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July 17, 2015 10:17 am

Source: Jonathan Pollard Likely to be Released Later This Year

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Jonathan Pollard. Photo: PD.

Jonathan Pollard. Photo: PD.

The U.S. Department of Justice is “seriously” considering the release of Jonathan Pollard later on this year, a source with knowledge of the matter revealed to The Algemeiner on Friday.

Pollard, who was jailed in 1987 after he admitted to passing classified information to Israel, would be released on Nov. 21 when he is eligible for parole, according to the source, who did not wish to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter.

The release would come at the 30th anniversary of his arrest and amid a number of reports in recent years of his ill health and hospitalization. Pollard will be 61 years old on Aug. 7 and is being held at a federal prison in Butner, N.C.

The source stressed that the release is not connected in any way to the Iran nuclear deal announced this week on Tuesday, which has been a major source of tension between the U.S. and Israel.

There will be “no special exemptions,” the source said.

Last November, a group campaigning for the release of Pollard said a parole board denied a request to free him after American officials said the release would send the wrong message, The Times of Israel reported. At the time, the group said it would release information pointing to the White House’s attempts to prevent Pollard from going free, according to the report.

Pollard canceled a parole board hearing at the last minute in April 2014 amid reports that his release could be secured as part of a political deal at the time to salvage U.S.-brokered peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, The Times of Israel said.

Pollard is believed to be the only American ever to receive a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally of the United States. Israeli officials, American and Israeli activist groups, and American politicians who see his punishment as unfair have lobbied continuously for a reduction or commutation of his sentence.


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  • Ray Arye Cohn

    You brilliant Jewish Republicans, if the GOP is so PRO ISRAEL and cares so much for the Jews, as you claim, how come Republican Presidents Dwight David Eisenhower, Richard Milhaus Nixon, Gerald Rudolph Ford, Ronald Wilson Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush would free your great hero, Jonathan Pollard? Is there somebody willing to explain that to us?

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      Is there a Republican out there willing to answer that question?

  • DanS.

    Imam Obama keeps dangling HIS Jew hostage in front of you all and you all run and say YAY!!!!! this is all garbage. Hussein will make sure Pollard dies in jail. The Hero Pollard will NEVER be released by the Jew haters in the State Dept. Even Plugs Biden said “over my dead body”. so WHERE are you going with this garbage? HAVEN’T YOU LEARNED YET?

    • BobJ

      Pollard is a traitor to the US. That is enough to be upset about his release. It has nothing to do with hating Jews. He betrayed his country and the information made it’s way to the Soviets (how?). He does not deserve to become a hero in Israel because he was a spy against the US. This, to me, is a sad state when a supposed US ally spys on the US. Why is this man(Pollard) to be revered by Americans?

    • robyn

      Then, as angry as we will feel as the day approaches and Jonathan isn’t freed, then Pollard-well words wouldn’t be able to tell how he’ll feel! False hope is cruel

      • Robyn

        Good news, never mind, I was wrong, it happened!

  • Simple fact if Pollard turned evidence to anyone else
    especially Iran or Syria, everyone on here would of
    wanted the dude dead??

  • Simple fact if Pollard turned evidence to anyone else
    especially Iran or Syria, everyone on here would of
    wanted the dude dead???

    Mother Israel gets free pass!

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I hope that his release comes as soon as possible. He is sorely missed in Israel. May he continue to find the strength to reach that time in good health and peace of mind.

  • Jack

    If Pollard did what they said he did, and that is a BIG IF, then Leonard Pelltier should be released as well.
    The problem is that neither of them did what the Dept. of Justice said they did.
    It is simply the appearance of guilt that matters.
    But then again 1 in 8 on death rows across the U.S. were released when DNA became effective before the courts.
    Over zealous prosecution is the bane of the legal system.
    That’s why justice is different for the wealthy, and always will be.

  • Chris Mallory

    So sad that anyone would want this traitor to do anything but rot in prison and then be buried wrapped in a pigskin.

    • Henna du Plessis

      You are obviously a person who has lived a perfect life. I suppose that is why you have chosen your words so carefully in pronouncing your judgement

    • esther noodelman

      Chris,don’t appreciate your shameful Christian hatred!

      • Yeah I’m sure you “Jewish forgiveness” would show
        if Pollard pass this info to Iran or Malaysia or Syria??? I’m sure all of you would have the same
        “Jewish Forgiveness” which your race is so noted for?????

        • Robyn

          Iran is an enemy, Israel is not

          • American

            Really, Robyn? Tell that to the sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty

    • cliff fingers

      were you born stupid or were you stupidized in jail?

  • The muslim to release a Jew? never in life.

    • Ben

      Everything’s a conspiracy.

    • anon

      Who’s the “Muslim”, jew?

  • HaDaR

    For the last THIRTY YEARS, every time the US has done some major wrong to Israel, Jonathan has been said to be going to be freed “soon”…

  • The prison sentence for Jonathan Pollard is stupid, done by delusional demented stupid types.

  • Estie Ash

    Julius Rosenberg and his wife were innocent. They were framed by her brother and executed for nothing.Mrs Rosenbergs brother admitted a few years ago that he was the one working for the Russians and framed his sister and brother in law the focus off himself.

    • Again it’s only cuz it’s Israel are you people an
      American citizen or you leave then?? Any European
      put their ancestral home you’d call them traitors?
      Yet you view yourselves as patriots???

      Without these Dumb STUPID fake Christian’s money
      Israel wouldn’t even exist!


      “Goyim are like cattle” boy ain’t that true!!!!

  • David Goshen

    Pollard quite unconciously revealed a major crime by Defence Secretary Casper Weinberger.How did this arise.The USA entered into a signed agreement with Israel to supply Israel
    with satelite pictures of sensitive military targets in enemy Arab Countries.Weinberger objected strongly to providing Israel with these pictures but as the USA Government had signed an official agreement he had to provide the pictures.But Weinberger decided that he would provide the pictures but would doctor them to remove any evidence never thinking that he would be caught.When Pollard started sending pictures to his operators it became clear that the official pictures had been doctored as Pollards were very accurate.Weinberger had now the task ofd silencing Pollard for ever.He wrote a presentencing letter to the Judge hearing Pollads case with much damming information which was not true as he was aware that other than the Judge no one would ever see the letter.Weinberger years later admitted that Pollard had not committedthe crimes he listed but it was too late and Pollard was imprisioned forever.Weinberger’s senior assistants are the ones keeping him in prison forever for fear that they will be criminally investigated.It was Weinbergers rath that Pollard had revealed his crime that made him mad and why he went to such lengths to get him imprisoned forever because if his crime had become known he would have been in serious trouble!

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      It’s Caspar Weinberger — not Casper.

  • Henryk B Zaleski

    May be with the next administration he has a chance to be released. I don’t understand why Bush did not release him as he left the office, he certainly had plenty of time. Obama will not help him as he would not help a Christian or a Jew. I certianly hope he will be set free very soon, he paid the price.

  • Reform School

    I’ve also got some oceanfront property in Arizona, and if you’ll buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate Bridge in free.

    It’s time to play the “Beat-the-C.H.O.L.K.” prisoner swap: Jon Pollard for Clinton, Holder, Obama, Lerner and Kerry!

    • Robyn

      Jonathan Pollard For the medalhead-sorry, I meant Shimon Peres!

  • Mickey Oberman

    The US has for years used Pollard as leverage against Israel
    whenever it could.
    And, quite probably, against US Jews as well.

  • atilla

    The imprisonment of Pollard will forever remain a stain on the collective conscience of the US, and an example of the continuous anti-Israel feelings that have been hidden by many in various administrations.

    • Jaclyn

      The only reason that Johnathon Pollard has remained,in prison as long.As he has is because he’s Jewish and to send a message,watch out.
      If this had been anyone else no matter what you,believe they never.Would have been in prison this long for doing,the same thing.
      I pray to God that this is truthful and he will,be released in.Time for his birthday and be able to celebrate with his,wife Esther who.Has also suffered greatly.

  • Grantman

    Why, when I see “42 comments” Algemeiner only displays five? Maybe I’m missing a ‘display all’ button? This drives me nuts. Can anyone help?

  • Jonathan

    You’re surely not comparing the “alliance of expediency” with the Soviet Union during WW2, to the US’s unbroken 67 year alliance with Israel are you? Unlike the Rosenburg’s Pollard was never charged with treason and the information he passed to Israel never damaged the US’s national security. On the other hand The Rosenburg’s treason lead directly to the Soviet Union being able to carry out their first nuclear bomb as early as 1949. Pollard’s sentence is unprecedented, unjustified and cruel.

  • It will never happened under Obama.

  • zadimel

    Where are the other 33 replies?

  • Jeremy Zeid

    While Pollard rots in an American can
    For passing US intel of an attack by Iran
    Three decades plus locked up, and no chance of appeal
    A culture of silence with unseemly zeal
    Obama by contrast reveals Zion’s securities
    Her nuclear deterrent to all of her enemies
    Pollard punished for helping a friend
    Successive Presidents maintained that trend
    But no other broke the Holy land bond
    Of her Leader, Obama isn’t particularly fond
    He trades Israeli lives for Iranian lies
    He really should give back that Nobel Peace Prize
    Given for what, a peaceful golf round
    A more pointless award will never be found
    Pollard saved lives and risked his all
    Obama could turn them into a molten glass pool
    There’s no better time to unseal Pollard’s fate
    As posthumous pardons are rather too late.
    ©Copyright, Jeremy Zeid 03/04/2015

  • Jim42

    Shame on the US Jewry and USA S.D. (same initials than Gestapo Sécurity Service…?) as Pollard didn’t make anything worse than what US CIA and others are doing everyday….with their nearest allies !
    Sraw and Timber….

  • Kerry M Berger

    Considering that PM Netanyahu has taken a very hostile position regarding the Iran Nuclear Agreement that also is providing Israel with more funding as well as releasing Jonathan Pollard, the traitor, from prison, makes me feel disgusted at the Israeli Government. I hope the US Justice Department will seriously reconsider keeping Pollard in prison for the remainder of his life. We need to seriously hold Israel accountable for any rash/foolish endeavors to unilaterally attack Iran in an attempt to drag the United States into another useless war. Diplomacy, not arms is the solution to reducing tensions with Iran, whilst holding out the possibility of re-instituting economic sanctions if the Iranians transgress from the agreements.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    What a travesty of justice that Jonathan Pollard’s life has been ruined by the wickedness of an ex-Jew Casper Weinberger who was virulently anti-Jew.

    Other spies who had American agents killed received far less sentences and even go to keep their pensions.

    This shows the utter weakness of Jews in America sitting in Congress and donating billions to both parties but they have absolutely no power.

    Obama has dangled Pollard’s release before if Israel cuts its own throat such as in the Quatar deal brought to the table by Tom Friedman.

    Every Jew should be ashamed of their utter weakness.

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      Your post to me is utter nonsense. First, of all Caspar (note the CORRECT SPELLING)Weinberger was never Jewish, but his family was at some point.

      The moderators — a formal name for the CORPORATE PRESS CENSORS — have censored me in order to prevent me from exposing the censorship practiced by the mainstream media. The fact of the matter is 86 percent of the media is owned by SIX CORPORATIONS.

      Because of this, they can pretty much control what the news sources can really say.

      Nowhere is this more apparent than in the way the corporate press has covered the Benghazi attack vs. their coverage of 9/11.

      If you have read the CORPORATE PRESS in the last month since July or so you would get the impression that Benghazi was the WORST TERRORIST ATTACK in US history.

      But as bad as that attack was with the clear assassination of our ambassador to Libya the bottom line is SIX PEOPLE DIED — four of them Americans, including the assassinated ambassador.

      Palestinians in the Arab lands and in the Gaza Strip and West Bank of the Jordan River were celebrating on the streets with their children and teaching them to hate America and the West.

      The Jews have no power? I think there are a lot of politicians who took strong Anti Israel/Anti Semitic stands and were defeated. You should have asked Illinois US Charles “Chuck” Percy. More recently a black Congresswoman from the South was beaten in the Democratic party primary after she made strong Anti Israeli statements. Blacks in Memphis have elected a white Jew in a district that is predominantly black even though they ran an African American against him.

      Clearly the Corporate Censor don’t want this to be known, so they have resorted to censorship. The Sacramento Bee, owned by the POWERFUL McClatchy chain, has Joyce Terhaar, editor and vice president, writing lecturing columns about “reporting in full context.” And then her own reporters do just the opposite. I think we need to fight back and tell her in the age of SOCIAL MEDIA this laughable and an INEFFECTIVE COVER-UP will not work. Her email is I tried publishing this before and the corporate press moderators — the censors if you will — censored me. Why? What are you guys trying to hide?

  • Simone Miller

    He should never have been imprisoned. That said it boggles the mind that we have released known terrorists and poor Mr Pollard rots in jail. What major secret could he possibly know at this point?

    • America First (For A Change)

      “poor Mr. Pollard.”

      Yeah, right. When you put another country ahead of your own, that’s what happens.

  • Scott

    Breaths should not be held…….

  • Poor Bastard tried to help Israel and he got caught and then became a pawn.

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro

    He should have been released many years ago.
    Hard to believe either Justice or HERR obama when it references ISRAEL or the JEWISH people, isn’t it?
    You know the answer….

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      Did Republican Presidents Dwight David Eisenhower, Richard Milhaus Nixon, Gerald Rudolph Ford, Ronald Wilson Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush free Jonathan Pollard?

      So you brilliant Republicans — if the GOP is really concerned about the Jews and Israel — why did SIX Republican presidents not release hi?.

      A lot of you GOP Ass Kissers claim President Barack Hussein Obama does not want israel to have “defensible boundaries.”

      Obama has pursued the President Lyndon B. Johnson policy of having “secure and recognized boundaries.”

      That language is very significant. After the Israeli triumph in the Six-Day War in 1967 — when I was a journalism student at the University of Florida — enemies of Israel on the UN Security Council, with help of the Soviet Union, submitted a resolution requiring Israel to withdraw from the captured lands to the pre 1967 borders.

      But Democratic President LBJ made it very clear the USA would veto that resolution. So the council agreed to require Israel to withdraw to “secure and recognized boundaries.”

      This, if memory serves me right, was UN resolution 242. Since then every President — Republican or Democrat — has backed that language as official US policy. This includes Barack Hussein Obama. So all your phony accusations against Obama are nothing, but PURE LIES.

      Also none of you guys have come up with “an alternative policy” to Obama’s Iran Nuclear policy.

      The Iranian nuclear making facilities are pretty much all underground and/or deeply embedded in mountains.

      So the bottom line is the only sure way to prevent Tehran from having nuclear weapons, is to invade Iran. But based on our experience in Iraq that would take 3 million or more US troops and military personnel, cost $6 to $9 trillion, make a NEW MILITARY DRAFT NECESSARY and require a HUGE TX HIKE for everybody.

      No wonder you Republicans offer “no alternative.”

  • zadimel

    Where are the remaining replies? We (the USA) spy on all nations and organizations considered to be potential security threats to our nation. I do not understand the rationale behind the extremely lengthy confinement given to Pollard. He had claimed that the USA was withholding important information necessary for Israel’s security. The rationale must be something that affected our own protection.

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      Evidently, including mine were CENSORED!


    Yes, I am very skeptical about Pollard’s release…we have heard this all before haven’t we? Pollard knows a lot of stuff that the CIA doesn’t want him telling….the Feds only lock people up and throw away the keys when the prisoner knows a lot more than the general public about what they are up to. Same thing with Madoff…..he could point out a hundred or more bankers and Feds who did the same or worse than what he did….the govt no way wants them out to tell what they know. Does that mean I’m defending someone like Madoff? No, but he’s the “fall guy” for all the rest of the banking criminals. Pollard didn’t really even do a criminal act….when you compare the stuff the CIA does to all our allies….taking movies of Netanyahu from across the street from his home, tapping world leaders’ phones…’s a joke to arrest him at all…in my opinion.


    It’s certainly about time he is dismissed.

  • Dan Friedman

    Publishing rumors like this only prolong Pollard’s captivity.

  • Stormin’Norm

    Keeping Pollard has been PURE ANTI-SEMITISM & ANTI-ISRAELism from the start!!!

  • Iran will break the Nuclear Treaty before Jonathan Pollard gets release from prison.

  • attila


  • Nathan Chakner

    Julius Rosenberg (along w/wife) was given the death sentence for passing classified information to an ally of the United States.


      I think it ludicrous to call the Soviet Union an ”ally” of the USA

    • Stormin’Norm

      Now released documents state that Ethel Rosenberg’s brother lied about her being involved to get a deal for himself!…the momser!!!

    • Chuck

      Russia was NOT an ally of the U.S. when classified information was passed on to them. The real questions on the Rosenbergs’ case are (1) Was the information passed on worth anything, and (2) was Ethel Rosenberg innocent?

    • Casting Russia as an ally as a comparison to Israel is a total misreading of History. Pollards espionage vs the Rosenbergs is not an accurate comparison.

    • Ron

      Good try, Nathan, but completely incorrect. The Rosenbergs passed on nuclear secrets to the Russians, not exactly an ally then or now.

    • Ray Arye Cohn

      Given the history, skeptics are justified at being skeptical.

      But the analogy with Julius Rosenberg and his wife is to me a definite stretch. Releasing secrets of our nuclear program at the time it was released was a justifiable penalty.

      To me, a 1945 native of Tel Aviv at the time when it was Palestine Under British Mandate, has always whether the Rosenbergs did, in fact, do what they were charged with.

      Many people — especially in the Jewish Community felt they were innocent and were convicted because of Anti Semitism.

      I have never really researched that question, so I will not take a position.

      I am a retired political/government reporter who did a lot of investigative reporting and learned a long time ago that most mistakes in journalism occur because of assumptions.

    • enufizenuf

      The Soviet Union was most decidedly NOT an ally of the United States.

    • Mark_NYC

      Russia was an ally of the U.S. during WWII but an enemy and existential threat to our country afterwards. Israel is not an enemy or existential threat to the U.S. and equating Israel to Russia in this regard is odious. And ridiculous. There is no comparison between what the Rosenbergs did and Pollard.

      • Ray Arye Cohn

        I totally agree and, in my opinion, there is no analogy. What I said I never researched the point whether the Rosenbergs did, in fact, give the Russians those nuclear secrets. Because I have never researched that I am simply NOT TAKING a POSITION on THAT.But there is no question it’s NOT a TRUE ANALOGY!

    • Alan J. Wachs

      russia was not an ally.

      • Alan J. Wachs

        needs no doctoring. i reserve the right to see what you are changing.

      • Ray Arye Cohn

        I agree. See my reply above.!

    • Jonathan

      You’re surely not comparing the “alliance of expediency” with the Soviet Union during WW2, to the US’s unbroken 67 year alliance with Israel are you? Unlike the Rosenburg’s Pollard was never charged with treason and the information he passed to Israel never damaged the US’s national security. On the other hand The Rosenburg’s treason lead directly to the Soviet Union being able to carry out their first nuclear bomb test as early as 1949. Pollard’s sentence is unprecedented, unjustified and painfully cruel.

    • Avi

      Nathan: They were convicted of passing classified information to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was an ally of the U.S.? Where did you get this information from?

    • sander poritzky

      If as an ally you are referinig to the Soviet Union you are incorrect.At that time the U.S. was in a war,called the Cold War with the Soviet Unbion.Please get your facts straight before deciminating misinformation.

    • Jerry G

      Correction. The USSR was not an ally of the USA at the time.
      WWII had ended years before. Pollard passed information to Israel which the USA was obligated to do but didn’t.

    • HaDaR

      Have you ever wondered why the ONLY Soviet spies to be executed were a couple of Jews, while ALL other Soviet spies were never in jail for more than five years?…
      Jonathan Pollard supplied Israel with info that – according to bilateral agreements – was supposed to be shared with Israel, but was not.

    • HaDaR

      In 1953 the USSR had NOT been an ally of the US for many years.

      • Ray Arye Cohn

        That is definitely correct and we were in a HOT so CALLED Cold War.

    • Joseph Feld

      By June 1953 WW2 had been over for eight years and the Soviet Union was not allied to the United States. The Cold War was well underway and the Soviets were the major opponent of the USA.

    • Arthur Cohn

      The Soviet Union, While an ally of the USA during WW2, had become the major adversary from whom it was considered most important to withhold nuclear information from. Israel has never been in that position.

    • John

      I don’t know where you got your information but Julius Rosenberg spied for the Soviet Union during the cold war.
      At no point were the US and the Soviet Union allies during the cold war.

    • Justin Goldstein

      At the time, the USSR was not an ally of the US

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    There is zero probability of this. Every US administration is 100% committed to having Pollard die in prison. And if Obama could he’d tear up his sentence and have him executed. Jon Pollard has a better shot at being freed from prison if he was the Boston Marathon Bomber.

    • Scott

      Actually, much better if he was a Jihadi at Guantanemo Bay.

    • enufizenuf

      Obama could care less whether Pollard is set free or not. He was likely only marginally aware of the Pollard case before becoming President, as knowledge of anything outside of Marxism and DRUGS was pretty much beyond his purview. If anything Obama might be perfectly happy to release Pollard to mollify the idiotic Democrat American Jewish community as he prepares to help Iran finish off Israel

      • Ray Arye Cohn

        “Idiotic American Democrat American Jewish community…” If that is not being CHEAP ANTI SEMITIC bastards nothing is.

        If Jews prefer Democrats over Republicans — as even 66 percent (two thirds) did in the 2014 election and as nearly 80 percent (78 percent did in the 2004 and 2008 elections did for Democratic presidential nominees John F. Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama)they are under your prejudice judment “idiotic.”

        But when they vote Republicans, you accept them.

        What I don’t see from you brilliant Republicans — the same folks that got us into three wars that 14 years later we are still involved as so called “advisers” — is an ALTERNATIVE to Obama’s Iran policy.

        The ONLY SURE WAY to stop the TERRORIST SHIITE GOVERNMENT in Tehran from having nuclear weapons is to INVADE IRAN. Their nuclear weapon making sites are pretty much all UNDERGROUND and/or deeply EMBEDDED in MOUNTAINS.

        An invasion of Iran would require — based on our experience in much SMALLER IRAQ — 3 to 6 million American troops and other military personnel, $6 to $9 TRILLION, a NEW MILITARY DRAFT and a HUGE TAX HIKE for EVERYBODY.

        So you guys who GREATLY STRENGTHENED the SHIITE TERRORIST REGIME in IRAN by ousting a SECULAR SUNNI DICTATOR — Saddam Hussein IRAQ — and replacing him with a predominantly SHIITE government friendly to Iran and SHIITE TERRORIST REGIME in Tehran.

    • maria

      Agree. Hussain Soetero would murder Mr Pollard if he could.
      Soetero tries to get the Democrats who are against him to support the Iran Munich deal and like a muslim, he has a hostage Mr Pollard and “promise” ( we know his “promises”) that if the Democrats who support Mr Pollard vote for Iran Munich, he will release him.
      However, as a muslim Hussain Soetero is well aware of takiya. And this is an example of takiya(lie, cheating the non muslims, like jihad, takiya is one of the pilars of islam)

  • Yoseph Levin

    I hope it is true that he will be soon released. But I have a hunch that this is Obama administration blackmail directed at the Israelis – keep quiet about the Iran deal, and we’ll release Pollard in November. Of course, at that point the Obama administration would probably renege anyway.


      @Yoseph Levin…..You are correct.

      This is another underhanded tactic by the Obama administration to silence American Jews

      Demand Pollard’s release now. As one of the group that said “hang him”, I have reviewed the evidence. He did NOT reveal US agents and/or US methods. Aldrich Ames did. At the last parole hearing the US Justice Department lied…. they were caught lying and American liberal Jews remain silent. That emboldened the White House anti-Israel tilt.

    • You’re so right!

    • Liz Wagner

      Pollard’s possible release has nothing to do with the Iran deal. The bastards will likely use Pollard in their grand scheme to force Israel to give the Arabs the state they claim to want, leaving Israel with indefensible boundaries.

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  • Alan Katan

    Yup…I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Justin other librulyid

      Why would Obama want to do this? It’s not like he got a clear majority of American Jewish votes twice or anything… Of course, the powers that be here at “the alghemeiner”, a name absconded by a couple of wannabe international politicians from the eponymously named though relatively (for the time period) left-wing print publication for much of the past two centuries.

      I can’t believe you give credit to Obama for anything good which might happen to Jews/Israel.

      Stupid Jabotinskyite revisionists… This is what happens when you get power!

    • maria

      Yes, me too

    • Robyn

      I’m not alone, I may be 13 years old, but I support Pollard-and I’m worried that this “newsflash” is just a cruel false hope and a way to psychologically torture him!

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