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February 24, 2015 9:21 pm

Students for Justice in Palestine Outraged by Mysterious Flyers Showing Hamas Executions

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A "Students for Justice in Palestine" sign on the UCLA campus. SJP was outraged by the image. Photo: Twitter.

UCLA’s chapter of anti-Israel group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) was enraged by a series of posters depicting Hamas executions that appeared early Sunday around the school campus.

“These posters are a clear example of hate speech directed against Students for Justice in Palestine, as well as supporters of Palestinian freedom and equality,” SJP asserted in a statement. “They rely on Islamophobic and anti-Arab tropes to paint Palestinians as terrorists and to misrepresent Students for Justice in Palestine as antisemitic.”

The group, which has often been accused of antisemitism, claimed that it is an organization that prides itself on its opposition to racism and bigotry, and that it is open to students “from all walks of life.” Furthermore SJP said they are concerned that they flyers will delegitimize their efforts to persuade university regents to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel.

“Defacing school property and intimidating a specific group of students creates a deeply harmful environment that prevents student learning and community-building,” the statement continued. “Coupled with the recent uprise in Islamophobia on a national scale, we are concerned for the safety of our fellow students and student organizers.”

One of the posters depicts a Gazan with a bag over his head as Hamas executioners stand by his side, while another shows the body of an alleged collaborator being dragged through the streets of Gaza. Each sign was tagged with “Students for Justice in Palestine” and carried the hastag “#JewHaters” at the bottom. The flyers were spotted all around the UCLA campus including kiosks, fraternity and sorority rows, and at an apartment complex that houses undergraduate students, SJP said in its statement.

SJP further claimed that the posters are part of a “larger, egregious pattern of anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, and anti-Muslim bigotry” that has gone unchecked throughout the university. They called on the UCLA campus community to condemn racism against Palestinians, Arabs and/or Muslims.

Those responsible for the posters told The Daily Caller anonymously that the victims depicted in the posters were accused of supporting Israel. The source referenced stories of those who were tortured and killed by Hamas after aiding Israel, according to the report.

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  • Charles Nankin

    These are not tropes, they are actual photographs!!!

    The victims were tortured or killed because they were identified with Zionism. Zionism is a concept which addresses Jews’ natural right to live in safety in their historic, stolen homeland, along with its other inhabitants. The Jewish identity and sovereignty of this land has been forcibly and continuously removed by various foreign occupying powers during the past 1900 years.

  • Gary Katz

    What a funny joke, SJP assholes accusing their opponents of intimidation. SJP are the biggest bullies on campus. Pro-Israel speakers are regularly targeted by SJP for disruption. Funny how SJP only believes in free speech for themselves. Heaven forbid anyone tell the truth about the savages they support, due to their opposition to Israel. Hamas dragging corpses through the streets of Gaza – that’s what SJP represents. Too bad if people get educated to that awful little kernel of knowledge!

  • Eliot Schickler

    A classic case of SJP being able to dish it out but unable to take it! One word to describe them – PUNKS!

    • YOu only should take it if you deserve it…..!!! The Jews do NOT deserve it.They did NOTHING to deserve it. PROTECTING AND DEFENDING ONESELF FROM ARAB TERROR AND in this case, DECEITFUL PROPAGANDA IS NECESSARY…….and you’d do the SAME if you were in the same position…..Unfortunately you are fed BDS LIES…..!!!!! so you can NOT understand…..!!!!

    • Sorry Eric, I misunderstood.

    • I tried to correct myself and called you Eric.Sorry Eliot i misunderstood your original comment.

  • “SJP further claimed that the posters are part of a “larger, egregious pattern of anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, and anti-Muslim bigotry.” It’s far going “charge”: from pictures of Gaza’s murders (that happen very often), the SJP made a “conclusion” that those picture are not only against Palestinians, but against Arabs and even Muslims. It is digusting lie for… idiots. I don’t think that the students are really such idiots not to understand this lie, and many others.

  • ‘paint Palestinians as terrorists’ ? The Hamas Charter calls for the annihilation of Israel and the murder of Jews worldwide. Is that terrorism? 160+ children died digging Hamas terror tunnels in Gaza. Is that terrorism? [Google Nicholas Pelham, The Journal of Palestine Studies, summer 2012] Hamas murdered elected Fatah officials, throwing them off high buildings? Is that a govt American students should support? Students should stand with the banner, ‘FREE GAZA . . . . . FROM HAMAS !

  • Can any of these “students for justice..” please clarify the following:
    As there were no “Palestinians” in 1947 and even in 1967, where did “Palestinians” suddenly come from ?
    When did the Egyptian, born in Cairo in 1929, Muhammad Raouf Al-Qudwa, become a “Palestinian”?
    From whom did Israel “occupy” the west bank in 1968?
    When Abbas and his henchmen glorify terrorists that murder Israeli civilians, are there people that seek peace with Israel?
    When Abbas’s PA TV air programmes that have children shouting “kill the Jew that is hiding behind the rock” are these people that want peace with Israel?

  • Sandra Herber

    The picture doesn’t lie, and there are countless others that expose the same reality. If SJP were true to its name and cared one bit about “justice in Palestine,” their energies would be targeted against Hamas, not against Israel. FACT.

  • Sarah

    It’s about time!

    Justice for Palestine should agree with the posters if they actually want true “Justice” for killers of Palestinians.

  • Sarah

    It’s not “anti-Arab” or “anti-Muslim” when you are showing a muslim victim. . . unless you don’t consider them Arab or Muslim because they are killed by Palestinians . . .

  • Jens Bollarod

    Er hate speech? They say the camera never lies – guess this is showing ‘justice in Palestine’

  • DJNags

    I think someone should put up posters of Hamas executing gay people in Gaza.i’d like to see the fake indignation that that would perpetrate.

  • lana


  • SC

    What’s telling is their omission. “They called on the UCLA campus community to condemn racism against Palestinians, Arabs and/or Muslims.” But, if the campus community wants to feel racism against Jews, that’s fine?!?

  • Michael

    Obviously they don’t like the taste of their own medicine.

  • Eric Jones

    Does anyone know where I can get a pdf version of the poster to post on my campus?

    • Leon

      Go to Kinkos and make them yourself, Eric. And make some for your friends to put up. Take the lead!

    • You can get the picture by googling it. However, this is a picture of a Palestinian carrying a Hamas member down the street after he was killed. This pic shows the brutality of the Palestinian people. If anything, this is a pro Israel pic. Shows the barbarity if Palestinans. Perhaps this group should get a better PR person
      This incident was all recorded in Gaza. Youtube if you dont believe me. No Israelis here. Only Palestinans.

  • Michael

    Who ever put up the posters, “good job, keep up the excellent work.”

  • Jimbo Williams

    I don’t know what these “students” are angry about. The support Hamas, which is a terrorist organization. Furthermore, virtually every murderous terrorist incident in performed by Muslims. Ever hear of them condemning any of these acts? Of course not.

  • Excellent move….!!! Show all the Muslim atrocities boys !! Keep it coming !!! God Bless You !!!

  • Kirk

    Let’s be clear about what’s going to happen next. The Muslims are going to go into victimization mode and will hound the UCLA administration that they need to be protected- both verbally and physically.

    The Jewish community needs to point out to these geniuses the paramount importance of free speech. If the Palestinians and associated goons can criticize Israeli policy and display pictures and murals to support their cause, then certainly Jews can do the same.

    Second, the Jewish community needs to point out that no one is making threats against the Palestinians. It is the Palestinian students who have crossed the line at many universities, where they have spit, pushed, and physically harassed the Jewish students. What happened at Vanderbilt is ridiculous-Palestinian students can not physically prevent Jewish students from going to a class.

    With all the violence that Muslims are committing against Jews in Europe, it is the Jews that need protecting!

    • Kirk

      My previous comment- I meant Vassar College not Vanderbilt.

  • Michael Fox

    First of all, Palestine is a made up place. Second of all, If there really was a Palestine, you would be hard pressed to find a semblance of justice within any internationally recognized borders.

    Students For Justice In Palestine is a clever name but like most anti-semetism spewed out of the Palestinian propaganda machine, Students For Justice In Palestine turns out to be little more than a sorry bunch of self righteous cry baby hypocrites fated with a deadly case of foot in mouth disease.

  • Howard Goldsmith

    Oh the hurt when the truth is revealed. For years the anti-semitic bullies at UCLA have run riot but what happens when the “hated” fight back by publishing real events? Today I am prouder than ever to be a Jew. Am Israel Chay.

  • Ross

    So it’s all ok for the “JIP” Students to dish it out, but not ok when they receive their own medicine back? The world NEEDS to see the truth of the situation. Taquiyya is flourishing well in the US it seems?

  • Wm. J. Levy

    GOOD! Finally the Jews are fighting back. I can’t even imagine a campus full of anti-Jews and Jews let them get away with it.

    Probably the Jews were responsible for those types getting in.

    Get tough, Get strong and Be ready to, sadly, fight for your lives.

  • defiantjewess

    time to put the checkered cloth on the other table

  • defiantjewess

    time for the tables to be turned

  • defiantjewess

    Catharsis to the 10000000th degree- thank you whoever you are!!!!

  • Sara Springer

    More, more, more. Plaster these signs and others all over,not just campuses. Keep it coming. Bravo!!!!

  • irving katz

    Mazel tov-it is about time that the Jewish kids went on the OFFENCE rather than always defending themselfs and Israel-tell the story of the other side-the savages

  • Dr.M.Otero

    I was a 1948 senior at UCLA. Two sets of refugees were created that year (1)those Palestinian Arabs directed by the Arab League to temporarily get out of the way of the conquering Arab armies (2) the equal number of Jews ordered out of all Muslim countries in revenge for the Arab defeat. (1) is being fed on hate by UNWRA (2)now more than half the Jews of Israel, trying to surpass their Ashkenazi brothers and sisters in education and creative enterprises in new technologies. Unfortunately, the Arabs remain creative in little more than expressions of hatred.What a terrible loss!

  • A little taste of their own medicine.

  • Great!
    It’s a bit of a shame that the truth cannot be told in a legitimate fashion but – you take what you can get.

  • Michael Shain

    Here is a great example of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • I guess the TRUTH hurts. One picture speaks a thousand words! The so-called Palestinians and muslims can’t stand the truth. I’ve never seen such double standards as I see within Islam. But then Islam teaches that to lie is acceptable if it is for the cause of Islam. As the old saying goes: Playing chess with a muslim is like playing chess with a pigeon,when it is losing it will knock over all the chess pieces, crap on the chessboard and then claim victory!

    • Grip

      Agreed! Truth hurts! Antisemitism has no place on campuses! Its only palestinians flying signs and banners calling for the end of Israel, not via versa! In addition there are so many staged scenes and photo shoots by Palestinians supposedly showing the atrocities commited by Jews! In reality it is Hamas, PA and the likes of Isis and their moderate minions on campuses who are the aggressors! Quit playing the victim and preaching lies about a country that’s only trying to protect itself from haters!

  • It’s about time the truth is told

    • defiantjewess

      It feels soooooo good too

  • Hooray! It’s about time the Jewish students fought back against the SJP’s, lying, twisted, anti-Israel, anti-semitic propaganda. Keep it up! The SJP can dish it out but it can’t take it, those hateful hypocrites.

  • victoria brandeis




  • Andrew

    Good job. Wonder what it would take to wake these ignorant students up.

  • Simone Miller

    SJP does not like the truth to come out? Israel should stand still and let itself be smeared? With no reprisals?

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    What are they going to do? Riot? Attack people? Pout whine and scream like babies?

  • Emmett

    Just more proof that leftists & Arabs can’t deal with the truth.

  • mistinguette

    The sickening hypocrisy would be laughable if it were not so obtuse and bizarre: All the fury and rage boiling up at those accurate posters– exhibiting the hatefulness and diabolical bigotry of SJP and their spawn should tell people all they need to know: For years, SJP, Hamas, PA/PLO, Hezbollah and their cohorts worked and spent despicably on campus to delegitimize and hurt Jews and Israel, Jewish issues and Israeli businesses and scientific achievements. Just substitute ‘Jews’ and ‘Israeli’ for this hate group’s unhinged screams about efforts to hurt people–every campus is the site not of delegitimizing murderous islamist hatemongers and savages, but campaigns to hurt and damage and frighten innocent and nonviolent, non-insane Jewish students and professors. Orwell would be feverish noting the overturning of reality by these monstrous liars and fanatics. May they be treated by the country the way they treat others–that would send them shrieking back to their primitive hellhole caves of dissatisfaction and islamist psychological disorder. What they are doing is turning reality and truth on its head; there is no such thing as islamophobia, just correct recognition of the global threat from Pleistocene creatures bent on ruination of democracy and its adherents, as well as of blameless Jews and Israel. There is no peace or justice where such bestial savages are concerned. Expel them from colleges they infest. They are not students. They are effluvial viruses rampaging against modernity and decency. They deserve no consideration, subsidies, tolerance or safekeeping. Expulsion is the least hat ought to be leveled against such wild primordial sewage.

  • Dante

    These self-proclaimed knights against racism and bigotry are themselves bigot racist – bigot because they are outraged about images which shows Hamas as barbaric as they are while demonizing Israel, wanting to destroy the only Jewish state whereas they support the Hamas Nazi regime.

  • Graciela

    Let that scum be in the receiving end for a change.

  • David DeMello

    a dose of cold reality and they squeal like pigs

  • Sure the “Students for Justice in Palestine” are upset. Their gig is up. They do not want justice for Arabs in Palestine, what they want is for all Jews to evacuate Israel and for there only to be Arabs in Palestine. A jury in Federal Court has ruled that the PLA was responsible for terrorist acts that killed Americans in Israel. Those who support the Arab Palestinians should spend their time encouraging the Arabs to enter into a peace treaty with Israel. Their goal, however, is to demonize Israel and pretend that Israel is killing Arabs without cause. Their propaganda is losing out to reality.

  • Job
  • So the truth hurts, doesn’t it, SJP, nevertheless, it is better than the lies you spread about Israel, about Islam, about everything. Besides, most of the world already know about the terrorism caused by PA and its boss, the hamass: using its own people as human shields, using little children to build tunnels, suicide bombers, and many more atrocities produced by your people. The name of Palearabs (no such thing as Palestinians) will go down in ignominy and infamy for all their deceptions, insincerity, lies, and terrorism!

  • So the truth hurts, SJP, but it is better than the lies you spread against Israel. Besides, this is nothing new. The world knows about the terroristic activities of PA and its boss, the hamas: using their own people as human shields, forcing little children to dig illegal tunnels, etc. etc. We all know that – your reputation, palestini, has gone down the drain and will go down in ignominy and infamy!

  • Elisheva

    Like Pamela Geller’s Ads on buses, these flyers are displaying the TRUTH. We see this over and over again that they are sensitive when they are exposed for whom and what they support. This is the ideal way to counteract their propaganda. Whomever did these posters should be supported. More of this is what is needed. These posters were not a hoax but displayed the TRUTH.

  • racy

    The posters tell the truth. Are these students afraid that their lies and hate spewing is being exposed. It’s about time students on campus with radical anti-Semitic professors stand up and exercise their freedom of speech, not be intimidated. This is not Islamophobia, the new word coined in the dictionary. This is what Hamas leaders and followers are doing to the people of Gaza, and the West Bank, if they stand up for the truth, speak out against the cruelty of Hamas, speak out against oppression of free speech, women’s rights, Hamas leaders filling their pockets with billions of dollars of foreign aid and giving crumbs to their people. Arafat did it with the PLO, took billions of dollars, hid the money out of the country and Hamas does it today. DO NOT TAKE THESE SIGNS DOWN FOR THEY TELL A MILLION STORIES OF CRUELTY AND VIOLENCE, MUSLIM UPON MUSLIM VIOLENCE AND BLESS THOSE WHO PUT THESE POSTERS UP. FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles R

    Great advertising !

  • Cynthia

    They must know that these posters are not quite the truth they believe them to be. Hamas is known for propagandizing things to make the Israelis look as though they are the guilty ones, yet the students don’t take the time to make sure that they are being told the truth (which is unlikely). I feel sorry for these students that are being used like this, they apparently don’t have the means to justify the truth and are easily led like this.

  • yehudi

    “enraged” LOL
    that’s rich that this hateful slime group talks about community building.
    the truth is hard to take, bit—s.
    soon, you will be banned from u.s. colleges.
    why don;t you move to iran or syria where you belong?

  • KMan

    Most if not all SJP members, can’t draw or even recognize Gaza and / or the west bank, on the map. Let alone explaining how their own leaders helped achieve justice for their own people, in the last 1400 years. Finally someone put a mirror in front of their virgin-bearded faces, showing them their leadership’s very own idea, of justice. It ain’t pleasant. So now they whine.

  • Fred

    Oh, how it hurts. These Arab lovers hate the truth about themselves. Its alright if Arab commit atrocities upon their own people by chopping heads off or shooting them in the street but horror if it is posted for the world to see about Arab Hamas vicious cruelty. It hurts to see these posters.

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    These executions perpetrated by Hamas are not, evidently, invented, nore secret, but on the contrary celebrated with joy and cakes by a great number of Palestinaians, so the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) not only have to deal with it but have to denounce their beloved Hamas o be considerede as complices

  • Alan Kennedy

    Suck it up, SJP. Goose/gander…

  • Kris kristian

    The biggest racists at UCLA are those who support BDS against the only Jewish state in the world.
    They are the bigots and hate mongers.
    Why don’t they stop their anti Semitism before they attack Israel and Jews?
    Why don’t they call on UCLA campus community to condemn racism against Israel (Zionists) and Jews? What a bunch of wankers

  • steven L

    SJP enraged by the truth! What a surprise.
    What about academia? Are they also enraged?
    “Defacing school property and intimidating ….. on a national scale, we are concerned for the safety of our fellow students and student organizers.” Jews are the exception of course.

  • Leo Toystory

    Let us hope we see hundreds of thousands of such posters put up on every college campus and other relevant places throughout North America and in Europe, too.
    If someone trustworthy starts collecting funds to pay for expenses there should be plenty of contributions.

  • Howard

    looks good on these idiots and their fellow traveler useful idiots

  • Abbushuki


  • `Bob J

    What is SJP talking about?

  • Fight fire with water.

  • Yale

    I’d love to hear SJP’s explanation of why revealing the truth “`creates a deeply harmful environment that prevents student learning and community-building, … `we are concerned for the safety of our fellow students and student organizers,'” while the lies they propagate do not.

  • As Dr Martin Luther King Jr said in March 1968 with great wisdom and prescience:”When people criticize Zionists Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism.”

  • Natalie

    Fine. It’s OK to propagate a larger, egregious pattern of anti-Jewish, and anti-Israel bigotry that has gone unchecked throughout the university. WE call on the UCLA campus community to condemn racism against Jews and Israelis! And yes, I used THEIR words. Funny how it makes so much sense to turn their own words against them!

  • Amor Oceanos

    These are not Islamphobia pictures they are actuals of what Hamas does in it area under its controls. They are not-Arab either just Anti-Hamas who carry out barbaric acts against there own people. The photos look similar to a video on Youtube put out I think by a Gazan opposing HAMAS.
    I fully support the exposure of these pictures to show HAMAS is like a very notorious gang, that if it existed in any western country would be made illegal. Any patches they wear would also be forbidden.
    You know HAMAS members know its illegal as they cover there identities to hide who they are. These practises they do to create fear to objectors.
    Please who is puttng the posters out continue doing so add some links to allow people to see they legitimately sourced.

  • the poor palestinians yet again the victim. but having israeli apartheid week is juuuust fine.

    you know what they say…those who live in a glass house….

    • E benAbuya

      . . .shouldn’t play Jai-Alai

  • Steven Geller

    Love it! Kudos for those responsible, and please expand your efforts to other campuses under siege from similar anti-semite groups.

  • Sara Springer

    I applaud the efforts of those at UCLA exposing JSP as the voice of Hamas. More if this needs to be done on all campuses. Out them for their barbaric acts and Jew hatred. JSP will show its vicious side when responding for all to see.

  • EthanP

    The truth hurts!

  • art

    The truth hurts sjp. Like Goebbels SJP keeps up the big lies and accuses others for doing what they do. This was well done and should be followed up in more places and repeatedly at UCLA

  • dante

    sjp is a pathological expression of anti-Jewish totalitarianism. “they can’t handle the truth” and to insulate themselves and the campus from any penetration of truth they cry “bigotry.” how, precisely, are accurate depictions of hamas savagery examples of anti-Arab or anti-Muslim bias? perhaps, these beauties defended saddam against charges of savagery. perhaps, they saw nothing wrong with ghaddafi. perhaps, they defend iran and is and al qaeda. either they like the barbarians of hamas and their allies and accomplices or they do not. if they do, they should own. they should not expect others to join them in their outrage at the truth with which they are at war.

  • BuckDePublick

    The truth HURTS, doesn’t it! Time to kick the Isamofascist OFF campus and OUT of America!

  • nelson marans

    Apparently, lying is one of the the many attributes of the “Students For Justice in Palestine” With the wholesale executions that have occurred in Gaza, perhaps, that is what SJP should be considering to be justice for their own Palestinian Arabs. Killing their own, as well as terrorist attacks and murders of Israeli citizens, appears to be the major Palestinian Arab agenda.

  • Carl

    Funny. So the haters are perfectly fine with their manufactured propaganda against Israel, but have no stomach for the facts of Hamas brutality! How many posters and photos maligning Israel’s defense against terrorism have they posted? How many Jewish students have felt intimidated and excluded from the university community as a result of their lies? Too bad the SJP are offended by the truth.

  • anon

    They can dish it but they can’t take it.

  • amazing response. this is what they do to israel, and yet when they see it aimed at them (and true) they scream bloody murder. infantile projection. pathetic. demopathy in its most raw form.

  • rulierose

    rock ON! finally someone at UCLA fights back.

    it’s beyond laughable that SJP is outraged someone thinks they’re anti-Semitic. if it wasn’t for anti-Semitism, SJP wouldn’t have anything to say at all.

  • Mickey Oberman

    A quotation from one of the most infamous practitioners of racism, anti-Semitism and bigotry, Students for Justice in Palestine, spouting its usual lies.

    “The group, which has often been accused of antisemitism, claimed that it is an organization that prides itself on its opposition to racism and bigotry…”
    Uh huh. There really is nothing new under the UCLA’s sun is there.

  • Helene duPont

    Ye reap what ye shall sow.