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June 11, 2015 4:10 pm

Undercover Reporter Reveals Irish Businesses Willing to Buy From Iran, North Korea While Refusing Israeli Products (VIDEO)

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An Irish businesswoman admitted to practicing biased business against Israel. Photo: Screenshot.

An Irish businesswoman said she doesn’t buy Israeli products. Photo: Screenshot.

Business owners in Ireland were caught on video revealing distaste for purchasing Israel products while expressing comfort working with human rights abusers such as Iran and North Korea, Fox News reported on Thursday.

Contributing reporter Ami Horowitz secretly videotaped a number of “pitches” to businessmen in Ireland, where he offered products from the offending countries. When he told one business owner “we prefer to work with companies that do not work with Israel,” the latter affirmed his company’s “pro-Palestinian policy” of refusing business with the Jewish state.

Another businessmen shook his head when asked if his company does business with Israel. The store owner later affirmed that he has no political objection to working with North Korea.

One businesswoman told Horowitz, “We don’t sell any Israeli products.” But when asked if she has a “political or cultural issue” doing business with Iran, she said no.

There are hundreds of companies in Ireland boycotting Israel, Horowitz said during an appearance Thursday on Fox & Friends. He said there is an “obnoxious, dangerous, political” movement to reject Israeli products that is spreading throughout Europe in connection to the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, which has infiltrated college campuses and businesses both in Europe and the U.S.

“It’s this poisonous thought, and I made this video to get that poison out so that we can lay bare the hypocrisy of all this,” he said, before Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy chimed in saying, “it is outright antisemitism.”

Horowitz argued that while there is sometimes just cause to criticize Israel, there is a “certain line” that when crossed becomes antisemitic.

“When you single out a country to the exclusion of all the other countries in the Middle East that are cutthroats and dictatorships but you exclude Israel – who is a democracy, has women’s rights, minority rights [and] Arab rights – to me, what else is there to say than antisemitism.”

Watch Horowitz’s undercover report below:

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  • Brian

    Has nobody else noticed that the video is the product of frenzied mash-up editing, to the point of being completely unreliable?

    Why don’t we see more than a few seconds of unbroken conversation with any of the participants?

    The whole thing has been concocted – with questions overdubbed after the event – in order to attack and demonise the shopkeepers.

    Who do they think they’re fooling? A Fox News audience, maybe!

    • The Watchman

      Ah yes, the usual lazy, ignorant “Fox News” accusation so beloved of the fascist left, to close down discussion, much as the word “racist” is used. Ireland is notorious for its Jew hatred and sucking up to mosnsters. They “neutrally” colluded with Hitler, underwrote the IRA, got into bed with NorAid, Ghaddafi etc.. And the Irish Church was one of the worst when it came to antisemitism. Do try to keep up. Oh yes, and here is MY take on you… Typical Guardian reader.

  • Eric R.

    This was posted 4 days ago. Why have you seen it appropriate to post only 27 of 60+ comments?

    Why are you worried so much about the PC left when it is the PC left that wants Jews dead?


    In 1904 the local priest convinced the good people of Limerick Ireland that they should boycott all the town’s Jews and all their businesses. The Jewish state not yet having been re-established, the boycott in 1904 could not use the fanciful lies of today that Israel is committing “genocide” or carrying out “ethnic cleansing” to justify their boycott. The local priest explained to his parishioners that the Jews should be boycotted because they had killed Jesus and because Jews shouldn’t be allowed to prosper at the expense of the townspeople. Two years after the boycott began and after the Rabbi had been attacked, the Jews of Limerick Ireland had no choice but to close their businesses and to leave town.

  • Don

    There is an obvious hypocrisy here. The conflict in Palestine and Israel has taken on a moral significance for many people, while similar conflicts and human rights abuses go unnoticed or forgotten, particularly when there is no movement to draw attention to them.

    That being said, why would Israel want to be compared to such human rights abusers? These comparisons have no bearing on the suffering of innocent people on the ground and will do nothing to bring about peace.

    If Israel wants to be a respected, first world democracy, it needs to respect the basic human rights of people and stop comparing itself to or hiding behind the actions of rogue states and paramilitaries.

    At the end of the day, being a first world democracy does not absolve one from committing human rights abuses, a typical example being that woman in Iran have better reproductive rights than women in Ireland.

    • avraham

      We offered to the palestinians a state Twice and they Refused. they wont to Destroy israel,Nothing else.

  • wessley


  • Patrick Kavanagh

    I am Irish.I support Israel.I concede that Israel may not always adopt the best policies in defending its right to exist but Ignorance is never the stepping stone to good decisions .This documentary is really appalling because it is willing to promote ignorance,half truths,bias and lies to justify an already held journalists opinion.The people interviewed in this video were remarkable for what they left unsaid rather than what they expressed.They regarded the person as a crank rather than a salesman and this can be evidenced by ,failure to make eye contact.hand over mouth and pulling clothing up to the chin gestures,continuing to write during sales pitch and the fact that none of the prospective customers made any commitment whatsoever to buy the offered product.Nobody wants a confrontation on their own business premises and the people were happy and relieved to bring the interview to a close.It is a mistake to believe that courtesy and tolerance is an affirmation of support.
    Irish people will not be confrontational with a visitor unless seriously provoked The fact that the journalist looked and acted like an Israeli but purported to represent North Korean,Iranian and Sudanese interests leads me to believe that lack of credibility was a significant factor here and the customers were willing to humour the crank with a few minutes of their time but the likelihood of him getting a return phone call,purchase order or commitment of any sort would be zilch.

  • Eamonn Gavin

    As an Irish Catholic, I am deeply disturbed by the attitude of these three shopkeepers. I am also disturbed by the anti-Ireland posts on this page, although in the circumstances they are understandable. I STRONGLY support Israel, so do many of my fellow Irish nationals. Sadly, some people with no properly working brain of their own simply follow the anti-Israeli drivel spewed out by a leftist liberal Irish media. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do! Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  • John Ahern

    It would be excellent if people here contacted the Irish Embassy in Washington or in their country or contact the Irish Tourism board. If enough people start to speak out against BDS in Ireland it will have an effect. Don’t forget to check out Irish4Israel too.

  • Boycoter a a Irlanda tambien no vender ningun invento ni medicamento descubierto en Israel, que ningun Judio en el mundo compre nada de irlanda

  • Mickey Oberman


    Are they not the folks who constantly demonstrate their exceedingly poor judgement?

    Until just recently and for many generations they delighted in killing each other over silly parades.

    What can one expect from such a crowd.

    It must be their diet of Guinness, Potatoes and Stews with which contain who knows what.


  • i can’t believe educated people believe this crap,just look at the facts,the arabs never wanted peace

  • Howard Kahan

    As a Jew I stand by Ireland. Recent World Antisemitism has been inflamed by Arab groups. I do believe O Byrne is right. The muslims are fanning the flames.

  • proudirishman

    Really disappointed to see such anti Irish racist comments here. The people in that clip are of the minority poorly educated that believe the Sinn Fein and anti Israeli rhetoric from their like minded politicians.
    There is massive support for Israel in Ireland and Israel gets a lot of admiration on how it protects it’s citizens from Islamic terrorism.

    I would question the producers of this clip, was it there intent for find these type of people? I don’t see any of the multiplies or larger franchises being interviewed? It looks like this was a pre mediated piece that has achieved it’s goals.

    To the anti Irish racists here, to the narrow minded unprofessional producers of the clip and the author of the piece, If Ireland supports Human Rights Abuses in our retail sector then please explain this

    Also I suggest you take a good look at every citizen in your own country and tell me are they all sweeter than thou?

  • morris tawil

    why is anybody surprised
    antio semitism nevwer left just was hidden very well

  • Every Jew and any conscious Christian around the world have to boycott Ireland and strike them off the countries to visit.

    • Greg

      Please. Tell me you see through this? Ha ha Irish business people? These are all tiny shop keeper’s. One even has an anti apartheid sticker on the door of his shop

      The majority here support Israel. Again please see through that even those disgusting BDS couldn’t have done a PR job like this

      Shalom and love from Ireland

  • tomas darby o byrne

    As i am irish i cant beleive this i like most irish support israel and have no problem buying product from your great country a lot of shops in ireland are know run by arabs i wonder if this could be the problem as we all know there is where in the middle east we irish would be safe other than israel we do nt support any terrorist groups not even in our own country the ira sein fein are getting support in ireland not for what they stand for people here are sicl of the corrupton of all partys who have made a mess of our country since 1922 also jesus was from israel and we pray to him our religion is based around his teaching so i think we as a nation are pro israel only our media is anty israel as i am sure you know there is no freedom of press in ireland

    • Kieran O’Connell

      If you’re going to pretend to be Irish maybe pick a more realistic name. Nobody in Ireland has been called Darby since the 1800’s.'Gill_and_the_Little_People

    • Don

      Any references to back up your claim that Ireland is pro-Israel. Personally, I don’t know many people here who are. Most people I know are either pro-Palestinian, aligning their view of an Irish past with a Palestinian present, or they are indifferent to the conflict.

      Also, your reference to Jesus Is a bit
      outdated, given the intercultural nature of our present day population, the fact that there is no official religion (only a God is mentioned in the constitution, the special position of the Catholic Church was removed in 1972) and low rates of religious observance.

    • Ciarán

      Irish people were very strongly pro-Israel in the early days of the Israeli State. However when we understood that another people were suffering as a result of Zionism this attitude changed. With the expansion of Israel into the WB, Gaza and particularly into South Lebanon attitudes changed even more and Irish people in general became less tolerant of Israel and more sympathetic towards the underdog – the Palestinians.

  • Scott Adler

    Lucky Charms don’t come from Ireland. But neither does corned beef and cabbage — that’s a Jewish dish that the Irish adopted as their own.

    • Brian

      Bacon and cabbage and potatoes is a traditional dish in Ireland. When Irish migrated in large numbers to the east coast of the US since the 1840’s, they found cured bacon to be expensive and in limited supply. Hence they substituted corned beef, which had a. resemblance in taste and texture. Corned beef is only an occasional sandwich-filler in Ireland.

      Just thought I’d clarify that.

      As for the video, it’s shocking and embarrassing to see. Ireland gave the world the term “boycott” in the 1800’s. We’ve done it well since. In the 1980’s some shop-workers refused to handle South African products in protest against Apartheid. They lit the flame for a global boycott that mounted pressure on that country to change.

      Anti-Israel sentiment is not predominant in any way in Ireland, and certainly would not be tolerated generally, however the left-wing fringe parties do actively lobby and protest against Isreal. While there would be a sympathy towards Palestine, it would not be generally be to the detriment of support for Isreal or the Jewish race.

      The vendors shown in the video would most certainly be small, independent, convenience stores. The vast bulk of groceries in Ireland are bought from either large supermarket chains such as Tesco, Dunnes Stores and SuperValu or are convenience stores operating under a franchise, such as Spar, Centra, Londis. They all stock Isreali produce.

      The Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign ( are the main campaign group encouraging boycott of Isreal, but they would be supported in that by People Before Profit (aka Socialist Workers Party), the Anti-Austerity Alliance (aka The Socialist Party), Sinn Fein (their “disbanded” military wing, the IRA, has a long history of gun-running with PLO and ETA), Eirigi (aka Republican Sinn Fein, the political wing of the Continuity IRA). These are all small and left-wing parties, but they’re populist and will likely gain traction in poorer areas come the next General Election.

      It would be useful for Ami to post the names of the stores so that Irish people may boycott them, rather than non-Irish boycott the produce of the entire country because of the bigoted notions of a few small store-owners.

  • Graham K

    I think you should name & shame these business owners so that those who truely know the situation in the middle east can boycot them!

  • Sharon Landsmann

    I feel ashamed to be Irish when I read this. Ireland used to be neutral but over the last few years has become very antisemitic which is unacceptable!

    • Greg

      Please. Tell me you see through this? Ha ha Irish business people? These are all tiny shop keeper’s. One even has an anti apartheid sticker on the door of his shop. One is English

      The majority here support Israel. Again please see through that even those disgusting BDS couldn’t have done a PR job like this

      Shalom and love from Ireland

  • Donal Buckley

    What can I say? I love Israel, I support Israel, I visit Israel as often as I can, I spend my scarce resources in Israel, I pray for Israel, I go out of my way to purchase Israeli products. I am sickened by this video!

    I am Irish and live in Ireland and so many people think and act like I do. The BDS lie has been swallowed by so many idiots here, by so many liberals and so many right thinking people here step up to the plate to defend Israel. Visit or catch them on Facebook!

    • Greg

      Well said Donal!

      Ireland supports Israel

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    nothing rare: Iran and North Korea have a long story as democracies (just ask their politics prisonners)

  • The Watchman

    This is the result of centuries of through Catholic Church dripping its poison into Irish minds. It is the same cancer that infected the Irish preference for Hitler over Churchill during WW2. Sinn Fein is the embodiment of this attitude and you only have to look at its love affair with the Jew haters of Libya, Noraid, the PFLP/PLO who funded and armed them. Another reason why Ireland also loves the Israel bashing odious EUSSR.

    • Brian

      Watchman, this has NOTHING to do with the Catholic Church. Indeed, I would say that the rise in anti-sematism in Ireland is in parallel to the rise of atheism and the demise of influence of the RCC in Ireland.

  • I’m speechless. I’ve read so much about the suffering of the Irish and now they impose it! And there’s actually no excuse: they can watch the same videos, listen to the same radio stations, watch the same TV broadcsts as the rest of us. How can one, anyone, be so wilfully ignorant? But Korea & Iran are OK? Dear God.

  • One can expect nothing else from a nation like the Irish! A nation whose PM took a bribe along with his cronies from 60% owned Saudi Shall International, thus losing all rights to Ireland’s Oil on the West coast. The idiot nation stupid as its mythical leprachauns could have struck a deal with STATOIL rather than let in the Arabs. Now Ireland sports two mega mosques both in Dublin and Galway, to pleasure the Arabs endless lap top dancing bars, disappearing girls and children, a new level in prostitution. Just to add insult to injury WWII saw Ireland backing the Nazi’s even though out of Ireland came Israel’s first chief Rabbi Mr. Herzog. The idiot nation will suffer what it deserves, playing with Islam will turn Ireland into another terrorist state – joint efforts with IRA could really upset the balance of power if power is the correct term!

    • Eamonn Gavin

      And YOU think WE are biased? You are disgusting. Éamonn, Dublin, Irish Catholic. I SUPPORT ISRAEL. STRONGLY.

    • Brian

      Vivienne, please fact-check before spewing bigoted and hate-filled lies and half-truths. Otherwise you’re no better than the bogota in this video.

  • Jeff

    They are Irish, thus thick as two planks, so what else can you expect?

    Probably half drunk when they were talking to you!

    • Eamonn Gavin

      Thank you, kind person. Are you drunk on your own righteousness? Éamonn, Dublin, Irish suppoorter of Israel.

    • Greg

      Actually Jeff, the guy with the specs was English. The Woman a tiny shop keeper. The 3rd has an anti apartheid sticker on his window.

      We Irish support Israel. On this whole Island despite suffering like the rest of Europe with the flood of racist Arabs have 2 mosques. Big deal. They’ve no power here

  • Alan

    I’m a Jew that has traveled extensively and often in Ireland. I have enjoyed it. But, things have gone SO awry with respect to Ireland’s government and even it’s people with respect to Israel that I wouldn’t even consider going there again. I understand what underlies this development but no matter how “understanding” the analysis, the conclusion must lead to to anti-Semitism being a major contributor to it no matter how vigorously the Irish might argue that this is the case.

  • Anschel

    In response to Irish anti-semitism, I no longer buy Guinness stout — I’ve actually found a far superior stout, “The Muddy” by Goose Island of Chicago. Similarly, l’ve weaned myself off Gevalia coffee because of Sweden’s pro-“Palestinian” policies and refuse to buy English or Irish cheddar cheese (Adams Reserve of NY is a superior substitute. It’s a small protest, but a protest just the same!

  • Tal

    A typical Irish hypocrisy!

  • yaakov

    One of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe is Belfast and Dublin…Jews never harmed or expelled there.I wouldnt condem all of Ireland for the actions of a few…look how many of us are move ing to Germany for economic reasons…

    • Eric R.

      While the Irish talk about having little anti-Semitism toward native Jews, it should be noted that since 1950, the number of Jews in Ireland has dropped from around 6,000 to around 1,000. While I am sure that economics also played a role in this until the Irish boom of the 1990s and 2000s, the fact is that the Jewish population of Ireland has continued to decline even with the economic growth. This has to be in large part to increasing anti-semitism there generated by the hatred of Israel.

      It proportionally has far fewer Jews than any other advanced English speaking nation – even New Zealand, with a comparable population, has about 7,000 Jews – and a Prime Minister who is (halachically, at least) Jewish.

  • dante

    certainly, with respect to the four people who were videoed, there can be no question that they are immoral, clueless, morons. and, one suspects that they represent the general hateful sentiment in ireland and europe.

    the “palestinians” can’t build anything but hatred and weapons. in those disgusting things, they enjoy a measure of success, as one sees in the video. with the encouragement of their european collaborators, they have made the choice to reject improvement, construction & progress. they suffer because of their choice. but, they will forever blame Israel or the US.

  • Billy

    Did not know that Ireland’s people were so stupid, To align themselves with Palestinian terrorist Jew haters. What is their view of Jews living in Ireland? Amazing.

  • Rosencrentz

    if Israel could prevent all their wonderful life saving medicines from getting sold in those countries that would be a good thing!

  • art

    In the late 1960’s the IRA joined forces with the PLO To this day they still work together. Today there are some 25,000 muslims in Dublin and they recently received Government support status, meaning that they will get government money for mosques and “education” They have also started taking over neighborhoods, following the english model Like the muslims say first the Saturday people then the Sunday people. Catholic Irelands’ days are numbered. What will they do when sharia law bans Guinness?

  • nelson marans

    In light of the pro-German policies of Ireland during World War II, what would you expect from modern day Irish businessmen. Certainly Joseph Kennedy, the then American ambassador to Great Britain, an American by birth but an Irishman by ethnicity, was no friend of Jews nor even of Great Britain before the war began

  • Your column serves very little purpose by not naming the companies and the individuals involved.

    • brynababy

      I agree. Those people and their companies should be named and exposed for their hypocracy. If others then choose to boycott them, so much the better!

  • Eric R.

    Israel should have severed diplomatic relations with Ireland long ago. Not only should she do so now, she should throw all Irish “journalists”, even those working for British media, as well as all Irish NGO workers, out of the country immediately.

    • Karl Pfeifer

      Eric R. This is foolish advice. Israel is a Democracy and in a Democracy you punish only the guilty ones.

    • maria

      Yes, Irish Republic was always antisemitic. Their IRA cooperated with the nazis during WWII.
      However the Nothern Irish part where the Protestants are in majority has sofar supported Israel

    • Please note! Not all Irish are as small minded as this article seems to suggest. I think the Irish have an affinity with the under dog and unless Israel comes up with a better campaign of informing, the Palestinian situation will always appear like David and Goliath with an Army fighting civilians. And perceptions being what they are, Israel looks with a propaganda war against them as the less tolerant. How many of hamas, fatah, hezbollah have enriched themselves at the expense of Gazan’s etc. Israel needs to come to the fore to stress all that they seek to achieve, even in assisting those Arabs in need!

      • JackieDuPree

        Quite right. And let us remember that it was the idiocy of Shimon Peres who shut down Israel’s department of hasbarah saying that “If we (Israel) have good policy we don’t need a public relations department.”
        There are still hundreds of things Israel could and should be doing to get the truth out to the rest of the world.
        Has any film maker ever thought of a documentary based on Joan Peter’s “From Time Immemorial?” Millions of minds might be changed by such a film, and there are plenty of great Jewish filmmakers and plenty of well-to-do friends of Isael out there to finance it.

      • brynababy

        Agreed. The world needs to be better informed about the actual actions, the goals, the violence perpetrated, the hatred taught to young children, by Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah and extreme left and right wing newspapers and media.

      • Brian

        I agree wholeheartedly with Patrixk here.

    • Phil Heaton

      Ireland, whilst remaining “neutral” gave assistance to Germany in WWII enabling U Boats to access the waters around the UK causing obvious consternation to the military defences at the time.

      The IRA needs no introduction as to the methods they employ.

      The tribe of Dan can be traced to Ireland.

      Genesis 49:17 states, “…Dan will be a serpent by the wayside…” biting the heel of the horse.

      Revelation 7 identifies the 144,000 witnesses at the end of the age. 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes EXCEPT for the tribe of DAN. Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh make up the 12.

      Scripture has already forewarned us of the untrustworthiness of the Danites.

      • zadimel

        The tribe of Dan did not go to Ireland. It was a major supporter of King David and shared the fate of the other tribes of Israel.

      • Paul McDonald

        Phil Heaton, rubbish on the irish/Dan thing, prove it. This video showed only 3 irish businesses, I’m sorry that does not cut with with me.3 out of hundreds of thousands. I’m, Irish and a lover and supporter of Israel and the Jewish people, In my near 50 years on this planet I have only come across one anti-semite in my wording life and most people I know have no problem with the Jews or with Israel. I will say this though. Most Irish people are ignorant with regard to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, they don’t know and to the most part they don’t want to know. From our own history, the Irish hear that children are being kill in war and naturaly they get angry, and rightly so, but thats called standing up for the underdog, unfortunatly Irish people don’t understand that its the israelis that are the underdog, not the palestinians because hamas has done a great job of lieing and the ignorant Irish fell for that lie. If people ask me, I educate them in this regard and then they understand. The Irish to the most part are not antisemites, their just ignorant to the truth. And that a fact.

      • Don

        Ireland interned German soldiers but let Allied soldiers ‘disappear’ so that they cross the border back into Northern Ireland and be reincorporated into the military.

        Ireland allowed a number of ex-Nazis to settle here, one of whom went on to own a very known publishing company.

        De Valera, the president at the time of WWII, had a three planted for him among the righteous in Israel.

        Humanity is strange and hypocritical.

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