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October 11, 2015 10:49 am

Druze-Israeli Deputy Minister Says Yemen Jews Told to Leave or Convert to Islam

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Likud MK and Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara. Photo: Wikipedia.

Likud MK and Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara. Photo: Wikipedia.

The government of Yemen recently issued a proclamation that all Jews in the country must leave or convert to Islam, Israeli Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation, Likud MK Ayoob Kara told The Algemeiner on Sunday.

According to Kara, failure to exercise one of the two options would spell grave danger for the country’s estimated 80 remaining Jews, whom the government said it would “not be able to protect.”

Kara, a member of Israel’s Druze community, revealed that he received this information in a meeting today with a Yemenite Jew, who was able to come to Israel by disguising himself as a Muslim. According to Kara, the man left Yemen a few days ago, traveling via Saudi Arabia and Jordan to Israel.

Kara said he was contacted because of his appearances in Arabic media outlets, and his efforts to aid minorities – including Jews, Christians, Druze and others – living in fear in Muslim countries.

Kara said he will be meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tomorrow — and with Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky and Minister of Immigrant Absorption Sofa Landver shortly thereafter – to discuss rescuing the Jews of Yemen.

When contacted by the Jerusalem Post about the matter, both the Jewish Agency and Israel’s Foreign Ministry declined to comment on their efforts, due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Yemen’s Jewish community numbered around 50,000 in the 1940s, but the vast majority fled to Israel shortly after the founding of the Jewish state in 1948.

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  • Vered

    Yemenite Jewish Family Names

    Adeni, Adani עדני
    Aharon, Aharoni אהרון ,אהרוני
    Alnaddaf, Nadaf אלנדאף
    Amram עמרם
    Argov ארגוב
    Atari עטרי
    Badani בדני
    Badihi בדיחי
    Bashari בשארי
    Carmi כרמי
    Chorath חורית
    Cohen כהן
    Dahari דהרי
    Damari דמארי
    Drori דרורי
    Fayumi פיומי
    Garidi גרידי
    Gibly ג’בלי
    Glosca גלוסקא
    Golan גולן
    Habani חבני
    Hajbi חג’בי
    Halevi הלוי
    Hashai חשאי
    Harazi חרזי
    Haybi חייבי
    Haza חזה
    Jamil ג’מיל
    Janah ג’נח
    Kahalani קהלני
    Kesser קיסר
    Kobashi כובשי
    Ladani לדני
    Levi לוי
    Maatuf מעטוף
    Mahpud מחפוד
    Maimon מימון
    Massami מסאמי
    Ma’uda מעודה
    Nahari נהרי
    Nagar, Najjar נגר
    Nini ניני
    Orkabi עורקבי
    Ozeri עוזרי
    Patihi פתיחי
    Qafih/Kapach קאפח
    Ratzabi רצאבי
    Sabari, Tzubari, Tzoubari, Zubari, Subari, Tzabari צברי
    Salah צאלח
    Sharabi שרעבי
    Shabzi שבזי
    Shaki שאקי
    Sulami סולמי
    Ta’asa תעסה
    Tabib, Taviv טביב
    Taeizi, Taizi טעיזי
    Tanami תנעמי
    Tasi, Tessi טסי
    Tavori תבורי
    Tawil טוויל
    Tzaadi צעדי
    Tzadak, Tsadak צדק
    Tzan’ani צנעני
    Yakobi יעקובי
    Yekutiel יקותיאל
    Yemini ימיני
    Yichye יחיא
    Yitzhaki יצחקי
    Yishai ישי
    Zandani זנדאני
    Zhairi צעירי

  • osuzq

    Some of these Jews are apparently arriving in the USA from Yemen. I think I have seen some. USA is becoming the melting pot for immigrants too. Not complaining just an observation. I guess they are escaping Islam. Or I pray that is the case.

  • Perhaps they fear the inner moral and spiritual qualities of the eighty Jews. Perhaps it is better for Yemen to be free of the danger of a righteous wee minority.

    • osuzq

      It is Biblical scripture being fulfilled dear. Number is immaterial.

      • jeremy

        When it comes to Jews more often the numbers are lies, than not by far.
        The same delusional non-Jews and leftist Jews do to Jews in all other things they do in numbers.

  • Babu GHosh

    It is better for Yemenite Jews to leave the Yemen immediately. Israel is much safer place than any Muslim country. Moreover, all Muslim countries are target of each other. So there is no guarantee that rocket attacks from Saudi Arab will be targeted to Yemenite Muslim citizen only. Let the Yemenite Jews save their life by leaving the Muslim country. Let those Shiyas and Sunnis fight each other and kill themselves.

  • Herve Bosquet

    It is time for the Knesset to get serious and expel all Palestinians terrorists from Israel once and for all. Palestinians in good stature with the Israeli government should be allowed to stay, work and contribute to Israeli society. Get rid of the Scums now. In the book of Numbers God told Joshua to get rid of your enemies when you enter the land I am giving you. Will you Jews start being obedient to your God, or does He have to disperse you once again?

  • Emanuel

    Please safely get them out if you need help financially just ask us we will be honored.

  • Yemen is hell on earth. Israel should rescue the remaining Yemenite Jews.

    • Pappu

      You do not know what and how is hell. Yes steve after death you can see.

  • marta mikey frid

    We should ask the same from all the Israeli Arabs, and from the ultra orthodox amongst us who deny our Jewishness. Enough of conciliatory moves to the enemies living amongst us

  • The remaining yemenite Jews still living in their ancient homeland are a unique and very religious community that has to be protected and preserved in their place if this is possible. Israel should get involved in assuring their safety, if necessary, by introducing a strong military presence there.

  • David Lasoff

    Hey Ruthie, the new minister of absorption is Ze’ev Elkin. Sofa lost her portfolio when Lieberman refused to join the gov’t.

  • Francis Figliola

    But, but, but, this was Obama’s “success story”!

  • ART

    Where is Pope Francis? Why is he silent about the religiously motivated attacks on Jews?? Where is he to condemn the convert,run or die ultimatium? He hasn’t done mush to protect the Copts, Chaldeans, Maronites,etc either. Not to mention ignoring the Yadizis.

  • Kerry Berger

    Isin’t it ironic or hypocritical that Arab and other Muslim regimes think nothing of ethnic cleansing of their minorities, but scream bloody murder if Israel knocks down the house of a Palestinian terrorist criminal? Here we have again another great example of Arabs ridding the peninsula of its Jews by unscrupulous means violating international law and human rights, not compensating these soon to be refugees, and then still talking about ridding the region of Israel. These people are the real new Nazi Fascists. Anymore malarkey about Zionism as racism or Genocide by the Jews is just complete hogwash that needs to be dispelled and those nations need to be expelled from the United Nations. We might as well start with Yemen.

    • p long

      an idea better than throwing nations out of the UN is to get rid of the UN. any organization stupid enough to put saudi arabia in charge of human rights should not be allowed to exist. at least, countries run by rational people should stop wasting their money. of course, the host country, of which i am a citizen, is not among those run by rational people.

  • marlene

    They should have left a long time ago. I hope they heed this warning and take it seriously. God wants them back, in His land that He gave to them, Israel. Shalom my brothers and sisters.

  • nelson marans

    Hopefully Yemen would give them the means to leave. It would be a blessing.