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September 18, 2015 11:03 am

Iceland Condemns Israel Boycott Adopted by Its Capital City

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Reykjavik, Iceland, where the city council adopted a boycott resolution against Israel. Photo: Wikipedia.

Reykjavik, Iceland, where the city council adopted a boycott resolution against Israel. Photo: Wikipedia. – A day after Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik passed a municipal bill to boycott all Israeli-made products, the country’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday condemned the city’s decision, saying it was merely symbolic and had no tangible effect on its policies toward Jerusalem.

“The decision does not reflect Iceland’s relationship with Israel,” an Icelandic Foreign Ministry spokesperson told Israel’s Channel 2.

“The city of Reykjavik is just one of 74 local authorities, and like the others, there too the municipal council can determine policy regarding local matters, including matters pertaining to the purchase of products, as long as those policies are not against the law….Obviously, Israelis will be welcome in Iceland, as they have been until now,” added the spokesperson.

The municipality’s boycott bill, which condemned “the racist apartheid policies” of Israelis in the “occupied Palestinian territories,” had sparked a strongly worded response from Israel on Wednesday.

“A volcano of hatred has erupted in the Reykjavik City Council building,” said Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emanuel Nahshon. “For no reason or justification, aside from pure hatred, there are calls to boycott the State of Israel. We hope that someone in Iceland will come to their senses and stop the one-sided blindness against the State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.”

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  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Too late. Expel all Icelanders from Israel for eternity.

  • Diana Ezra

    So they will have very little technology there.

  • henry schachter

    So, Reykjavik City Council have voted to join the boycott on Israel. The only country in the entire Middle East where Jews-Christians and Moslems as well as another dozen or so religions may worship freely AND UNHINDERED IN ANY WAY!! THEY ARE NOT ALONE several Scottish County Councils have adopted similar resolutions.IS IT TO DO WITH THE FREEZING CONDITIONS IN THESE NORTHEN CLIMES???? Probably has an effect on the brain, never mind Israeli scientists will discover a solution to this disease which will cure them hopefully

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    I wonder how many in Reyjavik are Muslims?
    This is typical Muslim hatred which has spread all over the world
    The world Muslim population world wide is 1.6 billion.
    Israel and the entire Jewish population of the world is 14 million.

    The Muslims have spread hatred of Jews and Israel, with typical Islamic lies. The Koran says it is right to lie, if it is to their advantage.

    Of the world population of something like 5 or more billion people, how many have ever met a Jew, or ben to Israel?
    So, the Muslims have spread these lies, and the wold believes every lie.

    The lies about Jews and Israel, are disgusting, that the BDS campaign has spread, with those having no knowledge of the truth, think that Jews are evil, money making devils, and that Jews own all the banks, all the media, and run the USA. And that the Jews are the cause of all the troubles in the world,

    That is one way that the Muslims can “tell the world”
    how bad Israel and Jews are.
    Time for the world to wake up, and realise that these are all lies.

    Strange, that millions of Christians support Jews and Israel in their fight for peace.
    One Muslim woman wrote an article in the Cape Times,
    that the Jews have occupied Palestinian land, and that every time it came to talking peace, the Jews/Israelis got up and refused to carry on with the peace negotiations.
    She never mentioned that Netanyahu stopped building in Samaria and Judea for a few months, in order to get Abbas to talk peace, Instead, Abbas demanded an extention, which Israel gave.
    But the result was more attacks on Israel.
    The Muslims do not want peace, They want “every piece” of Israel.

    Obama is the worst of the lot, His Iran deal, has given the Ayaltola and Iran the go ahead to make the bomb and to cause another Holocaust.
    And the biggest trajedy, is that the US Jews are Dem supporters. No matter who is president.
    They would even vote for Stalin or Hitler if they were standing for POTUS.

  • duPont

    . . .”Israelis will be welcome in Iceland.. . .” What Israeli would want to go there? What Jew from another country would go there? Racist Apartheid policies? On what planet are they living? I think the cold weather and volcanic activities have fried their brains! Shame on the citizens of Reykjavik! May you enjoy living without Jewish tourists and their money.

  • glenda urmacher

    Jews world wide spend more money on travel, luxury goods, eating out , etc than those of the general population.
    I think we should boycott all countries and their products that boycott Israel.
    They can boycott Israel but I am YOU don not have to help them by visiting / buying their products.

  • Jay Berman

    A boycott from an insignificant city in an insignificant country.

  • hammersmith

    Says it all. Accusing the Icelanders of hatred because they call Israel out for reality.

  • Rose Rhodes

    My husband and I were planning a trip to Iceland to tour the volcanos. But now we will will pass on Iceland. Israel is an ally and ONLY democracy in the Middle East of the U.S. The socalled “Palestinians” were offered the land that they wanted twice but walked away. Chapter 7 of the Hamas Charter states that all jews should be killed. What kind peace is foreseeable for Israel? Iceland is an anti-semitic nation and every decent US citizen should boycott Icelandic products and visits. Remember that after the Jews Christians are next. 560 million Hidus found out the hard way.

  • Hans-Peter Dollhopf

    And here the latest upgrade of the Oslo Accords:

    from now on Israel negotiates with the City gang of Reykjavík instead of the PA@Ramallah!

    Occasionally, Iceland might acquire some territories of former British Mandate versus Ottoman Empire territories.