty soup. You are prancing about like a Little Jack Horner…”look at me, I’m a genius so I must be right, and all you lesser mortals should follow my Simon Says Rules without challenge.” Lastly, you have your FQs, GQs, HQs, and IQs all vying for the top billet. What is a poor minion to do?

  • Sootys mum

    Hawking may be a genius (I have a higher IQ!) but he and so many of the people on this page don’t have a clue what BDS means. They want to boycott that which helps them and stop the countries that rely on Israeli help receiving it whilst saying they don’t want it. In actuality, they do. They don’t want BDS, what they want is Israeli AND Jewish scientific and medical research whilst being blatantly racist and pretending that they are sticking up for “Palestinians”. Gaza was given to a group of “Palestinians” to be an equal and free trading partner in the hope of peace, one immediately smashed by the terrorists who immediately moved in.

    However, what the BDS supporters fail to do is actually stick up for the people in Gaza or anywhere else. They are silent on the murders and abuses carried out on a daily basis by Hamas, Fatah and the PA. Hezbollah ill treat and abuse those in Judea/Samaria and, again, there is silence. In fact, those living in Judea/Samaria are scared that they will have their own country and will end up as badly off as those in Gaza.

    I don’t see any of this group objecting to the abuses and apartheid suffered by other “Palestinians” in the Muslim controlled countries that allowed them in. Not one of them will allow them to have passports because they will not accept them as residents, a breach of international law. They are not allowed to live out of a designated area, receive education or work in any other than menial positions. Kuwait through them out during the First Gulf War, no-one said anything, and there are many who are missing believed held in jail. However, for 25 years or so their families do not know what has happened to them nor will the Kuwaiti government tell anyone anything. Not one person here is objecting to this inhumane treatment other than me. Not one person here has spoken out other than me.

    Finally, let me point out that there are no such people as the Palestinians, they were invented by the Arab countries as political pawns and they readily admit it. They also have no legal right to any land in Israel, TransJordan, now Jordan, was created for them.

  • Ellen

    What a hypocrite! If he wants to support BDS then he should practice what he preaches. I am waiting, but not holding my breath for him to stop,using the chip designed in Israel. After all, not buying food or a soda machine because it is Israeli made is simple. You can find substitutes easily. But if he wants to be in the forefront of the movement he needs to make the hard personal sacrifice!

  • Robert Davis

    hess : so you consider Israel is not a…real nation? you are even more stupid that the former commentator!

  • Robert Davis

    Those who keep speaking of “occupation” do not even know what they talk about and one can be a “genius” in whatever line or science he will not be knowledgeable in another science. Nor only occupation mleans nothing since all the nations occupy their territory just as Israel does and even less than Israel : which country can glorif itslef to have a treaty such as San Remo giving authority to Jews to ocupy legally Palestine,on top of art.80 of the UC ChArt and a multi thousands years of History? chomsky is deadbrain in History and politics or trying to get advantages for himself thru his anti-Israel positions.Israel’s arabs are JORDANIANS since Jordan gave them this nationality as of 1949. As to “Palestinians” they do NOT EXIST AS OF 1948 WHEN THEY GOT THE ISRAELI NATIONALITY. All of chomsky’s and other antisemits’ pr is just TRASH!

  • Nous connaissons sans doute beaucoup de choses ,mais nous en ignorons encore plus….Quelle différence y’a-t-il entre la folie et le génie ? Elle est peut être trés mince…..Nous n’en savons pas grand chose…Nous apprenons en continu…Mais chaque réponse améne une autre question…Et c’est une chance…Que deviendrions nous si nous avions toutes les réponses ?……….

  • sam lee

    Hawkings was simply conned, he was tricked into thinking that the only non-muslim country between Morocco and Pakistan discriminates. In fact its the only safe place for all people of all religions and practices across north Africa into Asia.
    M.Hess continue to use Israeli technology, there isn’t any coming from the country you support with your BDS because they are to busy blowing up pizza shops. Supporters of bds have no interest in humanity or improvement to mankind, just promoting anti-Israel.
    And your statement re occupation is also wrong. No country has returned land taken during war, not France, USA, England, Argentina, etc etc etc Ohh except Israel.
    To The Algemeiner – Good article, informative and correct. Thankyou

  • David Hoffman

    Chomsky’s positions are not “dumb.” They are evil.

    Admiration of Israeli technical prowess and entrepreneurial genius, or even of Israel’s generosity in lending a hand to other countries, is not a reason to oppose BDS. Those who support BDS after careful thought, investigation and reflection do so in part because of Israel’s admirable qualities, not in spite of them.

    Chomsky, the more thoughtful BDS supporters, committed Anti-Semites of all centuries, and other evil people such as Lenin and Pol Pot behave as they do because they reject the content of the Torah, find the idea that it is G-d’s instrument for lifting mankind out of savagery abhorant, and loathe and despise the people who persist in spreading it.

    • victor

      Thee ancient greeks lifted mankind from ignorance, not the torah. jews were backward goat keepers when greeks had calculated the circunference of the eart geometry, theater, arghitegture, sculpture, logic, painting, medicine, math, the olympics, democracy and on and on in fact the world clock stopped when people were seduced by the torah and the new testment and islam.

      It is absurd to believe you can find wisdom lookin at a book about a magical god instead of observinc nature

      • Dr. Howard P. Kenig

        Evidently, in the course of his wide-ranging study and analysis of the Classical Greek contribution to human progress, Victor elected to disdain any contemplation of their mastery of spelling and grammar.

  • Ali & Hess are perfect examples of just how dangerous the oxymoronic situation of geniuses being among the dumbest people. This is the fallout. Their reasoning: Since Hawking and Chomsky feel and think as they do, how can common
    idiots feel and think otherwise? The same problem exists with just why so many in Cacademia, the Slimestream Media,
    and Follywood feel and think as they do. There’s something about “common” sense that is more logical and more to be
    admired and followed than all these so-called geniuses, academics, pundits, and entertainers have to say.

  • Ali & Hess are perfect examples of just how dangerous the oxymoronic situation of geniuses being among he dumbest people. This is the fallout. Their reasoning: Since Hawking and Chomsky feel and think as hey do, how can common
    idiots feel and think otherwise? The same problem exists with just why so many in Cacademia, the Slimestream Media,
    and Follywood feel and think as they do. There’s something about “common” sense that is more logical and more to be
    admired and followed than all these so-called geniuses, academics, pundits, and entertainers had to say.

  • Haile Stressor

    It is simple to explain Hawking’s attitude and his recent pronouncement “…there is no G-D/”

    Hawking is saying that G-D would not have played the cosmic joke of embedding the mind of a genius in the body of a hopeless cripple. His conclusion is based on that conflict between expectation and reality, and nothing more. Men more brilliant than he, Newton and Einstein for example, surely as capable as he to view the universe and draw conclusions, were firm believers in G-D.

  • The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS Movement’s)ultimate goal is to replace Israel with another nation that never existed before. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

  • Julian Clovelley

    It is an interesting feature of the eccentric Zionist worldview that disagreement with its tenets must either be antisemitism or lack of intelligence. Since the genius rarely fits into either category this phenomena of disagreement with Zionism demands a new description, that of the “genius acting dumb”

    This from a worldview that on almost completely non existent evidence believes that the Zionist’s origins are in slavery in Egypt, out of which his people were led by a cloud and a fire pillar. He believes in parting waters, cities whose walls crumble when you walk round them, a Davidic Kingdom, notably absent in archeology, and a unique Genealogy readily disproved by both DNA and well researched family histories

    Out of this brilliance comes the belief that the people living in Palestine in 1918 weren’t supposed to be there and didn’t value what in reality was “Terra Nullius”. The stunning brilliant Zionist view concludes that, as a result of this construction the Biblical story of Divine donation of the land of Caanan to his ancestors (and only his ancestors) must be true – and grants him the license to occupy Palestinian land and build Jewish Settlements for people who have patently divergent ethnic origins.

    In my book its not the genius whose playing dumb…

  • MartyNYC

    Albert Einstein was another one of those genius jerks.

    • Dr. Howard P. Kenig

      On what grounds do you proffer this outrageously defamatory assertion? Every biographical account of the life of Albert Einstein known to me records that he was, in his mature life, a kind, thoughtful, and morally upright man who hated militarism and war, came to the aid of the threatened and persecuted, and was informed by a profound sense of wonder and mystery at the discernable patterns of law and system which characterize the knowable universe. He left behind an impressive body of writing in which he addressed questions of religion, morality, political philosophy, and his various thoughts concerning the best hopes and aspirations of humanity.
      There are, in the English language, many descriptive terms which might accurately be applied to describe such a person.
      “Jerk” is not one of them.

  • MartyNYC

    Albet Einstein was another one of those genius jerks.

  • Leon

    Mr Dawkins a genius, he should listen a while to Kent Hovind


  • tovlogos

    Moses also “lacked both the natural aptitude and the experience to deal properly with people and to exercise official functions.” But look at the Source of his strength and faith to whom he submitted.
    Einstein was also more than an academician — he had greater dimension than many.

  • BDS has no significant relevance in Israel. The boycott created interest in certain goods by commercial companies out of the reach of BDS.

  • Leon Rozenbaum

    acting against his own best interests? maybe hawking is jewish after all.

  • Michael Palmer

    To those who profess that the so called “occupation” of the West bank deserves BDS as the “punishment” for Isael, Where were you when the West Bank was truly Occupied by Jordan and Gaza was Occupied by Egypt?? Do you really believe that the PLO is a real partner in peace? Are you totally blind to the duplicity of the PLO leadership?? Who will guarentee the security and the safety of the Israeli people, those same people who are sworn to destroy it? You are either naive or liars.

  • art frank

    ali, please tell us what the muslims have accomplished over the past 1500 hundred years or so? Today many of them are savages murdering innocent people. You should be proud.

  • Daniel McClenaghan

    What a ridiculous argument.

    An Israeli chip ( I take your word for it) but an English brain that has all the time in the world to think out a opinion opposing an Israeli ideological position.

  • nelson marans

    It is interesting to note that two of the most anti-Israel professors in recent times have been Edward Said, now deceased, and Noam Chomsky, both professors of linguistics. Is it possible that the study of linguistics causes individuals to lose the ability to distinguish between good and evil.

    • Sharif Younes

      Edward Said was not a professor of linguistics, but literature. Linguistics is a “hard” science, which studies how language is acquired and used. This is what Chomsky studies. Literature is a “soft” science, which studies, well, literature. This is what Said (RIP) did.

      I don’t think it’s possible that studying literature “causes individuals to lose the ability to distinguish between good and evil”. After all, literature represents the most serious attempts of humans to explore the concepts of good and evil. This makes sense, since I know many people who have met Edward Said and they agree that he was nothing but a gentleman, whatever his views on the I-P conflict.

      As for the hypothesis that studying linguistics “causes individuals to lose the ability to distinguish between good and evil”, I think it’s very interesting. I would be quite interested in the results of such research, if you plan to study the issue in more depth.

      In fact, I am studying a similar problem. I noticed that Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu were to of the most anti-Israel from South Africa, and they both suffered apartheid. Is it possible that living under apartheid causes individuals to lose the ability to distinguish between good and evil.

  • nelson marans

    Israeli technology has enabled Hawking to continue his work, although marred by the refusal to acknowledge some of the recent findings in nuclear chemistry.

    • victor

      Israely technology is western no jewish technology, judaism can not produce science because it does not seek to undersand the world, just god. israeli scientists are western scientists

  • NCS

    Zionism was G-d’s idea first. Israel belongs to the People of the Book…all Israel.

  • Robby

    The only reason he can even talk is because of Israeli technology. I don’t care how smart this character is supposed to be. He still an ungrateful bum, and an anti-Semite.

  • Richard

    Just what makes the West Bank occupation illegal? In 1845 and 1898 we Americans captured territory, gave back what we wanted to and made the rest our own. Nobody called it illegal.

  • Barry

    Michael and P. Ali-
    Supporting BDS rather than creating a sane approach to Palestinian (hmmmm..is it West Bank or Gazan) obstinacy might help all of us. As it is, by focusing on rewarding deadly martyrs posthumously or spending money on offensive tunnels, Palestinians applaud you for supporting BDS. In that regard, Hawking may have had a cheek glitch. Hard to tell. But I do know that there will be no BDS against the Palestinians. Of course there’s a reason for that. Their lack of ingenuity leaves little for anyone to fuss about. That’s why your BDS movement is little more than a deflection…sort of like indiscriminately fired rockets from Palestinian Gaza. Just ask Hawking; he’d have to admit how wasteful that was. Almost like the energy BDSers use to avoid tackling real Palestinian issues head on. Good luck with that.

  • Joel

    Once a jerk always a jerk😎😎😎

  • Zach

    He’s not dumb, correct. He knows Israel would never do anything to sabotage his life or anyone else’s.

    I am 150% behind getting rid of the racist Jew hating pigs behind BDS who condemn Israel but don’t do anything about the other horrors in the world but I have to say, this is a dumb article and wouldn’t convince me if I felt differently.

  • Leo Toystory

    Hess and Ali, a German and a muslim, prime examples of savages who hide their bloodlust behind a mask of cultural/religious superiority. Let’s be straight, your peoples are the prime murderers of Jews in all of history and you haven’t the moral authority or the, in this case, the grasp on the subject to be lecturing Jews about anything. If it weren’t for murderous populations like the Hess Germans or the Ali muslims there would not be an Israel today, because your swinish ancestors killed and mistreated Jews by the millions so they had to flee to THEIR ANCESTRAL HOMELAND, which Israel IS. IT IS NOT THE ANCESTRAL HOMELAND of 90% of the Syrians, Egyptians, Circassians, Greeks and other ethnic groups who moved by the hundreds of thousands every decade into pre-state Israel to finally get a decent job and take advantage of the educational opportunities and medical care available to them nowhere else in the Middle East.

  • No Michael, it is you that does not understand what bds is all about. It’s not about “illegal occupation” as you claim. In fact, are you even aware that Fatah and Abbas are against BDS? You know why? I’ll tell you because I know you don’t know why. BDS hurts Palestinians. The biggest employers in the occupied territories are Israeli companies. By boycotting Israeli products you are literally taking jobs away the Palestinians so support so vigorously.

    So what’s the real motive behind the BDS? It’s the destruction of Israel. It’s a bigoted antisemitic attempt at hurting the Israeli, the Jew. Why not boycott Turkey who has occupied Cyprus for years, not to mention their denial of the Kurdish of their own independence. What about china. Do you boycott china? They occupy Tibet. No you don’t do you Michael?

    You don’t boycott anyone other than
    Israel because Israel = Jews and your pathetic life is given meaning when you hate the Jews. So allow me to invite you to continue with the BDS movement and your trolling of Pro-Israel blogs. You are wasting your time and your efforts are and will always be futile. Kind of ironic isn’t it… Just like you are thrilled to be using Israeli technology to support the BDS movement against Israel, I am thrilled that the same BDS movement you support is the same thing that wastes your time and your measley pathetic hatefilled life.

  • Richard

    A poorly argued article. The suggestion that Israeli technology and government policy are interchangeable is downright funny. Your website really should evaluate its quality.

  • Deric Wechter

    Yes it would at least appear the author is biased by being a Zionist and does not realize this is not necessarily an objectively stupid thing for Hawking to support. I find it disturbing how many Zionists seem to imply anything short of full agreement with them is the behavior of an ingrate. Much of the rest of the world seems more tolerant of differences in beliefs and opinions. Your article is only possible because of the Internet developed originally in America. Does this mean the author is obligated to support everything America does right or wrong or is ungrateful that this wonderful global network exists? I think not.

    • zadimel

      Much of the essential research necessary for the development of the internet was done in the Jewish State. Toleration of differences rests at the very essence of Judaism and Zionism: Where there are two Jews,one can expect three opinions. Indeed, toleration of differences is critical in any democracy,including the US.

  • Eusebius Clay

    It comes with the territory: genius is usually tainted with a mild amount of madness. I’m a genius who does plenty of dumb shit. I suspect that super scholar website is suspect, or at least isn’t ranking solely based on IQ – which doesn’t necessarily correlate with intelligence, just potential/problem solving ability.

  • P Ali

    He will always be one of the smartest people alive. He doesn’t support Zionism! That is what any sane person would do. That’s his point. Israel may have excelled on technology, but have sacrificed it’s humanity on politics in flying colours. So stop writing these nonsense articles and pretending to be blind.

    • shmeelshiya

      Einstein the Jew was indeed very smart, and your post, Pali (haha, is that an intentional dog sounding name, or just another look at your stupidity) demonstrates that you don’t know he isn’t still alive, and that you wouldn’t know “humanity” if it bit you on your Jew-hating anti-Israel behind.

      Interesting that you clamour for the national independence of a “people” that never existed by the name palestinian until 1964, who always insisted that they were NOT palestinian, but Arabs; yet you bear a palpable hatred for Zionism, the ideology that delivered the nation of Jews back to their ancestral homeland, from which they had never given up their rightful claim.

      Yes, the nation of Jews who have been a nation for thousands of years, who were expelled from their country, who have always been a majority in Jerusalem, they have returned, and now comprise the most advanced democratic nation on the planet.Blind? You think we don’t see who and what you are?

      Forget you Pali. No matter how much you bleat your bile, Israel will flourish, and you will remain a source of embarrassment, and scorn.

    • Larry

      P Ali: Hawking is smart in science and dumb in everything else. Whereas your just dumb in everything.

    • Stuart Wald

      Your statement:

      “He doesn’t support Zionism! That is what any sane person would do.”

      I agree with you. I also believe ANY SANE PERSON WOULD SUPPORT ZIONISM!

      • Eve

        Bravo Stuart!

    • Jacobite

      He may well rack up points on the I Q scale, but his is not smart enough to out smart Zionism, it will be around long after he’s not.

    • Carl

      So if I understand P. Ali’s “logic”, Israel has sacrificed its humanity by refusing to sacrifice its very existence and the lives of its inhabitants. Sounds like a good trade-off even if you buy into this utterly warped view of “humanity.” A logical and compassionate human would recognize the ones devoid of humanity are the Palestinian terrorists who very intentionally murder and maim innocents. Too bad you and Hawking suffer the same deficit.

    • Lisa

      So do you favor divestment from China because they are illegally occupying Tibet? how about Greece which occupies Cyprus?

    • Daniel

      I suspect that P Ali and Stephen Hawking are quite sane, but either ill informed or unable to overcome biases that blind them to “the rest of the story”. To not support a Jewish state is to ignore or willfully deny over a millennium of anti-Semitism as well as the current inculcation of hatred (against Jews) and explicit genocidal anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli statements both written and spoken by the leaders of the Palestinians. Stopping Israeli road side check points, fences, border patrols is tantamount to suicide for Israel. After all, the Palestinians have said and demonstrated time and time again what they would do if Israel ceased their vigilance. Why would any Israel want to do that?

      There is no doubt that Palestinians are suffering under the current circumstances…they deserve better and their own nation. But the key to success rests in their hands and their leaders hands. If people really around the world want to improve the lot of the Palestinians, instead of BDS, they should protest the corrupt, criminal, abusive gangs of Hamas and Fatah.

    • cba

      Sacrificed its humanity, eh?

      The country whose hospitals treat Syrians with horrendous injuries from Syria’s civil war
      The country whose hospitals treat the family members of the leaders dedicated to destroy it
      The country that’s one of the first on the ground providing top-notch aid whenever there’s a natural disaster in the world
      etc. etc. etc.

    • Pfui!

    • theo

      Of course he supported Zionism He supported the return of his people to their rightful and historic homeland
      He himself had to flee from the scourge of racism which reigned then and still reigns today .

    • F Ali

      Sorry, Hawking is a jerk, and not just about Israel. He doesn’t know enough about what is actually going on in the region, or he would have laughed when Chomsky advised him to join the BDS nonsense.

      KNowing that Zionism is in the right is a test of one’s humanity and, Mr. P Ali, you have failed it.

  • I proudly use Israeli technology to promote BDS. It’s a good feeling to use Israeli technology in the fight against the illegal occupations which are the whole reason behind BDS. This author seems to not understand what BDS is all about. Israel will still be able to manufacture technology – it just won’t be able to do it in Palestine under occupation, Israel will just have to make sure that it’s businesses are actually in Israel.

    After the end of the illegal occupation if Israel wants to do business in Palestine it can make a proper business agreement like real nations do.

    • Alexi

      And we can see that you are NOT a genius. That much is obvious. You’re the opposite.

    • Richard

      Thank you Rudolph, excuse me Michael.

    • shmeelshiya

      We know who you are, Michael Hess. Your many postings exemplify the morally bankrupt scum like you who choose to ignore that the “noble” Arabs who call themselves Palestinian since 1964 have NEVER chosen to desist from their genocidal intent to exterminate Israel from the face of the earth.

      So spare us all your deceit, your assurance that it is only “the occupation ” that causes your bogus boycott. Their was no “occupation” (other than Jordan’s occupation of a portion of Jerusalem, and Egypt’s occupation of….etc) in 1947, nor in 56, nor in 67.

      Forget you, Hess. Stew in it for a good long while. It gives the rest of us great pleasure to read your screeds, and to know how useless are you and your opinions. .

    • Bolond

      they are in Israel exactly where we are now !!
      the mythical pali land is between NEVERLAND and WONDERLAND ..go use Israeli tech and find it

    • Unfortunately Michael, as you have seen for yourself that intelligence is wasted on a society that takes every opportunity to get in its own way. First, we kn ow that former PM’s of Israel offered both Arafat and Abbas 96% of what they wanted. These PM’s were even willing to give up half of Jerusalem for peace. The only items that they didn’t were a right of return nor the destruction of Israel. Such a deal they turned down. And Stephen Hawking believes that these idiots are worthy of making a smart deal.

      Hamas is not in the business of making peace. They only want not only the end of Israel but to eliminate the Jews altogether. You talk about Apartheid, Hamas and the PA epitomise the term. Get real

    • Larry

      You make about as much sense as the village idiot. The Palestinians had a chance for a land of there own. They blew it. As of now Jordan with a 75% Palestinian population is there country. Trouble is no country wants them. The Palestinians have managed to turn the West Bank into the largest welfare State in the Middle East.

    • Stuart Wald

      Your statement:

      “It’s a good feeling to use Israeli technology in the fight against the illegal occupations ”


      Russia is occupying parts of Ukraine and Georgia…

      ISIS is occupying Syria and Iraq…

      Turkey is occupying 40% of Cypress…

      Iran is occupying Lebanon and Yemen through proxies…

      Hamas is occupying Gaza…

      Boko Haram is occupying Nigeria and other African countries…

      Al Qaeda is occupying Somalia and Libya…

      China is occupying Tibet…

      Morocco is occupying Western Sahara….



    • Mike P

      Michael, Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is not illegal. The Red Cross, by the way, doesn’t get to determine that. The status of the West Bank is as disputed territory; its border is an armistice line only. Israel’s claims to the West Bank–under international law–currently exceed claims by any other party, due to the San Remo Convention, adopted by the League of Nations and therefore by the United Nations (which adopted League of Nations’ certified law in the UN’s founding charter. Further, Israel does not forcibly relocate its own citizens into the West Bank (which would be a problem if the West Bank were actually occupied, rather than disputed). You can make whatever objection you like to Israel’s policies, however, your are not entitled to your own set of facts.

      As for the Palestinians, their very best jobs are from Jewish employers on the West Bank, so the main thing you accomplish with the boycott is hurting the Palestinian economy. Due to your activism, Soda Stream was forced to relocate.

      Much like Stephen Hawking, you, too, appear to have a high IQ, yet to be entirely dumb.

    • art

      Makes sense you use primitive knives to slowly behead people as your heroes do. How blind you are to the savagery and intolerance of those you champion

    • Richard

      Michael you ignorant spike head. The kind of legitimate business arrangement you speak of would have to be done in between rocket attacks.

    • Michael…and P Ali, too…you both deliberately miss the point, don’t you? ALL of Israel is considered to be occupied “Palestine” according to the Arabs…and you know that. I’ve been saying for years that both of the Israelis and the Arabs want peace…they just don’t spell it the same way. The Jews spell it “peace” and have been earnestly trying to achieve this by giving away more and more of the tiny strip of land that they have…the size of NJ but with only a few miles across at its narrowest point…there is nothing that narrow in NJ! But the Arabs want “piece”…the WHOLE piece and will never be satisfied with anything less. Even when Ehud Barak was willing to give them almost all of East Jerusalem and most of the Judea and Samaria and Gaza, Arafat walked out. Why is that…do you know? Or do you just drink the kool-aid without checking out the facts? The reason he walked out is because the Arabs will never make peace with Israel…this is just a game. They are toying with the Jews and the more Arabs who die only strengthens their case in the eyes of stupid people like you. Remember…the Jews have historically always been the canary in the coal mines. Do you know what this is about? They send a canary down and if he doesn’t come up, they know that the air is not safe for the men to work because the canary died. First the enemies of society come for the Jews…and then for the rest of the nations. Supporting the Jews is good for your health…keep that in mind!!!

    • Norm

      Well Michael. You have reached a higher level of dumbness. You buy Israeli technology in order to not buy Israeli products. The truth is that you are a hypocrit. You need the Israeli technology so you rationalize that you buy it in order to not buy it

    • Joe M

      let me respectfully say that you do not have a clue what BDS is all about. BDS is a political effort to isolate the Arabs in the West Bank from seeing what life can be like in a modern world. The prospect for an Arab girl in the West Bank is to be married off as a teenager to a middle aged man with two older wives. The prospect for an Arab Israeli girl is to go to the university and start her own hi-tech business.
      The more Israeli companies come to the West Bank the more infrastructure will be built and the better the living standard and future outcome for Palestinians . This is a death threat to Palestinian statehood aspirations and that is is why you BDSs people feel so threatened. Better keep the Palestinians below living standards that will keep intifadas alive

    • Robert Davis

      Palestine is occupied illegally by arab imperialists not by Jews and your bds trash cannot change that. It onlwy proves you are fools,idiots,imperialists wasting their time on crap! Keep doing this and you will always be LOSERS!

    • Norm

      Are you serious? Because if you are, you are being very hypocritical.,you actually buy Israeli products in order not to buy Israeli products. Maybe you need certain Israeli products and the rationalizing your purchase to say that you are using it for BDS purposes.

    • Lynne T

      Gaza is occupied by Iran courtesy of Hamas. Israel’s naval blockade is perfectly legal.

      And the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem is not illegal. The PA signed the Oslo Accords and has utterly failed to live up to them, jackass.

    • Carequinha Cabeludo

      IDIOT !!!!!!!

    • Sorry for you !! Your are not a genius, not even smart, just plain stupid.

    • brenrod

      baloney, you are a well known anti Israel troll who lives in santa fe and spends his days and nights agitating against Israel and the Jews. You publish a worthless rag there which you call news (LOL) You stalk Jews at every Jewish forum you can find, I havent seen you here before but I am not surprised to find you slithering in.

    • brenrod

      It appears you have come here to start arguments with jews in order to promote your BDS agenda on a Jewish site. I hope that algemeiner investigates your history to see your record: that you have no interest in Jewish issues except to defame and delegitimize Israel and Jews.

    • Manantial

      As a result of BDS, the Sodastream manufactury was closed and 500 palestinians lost there jobs…